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(24) Ralph (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8,921053) Once upon a time there was a penguin named Ralph. Ralph liked his job as a truck driver. One day Ralph was making a delivery when he met Plankton...(3/30/2006 10:12:42 AM)

(23) Warrior's Way (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8,333333) He stood up from his little table by the fire, the sword strapped to his back. The blade's blue handle had a crest of cross over lapping a raven...(5/31/2006 12:16:34 PM)

(22) slytherin girls (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 8) pansy parkinson and her very frisky friend daphnee,millicent,tacy,and romy,were just talking about school next year and how will it be when pansys mom poesy walked up and told pansy some bad news that they were broke.(3/30/2006 6:39:09 PM)

(21) The Dragon on the Wall (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 7,5) My room is home to the most awesome dragon painting ever. It's so realistic, it freaks me out every time I walk in...(2/13/2007 11:42:17 PM)

(20) The Story Of Tristen (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 7,5) Once in the land of Alcarzar there was a powerful wizard. He was a EVIL! wizard he was the most powerful wizard in the land. Only one person could slightly match his power...(4/20/2009 8:20:23 PM)

(19) Redwoods (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6,666667) From the sky they are simply masses of green, hiding the ground, but as you draw nearer and nearer you see not only the gracefully aged and ever thriving trees, but also the balanced life they live. As you descend the clouds...(5/16/2003 8:52:59 PM)

(18) The Royal Couple (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6,642857) The King sat drearily in his wide velvet, gold inlaid chair. His wife was home. AGAIN. A small, timid looking steward rushed over to him, bearing a tray loaded with masterpieces of sugar, which he tossed over the arm of his chair...(3/9/2005 1:32:19 PM)

(17) The Diary (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6) Think of the good thoughts and keep your head high. In this story several events that I write in my journal will be presented in my journal to you. Enjoy.(10/20/2004 9:32:12 PM)

(16) How Monsters, Penguins, Hedgehogs, and Joey Wheeler became friends (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 6) Once upon a time there was a Monster called Elemental Hero Flame wingman. His 3 best friends were Winged Kuriboh, Des Koala, and the Dark Magician Girl...(3/30/2006 9:59:48 AM)

(15) The Rainbow Colored Sky (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,738095) ...Omar walked up to the house of Ms. McTusa, she was a kind old lady who needed someone to talk to and Omar was at her service.(5/15/2004 10:48:07 PM)

(14) the dragoon empire (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,5) one day the dragoon general (dragoons are humans that can turn into dragons) ran into the royal room in which the throne is in and unsheathed his sword right to the kings neck and followed through then yelled"oh no the enemy has beheaded the king"...(6/9/2004 3:43:02 PM)

(13) Under the floorboard (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,5) Alana walked into her new room. there was a very noticeable loose floorboard, as though it was opened regelarly. she opened it up and found herself falling. suddenly she landed in a bright wood. (12/5/2005 2:55:19 PM)

(12) The Magical Castle (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,353535) Cora was in her attc, looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday like this one. 'I should just give up.' Cora thought. "I'll look in that last corner, but thats it!" she said alound...(1/22/2003 7:01:38 PM)

(11) The Matrix (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5,090909) Kenny awoke with a gasp. Cold sweat covered every cubic inch of his face. He had the wierdest dream ever. "Strange," he whispered...(5/16/2003 7:34:44 PM)

(10) My unusual friend Stephen (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5) My friend Stephen is not like any other friend you would meet. For example: One day he missed the bus...(10/12/2008 9:52:08 PM)

(9) How jello was made (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 5) Once upon a time there was a girl named Bombay who always got picked on. Then one day she went crazy because someone killed her favorite slug in her room(3/30/2006 10:01:33 AM)

(8) Magic trip (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,666667) one day in school all the kids who had A's were going to go to a trip. ally and her friends were so happy because they always get A's so that means they will go to that trip.(3/1/2006 11:05:09 PM)

(7) Mystery (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,666667) The series of elegantly pointed nails fanned themselves along the taught leather of her coach’s glove. The embedded jewels along the rounded tips refracted the fading lamplight and mirrored the equally glistening markings...(6/16/2003 9:56:09 PM)

(6) The Shadow of Despair (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,5) Once upon a time, in the land of woe, lived a happy village of happy people, until one day...(3/28/2007 4:48:39 PM)

(5) Andys Narnia Part One:Step Into Narnia. (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4,333333) There are many doors in this house ,yet only leads to another world . Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy have been evacuated to the country because of world war 2 Peter is 11 Susan is 10 Edmund [or Ed]is 9 and Lucy is 7...(4/12/2006 2:46:18 PM)

(4) The Adventures of John Aldor (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4) I was a cold miserable day. Winter had never been more unwelcoming. The only sign of life was a young man. He had dark, curly hair and had a frail, scarred face. He was wearing baggy, torn clothes. He pressed his face on a cold window. "It seem...(02.12.2019 01:08:03)

(3) dead winter part 1 (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 4) It was cold dark and there were barely any humans left. It is the year 3000x we are in the cold of -74 degrees. it is the third ice age. I am the only one left as far as I know...(11/30/2005 11:29:54 AM)


(1) Secrets of Uluru (Magic_Fantasy, Rating: 0) One day my teacher told us that grade 5/6 were going to Uluru. we arrived in Uluru we were so excited. But after about 2 minutes i had this strange feeling...(2/3/2009 6:22:44 PM)

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