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(162) A Writer with a pupose (Modern_Life, Rating: 10) An adopted girl named Dew Thompson is trying to be a Gymnast. Her parents, to famous writers, want her to be a writer. She really dosen't want to. But when she gets older and her parents die a horrible car accident, she decides to write in their memory...(7/7/2003 12:43:13 PM)

(161) Year of the Whomping Willow (Harry_Potter, Rating: 10) A pale, peaky boy was sitting fast asleep next to the window in the last compartment of the Hogwarts Express. He looked ill and exhausted, his light brown hair was flecked with ash blond. A boy with messy black hair peered at him. "Psst, Sirius...(8/26/2003 8:59:47 AM)

(160) Who'd Have Thought? (Harry_Potter, Rating: 9,8) Lily Evans and James Potter. Now those were two names (and two people) you couldn't forget. Who would guess that I would ever see those names together on a wedding invitation?(4/23/2004 5:50:33 PM)

(159) Ralph (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8,921053) Once upon a time there was a penguin named Ralph. Ralph liked his job as a truck driver. One day Ralph was making a delivery when he met Plankton...(3/30/2006 10:12:42 AM)

(158) My cat lives in Las Vegas (Animated_Animals, Rating: 8,8) George is a very special cat,he knows things only people should know but he loves La Vegas...(5/14/2007 1:55:13 PM)

(157) Hope, Faith, Charity, and Kristy (Modern_Life, Rating: 8,8) Luke was a very popular student, very athletic and friendly, and yet he chose the non-social Lily to be with him... 19 years later, they lived happily... until the day that the letter came.(7/17/2005 4:25:26 PM)

(156) Warrior's Way (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8,333333) He stood up from his little table by the fire, the sword strapped to his back. The blade's blue handle had a crest of cross over lapping a raven...(5/31/2006 12:16:34 PM)

(155) Happy for Hermione (Harry_Potter, Rating: 8) "Hey." Harry said to Hermione sadly. "Sorry for ignoring you". Harry said again. "Oh, uh it's ok. It's just, well, I'll tell you the truth. I've always loved you and . . ."(11/18/2006 10:26:28 PM)

(154) Soldier At 13 (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 8) I looked for any sign of life in the waste land that was once my hometown, Harmony. The war had destoried everything here. I called for my mom and sister...(5/20/2003 6:28:37 PM)

(153) slytherin girls (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8) pansy parkinson and her very frisky friend daphnee,millicent,tacy,and romy,were just talking about school next year and how will it be when pansys mom poesy walked up and told pansy some bad news that they were broke.(3/30/2006 6:39:09 PM)

(152) The House of Mutilated Corpses (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7,846154) Even the silence of the nights air sent a shiver down my spine. I lay in my bed listening for any sound. I suddenly heard the crunching of leaves, i jumped startled by such an ordinary sound...(7/28/2004 11:02:44 AM)

(151) Lost on The Full Moon (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,75) What happens when the marauders get lost after the full in the forbidden forest. With Remus terribly ill, can the marauders find their way back in time in order to save him and what business does Snape and Remus have.(1/10/2005 7:04:57 AM)

(150) Layne Nathan and the Magpie (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7,75) Layne and Nathan were walkin down a dirt road on the way home from school.A magpie came and swooped us...(9/2/2008 2:52:06 AM)

(149) Hermione's true love (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,735099) Hermione is in her 5th year at Howgwarts with Harry and Ron.Hermione likes Harry a lot and at breakfast one morning pulls him away and says "I love you a lot".(12/27/2004 3:25:47 PM)

(148) Harry Potter and Lord Voldemot (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,647059) one day Harry Potter was in the grat hall at hogworts. Ron came in. yo Harry wat sould we do to day. Oh I don't no.said Harry. I will look Hermione said Ron. Now this is my time I will be the fist guy to kill Lord Voldemot.(3/15/2006 8:29:10 AM)

(147) The disaster (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,636364) Sirius was staring at the full moon that began to rise over the mountain. James looked at Remus who now had bared sharp werewolf fangs..(2/20/2005 2:54:36 AM)

(146) The Dragon on the Wall (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 7,5) My room is home to the most awesome dragon painting ever. It's so realistic, it freaks me out every time I walk in...(2/13/2007 11:42:17 PM)

(145) The Story Of Tristen (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 7,5) Once in the land of Alcarzar there was a powerful wizard. He was a EVIL! wizard he was the most powerful wizard in the land. Only one person could slightly match his power...(4/20/2009 8:20:23 PM)

(144) 50 Stripes on Just One Flag (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7,5) I am Yvon, daughter of an irish emigrant. Most people call me sheelee, because I am blind. I spend most of my free time with a african american groom,because my father is drunk. I showed the groom my american flag...(3/10/2003 12:43:08 AM)

(143) The Secret Eyes (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,411765) I think that you should create a REAL love story about harry potter. One that makes a girl's knees go weak! The Secret Eyes would have to be about hiding secrets...(11/22/2004 8:08:42 PM)

