(1) Redwoods (Magic_Fantasy)
(2) The Magical Castle (Magic_Fantasy)
(3) Mystery (Magic_Fantasy)
(4) The Matrix (Magic_Fantasy)
(5) 50 Stripes on Just One Flag (History_Fairy_Tales)
(6) The Witch Trial (History_Fairy_Tales)
(7) Spirit of the Tribe (History_Fairy_Tales)
(8) Soldier At 13 (Mystery_Adventure)
(9) The Nine O'clock Woman (Mystery_Adventure)
(10) PSI, The symbicote of Mars (Mystery_Adventure)
(11) Whats Wrong With Hermione? (Harry_Potter)
(12) Sirius Alive? (Harry_Potter)
(13) Year of the Whomping Willow (Harry_Potter)
(14) Hello, I'm ugghh....Kyle (Harry_Potter)
(15) Fred and George's Stories (Harry_Potter)
(16) The Bunnys That Bite (Animated_Animals)
(17) Sarquon, Lord of Parrots (Animated_Animals)
(18) The Little Blue French Hat (Modern_Life)
(19) A Writer with a pupose (Modern_Life)
(20) When was he there for ME? (Modern_Life)
(21) romance/death (Harry_Potter)
(22) Hermiones Disapearence (Harry_Potter)
(23) What's wrong with Hermione? Part 2 (Harry_Potter)
(24) The Rainbow Colored Sky (Magic_Fantasy)
(25) Robo Girl (Mystery_Adventure)
(26) Harry and Hermione's Summer (Harry_Potter)
(27) I Want an Elephant (Modern_Life)
(28) More Girl Problems (Harry_Potter)
(29) The Royal Couple (Magic_Fantasy)
(30) Never Knew (Harry_Potter)
(31) The Bird Who Died in the Desert (Animated_Animals)
(32) Shadow (Harry_Potter)
(33) the Phoenixes cry (Harry_Potter)
(34) The Heir to the House of Black (Harry_Potter)
(35) The Diary (Magic_Fantasy)
(36) The Adventures of John Aldor (Magic_Fantasy)
(37) The Fate of A Child: The Sequal To The Witch Trial. (History_Fairy_Tales)
(38) Power is Unbound (Mystery_Adventure)
(39) Joined at the Wrist (Harry_Potter)
(40) Harry Potter's Quest (Harry_Potter)
(41) More girl problems 2 (Harry_Potter)
(42) The little crooked lamb (Animated_Animals)
(43) Tears in his eyes (Modern_Life)
(44) Harry potter"s godfather (Harry_Potter)
(45) Harry/Hermoine/Ron (Harry_Potter)
(46) Hermione Confused (harry potter) (Harry_Potter)
(47) Together at Last (Harry_Potter)
(48) On the train (Harry_Potter)
(49) harry potter and the servent of lord voldemort (Harry_Potter)
(50) the new hogwarts student (Harry_Potter)
(51) The Draco Malfoy story (Harry_Potter)
(52) Harry potter's proposal and wedding (Harry_Potter)
(53) Malfoy's troubles (Harry_Potter)
(54) Harry and Cho's First Meeting (Harry_Potter)
(55) what really happened at the yule ball (Harry_Potter)
(56) Vicktor Krum and Hermione Granger 6th year (Harry_Potter)
(57) Voldermort returns (Harry_Potter)
(58) Living Dead (Harry_Potter)
(59) Who'd Have Thought? (Harry_Potter)
(60) The disaster (Harry_Potter)
(61) Adventure (Harry_Potter)
(62) The Sword Fight (Harry_Potter)
(63) Harry Potter and the End of Evil (Harry_Potter)
(64) What's Wrong Wtih Hermione Part 3 (Harry_Potter)
(65) Lost on The Full Moon (Harry_Potter)
(66) Story 2 of "What's Wrong With Hermione ?" (Harry_Potter)
(67) What Am I Supposed to do with That? (Harry_Potter)
(68) How jello was made (Magic_Fantasy)
(69) slytherin girls (Magic_Fantasy)
(70) The story of the word "the" (History_Fairy_Tales)
(71) The House of Mutilated Corpses (Mystery_Adventure)
(72) The cetipede who could (Animated_Animals)
(73) Ellie's adventure for Love! (Modern_Life)
