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Soldier At 13

(0) I looked for any sign of life in the waste land that was once my hometown, Harmony. The war had destoried everything here. I called for my mom and sister. There was no response but my own echo. I hadn't seen them or heard from they since I ran way to join the army 5 months ago. (Samm-e, Age 13 to 18, 5/20/2003 6:28:37 PM, SoldierAt13)

(1) IT wasnt as easy thing to do. Leaving everything for the army. But i new it was right for me and if i didnt do it now i would do it in 3-4 years anyway. (darcy coburn, Age 13 to 18, 5/20/2004 4:54:31 AM, SoldierAt13)

(2) I called out again. Still no response... where could they have gone? Suddenly I heard an eerie noise that raised the hairs on my back. Someone or something else was out here... (Frankie, Age 13 to 18, 9/12/2004 12:33:36 AM, SoldierAt13)

(3) i then discovered that id taken the wrong turning and was in the wrong town i lived over the hill the end (prop, Age 13 to 18, 11/8/2004 9:10:48 AM, SoldierAt13)

(4) no its not the end cos my village had beenblown up as well ahhhhhh!!!! (bannans, Age 13 to 18, 11/8/2004 9:13:42 AM, SoldierAt13)

(5) I dove for the ground as something hit the ground behind me. It appeared to be dressed in all blue, with white streaks. IT landed, and turned around and started walking away from me. I screamed, and threw a rock at it. IT turned around, seconds after a crackling white beam of electricity annihlated the rock. It began to speak... (f22raptorasf, Age 8 to 12, 1/4/2005 5:17:01 PM, SoldierAt13)

(6) "Haha! I will get you for life!" (Jabari Awoonor-Gordon, Age 5 to 8, 1/31/2005 2:58:59 PM, SoldierAt13)

(7) "You'll never get me as long as I have my gun and baynet.Com'on I dare you to tak another step." ((BILLY S. 11), Age 8 to 12, 3/17/2005 10:26:32 AM, SoldierAt13)

(8) it started following me down the road. then i turned onto annother street into a dark alley. i lost it but there was something very unusual about that alley. i just couldn't put my finger on it. (zack benson, Age 8 to 12, 3/17/2005 10:28:24 AM, SoldierAt13)

(9) Then suddenly I remembered that I lived in that alley.I ran to what I thought was my house.It wasnt completely destroyed but I looked in and saw my dad lying on the ground with his rifle in his hand.I was proud because I reliezed he must not have gone down without a fight (Jessie, Age 8 to 12, 3/17/2005 10:45:54 AM, SoldierAt13)

(10) But where was my mom n sister. i heard sometihing saying"down here!" then i remembered of the secert family hideout under the stairs. i lifted the loose floor borad. i jumped down and there i said "i'm back". (Jessica, Age 13 to 18, 3/25/2005 2:28:55 PM, SoldierAt13)

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