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The Tale of the Diary

(0) Furiously, Alicia dug through piles of clothes and tons of boxes in the attic. Her mother's amazing dress was buried somewhere up there, and Alicia's prom was coming up. The dress was really retro, and Alicia wanted to wear it. "Aha!" she declared, triumphantly holding the sparkling purple dress up. Suddenly, Alicia frowned and shot a glance at the trunk that the dress was hidden in. On top of some papers and adorable shoes, there lay a small, dusty old book with faded words on the cover. Intrigued, the girl turned to the first page and was instantly thrown into a world she had never known before.... (secret author, Age 8 to 12, 9/14/2006 8:34:47 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(1) Alicia blinked. "Did I fall asleep up here?" she wondered, yawning. She ran down the attic steps and was confused to see that the once yellowed-with-age wall-paper that had covered the wall (she lived in an old house) now looked new. The old furniture had been moved around, and the spot where Alicia had spilled cherry cough syrup was gone. "Mom? Did you redecorate?" Alicia called. A girl about her age hurried into the room. She had long, dark red hair and bright green eyes, just like Alicia. "Who are you?" she exclaimed, in a familiar young voice. Then, it hit Alicia. She had seen the girl in a bunch of old photographs, in the family album. With a surprised gasp, she stepped back. This was Alicia's a young girl! Alicia had gone back in time! (Anonymous, Age 8 to 12, 7/6/2007 2:26:43 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(2) "Hi I'm Alicia,whats your name,"asked Alicia even though she knew,she didn't want to scare her mom. (unknown, Age 8 to 12, 7/9/2007 7:33:47 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(3) "my name's Stacey, who are you?" (anonymys, Age 8 to 12, 2/5/2008 6:28:39 AM, TaleoftheDiary)

(4) "umm im Alicia um hi!" (anonymys, Age 8 to 12, 2/5/2008 6:29:12 AM, TaleoftheDiary)

(5) how did you get in the house? is the door open or something? (Critic, Age 8 to 12, 2/5/2008 6:29:42 AM, TaleoftheDiary)

(6) "No!!! the doors not open um my uh ball rolled in and i wanted to get it! (ANONxxx, Age 8 to 12, 2/5/2008 6:30:31 AM, TaleoftheDiary)

(7) "Actually, I'm your daughter and I'm from the future. Now marry this man and you'll have me. Invest in Enron too!" (SuperCrit, Age 8 to 12, 2/19/2008 4:42:15 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(8) "Stock tips? You, a young'n? And my daughter? How preposterous!" And she took the Sweeney Todd method and attempted to cook her own child from the future. (s-todd, Adult, 2/19/2008 4:48:01 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(9) Alicia knew that smell. This was the witch that boiled young children! She was her mother?! How did this happen?! This trip to Narnia wasn't a good one...nor was it good for her mother in the past. (lollol, Age 13 to 18, 2/19/2008 4:53:28 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

(10) "Hey Stacey, umm, I think I just dropped a penny into the boiling pot..." said Alicia, nervously. "Really?! Well, let's check it out!" exclaimed her mother, not detecting the nervousness. And as she bent over to pick up the penny from the boiling pot, Alicia pushes her pennypinching mother into the pot, knowing that her stepmom was the best mom she'd ever have. (finito, Age 13 to 18, 2/19/2008 4:55:35 PM, TaleoftheDiary)

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