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The Magic Crystal

One day in the town of Camelot, Merlin the great wizard saw a boat in the misty river,where King Arthur had died. Merlin saw a strong and brave man standing on the boat. Suddenly Merlin realized that standing before him was... | by H.T.

King Arthur himself! Merlin rubbed his eyes in a fury, hoping he wasn't seeing things, but alas, he wasn't. The man took a step off the boat onto the bank and gave a smile, Merlin had never forgotten. It really was Arthur. Like promised, the king had returned to restore peace.  | by C.T.

He passed the world on review, frowning at simple arguments and roaring at the absurdity of wars. Arthur stopped many a war with Merlin trailing behind the good king. Nevertheless, one war was out of Arthur's control...  | by C.T.

Blood splattered all over the battle ground as Sir Bharth backed Knight Pend. up a wall. The stunned armies finally regaining their senses charged. "Now my good men," Arthur started. A knight barreled into the man without an apology. "Wars are no good. They lead to only death and destruction," Arthur continued, though in vain. Merlin could not believe that this strong man was ignored and took out an old black leatherbound booklet. As he riffled through the pages, the king was still yelling at the men in battle. A page suddenly caught Merlin's attention. It was about a war that would repeat itself forever... Perhaps it was this one, thought a helpless Merlin.  | by Ava

Merlin scanned the pages hoping to find a way to prevent the repeating war.Ahhh, there! The great wizard smiled. If a magic crystal was found, Arthur would not have to keep protesting about the battle. He searched the book again. Yet, it did not reveal where the crystal was to be found. Would he be able to stop the good king from wasting his breath? How?  | by C.T.

Merlin looked closer, finding a name of the person who supplied this information. Lord Hubble Rinestone was his name and he lived just in the next province of Manchua. Sure, it was a long way, but with a few friends, Merlin sure could find a way.  | by writer

He glanced back at Arthur who was still hollering like a maniac and frowned. He couldn't leave this man all alone to face this continuous, maybe unstoppable war. Well, it was just a little far away Merlin thought. Taking one last look at Arthur, he left for Manchua.  | by Ava

Merlin finally got to Manchua and went to Lord Hubble Rinestone.Then when he asked him for the jewel this is what he said.......................  | by Laurie

Aahhh, the crystal is what you seek, heh? Many a good man has come to me seeking the wherabouts of the crystal but so far none have returned from it's hiding place. What makes you think you will suceed where others have failed?  | by Austin

"Jewel,what jewel? The Blue Eye owl jewel? The Mystic lake jewel? The Cats Tongue jewel? The Reader of eve jewel? The Unstoppable Daughter jewel? The .........." "The Magic Crystal," Replied the annoyed Merlin. "OHohoho! AHhaAHha! yesyesyes.....THAT jewel." Merlin was beginning to question the man's sanity. "You mean the war-stopping crystal?" asked Lord Hubble Rinestone. "YES" "I'm sorry That was taken by some Peasant girl YEARS ago. Said that she was giving it to her father... I think that their roosters were having a chicken fight.Yes, that's right," Said the Lord, But could I intrest you in a Green Mystic Paws Jewel? It makes everyone smile." "What was the peasant girl's name? Where was she from?" Demanded Merlin. "Oh yes her name was......   | by Becca

Serina. She lives in Camelot",said Lord Hubble Rinestone."Okay then I will be on my way to find Serina. I really need that stone. It could be a life or death situation".When Merlin got to Camelot Merlin asked a phesent where he could find a girl named Serina."Oh she died two years after giving birth to a baby girl"."Do you know where I could find her daughter and husband"?"Yes second house down yonder there on the right". When he went down to the house this is what Merlin said." Do you have a war-stopping stone"? And this is what her husband,Elliot said.  | by Laurie

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do.," he said while handingf Merlin the stone. "Thank you." Merlin then looked in his book to see how to activate the stone. How would he do it?   | by Nikita Draco

"Oh, yes, I know what you are thinking. You do not know how to make this wonderous crystal work!" said Elliot. "Yes,you read my mind. Now please,tell me how!" "Pay me four quarters." "A dollar bill?" "No, four quarters." "Why?" "I want berries." "Whatever! Here.Tell me the way to activate the crystal." "All right.Take the ball to Gem Lake and stay there until the crystal disappears.Now be gone!" Oh no. Where was Gem Lake?   | by Caryn E. Maconi

As Merlin made his way out of the city, he stopped to ask the same peasant if he knew where Gem Lake was. The peasant gave Merlin a direction but not any real way. Merlin started at a jog and eventually made it into a run. He then stopped at a stump to rest. He heard something talk. "Hello" Merlin called. "I'm down here." Merlin looked down and saw a small frog talking to him.   | by Leilah Krohn

Merlin peered above his glasses at the curious frog. His blue robes were almost covering the entire creature. What could a small creature like this one do for him? However, Merlin remembered all his lessons in magic and he knew that frogs could be especially helpful in times of need...even if they didn't give their advice freely. He would have to make friends with this frog.  | by dee

" My dear frog, how may be of asistance to you?" Merlin smiled. " You need not help me, but I could certainly do you a favor my wizard," the frog croaked. " Really?" " I happen to know where what you are looking for is. I can lead you to Gem Lake," without another word, the frog sped out of sight leaving a panting Merlin behind.  | by C.T.