(142) The story of the word "the" (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7,4) Once apon a time, a long time ago, there was no word "the." So this is how people talked, "Where is bathroom?...(3/22/2006 9:56:48 PM)

(141) Harry Potter and Alexander the Real 6th Year (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,307693) ...Domblodor gave an anouncement, "This is the year were we get a student from a nother school will come to or school. We have chosen a student from America to join us...(4/15/2006 10:31:41 PM)

(140) The New Kid (Harry_Potter, Rating: 7,25) ...the three saw a eleven year old Gryffindor student, who had short blond hair and blue eyes. Hermione smiled at him and hugged him, she said, "This is Drake, I live next door to him."...(4/7/2005 11:00:44 PM)

(139) A Kid Called Caleb (Modern_Life, Rating: 7,097561) In A Town Found In Australia A Kid Was Born. People Don't Know This But A Hero Was Born That Day...(4/28/2009 9:49:48 PM)

(138) The Dimension Portal at School (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7) We found it under the statue at the front of the school. There was a big black dark hole with fiery swirls in the centre...(9/1/2008 7:55:06 PM)

(137) Gently Fading Away (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7) I was cleaning my room when pa said you have to go to your Aunt Sally's house because I have a very important thing to do.I have a bad feeling about this I thought.(11/7/2007 12:34:35 AM)

(136) the locket of death (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,875) One night harry potter was in the common room and there was a sound and then Hermione and Ron walked in but there was still a sound a sound that was like a ringing...(7/30/2005 12:11:01 AM)

(135) Katie's Rescue Pony (Animated_Animals, Rating: 6,8) Katie walked along from school following her usual path when she came across a beaten, thin, miserable looking horse...(5/15/2004 2:20:13 PM)

(134) Hermione Confused (harry potter) (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,785714) Hermione lays in bed,confused she kind of has a crush on Ron,but she really loves Harry and she doesn't know how to tell him. (12/2/2005 6:46:28 PM)

(133) Harry and Hermione's Summer (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,754098) ..."Now what?" Harry asked. Hemione wispered, "Harry it is cold, the lights went out, there is a dementor on the train!" ...(6/13/2004 12:07:15 PM)

(132) The Real Harry Potter (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,75) Nobody knows the real story of Harry Potter. His parents didn't die but his babysitter did. He never had to live with the Dursleys.(6/11/2006 6:48:47 PM)

(131) Harry and Cho's First Meeting (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,666667) "I'm Harry...Harry PPP," he forgot his last name! "Potter?" said Cho "Yes, thats what it is," said Harry embarrassed. Cho giggled. He walked with her all the way out of the Great Hall towards her class and he forgot all about his empty stomach...(1/16/2004 9:35:14 PM)

(130) The Heir to the House of Black (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,666667) He felt in some way that he had been betrayed by not one but two loyal and trusted friends. Harry thought,"Why didn't she tell me," He had to confront Cady... (10/5/2004 10:37:50 PM)

(129) HARRY POTTER and the flight of krum (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,666667) ...the thought of asking hermione about victor krum, the worlds best seeker might make her upset. After their breakup, victor had been in an absolute uproar...(4/18/2006 11:21:45 PM)

(128) Redwoods (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6,666667) From the sky they are simply masses of green, hiding the ground, but as you draw nearer and nearer you see not only the gracefully aged and ever thriving trees, but also the balanced life they live. As you descend the clouds...(5/16/2003 8:52:59 PM)

(127) The Royal Couple (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6,642857) The King sat drearily in his wide velvet, gold inlaid chair. His wife was home. AGAIN. A small, timid looking steward rushed over to him, bearing a tray loaded with masterpieces of sugar, which he tossed over the arm of his chair...(3/9/2005 1:32:19 PM)

(126) harry potter and the defettion of the hex girls (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,6) harry ron and hermione had just came back from ireland and Malfoy said"hey weasley do you love granger?!"he and his friends burst out laughing...(11/22/2003 7:28:05 PM)

(125) GODZILLA VS HEDORAH II (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,59375) Godzilla a radioactive dinosaur with an atomic breath. Hedorah a giant pollution monster who is trying to annihilate the planet. The battle for Japan will begin...(2/2/2007 12:35:48 PM)

(124) The new guy. (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,5) ...Who is that?" they both asked Ron." That's Daywalker, the vampire slayer,"said Ron...(3/12/2006 3:07:10 AM)

(123) Harry Potter and the End of Evil (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,5) Harry Potter lay awake in Number 4 Private Drive listening to his Uncle's and Dudley's snores thinking about last year...Harry wonderd if he would ever go to Hogwarts again(12/31/2005 1:47:30 PM)

(122) MONSTER WARS (Animated_Animals, Rating: 6,461538) Earth with its tall mountains and deep lochs have all been peacefull untill now in the year 2078 there are now wars all evil has been stopped and killed snuffing out the last evil on earth but now ...(10/20/2006 6:24:02 AM)

