the magic skateboard (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 8) One dark day a pro skater was training when suddenly he was struck by lightning...(10/8/2008 7:13:46 PM)

For the Village (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 7) “Oh, I’m so tired,” Rose, a tiny pixie, moaned as they were sexing on a mossy rock on the bank of a trickling brook. Rose was dressed in a long, flowing olive green and tan colored skirt made out of a sheer, thin material. Her top was a deep pink co...(06.05.2024 18:36:04)

The three little pigs and the terminator (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 5) there was a woof who liked the pigs in his tummy first house there was a house were there was a tea party the pigs brang the terminator over in the meen time the wolf tried to blow the pigs house down...(2/25/2009 6:23:23 PM)

ralph cont. (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 4) as Sandy wass walking along she randomaly picked up all the body parts and took them home and put them on her hope chest....(11/13/2008 5:59:50 PM)

alvin and the chipmunks turn evil (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 4) one day a litte chipmunk was born on the 1/20/08. And his name was alvin and he had to younger brothers named simon and theodor. but they could do anything in the world. Alvin and the chipmunks used their powers for evil.(30.07.2020 17:15:21)

The City Of Ascalon (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 3) Once many many years ago there was a city of Ascalon. Humans lived in peace there behind the great northern wall...(2/3/2009 6:22:41 PM)

Mentor of Magic, Mentor of Murder (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 1) "Mother and father, queen and king Farewell to you, farewell I sing, Farewell to William,sweet and true, Farewell, dear sister Meg, to you. But woe to my fair sister Anne, Who killed me for to take my man.(7/16/2004 2:32:53 PM)

A Journey to Water (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) As he stood atop a barren cliffside, watching the river plunge into the woods and wind through the thickets of trees, appearing briefly in open spaces as it curved like a winding snake, he knew he faced a tough decision...(2/20/2009 10:43:19 PM)

The Angle Of Magic (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) Once upon a time, there was a faraway magical land called Antalasia. This kingdom was ruled by a kind King and queen. Their names were Henry and Victoria. One Christmas night, Victoria gave birth to a beautiful girl. Since the girl was born on a holy...(01.07.2020 07:33:06)

Harry lost in love (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) It was one new evening and it was February. Valentines day was coming up and the valentines day ball.(2/25/2006 1:22:25 PM)

Moody The Human Mood Ring! (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) I know moody not a very nice name for a child but moody had a special power she was a human mood ring evry time she changed moods her skin changed colour and this is where our story begins...(8/13/2005 12:46:57 PM)

Summer the Holiday Fairy (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) "Have you finished packing yet,Rachel?"Mrs Walker calling up the stairs."Kirsty and her parents will be her soon." "Almst finished!"Rachel Walker shouted back.It was the start of the summer holidays...(10/15/2006 1:12:15 PM)

Three Dukes (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) As the moon crept away from the clouds, a lugubrious howl filled the sound of the night in the dead wood forest. A shadowy figure, Crept away from the damp foliage and the muddy pond. Each step it took was with caution, looking around to see if someo...(02.06.2019 02:19:36)

The Leprehaun's Magic Ring (Magic_Fantasy, Paragraphs: 0) The Leprechaun's Magic Ring The beauty captivates you over and over again seeping down into the core of your being. The tortuous country roads, the rugged sea cliffs, the stark mountains are more than one can absorb in one day. The...(23.10.2021 03:50:05)

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