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The Garage Continued

(0) Its been about a month since me and Mr. Hudson started exploreing this place we have enough food for another month but i think we might go crazy soon."We need to find the trapdoor Mr. Hudson"Buddy said"I know" Replied Mr. Hudson (Caleb S, Age 8 to 12, 02.06.2019 01:55:59, TheGarageContinued)

(1) WASHINGTON Air Force officers entrusted with the launch keys to long-range nuclear missiles have been caught twice this year leaving open a blast door intended to help prevent an intruder from entering, Air Force officials said. (FZ8bN, Age 1 to 4, 6/30/2018 12:36:30 AM, TheGarageContinued)

(2) Do you know each other? Greene, 39, had arrived in late June to hike and climb with friends. But when his Subaru blew a head gasket, they went on with their trip while he stayed behind at a campground in Mammoth Lakes, about 260 miles east of San Francisco, to wait for repairs. The last time anybody heard from him was July 16, when he chatted with his parents back in Pennsylvania, called the repair shop and traded text messages with a friend. (nF58ZZ, Age 13 to 18, 6/30/2018 4:28:26 AM, TheGarageContinued)

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