(121) Harry and Hermione (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,411765) Hermione has liked Harry since 1st year. Now it's their 6th year at Hogwarts together, and she is finally going to tell him.(2/8/2006 12:51:14 PM)

(120) What May Be A True Ending for Harry 2 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,375) Harry grudgingly walked into the portrait room with his head down. He didn't want Ginny or Ron to see him. Suddenly the clatter of glass filled the air. Ginny had dropped her pumkin juice, and standing over her whispering in her ear was Ron...(1/20/2007 7:32:36 PM)

(119) Harry's dream (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,363636) Harry knew it was a dream...The scream died in his throat as Lord Voldemort appeared behind him, pointing his wand at Ginny Weasley.(10/14/2005 3:33:56 PM)

(118) the new hogwarts student (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,3) she looked over to the griffindor table and she could see her older sister hermione with her friends ron and harry . finally she heard her name being called and she slowly made her way up towards the sorting hat with a slight fear swimming round her (1/14/2006 2:35:13 PM)

(117) the cat fight (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,25) ..."stay away from my boyfriend"said cho.harry does not love you he loves me said hermione they fought till thy bought had blood all over their face(12/28/2004 2:54:55 PM)

(116) Harry Potter's Quest 2 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,25) Harry fell. "Ouch!" Harry cried. He tried to get up but he couldn't. He looked down at his leg ,which was bloody and scratched...(5/13/2004 4:33:28 PM)

(115) The Cat (Animated_Animals, Rating: 6,2) I was on a raft, drifting on the river when I first met the cat. Going rafting was a favorite pass time of mine, but nothing as exciting or influential had ever happened before the cat...(1/6/2007 9:09:58 PM)

(114) The Man Who Couldn't Wash The Dishes. (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,162791) There was'nt an old man who lived in a little old stupid house in a little winding street not lined with green and small green trees! The old man lived all alone in his little old green house. He did not care very much for doing his dishes everyday...(05.04.2020 14:38:22)

(113) Harry and Ginny, Sittin' in a Tree... (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6,162791) ...Hermione locked the door with a spell. Ginny and Harry were locked in an empty classroom, alone.(2/12/2006 3:21:38 PM)

(112) The Bunnys That Bite (Animated_Animals, Rating: 6,106383) ...Sarah saw the bunnys out of their cage, and the cage had bite marks inthe bars. The only thing they DIDN'T notice that the dog DID was that the bunnys had red, evil, eyes.(4/7/2003 8:29:44 PM)

(111) The Tale of the Diary (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,083333) Furiously, Alicia dug through piles of clothes and tons of boxes in the attic. Her mother's amazing dress was buried somewhere up there, and Alicia's prom was coming up...(9/14/2006 8:34:47 PM)

(110) The Garage (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6) Every morning at 9:00 A.M., Mr. Hudson, my next-door-neighbor, would go jogging. He was so punctual, neighbors auctully considered a time clock. That day when he didn't, I knew something was wrong... 9:01 rolled around, and he wasn't there.(6/7/2005 3:52:49 PM)

(109) Hello, I'm ugghh....Kyle (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6) Harry had just fallen asleep on the train when Hermione woke him up."Harry!Do get up.The gaurd is about to check for you.It just so happens that the Ministry of Magic thinks that you are a witness of the crime of your God father...(6/24/2003 7:00:40 PM)

(108) The Diary (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6) Think of the good thoughts and keep your head high. In this story several events that I write in my journal will be presented in my journal to you. Enjoy.(10/20/2004 9:32:12 PM)

(107) The Little Blue French Hat (Modern_Life, Rating: 6) On a sunny day there was a boy named Robert who was in school and he was just copying his alphabets down on a sheet of paper.When all of a sudden a booy named Jeremy came by and bullied him...(6/12/2003 5:36:00 PM)

(106) gota keep em separated. (Harry_Potter, Rating: 6) Ron and Hermione are now making out in the public school every day. but what happens when they meet That70sshow and Kelso flirts with hermione.Will Ron get cranky.(8/20/2005 6:53:28 PM)

(105) The cetipede who could (Animated_Animals, Rating: 6) Once there was a cetepede who dicided he could do anything he wanted. Then one day he ate a poisonous plant and said he woudn't get sick. He did.(2/27/2006 6:05:20 PM)

(104) The Quest for an Education (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 6) I was always a poor boy. I don't know when the truth actually sunk in but I can assure you it was a painful realisation that I would never go to school, or meet new people, or have a telivision...(1/3/2007 11:26:14 PM)

(103) How Monsters, Penguins, Hedgehogs, and Joey Wheeler became friends (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6) Once upon a time there was a Monster called Elemental Hero Flame wingman. His 3 best friends were Winged Kuriboh, Des Koala, and the Dark Magician Girl...(3/30/2006 9:59:48 AM)

