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The Living Statue

It was on my birthday, May 17, that I met Crystal. No, Crystal is not a human, or a cat, or a puppy, dog or kitten. No, Crystal is not a lizard or a goldfish.Crystal is a statue. A living statue. I remember our meeting as if it were only yesterday. | by Rosie

I was visiting a museum, and I was bored at first, but then I heard a loud groan. I turned to another display to see a stone figure rising from the slab of stone it was resting on." ohhh..." a soft gasp slipped from my lips. | by C.T.

I felt as if the ground were rushing away from under my feet and the sound of the ocean crashing in my ears. Colour bled from my face and flowed river-like across the marble slabs of the museum floor. The ocean roar deafened me as the colour from my body rose up through the cracks in the stone. The stone that became a living statue. | by MA

The surrounding walls began to slip away, and it was evening, a white sandy beach stretched before me. The statue now began to dance. Silhoetted by the breeze, it slowly turned cartwheels, arms outstretched as if in supplication. | by Tambourine man

I was astounded at the grace of the statue. The dance soon ended and the statue, Crystal, came up to me. " My master, has this dance pleased you? From now on, I shall do more. Your wish is my command.Every ounce of strength I use, will be for you...only. Call when you need me..."Crystal floated away and once again I was in the museum. | by C.T.

That night I had supper with my parents. It was also D-day for report cards. "So, what did y-ou get Whit-ney?," my little brother asked. I stoped eating and slowly looked up. | by Snaka

I had gotten a D, but I wasn't about to let the kid know that. I excused myself from the table, to avoid answering and ran to my room. "Crystal?'I called weakly. I was hoping the meeting was real, and Crystal could help me change my grades."Crystal?" I cried again.This time, there was a great gust of wind and the air shimmered. Crystal started materializing before me... | by C.T.

Crystal swooped into my room."Crystal" I said shivering "Could you help me change my grade."Yes I can" Said Crystal in a high pitched voice. "But I can only help you study".Only you can change your grade. | by Anthony

"You have GOT to be kiding me?," I said. Crystal shook her head. "Nope! I'm not doing your dirty work. This is your resposibility. Sorry!" I started to prtend like I was crying. | by Acid Burn

Crystal softened and patted my back."Only this once okay? You really have to study." "Will it be okay to tell the jerk my grade was an A?" I looked at Crystal hopefully.She nodded and disappeared.A smile spread on my tearstained face. I was going to like this, I thought. Poor Crystal, she's going to have a busy future... | by C.T.

She changed my grade and reminded me that she was not helping me anymore. I was happy about my grade and next quarter I studied really hard and got another A. I thanked Crystal and she went off to help the other little boys and girls that needed help. | by Bryan

"Crystal?" I called for the second time that week. Crystal acknowledged the call, and plopped on an easy chair."I was sort of wondering if you could make me popular around school. I'm usually ignored, and that doesn't make me feel good." I frowned. Crystal looked me in the eye."Please?" I begged."Well, I did promise my help to you, but you might regret this..."Crystal nodded. I just smiled as Crystal started chanting some words. Little did I know I shouldn't of wished for that. Little did I know I could be pestered for the rest of my life... | by C.T.

Because I had become popular, people often called me for no stinkin' reason! And I couldn't get to Crystal, which means I could maybe never have a normal life again! | by Janet

So one night, I called to Crystal. She looked absolutely worn out! I begged her to rid of my followers. I guess Crystal lost her mind, because the next day, no one came to school except for me... | by Jan

It scared me to know that Crystal went through to help me out of this mess. And I swore that I would never use her kindness again. Little did I know that the time would come to rely on her yet once more..... | by Baby M

I was at my best friend's apartment when the accident occured. Mia was rummaging through the pig sty of a room trying to find a deck of cards and I was supposed to be helping though I was lingering around the windowsill. The room had a sickly odor so I took in a breath of fresh air from the open window. All of a sudden the thick, glass window screen fell on top of my head! I tried to move but all I could do was flail my arms at the openmouthed people below me... | by C.T.

My mum as got a statue that grabs you from behind so i'de wache out when you come to my house 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'. | by Craig Riley

All I could think of was to call to Crystal. Out came choked whispers which sounded like I was calling for one called Pistol. I lay sprawled under the window of a ten story apartment waving to those below. Finally Crystal came to me. To my amazement, she was wolfing down a HUGE taco not even looking at me. I was shocked but the moment my senses came back, I asked Crystal to help me from the window. She simply tugged until I was through the window and dropped me til I hit the ground with a fractured ankle and a twisted arm. It was while I was being driven to the emergency room that I realized something fishy was going on... | by C.T,

Why did Crystal hurt me like that? Hadn't she promised to help me? | by SAD

I struggled to keep back my tears as I had figured out I had somehow lost a friend. Suddenly, showers of sparks appeared as well as Crystal. I gasped. "Hey don't be surprised. I'm rock, solid rock. How'd you get into this mess anyhow?" Crystal eyed my sling. I shot her my most venomous look."You should know." | by C.T,

She looked shocked and hurt. Blustering, she flew away in rage. | by SAD

Dear Crystal, I must get this clear. Wasn't it you who yanked me out the window of my friend's apartment? If it wasn't, the impersanotr really resembled you. I apologize for any misunderstandings. Please forgive me. Your friend, Beth I ended the letter filled with hope she might forgive. Maybe the evildoer was not her. Perhaps she had a twin who loved to cause chaos and sadness among others. It didn't have to be Crystal. | by C.T.

Crystal returned after reading the letter and ripped it in half. I want no one's friendship, she had hollered. | by SAD

Stunned, I fell back and lost my balance, hurtling off the bed. Crystal smiled a wicked smile and shoved me. Then with a last cold stare, she disappeared. A minute later, she reappeared with a big batch of flowers. Irises! My favorite kind of flowers. Crystal gave me a warm look and passed me the flowers. Should I accept her gift? | by C.T.

No. I glare at her menacingly and turn my back. "I know what's wrong" she whispered. | by Tony

Softly she explained how one day, she encountered the dark fairy of the North. Without apologizing she had run off. "This is a punishment," she revealed her thoughts. I must of seemed to have said that I had forgiven her, for Crystal smiled like the sun. I had forgiven her, but what would happen next? | by C.T.

Her eyes were filled with warmth as she hugged me. I have another wish Crystal, I whispered. "I wish for you to be uncursed." I heard her tinkling laughter mixed with tears and I was angered."Don't laugh. It would be good for you and me." I watched her expression. Her eyebrows drew together and her eyes no longer filled with tears. Only, a smirk showed on her lips. "Your wish is only good for you. I enjoy being free and wicked. I will never regret what I have had fun doing. I will not grant you that wish." I was shocked. Once again, Crystal had her dark side take over. But I knew my wish was good. If Crystal couldn't help herself, I would have to help her. It isn't every day I meet a living statue. But I wasn't going to let the meeting go to waste. | by C.T.

Then I knew I wished for her to have her very own wish. | by A.J.and M.J.

The moment i knew it she wished that she could meet another living statue,and another man. | by A.J.and M.J.

And she did ! The End | by Kristen

THIS IS THE END OF MY TALE BUT ANOTHER IS COMING SOON! | by Whitney (the person telling this story)

The End