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A Journey to Water

(0) As he stood atop a barren cliffside, watching the river plunge into the woods and wind through the thickets of trees, appearing briefly in open spaces as it curved like a winding snake, he knew he faced a tough decision. But Carrima had been journeying for quite a time in solitude and had to choices: to return to his village, or quest for the Water of Peace to make all bloodshed cease. The land of Lelothian had seen many a war in its long history, but an evil had swept upon his village. Demons of old had left their slumber and cursed his people. The fighting needed to cease, and everything depended upon Carrima. At length, he decided to descent the winding path as it left the cliffside and traveled along the river southward into the Outer Lands, where he knew the sacred water dwelt. It all depended on his survival. He took a step and began his perilous and enchanting travels. (Rob, Age 13 to 18, 2/20/2009 10:43:19 PM, AJourneytoWater)

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