(74) Internet Boyfriend (Modern_Life)
(75) Harry and Hermione (Harry_Potter)
(76) Harry Potter and the Perfect Girl (Harry_Potter)
(77) Why I hate broom cupbrads (Harry_Potter)
(78) HERMIONE'S PREGNET (Harry_Potter)
(79) How did it happen? (Harry_Potter)
(80) Harry's capture (Harry_Potter)
(81) Hermione Confused 2 (Harry_Potter)
(82) What may be a true Ending for Harry (Harry_Potter)
(83) Harry and Ginny, Sittin' in a Tree... (Harry_Potter)
(84) The new guy. (Harry_Potter)
(85) 7th year (Harry_Potter)
(86) HARRY POTTER and the flight of krum (Harry_Potter)
(87) The New Kid (Harry_Potter)
(88) Harry Potter and Alexander the Real 6th Year (Harry_Potter)
(89) the cat fight (Harry_Potter)
(90) What if Harry's father is actually... (Harry_Potter)
(91) The Dragon on the Wall (Magic_Fantasy)
(92) How Monsters, Penguins, Hedgehogs, and Joey Wheeler became friends (Magic_Fantasy)
(93) Under the floorboard (Magic_Fantasy)
(94) Magic trip (Magic_Fantasy)
(95) Warrior's Way (Magic_Fantasy)
(96) The Quest for an Education (History_Fairy_Tales)
(97) Music of the Dolphins (History_Fairy_Tales)
(98) A Mother's Secrets (Modern_Life)
(99) switched at birth (Modern_Life)
(100) The Long Wait (Modern_Life)
(101) Predicted (Modern_Life)
(102) What May Be A True Ending for Harry 2 (Harry_Potter)
(103) Hermione's true love (Harry_Potter)
(104) Happy for Hermione (Harry_Potter)
(105) Harry Potter and Lord Voldemot (Harry_Potter)
(106) hermoime's mistake (Harry_Potter)
(107) The Shadow of Despair (Magic_Fantasy)
(108) the living dead (History_Fairy_Tales)
(109) Who Did It? (Mystery_Adventure)
(110) "Am I alone in My Room at Night?" (History_Fairy_Tales)
(111) Revenge (Mystery_Adventure)
(112) The Tale of the Diary (Mystery_Adventure)
(113) The Capture of Hermione (Harry_Potter)
(114) Meant to be... (Harry_Potter)
(115) Harry Potter and The Terrible Troll (Harry_Potter)
(116) Back From the Dead. (Harry_Potter)
(117) Hermione and Malfoy: THE TRUTH (Harry_Potter)
(118) Harry Potter's Quest 2 (Harry_Potter)
(119) Harry's dream (Harry_Potter)
(120) Thirty dogs and forty cats (Animated_Animals)
(121) Katie's Rescue Pony (Animated_Animals)
(122) MONSTER WARS (Animated_Animals)
(123) gota keep em separated. (Harry_Potter)
(124) My cat lives in Las Vegas (Animated_Animals)
(125) Zandra and Me (Modern_Life)
(126) Since then... (Modern_Life)
(127) Reality Can Be Frighteningly Real (Modern_Life)
(128) the dragoon empire (Magic_Fantasy)
(129) Ralph (Magic_Fantasy)
(130) Andys Narnia Part One:Step Into Narnia. (Magic_Fantasy)
(131) dead winter part 1 (Magic_Fantasy)
(132) For the Village (Magic_Fantasy)
(133) Elizabeth I (History_Fairy_Tales)
(134) Carol's Diary (History_Fairy_Tales)
(135) Hope, Faith, Charity, and Kristy (Modern_Life)
(136) Rosemount Farm (Modern_Life)
(137) The Story Of Tristen (Magic_Fantasy)
(138) Gently Fading Away (History_Fairy_Tales)
(139) Layne Nathan and the Magpie (Mystery_Adventure)
(140) Mrs. Potter (Harry_Potter)
(141) dog land (Animated_Animals)
(142) A Kid Called Caleb (Modern_Life)
(143) My unusual friend Stephen (Magic_Fantasy)
(144) Secrets of Uluru (Magic_Fantasy)
(145) the little red riding hood side of the story (History_Fairy_Tales)
