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Murder @ Midnight

(0) At a shooting party in November of 1932, Sir John William of Lickstenstien, was muredered at midnight. Inspector Thompson arrived after the 13 guests were alerted by Sir John's sister-in-law's scream when she left to arouse Sir William. The servants as well as the house guests are not allowed to leave, as it had to be one of them since there was no sign of a break in. The elderly man was stabbed, but for no apparent reason. All guests are wealthy enough, so they had no reason to kill him for his money (Sir John William was a wealthy man), yet all seem to have a secret to hide. (KC, Age 13 to 18, 11/5/2002 1:53:15 AM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(1) The first two suspects are Miss Abbigal and Emmalith Williams.They are the two richest people this side of Alabama.The two sisters were left every thing when their grandmother(only living realitive was poisioned by a strange plant.The Belladonna Lilly.Abby,the oldest is a wickedly charming creature.And to daring for her own good,(redhead)some of her close friends report she would go up to the deil and spit in his eye just to see him flinch.Emma is a small creature,unlike her sister,with silver blond hair.She is a world reknown scientist.but she has a distacted aura about her,as if she is a bit lost.everyone loves her.She has had eight marriages in the last 5 years.She shot one becouse he beat her,one tied her to a post in new mexico and left her.Ran screaming that she was possesed.He drove off acliff a week was locked in their burning massion two years ago.The rest,you don't want to know.Oh and someone has been repeatedly tried to kill them for the past six years.Guy hasn't been caught.Abbigal and Emmalith Williams,wanted in 48 states for something they did'nt do,the toast of the states and any other land.Everybody's Darling,everyone's Dimond.They were sir Johns God daughter's ever since their granmother was killed when they were 9. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 2/9/2003 4:13:20 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(2) Abbigal watched her sister with narrowed eyes as Emma jumped up and down and twirling in the middle of the room.She was clucking and skawaking in a fairly loud voice.With shaking hands Abby drank down her third glass of brandy in the last ten min.She winced as it burned down her throat.She had been lik that for the past 15 min and seemed in no hurry to stop.A twitch by Abby's eye had started about 3 min into it."Devil take it Emma"Abby growled as she poured another drink."i wish u would stop"she smiled sweetly to hide her irratation."I'm conducting an experiment.It's very important.And i do wish u wouln't drink so Abby.I't could become a habit u know."The twitch worsened"Nevertheless u should stop that infernal clucking."Emma stoped and looked at her over her shoulder,all innocence.And then she opened her mouth"MOOOOO!!!"Abby lunged at her.Emma let out a shreak and started cursing at the top of her lungs as Abby sat on her.And that is how the detective found them,when he walked into the library.The first two suspects. (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 2/11/2003 8:50:01 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(3) The third suspect is the butler.Basically becouse it's always the butler.Isn't it.Besides the guy is totally creepy and he doesn't like cats.Of couse he did it. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 2/12/2003 5:01:11 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(4) The fourth and most likly canidit is a man named,James scabernacky,or as his most trusted friends call him...the Angel Of Death. (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 2/16/2003 12:43:16 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(5) But we won't go into his story right now.We'll let you worry about him later.We want to introduce you to the fith and last person we will worry about in this story.The rest you must understand are pawns,if they cannot be delt with or used for the greater cause,a checkmate,then they are either delt with or eliminated.That's a rule that everyone must follow when dealing with a delicate situation such as murder.The man i wan't to talk to you about is not a pawn,more of a knight really.You know the brave gallant men who will do anything,no matter the consequences,to do what he belives to be right.The kind of knights you read about in fairytales,that protect the innocent snowhite and to kill the wicked stepmother.The fith suspect is the kind of person that would make even the most sceptick of hearts to belive with all their souls that heros truly do exist.His name is Jack. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 2/16/2003 1:12:07 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(6) Lets begin. (Morgain&Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 2/16/2003 1:14:45 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(7) ~~~November,13,1932...Sir Willams Manshion in France~~~ (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 2/17/2003 11:23:26 AM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(8) Jack Manning watched with raised eyebrows as two woman on the floor wrestled in the middle of the late Sir Williams library.He had to stifle a grin as the one who was being sat on seemed to alternate between a convincing mooing sound and curses that made even Jack blush (only a little).He must have made some sound when the one on top started to throw a fit right then and there,becouse they both turned and looked at him with narrowed eyes.And when they did he thought,at least my suspects are attractive which is more than i can say for that crazed butler outside with that ax.Jack didn't even want to know what all that was about.He figuered he would sleep a lot better if he didn't know.One of the girls raised eyebrows at the other and said,"At lest our detectiv's cute".The other just nodded quitly and then started to purr silently,which seemed to be the others sentiments exactly.Jack backed slowly from the room remiding himself not to make any sudden movements.He ran behind him he could hear giggles. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 3/13/2003 9:39:41 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(9) Jack suddenly stopped when a large object obstructed his path. He looked into the face of James Scabernacky, a man he had attended school with. Jack and James had never been friends, though they hadn't exactly been enemies, but by the look in James' eye Jack could tell they might become enemies. James had obviously been drinking as his usually tidy clothes were amiss. "I know what you're up to Jack," he growled. "I'm watching you. You'd better not foul up because I'll be right there to catch you red-handed." (Someone, Age 13 to 18, 4/2/2003 9:24:17 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(10) THANK U!!!!U HAVE NO IDEA HOW ABSOLUTLY BORING IT IS TO WRITE BY YOURSELF!!!(wipes tears from eyes)bless your unknown heart (Brigid & Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 4/3/2003 6:37:11 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(11) that was your clue or anybody else,to WRITE SOMETHING. (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 4/22/2003 6:04:59 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(12) Jack looked at all the people he had assembled in the sitting room.He was standing by the door and kept shooting suspious looks at the butler who was still holding the ax James had seen him with earlier.He had chosen a spot as far as away from that physco as possible.The red head, who had been trying to kill the woman standing comfortably by her side,cleared her throat meanfully and said with some sarcasim,"Do you think the butler did it Detective or do u just like what u see." Jack felt heat rise up his neck.The blonde next to her gave him a sweet smile and said with some affection "Oh Abby,how cute he blushes." She gave an airish giggle,turned toward the window and seemed to forget about him as if she had never spoken.jack blinked."So who do u think did it." James suddenly snapped."Actually everyone here is under suspicion" The blond came suddenly back to earth and looked sharple at him.The red head just stared,and James lunged at him.While the two man fought Emma asked Abby do you happen to have any of that brandy left?" (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 5/3/2003 10:50:04 AM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(13) Abby reply with a fierce look and said you are too young to drink brandy and you cannot drink because you have liver problem. (bianca, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:20:15 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)

(14) Sarah was on her way home from her best friends party.It was already midgh night (Elayne, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:27:51 PM, Murder_At_Midnight)