(102) What's Wrong Wtih Hermione Part 3 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,9) No! They heard a scream it was Ginny she was alive but barley. Kill me instead.Silly girl! We don't need you! Avad-No! said Ginny you wouldn't kill your sister!(12/31/2005 1:03:10 PM)

(101) Together at Last (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,888889) She relized she loved him but it was to late he was dead and gone. As she turned home she turned around to see that the grave stone read:Harry James Potter beloved friend. Somthing wasn't right about the stone, it startedto write... I'm alive. (1/15/2006 10:39:20 PM)

(100) harry potter and the servent of lord voldemort (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,8) "jump!"harry yelled. they both did. "AHH!" soon they landed on the ground, brusied. "hermione!"harry cried. "we have ur girlfriend" said a famillar voice...harry turned,then"cho!ur the servent of voldemort!"(3/15/2005 9:00:56 PM)

(99) On the train (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,8) Malfoy was sitting near Pansy Parkinson in the train, when the door opened and a beautiful girl walked in. "Hello, would you mind me sitting here?... Pansy Parkinson Was watching Jealously. She wanted to kill that girl.(1/10/2006 6:56:14 AM)

(98) Harry Potter and the Perfect Girl (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,790476) Harry is in his sixth year and can't find the right girl. He likes Hermione, Cho, Ginny, and Luna. " Who should I go out with?"(3/14/2006 4:13:12 PM)

(97) The Rainbow Colored Sky (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,738095) ...Omar walked up to the house of Ms. McTusa, she was a kind old lady who needed someone to talk to and Omar was at her service.(5/15/2004 10:48:07 PM)

(96) "Am I alone in My Room at Night?" (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5,711538) Lately,as I go to bed at night my mind seems to be playing tricks on me.In the bathroom I can hear water running!Drawers open and close.One night I even heard footsteps but was afraid to come out from under my covers.(1/31/2007 2:27:57 PM)

(95) Adventure (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,666667) Harry was thinking about Voldemort, for his scar had woke him up again this morning. He was trying to remember what he had dreamed, it had been so terrible!(12/5/2003 9:44:13 PM)

(94) Tears in his eyes (Modern_Life, Rating: 5,666667) I yell out his name in pain"Please Ryan don't go stay with me here by my side " he turns around to see me the girl that used to be the girl of his dreams with bruises, casts and a machine injecting medicine into her blood...(6/7/2004 7:53:52 PM)

(93) the Phoenixes cry (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,666667) i just wanna tell you the harry lay moin less on the floor and hermione said what is it you want to tell me but she realised what voldamort had done and weped over harry's boddy(9/5/2005 5:38:27 AM)

(92) Story 2 of "What's Wrong With Hermione ?" (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,578948) Professor McGonagall ran towards Hermione right a way with out asking any questions. Professor McGonagall took her wand out and some kind of spell that picked Hermione up and took her to the hospital, right a way.(6/11/2004 4:24:12 PM)

(91) Ellie's adventure for Love! (Modern_Life, Rating: 5,5) One day a lady named Ellie had an urge for LOVE. So she went to Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. The goddess told her she was not to fall inlove until she saw a man name Jim wearing a blue shirt...(3/30/2006 10:13:15 AM)

(90) What may be a true Ending for Harry (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,5) ...He knew better to fall in love when Voldermort was wickedly about his buissnness, but those soft pool bule eyes and reddish long flowing locks weakened him...(8/19/2006 10:16:29 PM)

(89) What's wrong with Hermione? Part 2 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,5) "Oh,no we're got to help her." said Harry then Ron said, "I'll get Professor McGonagall." ...(6/11/2004 4:38:50 PM)

(88) Under the floorboard (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,5) Alana walked into her new room. there was a very noticeable loose floorboard, as though it was opened regelarly. she opened it up and found herself falling. suddenly she landed in a bright wood. (12/5/2005 2:55:19 PM)

(87) the dragoon empire (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,5) one day the dragoon general (dragoons are humans that can turn into dragons) ran into the royal room in which the throne is in and unsheathed his sword right to the kings neck and followed through then yelled"oh no the enemy has beheaded the king"...(6/9/2004 3:43:02 PM)

(86) Malfoy's troubles (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,5) After malfoy's sixth year at hogwarts he has become more popular to lord voldamort. He has now become his most loyal servant. (12/8/2005 6:53:12 PM)

(85) The fight! (Modern_Life, Rating: 5,5) A boy named Andrew was walking down the street when he ran into a bunch of bullies...(10/12/2008 9:49:11 PM)

(84) What Am I Supposed to do with That? (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,5) It was pure coincidence that they were walking down the street at Hogsmeade together, having come out of seperate shops. They heard a baby's cry and went to investigate.(2/29/2004 1:01:13 AM)

(83) Why I hate broom cupbrads (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,5) I know this sounds weird but here I am the graet harry potter stuck in a broom cupbrod. No wand so no way to get out. I really don't get why I'm here. (4/1/2006 11:19:20 AM)

