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What if the Dinosaurs....

(0) What if the Dinosaurs still ruled our land on America? where would we find them? Would they be big or small? and would there be people living? Wake up Tarah! wake up! said Tarah's grandfather. What is it? said Tarah. A discoveor has found our land! said The grand father. Tarah and the grandfather whernet the only people living but only 10,000 people live their. This place was lockated West of America called Monerocco. Tarah quickly put on her jacket and shoes and whent out of her house. Tarah quickly when out of the car. Has Keeliee [Ke -short e and lee. lee short e] been hurt? said Tarah. Shes beeen hurt! said Olieo. I have seen this place and going back to Ameruca! said the discover person. No you can't! said Tarah.Don't hurt any of these dino saurs! said Tarah pettinge her dinosaur called...well..Long neck. (M/H er!, Age 13 to 18, 3/8/2003 7:56:57 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(1) k first of all dinosaurs where all over the world and dinosaurs are only found in certain areas like judith river across montana and some on canada and hell creek there not just in america geez (dino dude, Age 8 to 12, 8/11/2003 8:28:10 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(2) Then the Grandfather got a gun and shot the dinosaurs.... (Longneck, Age 8 to 12, 10/9/2003 8:42:47 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(3) The dinosaurs died. Then they melted into the ground along with a very small rock. (Chloe, Age 13 to 18, 11/11/2003 5:56:26 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(4) The melted dino's then came back to keel people. And now they are zombie dino's. (1337 /\/\4|\|, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 9:19:22 AM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(5) Then, the dino's zombie came alive one night in a very very dark place in AMERICA.They have two red sparkling eyes with a pair of long black teeth which can tear people into half. (Tan Qing, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:21:44 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)

(6) One day a dino dude was walking through a dense part of AMERUCA and saw a scary looking beast. The beast looked like a dragon/lion/bear/snake/donkey,kitty/your mom/your moms corn (on her big toe). He walked up to it and licked it's corns because his moms tasted like a pastry (with cream filling). The beast said to dino dude "Hey what are you doing?" Dino Dude was very much in love and asked "How about dinner and a movie?" The beast said "Yo man...I am a beast it would never work." The dino dude was very sad and started to cry hysterically. The beast took his corny finger and wiped the tears away. "Don't cry little dino dude you will find that special someone who will love you for one night, then in the morning they will run away in horror of your uni-brow/ toe fungi in the middle of you face." Dino Dude got REAL excited then looked down in embarassment..."excuse me I have to go change my pants" said Dino Dude. (Callimaka, Age 1 to 4, 1/24/2004 10:01:51 PM, What_if_the_Dinosaurs)