"What am I to do?"Merlin said. Merlin had lost sight of the frog ages ago and had been wandring around in the forest for hours. He turned out his pockets and found a book titled:"Whatever U Need to Know".  | by Jennie Berger

He opened it "strange,"he said to himself " I do not remember this book." He flicked through it and suddenely stopped the page had started shouting at him "Yes," said Merlin "you want to find the frog don't you,"replied the page " well yes but..." "put these sandals on they will lead you to the frog,before you leavedrop the book on the floor." Merlin put on the shoes droped the book and the shoes started to move for him he looked back and where the book had been there was a  | by Sarah Murray

small golden coracle, just large enough to carry. Merlin picked it up under one hand and walked unsteadily along in the sandals that rose beneath his feet in a jerky fast walk, Before long the path darkened and he realised he was walking straight into a   (by becky, 1/22/2002 09:24:55)

Giant Chicken!!! The chicken pecked at merlin. Then merlin used his magical powers to make a...  (by J.K. Rolling, 1/29/2002 11:35:10)

relly big BOOM and then a thing she dident know what it was but gast then a flouting teddy comes and said you are in big truble and then the wolf came and  (by Allison fougere, 2/15/2002 16:23:28)

chewed the teddys as merlin watchs him rips them the up one by one then with anger uses the elements Water,Fire,Air,Earth to vanish him to the unmortol world then merlin starts to cry for the teddys lives as his  (by matthew walsh, 3/4/2002 13:30:26)

And then he stopped and heard someone say."You should not listen to the frog or that book.If u wont to know how to activate the crystle.U must give it Morgaine La Fay." "Authors sister?" Merlin asked, "Yes the Lady of the Lake can help u.But u must hurry before sunset." And then the voice was gone and Merlin realized he had been talking to Dardri,Lady of the Forest!!  (by Bridgid, 3/24/2002 08:03:55)

Merlin was shocked and looked from were this spirits voice came from. Merlin turns around and see's two tree's and a parrot on the first tree hows name was mono messanger of the two trees.  (by Icedragon, 3/27/2002 19:20:52)

The second tree's name was Pardri. Father of the forest who can talk to mono. Pardri say's "what do you want young man". Merlin say's "Im look-". But was cut off by Dardri who say's "Gem Lake I see". Merlin say's "Yes can you lead me to this lake". Dardri say's "Shore young man". Then Dardri starts talking to Pardri to tell Mono to take Merlin there. Pardri starts thinking "This kid comes in to my forest and asks me for favors well see about that". Pardri then tells Mono to take Merlin to Dark Cave.

Pardri say's Mono will take you to the Dar- I mean the Gem Lake.". Then Pardri calles Merlin over so Dardri wont know what he's saying. And say's "Gem Lake is in the cave Mono is going to". Dardri starts looking at Pardri knowing that Pardri is such a trouble maker and knows that somthing was wright. Mono start's flying North West and Merlin has a funny feeling about this because the Frog he met earlyer was going North east. But Merlin dident have much of a choice because he lost the Frog.

10 minutes pass and Merlin is getting hungry and try's to tell Mono to wait up but Mono is scared after seeing the Dark Cave and fly's back to Pardri. Merlin dident know that Mono was scared and started looking for some food. He then finds a Boor and usies a Earth spell so the vine from a Tree can hold the Boor. But the Boor escaped and went alittlep East. Wile Merlin catchies. When Merlin wasent looking at the Dark Cave three of the boors babies were near the cave. And then a big dark figure draged the baby boors in to the cave an ate then. But the dark figure was still hungry.   (by Icedragon, 3/27/2002 19:56:37)

I'ts dadri not pardri,ICEDRAGON.nice name by the way.I's very becoming.  (by Morgaine, 3/27/2002 20:08:32)

Merlin finishs eating the boor and starts heading to the Dark cave. Merlin walks into the cave and feels cold and the floor is alittle mudy. Merlin hears somthing up ahead and go's in ignoring the sound. later on the more Merlin walks in deeper into the cave the more colder it is. then Merlin has enough and uses a fire spell to see whats going on and to warm up alittle. After useing the spell Merlin see's a big dragon figure up ahead and is shocked of the figure and fire go's on the floor and the mudy floor is on fire. The dragon figure can know be seen and its dark with neon green glowing eyes with long wings thats alittle riped with a dead dragon next to it.  (by Icedragon, 3/27/2002 20:10:52)

then suddenly merlins fire in the mud spreaded and caught the dragons tail on fire suddenly the huge dragon exploded and guts flew everywhere. then as merlin wiped the blood off his eyes he notices a small tiny ring ,golden with a teal colored gem inside.......  (by matt, 4/5/2002 11:32:20)

then merlin put on the ring and found a large crystal then all te wars stopped   (by bart, 4/6/2002 09:14:35)

Suddenly Merlin began to spin then finally fell on a hard marble floor. Merlin stared up at the cloudy sky. His mission had come to an end.  (by H.T, 4/21/2002 17:11:34, )