(82) Harry Potter and The Terrible Troll (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,444445) " Hermione, Ron, quick over here" Screamed Harry. Harry,Ron,and Hermione quickly jumped into the dark arts storage closet. They were getting chased by a giant troll.(2/6/2007 8:01:44 AM)

(81) Merry And Pippin Are Stealing Mushrooms Again (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 5,4) It Was A Beautiful Day In The Shire And Merry And Pippin were walking in to the fields of farmer maggot they were planning to steal some mushrooms...(7/26/2004 2:24:40 PM)

(80) dog land (Animated_Animals, Rating: 5,4) One day there was a dog and he wanted to go to dog land. So he ran away from his home. Then it sarted raining. So a nice person put him in his car...(3/18/2009 7:06:50 PM)

(79) The Magical Castle (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,353535) Cora was in her attc, looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday like this one. 'I should just give up.' Cora thought. "I'll look in that last corner, but thats it!" she said alound...(1/22/2003 7:01:38 PM)

(78) WHAT HAPPEN TO AMY AND ANGUS?? (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 5,333333) Two days ago Amy and Angus went missing they were walking home from school. they never arivend home.(2/23/2009 6:24:29 PM)

(77) The Capture of Hermione (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,307693) Hermione screamed as someone grabbed her from behind and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Help!" she shrieked, her voice muffled...(9/21/2006 8:30:44 PM)

(76) The day I met the real Harry Potter (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5,1) I was out on my flying carpet looking for a new way through cyberspace the other day. Suddenly I started having loose thread and dust trouble. Stupid second hand carpet I thought. Then I knew I was going to crash...(10/15/2006 10:00:01 PM)

(75) Internet Boyfriend (Modern_Life, Rating: 5,09375) It was the middle of the week when I came home from school, I dropped my bag and keys in my bedroom and headed sraight for the computer.there his name was...(3/21/2006 5:23:47 PM)

(74) The Matrix (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,090909) Kenny awoke with a gasp. Cold sweat covered every cubic inch of his face. He had the wierdest dream ever. "Strange," he whispered...(5/16/2003 7:34:44 PM)

(73) the little red riding hood side of the story (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) hi my name little red riding hood im telling you the true side of the story ok. i was making some cookies for granny when i saw the wolf.(5/19/2008 8:05:42 PM)

(72) 7th year (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5) It was the beginning of Harry's 7th year and he was at the wedding of Fleur and Bill...(7/10/2006 6:53:09 AM)

(71) Carol's Diary (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) Dear Diary, BAM! I can almost hear the gunshots of the war! A war for freedom of slaves will begin. I hope this will all end with freedom for Mama, Papa, little four year old Elizabeth, and me. I am forced to work as a slave...(10/21/2006 9:57:38 AM)

(70) Hermiones Disapearence (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5) ...MEANWHILE DOWN UNDER THE SCHOOL Malfoy had Hermione tied up willing to kill her!(10/18/2003 7:59:21 AM)

(69) How did it happen? (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5) James Potter was sitting in his compartment with his best friends sirius, remus, and peter.He was thinking about lily evans again(4/8/2006 12:24:51 PM)

(68) The little crooked lamb (Animated_Animals, Rating: 5) One night a mother sheep gave birth to a lamb which came out crooked with 3 legs and no tail. On that same night the mother died and the lamb was all alone by herself and her name was Scarlet...(2/9/2005 12:58:26 AM)

(67) Sarquon, Lord of Parrots (Animated_Animals, Rating: 5) One day my very old aunt, Mary, died. She was very old and we were very close. So I was not surpised when I was left something in her will. But it was not jewellery or money or anything like that-it was a parrot!(1/10/2004 9:24:07 AM)

(66) My unusual friend Stephen (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5) My friend Stephen is not like any other friend you would meet. For example: One day he missed the bus...(10/12/2008 9:52:08 PM)

(65) More girl problems 2 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5) Malfoy was sitting near Pansy Parkinson in the train, when the door opened and a beautiful girl walked in...(1/10/2006 7:05:11 AM)

(64) the magical mystery (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) in 1653 London 53 street a theater named "the royal stage" lay,it was a dusty theater,not the rich type of course. a group of actors known as "the magical mystery' was performing...(11/13/2006 10:04:00 PM)

(63) Harry Potter's Quest (Harry_Potter, Rating: 5) "Why did I come on this journey in the first place?" Harry asked himself. Snap! "Who's there?" Harry called. "Ahhhh!" Harry screamed...(5/14/2004 8:52:50 PM)

(62) How jello was made (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5) Once upon a time there was a girl named Bombay who always got picked on. Then one day she went crazy because someone killed her favorite slug in her room(3/30/2006 10:01:33 AM)

(61) Hermione and Malfoy: THE TRUTH (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,947369) Malfoy had loved Hermione for a long time but never showed it until his and hermiones 7th year at hogwarts. Harry and Ron were going for a cup of coffee in madame Puddifoots when.....(1/4/2004 4:35:18 AM)

