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(15) 50 Stripes on Just One Flag (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7,5) I am Yvon, daughter of an irish emigrant. Most people call me sheelee, because I am blind. I spend most of my free time with a african american groom,because my father is drunk. I showed the groom my american flag...(3/10/2003 12:43:08 AM)

(14) The story of the word "the" (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7,4) Once apon a time, a long time ago, there was no word "the." So this is how people talked, "Where is bathroom?...(3/22/2006 9:56:48 PM)

(13) Gently Fading Away (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 7) I was cleaning my room when pa said you have to go to your Aunt Sally's house because I have a very important thing to do.I have a bad feeling about this I thought.(11/7/2007 12:34:35 AM)

(12) The Quest for an Education (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 6) I was always a poor boy. I don't know when the truth actually sunk in but I can assure you it was a painful realisation that I would never go to school, or meet new people, or have a telivision...(1/3/2007 11:26:14 PM)

(11) "Am I alone in My Room at Night?" (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5,711538) Lately,as I go to bed at night my mind seems to be playing tricks on me.In the bathroom I can hear water running!Drawers open and close.One night I even heard footsteps but was afraid to come out from under my covers.(1/31/2007 2:27:57 PM)

(10) the little red riding hood side of the story (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) hi my name little red riding hood im telling you the true side of the story ok. i was making some cookies for granny when i saw the wolf.(5/19/2008 8:05:42 PM)

(9) Carol's Diary (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) Dear Diary, BAM! I can almost hear the gunshots of the war! A war for freedom of slaves will begin. I hope this will all end with freedom for Mama, Papa, little four year old Elizabeth, and me. I am forced to work as a slave...(10/21/2006 9:57:38 AM)

(8) the magical mystery (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 5) in 1653 London 53 street a theater named "the royal stage" lay,it was a dusty theater,not the rich type of course. a group of actors known as "the magical mystery' was performing...(11/13/2006 10:04:00 PM)

(7) The Witch Trial (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 4) No one speaks the word "witchcraft" anymore. They just refer to it as "the recent turn of events," and "the recent tragedy," and they can not admit that they were wrong...(7/31/2003 1:58:46 PM)

(6) Music of the Dolphins (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 3,111111) A young girl named Mila. She was left in the wood. She survived by living with the dolphins(10/4/2006 5:55:08 PM)

(5) Spirit of the Tribe (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) "Whatever happens, Song-bird, our spirit shall live on." those were my great-great-great-grandmother Yellow Rose's last words. She said this to her daughter, when the white men destroyed her village and shot her...(7/31/2003 2:12:50 PM)

(4) Elizabeth I (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) All eyes were on here as she descended the spiral staircase, ermine robe trailing behind her. No mere servant would dare touch the skirts of the holy queen on her coronation...(11/21/2005 10:57:44 PM)

(3) The Hound Of The Baskervilles (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 2) mr Sherllock Holmes Had Alread Had Breakfast While I came Down. As I walked In To The Hall i saw A walking Stick On The Rug i Picked It Up It Was Engraved TO Doctor James Mortimer.what Do you Thing About It Watson.(09.01.2024 12:23:41)

(2) The Fate of A Child: The Sequal To The Witch Trial. (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 1) Diedre studied her spell book, trying to decide on a good spell to make the town sleep longer than usaul, giving her time to kidnap Jack's daughter...(4/27/2005 1:41:54 PM)

(1) the living dead (History_Fairy_Tales, Rating: 0) there was once a girl name Emily who believed in ghost. one day she was with her friends at a cemetery...(2/1/2004 7:18:14 PM)

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