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Mikey's Adventure

Written by Carol, Kartik, Sara, Rhonda, Dustie, Jack Benibble, Dakota, Sebastian, Sandra, Maria Luisa, Caty, Lisa, Schondra, and Dani.

Illustrations by Rhonda Mahan and Evelyn Sichi

Mikey is the most popular guy among all his friends. He can dance faster than anyone around. There is one thing that no one will mention. Can you guess what it is? That's right. Mickey is a monkey and no one wants to tell him. They always have a good time with him.

At his school Mikey has lots of friends, as he likes to clown around in the playground and tell jokes. When Mikey was dancing his friend Jack was talking to his little sister Molly. "How come you don't tell Mikey that he is a monkey?" Molly said to Jack. "Because we don't want to hurt Mikey's feeling," replied Jack.

One day Mikey was dancing. When he jumped up, his tail caught to a tree! Mikey thought to himself, "Why doesn't other boys get their tails caught in trees? Because little boys don't have tails!"

The boys got Mickey down from the tree. They continued to play.

One day Mike went to visit the zoo and found out that he is a monkey. He was sad but his friends manage to cheer him up. They all went inside and had lunch; they ate bananas.

Everybody at school had known Mikey was a Monkey all along. Mikey became angry. He was very unhappy.

Mikey befriended some animals that live in the jungle. The biggest is an elephant; her name is Maggie. She has a big trunk. She usually wears a spotted bow on her head. The funniest is a mouse. He is a postman who brings letters and postcards to all his friends. He eats cheese but he likes chocolate. His name is Gerry. Mickey, Maggie, and Gerry would go to the sea traveling on Maggie's back.

Mikey wanted to go back to school, but he didn't have any books or any money. He became very sad and began to cry. So, Mikey told his friends that he would like to live in the zoo with other animals. His friends were disappointed but accepted his decision.

On Mikey's last night with her friends they had a slumber party and baked lots of cookies.

The next day, Mikey got a ride to the zoo from Maggie. Maggie and Gerry were very sad to see Mikey leave. Even big old Maggie began to cry. Mikey sadly waved good-bye to his friends. Mikey sat in his cage and thought about all the things they used to do, and all the fun they had. Maggie and Gerry said they would visit every day, but the zoo closes in the evening, and is only opened during the summer. What about going to the beach during holidays? Mikey and her friends always go to the beach during Christmas! Poor, poor Mikey, what is he to do now?