(60) switched at birth (Modern_Life, Rating: 4,944445) On august 1 1990 julian jones was born.Julian was taken to a room were babies sleep in .The nurse accidently put julian in the place of another baby...(9/20/2006 8:34:38 PM)

(59) The New Guy(year 5) (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,888889) It was Harry, Hermione,and Ron's 5th year and they where waiting for the new students to be sorted. Harry saw a guy that stood out. He looked 15. "Who's that?(3/12/2006 1:15:15 PM)

(58) The Dog that ate EVERYONE!!!! (Animated_Animals, Rating: 4,875) I was walking home when I saw a little puppy that didn't have a tag. I decided to bring it home.When I brought it home it began to bite everyone. I gave it some hamburger to calm it down but then... (1/30/2007 3:21:33 PM)

(57) Living Dead (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,833333) "The dark lord has said that all dead will come back alive tonight." "whatever malfoy."said Ron"Oh,its true.Come to the entrance hall at 10 if you don't beleive me."(8/15/2005 12:57:07 PM)

(56) Magic trip (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,666667) one day in school all the kids who had A's were going to go to a trip. ally and her friends were so happy because they always get A's so that means they will go to that trip.(3/1/2006 11:05:09 PM)

(55) Meant to be... (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,666667) Ron and Harry were walking down the halls when they accidentally bumped into Lavender...(8/31/2006 7:07:21 PM)

(54) The Draco Malfoy story (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,666667) Draco Malfoy was at home getting ready for the first day back at hogwarts.He was finishing packing stuff.his youger sister Whitney was going for her first at Hogwarts.Draco what do I need for Hogwarts.She asked. (6/26/2004 5:53:44 PM)

(53) Mystery (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,666667) The series of elegantly pointed nails fanned themselves along the taught leather of her coach’s glove. The embedded jewels along the rounded tips refracted the fading lamplight and mirrored the equally glistening markings...(6/16/2003 9:56:09 PM)

(52) Whats Wrong With Hermione? (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,653846) Hermione walked the corridors along one Thursday. Harry walked up to Hermione, "Hermione, why wern't you at breakfast?" Ron came running after them...(4/20/2003 9:36:15 PM)

(51) Revenge (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 4,6) It was 4’o clock in the afternoon. Jack was studying for the mathematics test which was to be held tomorrow. He hated mathematics; after all he wanted to become a doctor...(10/13/2006 1:42:43 PM)

(50) Hermione loves someone (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,5) Harry suspected that Hemione was up to something. He could just feel it. She was of course his best friend. But one morning he saw something in her potions book. He snuck it out and it read, Oh Malfoy I love you sooo much! Your touch is like no other...(23.03.2021 11:56:36)

(49) The Sword Fight (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,5) Harry potter was a normal 16 year old wizard that was trained at a school of magic called hogwarts.He found a sword in his second year at hogwarts.THE SWORD OF GRYFINNDOR.Little does harry know of its secrets(3/10/2005 5:27:54 PM)

(48) The Shadow of Despair (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,5) Once upon a time, in the land of woe, lived a happy village of happy people, until one day...(3/28/2007 4:48:39 PM)

(47) When was he there for ME? (Modern_Life, Rating: 4,5) Jimmy Hogan was 13 and was quite popular. He wanted to hang with the popular kids. None of his friends could understand why. He had money, good looks, he was smart, and had a great personality. He also was a Catholic...(8/17/2003 1:11:34 PM)

(46) The Three Bily Goat Gruff (Animated_Animals, Rating: 4,368421) many years ago there were three goats who lived in a beautiful valley. (9/8/2008 4:02:42 AM)

(45) Fred and George's Stories (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,333333) Fred and George were a legend of Hogwarts. Not one student forgot the year that they invented Skiving Snackboxes, o the day when they simply flew out of Hogwarts when they thought their punishment from the new headmisstress was unfair...(7/10/2003 3:21:06 PM)

(44) Andys Narnia Part One:Step Into Narnia. (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,333333) There are many doors in this house ,yet only leads to another world . Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy have been evacuated to the country because of world war 2 Peter is 11 Susan is 10 Edmund [or Ed]is 9 and Lucy is 7...(4/12/2006 2:46:18 PM)

(43) Back From the Dead. (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,26087) Harry gazed up sadly, it was a hot sticky night at the Dersleys. He was lying in the backyard, watching the stars letting the warm night air consume him...(11/17/2006 8:24:55 AM)

(42) Hermione Confused 2 (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,25) This was probbaly the end of their friendship.And its all Hermiones fault."What have I done," thought Hermione.(3/21/2006 9:28:35 PM)

(41) Never Knew (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4,142857) Hermione Granger was in the library in the middle of the night... when she was almost done she heard a book drop "Who's there!" she shouted...(7/3/2005 10:42:56 PM)

