little red red ridding hood (History_Fairy_Tales, Paragraphs: 0) well'then 'BOOM!'.......(20.09.2023 23:57:56)

the magical mystery (History_Fairy_Tales, Paragraphs: 0) in 1653 londen 53 street a therter named "the royle stage" lay,it was a dusty therter,not the rich type of course. a group of actors known as "the magical mystery' was performing...(11/13/2006 10:04:00 PM)

A Fantasy Tale (History_Fairy_Tales, Paragraphs: 0) Doctor Skull dropped poison into Mary's drink and when she drunk it her soul was taken away and now put into a poor young girl's body...(2/16/2007 11:35:06 AM)

Lilil's Story (History_Fairy_Tales, Paragraphs: 0) This li'l notebook mae not B as fancee as Master's pretty li'l leather notebook, but it'll serve as a jernal. My spelling's not so gud, but I can reed and rite better than Master's li'l son himself can. At's where I learned to reed from, so I shud B ...(06.06.2019 11:44:34)

the fairy tale fairy (History_Fairy_Tales, Paragraphs: 0) once upon time there three fair fairy that were lost in wood but they found there way that were dark cave that could see but note some was in cave that found person to resue you three fair fairytale found there way home fairland. (22.06.2020 04:30:05)

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