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Introduction - Our Mission

Storybook Online Network is a storytelling community for children. Our goal is to create, develop, and disseminate original short stories for children. We want children to read, hear, see, and create stories before them. We feature content in written, audio, animated, and video presentations.

People - Who are we?

Philip Luo, Publisher
Philip Luo is a producer/content developer with expertise working with children on the Internet. As publisher of Storybook Online, Philip created a self-sustaining web site that offers children many ways to participate in and enjoy storytelling. Philip also co-produced a web site for Breakin' it Down, a nonprofit media literacy organization, that challenges teens to think critically about music videos. Find out more, visit Philip's Portfolio Web Site.

Kalman Deutsch, Producer
With a passion for the interactive potential that multimedia technologies on the web unleash, Kalman has developed unique video content to educate, entertain and engage audiences on the web. In addition to producing streaming media stories for Storybook Online, he has developed content for TVvillage.Com. His most recent work featured on the community television website is a short documentary on a failed Internet startup, titled Behind The Startup: IceVan.Com.