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Lilil's Story

(0) This li'l notebook mae not B as fancee as Master's pretty li'l leather notebook, but it'll serve as a jernal. My spelling's not so gud, but I can reed and rite better than Master's li'l son himself can. At's where I learned to reed from, so I shud B gratful. I fan the li'l boy and Mistress ev'ry day at lessons tim. I'm secritly listenin' vary vary hard, so I learn those lessuns gud, but I pertend them lessuns is SO borin'. That wae the' wont suspe't me of reedin' and ritin'. G'bye, li'l jernal. The mistress is a'callin' for som'in' or other. (Coca-cola, Age 8 to 12, 06.06.2019 11:44:34, 201966114434)

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