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Abby And The Night Sky Of Stars

(0) Once on a cold summer day, a young girl was looking around the night sky,looking for one star in particular. "I found the little dipper, but where's the big dipper? "Abby asked. There was a knock on the door. "Abby please go to sleep. It's 3 in the morning. "Her mother said as she approached the door and opened it. Abby gasped and ran to her bed. She went into bed right before her mother came in the cold drifted room. "Abby-,ahh she's a sleep. "Nancy (Abby's mother) said as she looked in to Abby's closed eyes. "Better keep the window closed, it's getting cold. "Nancy said as she jogged to the window and closed it. "Night Abby."Nancy said.She went out the door. Abby got out of bed and opened the window to see the stars. "Now were are the twins as well?"Abby asked. She looked around the sky untill she saw one that was heading right at her house. Abby screamed and paused there. It was getting really close to the telephone pole unill... (Alexa , Age 13 to 18, 1/1/2003 5:37:17 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(1) It hit her house.Her house was flooded with fire.Abby opened her bed room door and ran to her mother.The police and fire trucks came but they didn't know what started it.'It was the astroid!'Abby siad.'Impossible,not that thing.Besides they don't hit us anymore.'The police said.Abby sunck her head into her mom's shoulder.'It might be some people out to get you.'Ranger Roger said.'I'm afraid you have to live somewere else and have a diffrent name and stuff.'he continued.So this was how the stars affect to Abby.Later that night they were sent to the Witness protection program.There they saw a tall black man whith a top hat. (Abby!, Age 13 to 18, 2/8/2003 12:30:56 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(2) Im taking you to California but if it dosen't work then Connecticut,Alabama,Florida,South Dakota,New York,Alabama,Massachusetts and then Hawaii.And if all of you guys don't fit in all of the states then ill send you to another country! the man said. Its fine with me, now how much do i owe you? said the mother taking out her wallet.No cash yet mam Im starting you off on California" said the man. [1 month later] NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! said the man. Im sending you to a country in Europe! somewere safe,somewere fun,somewere diffrent somewere....... said the man. OH OH i know is it England?? said Abby. Why yes Abigail right you are! Now did you get all youre stuff packed?? said the man. Yep! said Mom. good then Ill get uyou to catch a plain early tomorrow at 5 in the morning k? said the man.Its fine with me.said Mom and Abby. Chop Chop lights off!Goodbye! said the man cheerfully. abby and mom went to the door.Oh and Abby i think youll like London,England! said the man. alright~ said Abby.Mom and Abby went out the door. oh and so ya know Alexa i made it PG-13 (Comicknelllia, Age 13 to 18, 2/28/2003 5:45:55 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(3) [2 hours later] [Abby sitting at the table] [Mom comes with a bowl of clam soup.] here you go Abbs.said Mom. [putting the bowl on the table] Mom since were at my cousins house then what dont you think's going to be in London? said abby. well I dunno but Ive been their except not been to Londn been outside of it.said the mom.[Abby's cousin apperes] Hey Abby! said Abbys cousin. Oh uh.. hey Ragina. said Abby. (Icky vicky I'm soo icky!, Age 13 to 18, 2/28/2003 6:00:25 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(4) Vicky,sombody...please make some since.It's made my head hurt. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 3/1/2003 9:39:12 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(5) Next morning, abby boarded the airplane. She was the only one who read the sign that said:FLOTATION DEVICE UNDER SEAT! 2 hours later,the plane was flying peacfully, when BAM! The left wing exploded! Abby was thrown out of the window, crashing though the glass. By nearly cutting off her hand, she managed to grabb the floating device. Then she fell. The last thing she remembered was the constellations, looking just like they did when her house burned down... (heehee,troublemaker, Age 8 to 12, 3/10/2003 12:11:52 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(6) no no no! ***egnore that last paragraph** Hey Abicail! said Regina cheerfully. wheres Olia youre sister? {oh le short e ah long [a]i think] Shes disecting a bee with her animal kit. said Regina. Eeew! said Abby. well girls its almost time for bed and hurry up Abs! said aunt Riveia with a smile on ehr face. wheres uncle Jeffrey? said Abby. he will be down here in a minute and Regina why don't you go upstairs and whas up for bed and go to bed egh? said aunt Rievia patting Regina's back. Okay.said Regina. Regina ran up the stairs and she was out of site. ($$$HANNAH!$$$, Age 8 to 12, 3/11/2003 4:42:33 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(7) WhAt? that does not help (Morgain & Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 3/24/2003 6:45:45 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(8) It does to me I made this story. (Alex, Age 13 to 18, 4/6/2003 10:32:59 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(9) thank you ($$$HANNAH!$$$, Age 13 to 18, 4/20/2003 5:27:34 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(10) Your Welcome (Edward, Age 8 to 12, 5/2/2003 11:17:35 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(11) It hit it, and a spark hit the house and cought on fire. The electricy went out abby jumped back in bed, her mom came running because she thought she hard a scream for her room, abby was still laying in bed with tears a fright running down her face. abbys mom came and tuck her out of the house because she smelled smoke and seen fire. Thay were safe out side of the house. Thay was siting there crying on the front lown. (jenny, Age 8 to 12, 5/2/2003 11:19:56 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(12) When wake up it was night when looked up it sky she saw a two sets of star and she thought that there where the twin star ." (daja, Age 8 to 12, 5/2/2003 11:22:37 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(13) The lil gril had lied and said that she don't were the lilboy was at the plice trickher and she told were the lil boy was at (James Gaines, Age 13 to 18, 5/2/2003 11:22:38 AM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)

(14) (back up to the spot where she's on the lawn.) "What-was-that-mommy?" asked Abby between sobs. "I don't know hon, I don't know" her mother replied in a soothing voice. (ihpos*-, Age 8 to 12, 6/3/2003 4:19:03 PM, Abby_And_The_Night_Sky)