(40) More Girl Problems (Harry_Potter, Rating: 4) "Ron?"Harry called sleepily. Ron answered grumpily from the four poster nexter to Harry's,"Wha?" I need a new girl."(9/8/2004 9:07:32 PM)

(39) The Adventures of John Aldor (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4) I was a cold miserable day. Winter had never been more unwelcoming. The only sign of life was a young man. He had dark, curly hair and had a frail, scarred face. He was wearing baggy, torn clothes. He pressed his face on a cold window. "It seem...(02.12.2019 01:08:03)

(38) The Witch Trial (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 4) No one speaks the word "witchcraft" anymore. They just refer to it as "the recent turn of events," and "the recent tragedy," and they can not admit that they were wrong...(7/31/2003 1:58:46 PM)

(37) Zandra and Me (Modern_Life, Rating: 4) When I walked into my fourth period class my first day at this new school, I didn't know what I was walking into. I was walking into the strongest known to man, love...(2/9/2006 11:23:58 AM)

(36) dead winter part 1 (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4) It was cold dark and there were barely any humans left. It is the year 3000x we are in the cold of -74 degrees. it is the third ice age. I am the only one left as far as I know...(11/30/2005 11:29:54 AM)

(35) Harry potter's proposal and wedding (Harry_Potter, Rating: 3,807692) Harry Potter looked at his dormitory.He would probaly never see it again.He lived here for the last 7 years.He looked at the ring he bought at Hogsmade.That ring was the ring he was going to propose to Ginny(4/5/2005 3:02:53 AM)

(34) What if Harry's father is actually... (Harry_Potter, Rating: 3,75) ...then there was Lily...I couldn't have born it if she had left me because of it. So I kept it a secret, which eventually, proved her downfall, and my own.(3/9/2005 6:59:19 PM)

(33) HERMIONE'S PREGNET (Harry_Potter, Rating: 3,72973) After the wedding they found out that hermione was pregnet. Twins a boy and a girl . They were going to name them Aaron and wendy.(2/27/2006 4:52:35 PM)

(32) Robo Girl (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 3,666667) When she was left at my door, I took her in. I cared for her. I loved her. I thought I knew her. But that horrid year of 16, it changed her...(5/15/2003 8:12:30 PM)

(31) A Mother's Secrets (Modern_Life, Rating: 3,428571) Alicia never knew my mother had a life before she became a mother.. Until a fateful day, two weeks before the prom. Mom had informed her that she had a gorgeous dress hidden somewhere in the attic, and Alicia was determined to wear it to the prom...(9/18/2006 7:22:23 PM)

(30) Mrs. Potter (Harry_Potter, Rating: 3,4) "I am so sick of this!" Harry complained. "Kids write about me all the time saying I should get together with so and so because of this and that...(6/16/2004 6:03:02 PM)

(29) Thirty dogs and forty cats (Animated_Animals, Rating: 3,25) On River Road, there were two very, VERY different neibors, who hated each other. One liked cats the other liked dogs. They had to disagree on everything...(10/6/2006 7:35:04 AM)

(28) Music of the Dolphins (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 3,111111) A young girl named Mila. She was left in the wood. She survived by living with the dolphins(10/4/2006 5:55:08 PM)

(27) hermoime's mistake (Harry_Potter, Rating: 3) it was a sunny morning and hermoine was 27 and this was the last year that she could go to hogewarts and this year she was going to tell harry that she was pregnant with his baby.(9/24/2005 8:35:09 AM)

(26) Harry Potter & the Deathly Marshmallows (Harry_Potter, Rating: 2,875) Harry Potter was very depressed. He was also in denial. When asked about his mood, in the form of Hermione saying "Harry, you look different...(11/16/2008 1:30:17 PM)

(25) Joined at the Wrist (Harry_Potter, Rating: 2,366446) Lily tugged her right arm and James came stumbling forward. A sort of magical handcuff linked his left wrist, to her right one. She'd never forgive Dumbledore for this. How could he possibly think that forcing them to spend time together would ever m...(04.10.2020 18:23:08)

(24) The Nine O'clock Woman (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 2) I am the one everybody comes to when other detectives wont take their cases without wanting any thing in return.Excuse me i've been rude,alow me to introdues myself,my name Koji.Koji Suzuoe at your servise.When the others wont do it,I take it for them...(7/1/2003 10:16:03 PM)

(23) The Long Wait (Modern_Life, Rating: 2) I stood, slowly taking in everything around me. The red postbox, the group of old ladies walking down the path, the band of teen vandals swearing and drinking in the shadows...(4/9/2006 2:18:48 AM)

(22) Spirit of the Tribe (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) "Whatever happens, Song-bird, our spirit shall live on." those were my great-great-great-grandmother Yellow Rose's last words. She said this to her daughter, when the white men destroyed her village and shot her...(7/31/2003 2:12:50 PM)

