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Clara oh Clara

(0) Once there was a little girl named Daisy,who was just walking around the yard.It was snowing out side.She was playing in the snow untill a cold drift hit her spine.She shivered and turned around,nothing.Her sister Clara was playing with the snow as well.Not looking at what Daisy was staring at.Daisy went back to make a snow angel.Something then like a gust of wind hit and punched Daisy's stomach.She got a snowball on her face as she rose."Hey who threw that?!"Daisy said as she chuckled and giggled.She turned to Clara.She was lying on the grond,spread and fanned out like a angel."Here let me help you make a snow angel.Want me to help?"Daisy asked.Clara didn't answer."Clara!"Daisy said as she crawled to Clara."Here it's like this moove please."Daisy said."Moove please."Daisy said."Moove please!"Daisy repeated.Clara didn't move not even one inch."Here."Daisy said as she rolled Clara over.As soon as she rolled her over she saw yucky red stuff on her back."It might be the ice cream you ate.I told you not to pring it at play."Daisy said.Daisy rolled her even more.Daisy saw blood on her back,she had just relized it."CLARA!CKARA!CLARA!"Daisy screamed.She turned her on her front side.Her eyes were wide open."Oh I get it now your playing dead!Want to have a staring compitition?"Daisy asked.Clara didn't say anything."CLARA!"Daisy yelled even louder.She felt her cold face.It was pale.And she felt her hands.Daisy picked a arm up and let it go.Didn't moove."CLARA!NOOO!"Daisy said as she ran to the house crying her eyes out. (Clara, Age 13 to 18, 12/29/2002 4:55:05 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(1) Suddenly, Daisy sat up in her bad shivering. Tears were running down her cheeks. She looked over at her sister's bed and sighed with relief when she saw her sister's figure, peacefully asleep. (ihpos*-, Age 8 to 12, 6/3/2003 4:30:34 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(2) Daisy thanked the lord and went back to bed.Later on snow was falling and the windows grew cold.The stars twinkled in the sky with a half moon.Daisy had another nightmare,something about a message.Is it true that Clara will die? (Star*, Age 8 to 12, 6/3/2003 9:04:34 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(3) Daisy ran to her parents' bedroom. "Mommy, mommy, I had had a ightmare." "Oh Honey, I know, I know." "I've had them ever since you've joined up with the Order of the Phoenix. I-I" "Oh, sweetheart," her mother said.She made rrom for her daughter on the bed and Daisy climbed under the covers, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her mother's presence comforted her and she finally fell asleep. (ihpos*, a friend of ahen-, Age 8 to 12, 7/2/2003 2:24:30 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(4) Daisy woke up to the delicious smell of eggs and sausage. She looked around for her parents and didn't see them in bed. Then she hopped out of the bed and walked to her and her sister's room. She put on her bunny slippers and went down the stairs. Her mom, dad, and sister greeted her as she came down the stairs. "Hi Clara," Daisy said. Daisy went up and hugged her sister. "I'm glad your alive," said Daisy while she was looking at Clara. "Me too!" said Clara. "Morning daddy," said Daisy as she kissed him on the cheek. Her dad was sitting at the table, sipping at some coffee. He smiled as Daisy kissed him. Daisy went up and hugged her mom around her waist and smiled up at her. Her mom was frying eggs and sausage on the stove. She looked down at Daisy and smiled and put her arm around her. "Good morning Daisy," her mom said. (Katie, Age 13 to 18, 7/10/2003 3:33:12 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(5) Daisy looked over at her sister. "Whatcha doing Clara!" Clara was studying her palm. "Trying to read my palm." she replied. "But you're not even in Hogwart's yet." "I know, but its good practice." "Clara, Daisy, the Potters are coming over. The Weaslys too." "Yay!!" Clara shouted. "When??" Daisy asked. "After breakfast." The two girls shoved down their breakfast so that it would end more quickly. "Eat nicely girls, they won't come THAT quickly." their mother said, laughing. The family finished their breakfast. They waited for what seemed like centuries. Clara kept on whining, "Are they there yet??" Dasidy wanted to say the same thing, but she was older now and knew better. Finally they arrived. "LILY!" Clara shreiked. "Hi Anna!" Daisy said. The Potters and the Weaslys however, weren't as joyful. "Now kids, the grownups need to talk." Mrs. Potter said kindly. "Okay!" The kids rushed upstairs. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/5/2003 3:18:12 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(6) Lily was very execited to see clara and Daisy after a long time. (farida, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:18:20 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(7) As they rushed up to clara's, they were talking about Howard school. (shafiqah, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:22:42 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(8) They were jumping up and down want they saw each other.They giggled the hole day. (Shafiqah, Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 9:33:42 AM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(9) They Daisy's room to paly computer games online. (farida, Age 8 to 12, 1/7/2004 7:31:32 AM, Clara_oh_Clara)

(10) Then Lilly grabbed a frying pan and smacked Daisy over the head. Daisy started screaming, and a monkey came through the window. The monkey pulled all the girls' hair out and ate it. (Jen, Age 13 to 18, 4/12/2004 9:20:53 PM, Clara_oh_Clara)