(146) The Hound Of The Baskervilles (History_Fairy_Tales)
(147) GODZILLA VS HEDORAH ΊΊΊ (Magic_Fantasy)
(148) the magical mystery (History_Fairy_Tales)
(149) Un-mapped Regions (Mystery_Adventure)
(150) The Man Who Couldn't Wash The Dishes. (Mystery_Adventure)
(151) GODZILLA VS HEDORAH II (Mystery_Adventure)
(152) The Garage (Mystery_Adventure)
(153) Merry And Pippin Are Stealing Mushrooms Again (Mystery_Adventure)
(154) The Secret Eyes (Harry_Potter)
(155) The day I met the real Harry Potter (Harry_Potter)
(156) The New Guy(year 5) (Harry_Potter)
(157) the locket of death (Harry_Potter)
(158) The Cat (Animated_Animals)
(159) Father Of The Pride (Animated_Animals)
(160) ralph cont. (Magic_Fantasy)
(161) The City Of Ascalon (Magic_Fantasy)
(162) The Demention Portal (Mystery_Adventure)
(163) WHAT HAPPEN TO AMY AND ANGUS?? (Mystery_Adventure)
(164) The Real Harry Potter (Harry_Potter)
(165) Together at last with Malfoy or Harry? (sequal to together at last) (Harry_Potter)
(166) Hermione loves someone (Harry_Potter)
(167) harry potter and the defettion of the hex girls (Harry_Potter)
(168) Black's Heir (Harry_Potter)
(169) The Three Bily Goat Gruff (Animated_Animals)
(170) The fight! (Modern_Life)
(171) alvin and the chipmunks turn evil (Magic_Fantasy)
(172) the magic skateboard (Magic_Fantasy)
(173) How is this happening?!? (Harry_Potter)
(174) Lost (Modern_Life)
(175) The Leprehaun's Magic Ring (Magic_Fantasy)
(176) Mr. (Harry_Potter)
(177) The three little pigs and the terminator (Magic_Fantasy)
(178) The Dimension Portal at School (Mystery_Adventure)
(179) Harry Potter & the Deathly Marshmallows (Harry_Potter)
(180) Maggie and Cassie Rulz (Modern_Life)
(181) Adam & his dog bear (Modern_Life)
(182) A Journey to Water (Magic_Fantasy)
(183) The Angle Of Magic (Magic_Fantasy)
(184) little red red ridding hood (History_Fairy_Tales)
(185) the magical mystery (History_Fairy_Tales)
(186) A trip (Mystery_Adventure)
(187) friday the 13th (Mystery_Adventure)
(188) Desperate (Harry_Potter)
(189) the cross of love (Harry_Potter)
(190) Erics hermit crab (Animated_Animals)
(191) The Dog that ate EVERYONE!!!! (Animated_Animals)
(192) the haunted football (Modern_Life)
(193) What's that noise? (Modern_Life)
(194) Harry lost in love (Magic_Fantasy)
(195) Moody The Human Mood Ring! (Magic_Fantasy)
(196) Summer the Holiday Fairy (Magic_Fantasy)
(197) A Fantasy Tale (History_Fairy_Tales)
(198) the ADAMNADER & JAMESANDER (Mystery_Adventure)
(199) dawn of the dead (Mystery_Adventure)
(200) Harry potter and the love of his life (Harry_Potter)
(201) Halo: First blood (Mystery_Adventure)
(202) Mentor of Magic, Mentor of Murder (Magic_Fantasy)
(203) The Garage Continued (Mystery_Adventure)
(204) harry's secret ambition (Harry_Potter)
(205) My room is a mess (Modern_Life)
(206) the timelord (Modern_Life)
(207) Three Dukes (Magic_Fantasy)
(208) Lilil's Story (History_Fairy_Tales)
(209) the fairy tale fairy (History_Fairy_Tales)


(1) Bed In Summer (Reading)
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(24) Warrior's Way (fiction)
(25) Internet Boyfriend (fiction)
(26) John Muir Middle School Dance Party (Interactive_Media)
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