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The Answers Are...

1. How did little red riding hood get her name?

A. She had red hair
B. She liked to wear a red cape
C. Her favorite color was red
D. She was named after her grandmother

2. The story wants to teach children...

A. Not to stray from the path
B. To listen to their mothers
C. Not to trust strangers
D. All of the above

3. Red Riding Hood knew the wolf in disguised was not her grandmother because...

A. The wolf had big eyes, big ears, and big teeth
B. Grandma would never wear a hat in bed.
C. She saw furry skin under the wolf's dress
D. The wolf did not offer Red a soft drink

4. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm...

A. Were woodsmen who killed the wolf
B. Wrote the story Little Red Cap
C. Jacob was Red Riding Hood's father
D. Were policemen who arrested the wolf




Host: kyle hicks macdonald
Narrator: fred j dobbs
Illustrations: ps luo
Original story: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm