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(17) Soldier At 13 (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 8) I looked for any sign of life in the waste land that was once my hometown, Harmony. The war had destoried everything here. I called for my mom and sister...(5/20/2003 6:28:37 PM)

(16) The House of Mutilated Corpses (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7,846154) Even the silence of the nights air sent a shiver down my spine. I lay in my bed listening for any sound. I suddenly heard the crunching of leaves, i jumped startled by such an ordinary sound...(7/28/2004 11:02:44 AM)

(15) Layne Nathan and the Magpie (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7,75) Layne and Nathan were walkin down a dirt road on the way home from school.A magpie came and swooped us...(9/2/2008 2:52:06 AM)

(14) The Dimension Portal at School (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 7) We found it under the statue at the front of the school. There was a big black dark hole with fiery swirls in the centre...(9/1/2008 7:55:06 PM)

(13) GODZILLA VS HEDORAH II (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,59375) Godzilla a radioactive dinosaur with an atomic breath. Hedorah a giant pollution monster who is trying to annihilate the planet. The battle for Japan will begin...(2/2/2007 12:35:48 PM)

(12) The Man Who Couldn't Wash The Dishes. (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,162791) There was'nt an old man who lived in a little old stupid house in a little winding street not lined with green and small green trees! The old man lived all alone in his little old green house. He did not care very much for doing his dishes everyday...(05.04.2020 14:38:22)

(11) The Tale of the Diary (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6,083333) Furiously, Alicia dug through piles of clothes and tons of boxes in the attic. Her mother's amazing dress was buried somewhere up there, and Alicia's prom was coming up...(9/14/2006 8:34:47 PM)

(10) The Garage (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 6) Every morning at 9:00 A.M., Mr. Hudson, my next-door-neighbor, would go jogging. He was so punctual, neighbors auctully considered a time clock. That day when he didn't, I knew something was wrong... 9:01 rolled around, and he wasn't there.(6/7/2005 3:52:49 PM)

(9) Merry And Pippin Are Stealing Mushrooms Again (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 5,4) It Was A Beautiful Day In The Shire And Merry And Pippin were walking in to the fields of farmer maggot they were planning to steal some mushrooms...(7/26/2004 2:24:40 PM)

(8) WHAT HAPPEN TO AMY AND ANGUS?? (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 5,333333) Two days ago Amy and Angus went missing they were walking home from school. they never arivend home.(2/23/2009 6:24:29 PM)

(7) Revenge (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 4,6) It was 4’o clock in the afternoon. Jack was studying for the mathematics test which was to be held tomorrow. He hated mathematics; after all he wanted to become a doctor...(10/13/2006 1:42:43 PM)

(6) Robo Girl (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 3,666667) When she was left at my door, I took her in. I cared for her. I loved her. I thought I knew her. But that horrid year of 16, it changed her...(5/15/2003 8:12:30 PM)

(5) The Nine O'clock Woman (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 2) I am the one everybody comes to when other detectives wont take their cases without wanting any thing in return.Excuse me i've been rude,alow me to introdues myself,my name Koji.Koji Suzuoe at your servise.When the others wont do it,I take it for them...(7/1/2003 10:16:03 PM)

(4) Who Did It? (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1,4) The lifeless body of Sir Raymond lay on the couch like a patient ragdoll as the crime scene investigators filled the library with their noise and equipment...(9/14/2006 5:46:53 AM)

(3) Power is Unbound (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1) He looked apon the mass of wasteland. If he could only convert the energy needed to flaten the land, his athority over the world would have no bounds...(3/3/2005 8:14:36 PM)

(2) PSI, The symbicote of Mars (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 1) When Sally Perbov was given the chance to go into outer space, she couldn't decline. She set out in a NASA Space shuttle. They were cruising nicely through the stars, when they passesd Mars. A force ripped open the shuttle...(3/24/2003 4:41:40 PM)

(1) Halo: First blood (Mystery_Adventure, Rating: 0) The elites walked through the snow gorwling. For weeks now they had attempted to get to te battlefield they were accompanied by Grunts and Jackals. The Elites raised there heads to look at the sky. Banshees were flying across the sky...(3/16/2008 5:59:42 PM)

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