(21) Elizabeth I (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) All eyes were on here as she descended the spiral staircase, ermine robe trailing behind her. No mere servant would dare touch the skirts of the holy queen on her coronation...(11/21/2005 10:57:44 PM)

(20) The Hound Of The Baskervilles (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) mr Sherllock Holmes Had Alread Had Breakfast While I came Down. As I walked In To The Hall i saw A walking Stick On The Rug i Picked It Up It Was Engraved TO Doctor James Mortimer.what Do you Thing About It Watson.(09.01.2024 12:23:41)

(19) Harry potter"s godfather (Harry_Potter, Rating: 2) Harry was thinking of his godfather. It seamed only a hour ago when it happened. Instead it had been a 2 month gap. Harry was surprised he had made it this long without hunting for Voldamort.(10/24/2004 10:08:38 PM)

(18) what really happened at the yule ball (Harry_Potter, Rating: 1,666667) after finding no one ron has rembered a spell that he found in his book of spells that lets u create a temopary person and since there is three schools there it is unlikly any body will notice .ron asks harry"so umm... i know away we can get dates?" ...(9/5/2004 4:38:16 PM)

(17) Who Did It? (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1,4) The lifeless body of Sir Raymond lay on the couch like a patient ragdoll as the crime scene investigators filled the library with their noise and equipment...(9/14/2006 5:46:53 AM)

(16) romance/death (Harry_Potter, Rating: 1,333333) ...all of the sudden a witch it was ginny gave her a piosend apple."i feel weak are you sure this is..." she broke off and died.....(11/24/2003 6:43:10 PM)

(15) The Fate of A Child: The Sequal To The Witch Trial. (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 1) Diedre studied her spell book, trying to decide on a good spell to make the town sleep longer than usaul, giving her time to kidnap Jack's daughter...(4/27/2005 1:41:54 PM)

(14) The Bird Who Died in the Desert (Animated_Animals, Rating: 1) Last time there was a old chinese monk, he told a story of a migrating bird who could not find its way home...(12/17/2004 8:47:23 AM)


(12) Power is Unbound (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1) He looked apon the mass of wasteland. If he could only convert the energy needed to flaten the land, his athority over the world would have no bounds...(3/3/2005 8:14:36 PM)

(11) PSI, The symbicote of Mars (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1) When Sally Perbov was given the chance to go into outer space, she couldn't decline. She set out in a NASA Space shuttle. They were cruising nicely through the stars, when they passesd Mars. A force ripped open the shuttle...(3/24/2003 4:41:40 PM)

(10) Harry's capture (Harry_Potter, Rating: 1) As harry stode along a corridor in early December, he heard a small noise behind him. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground, with firm ropes around his legs and arms...(10/13/2004 4:25:10 PM)

(9) Sirius Alive? (Harry_Potter, Rating: 1) After falling beyond the veil, everyone including Dumbledore thought Sirius to be dead, but they were wrong...(6/24/2003 8:25:14 PM)

(8) Vicktor Krum and Hermione Granger 6th year (Harry_Potter, Rating: 1) In the freezing dark distance of Hogwarts gates intrudes Vicktor Krum from Burlargia.He pulled his old travel coat tighter to his chest and climbs to the castle...(7/8/2005 2:02:19 AM)

(7) Reality Can Be Frighteningly Real (Modern_Life, Rating: 1) He sat, reaching up into the sky to see if this time he could feel the warmth of a nearby star. Things were hard, and he wanted to get away from it all...(1/27/2005 10:21:57 AM)

(6) Together at last with Malfoy or Harry? (sequal to together at last) (Harry_Potter, Rating: 0) It felt like a forever kiss, but it finally ended. Then Harry busted through the door and punches Malfoy in the jaw...(2/4/2006 10:43:51 PM)

(5) Halo: First blood (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 0) The elites walked through the snow gorwling. For weeks now they had attempted to get to te battlefield they were accompanied by Grunts and Jackals. The Elites raised there heads to look at the sky. Banshees were flying across the sky...(3/16/2008 5:59:42 PM)

(4) Black's Heir (Harry_Potter, Rating: 0) ~this story takes place during third year~ "Harry!" OOOF! "Harry, how are you? How was your summer? Hope those Dursleys didn't harm you too badly." The small body of a 12 year old girl was lying on top of Harry...(3/15/2005 11:11:23 PM)

(3) Voldermort returns (Harry_Potter, Rating: 0) Harry was sitting there in the common room when he heard a noise outside the window. He looked out the window and there right before him was Sirius Black...(1/7/2006 11:11:21 AM)

(2) the living dead (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 0) there was once a girl name Emily who believed in ghost. one day she was with her friends at a cemetery...(2/1/2004 7:18:14 PM)

(1) Secrets of Uluru (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 0) One day my teacher told us that grade 5/6 were going to Uluru. we arrived in Uluru we were so excited. But after about 2 minutes i had this strange feeling...(2/3/2009 6:22:44 PM)

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