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It was the middle of the week when I came home from school, I dropped my bag and keys in my bedroom and headed sraight for the computer.there his name was... (Internet girlfriend, Age 13 to 18, 3/21/2006 5:23:47 PM)

InternetBoy@work. I love his username...Don't you? Oh, and he has a great webpage... He gives advice on computers, writing, horses, animals, poetry... omg he is amazing.... Making up user names is so easy!! when ever i talk to him i get a weird feeling and i dont care about anything else but him. Meeting him in a few weeks is gunna (going to) be AMAZING. He's good at it ALL!!! (Ivy, Age 8 to 12, 03.04.2011 19:46:04)

i was going to meet him in 2 weeks in person..i cant wait!! he said he was 14..1 year older then me..but we were somewhat alike, && i couldent wait to see his beautiful blonde hair that he said he had, && the most wonderful blue eyes! he sounded so nice && generouis. Both of us like to shop at Hollister, ride horses, and hes good at everything!!!!!! im meeting him at Great lakes Crossing ((mall)), then were ganna go to the movies. its ganna be soOoOoOoOo much fun!.... "Heather, get up for school!!" yelled my mom from downstairs..oh my gosh , i fell asleep while i was on the internet. my head was layed on the i sat up there was my favprite cd on the ground! i screamed as i ran into my little brother matt's room. "what the heck did you do to my cd?!!?!!" I screamed at the top of my loungs. he just ignored me as he looked in his closet for somthinf to wear. he just turned 11 && as a big attitude! atleast im nicer to him then he is to me....FEW MINUTES LATER...i walked back in my room && turned the shower && my radio on. i sang along to one of my favorite songs 'move along' from the all american rejects. i undressed && got in the shower. i washed my hair && body && sheved my legs then got out of the shower. As i went to school i put my hot pink laptop in my backpack. (my_gorgeous_Heather, Age 8 to 12, 17.10.2013 16:09:11)

when i walked into my classroom, i picked a desl in the back && turned on my laptop..i sighed onto my instant messanger even though it was forbiden in class. there he was internetboy@work, he was online too, in his classroom, at his we the same. i sent him a instant message as i sat back in my chair: HollisterCo: hey, u on it in class too Internetboy@work: yea, so whats up? HollisterCo: notta lotta ((not alot)) Internetboy@work: cant wait till i c u HollisterCo: neither can i Internetboy@work: mabey we should plan it just 1 week earlyer.. HollisterCo: was hopeing u said that, 1 week earlyer..awsome! "Heather," the teacher yelled "Here!!" I yelled back. i was so used to the teacher callin my name while i was on the internet && he/she didnet know it. i turned my volume down as she started talking. HollisterCo: the teacher startin class there? Internetboy@work: Yea, there? HollisterCo: yep As we talked on && on && on class ended and i hadent noticed till 30 minutes later..neither did he. Internetboy@work: omg, it past 30 minutes sence class past! HollisterCo: omg, me too!!! HollisterCo: better go, talk to u later Internetboy@work: cant wait.. I shut my laptop && walked to my locker. (my_gorgeous_Heather, Age 8 to 12, 17.10.2013 16:09:28)

ahh well, even though i got a detention for being late, it was worth it, just to talk to him for that extra bit longer. Ive never felt like this before, is it love? This strange sensation comes over me when i see his name, i cant even begin to describe it!! Its magic! Or... maybe... this is just... me... over reacting... as usual... and it's just one big hox (ME, Parent, 17.10.2013 16:10:42)

The day soon came when we were going to the mall. I went there early and who did I meet? It was him, early too! He was just as he had described. I instantly fell in love. He seemed to like me too. When we were watching the movie I laid my head on his shoulder. He smiled. (Valentine's daay, Age 8 to 12, 04.04.2013 14:30:53)

He held me in his arms saying "your the only girl for me, let us escape the madness in your life and flee to paridise." A passionate kiss seemed to enter my lips, making me utterly speechless. "I. . . love you was all I could uttter. Life was worth living. (someone, Age 13 to 18, 01.06.2016 14:50:33)

But wait! What was I doin!?! I bareley even kno the guy besides my mom would flip out if she knew! " Im so sorry but I gotta go," I said. Wat was I saying he so cute ughh! Umm" How about we meet at a ranch on um Saturday"! He looked puzzled then nodded. Yes a good chance to get to kno him better! (girlooigirl, Age 8 to 12, 25.02.2013 15:55:02)

well we keep it a secret for now and see how it goes if after awhile i still lie him i'll tell my parents. (ace, Age 13 to 18, 25.02.2013 16:00:54)

when I got home I wanted to tell my parents about this total HOTTIE!!!!!!!! but I was really scared of what they would really think. So i finally decided to not tell my parents about my guy. rigth now I'm heading down stairs for dinner. When I was done with dinner i went back ukp stairs to my bed room.And when ioened my labtop i had three messages from Internetboy@work.The frist one said... (mnw77, Age 13 to 18, 05.11.2014 11:48:25)

" Hi baby 'sup' what was wrong with you at the movies?" " Because I really Really like you." "so instead of meeting at the Ranch let's met at the mall at Hollster ok?" and the second one said... (mnw77, Age 8 to 12, 14.05.2013 21:58:26)