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Harry Potter and the End of Evil

(0) Harry Potter lay awake in Number 4 Private Drive listening to his Uncle's and Dudley's snores thinking about last year.The greatest headmaster at Hogwarts had died and his painting had been added to the others.Harry wonderd if he would ever go to Hogwarts again for his 7th year.His friends birthday cards lay at the end of his bed.The onne from his bushy haired Hermione Granger read:Dear Harry, Happy Birthday!I really hope you rethink about not going to Hogwarts for your 7th year.You will need more knoledge before you beat Lord Voldemort.I really hope you rethink .Happy Birthday again!Love,Hermione.The one from read about the same thing but he din't think that he was going back to Hogwarts. (MalloryMe14, Age 8 to 12, 12/31/2005 1:47:30 PM, EndofEvil)

(1) harry was sitting there thinking about going back to hogwarts when he heard a CRASH! at the bottom of the stairs.It was Dudley. he had tripped over his own skateboard not that he used it."My duddy kins!"screamed aunt petunia with her uauall fawning all over him like hes the handsomesed boy in the world."GET OFF."yelled Dudley. he hated it when his mom did that to him he used to love it. Harry went baqck down into his bedroom and started a letter to hermione,Dear hermione, i have no idea if ill go back and ur right i do need to learn somemore but i cant picture hogwarts without dumbledore u know whaut i mean anyway.bye. Love Harry. it was all he could think about writing and he was tired so he went to bed. *duddly doesnt use a skateboard.* (Hana, Age 13 to 18, 4/25/2008 5:39:47 AM, EndofEvil)

(2) the next morning he woke to a surprise. his aunt petunia was being nice to him. everybody was shocked. then all harry's questions were answered. he and his aunt petunia were in the living room when for the first time in his memory she was talking about his mother and their childhood. suddenly she started crying saying how much she missed her. then she revealed something important that could help him kill lord voldermort. she bought out a huge evil looking cheese toastie. she said that the cheese toastie had unbeatable powers that could kill any evil being. EVEN LORD VOLDEMORT. harry took the buscuit in both hands and looked at its texture, it wasnt just any buscuit, this was a marks and spencers special value buscuit. harry couldnt control his hunger, he bit into the delicious buscit and savoured every moment. his aunt stared in amazement. her pale lips stuttered 'what have you done harry? the world as we know it is coming to an end.' (milly, Age 13 to 18, 4/25/2008 5:48:13 AM, EndofEvil)

(3) Harry you know how to kill vol-vol-voldemort right?? said his aunt petunia.Well i thought i would just learn enough to get all of his horcruxes and then i could kill him once and for all.said harry.No that won't work you have to learn the dark arts in oreder to kill him so that you know all the spells that hes going to use on you.said aunt petunia.And theres one more thing that i never told anyone.started petunia and here it goes i was jealous of my sister and i cant belive shes gone i want voldemort killed and if i have to help you i will and the big secret is that once dumbledore droppped you of onto the door step that night i was taking private lessons from him and now im a witch.she ended excitedly.WHAT!!!!! yelled uncle vernon.Well if you are a witch wy were always mean to me well i didn't want you to know until i was done learning all of it and if you don't like it vernon them youll have to deal with it and dudley no more of that many sweets im going to treat you and harry the same and dudley will be starting hogwarts next year no matter how old you are you need to be introduced to a better world and you will be nice and if hes not harry you just tell me because im part caretaker of hogwarts now so ill be there all the time thats our new home!!!!!!said aunt petunia or should we call her caretaker petunia??!! joking WHAT!! im not living in that pestinial school!!!said uncle vernon.Well if you love me you will and if dont youll never see dudley again.said petunia. OK fine ill go there with you by the way youve gained wait? havent you because it makes you look more like a person instead of anerexic. Well lets go. then they packed there bags and were at hogwarts in about a half and hour. (Kelly, Age 13 to 18, 3/21/2006 10:00:44 AM, EndofEvil)

(4) "Harry i'm so pleased to see you Petunia said that you should be coming today and now here you are. And how do you fell about living here it's actually going to be pretty fun so lets go find you a bedroom and let's get you Dudley a house to in."said Dumbledore when they walked in the huge oak front doors."Hello Dumbledore and I would like to get Dudley trained as much as you can before the start of the term please and that's in a month."said Aunt Petunia anxiosly. "That will do Severus,Minerva,Flitwick,Helga and Irus(the new defense against the dark arts teacher)why don't you guys go and teach Dudley the rules then you can plan his lessons and he will have lessons the rest of the summer for this month he needs to get pretty caught up so he needs to start lessons today and the only reason hes starting today is because it's still early in the day and there is something he can learn today,"said Dumbledore."and as for you Harry at night you can take him around the castle and try to get him used to the idea of being a wizard.Also you can hace Miss.Granger and Mr.Weasley come and join you and undoubtfully hermione woould probably help Dudley if he did not get something."finished Dumbledore. (Kelly, Age 13 to 18, 3/25/2006 1:03:51 PM, EndofEvil)

(5) "Yeah,I'll send them owls this afternoon.Professor where is my bedroom going to be?Also where am I going to stay during term,in my dormatory like everyone else?"asked Harry."Well Harry,"said Dumbledore."During the term you and Dudley depending what house he will be in you will both be in your dormatories during the term but you can visit your bedrooms if you need something and students are not to be permited in your bedrooms without your permission and they will have charms on them so that no one can go in your bedrooms unless you invite them and the bedroom will know if they are allowed or not.Also your second question where your bedrooms will be is on the 6th floor and it is the one that has the rather big door for a bedroom of course you know of the one I am talking of course.""Yes I do and i was wondering of instead of carrying all my stuff up there that if I may just magically put my stuff up there now and set it all up later."said Harry."Yes you may,"said Dumbledore."and Petunia Vernon your bedroom is on the 2nd floor at the end of the hallway Petunia you know where it is."said Dumbledore."Dumbledore which house is Dudley in?"asked Petunia."Well come this way and I will show you he should be getting sorted right now."said Dumbledore."HUFFLEPUFF!!!"yelled the hat when they walked into the great hall. (Kelly, Age 13 to 18, 3/25/2006 2:27:27 PM, EndofEvil)

(6) Dear, hermoine I am rethinking about going to hogwarts. but if i do go you have to kiss me. (J, Age 8 to 12, 3/30/2006 10:11:16 AM, EndofEvil)

(7) ********At hermione's house******* Hermione looked at the most recent letter harry sent her so he liked her that way. She fellet on top of the world. She had to and was goin gto kiss Harry Potter her best friend somthing she had been dreaming of for ages. she pulled out a quill and wrote back her reaply. Dear Harry THATS GREAT!!!! I mean the going to hogwarts part and the kissing part. I have something very important to tell you at the start of school. Love hermione *******Hogwarts******************* Harry smiled at Hermione's reply. He thought she would would object because of their friend ship though it seems she likes him the same way he likes her. He thoguht i wonder what she needs to tell me? (Hermione Potter, Age 8 to 12, 4/1/2006 11:32:31 AM, EndofEvil)

(8) right then, harry realized that he wasn't ready to have a relationship w/ hermioone. come to think of it, harry liked the idea of kissing ginny. so, regretfully(not wanting to hurt hermione's feelings) he wrote back to hermione saying that he only wanted to be friends w/ her, but she can still come to hogwarts PS> ron likes u!PSS>> please tell me what u need to tell me!!!! afterwards, he wrote to ginny saying the same exact thing he told hermione. he also wrote to ron inviting him to hogwarts. !*!*!*!*!*weasleys house!*!*!*!*! ginny found the letter. she could not believe it!!!! after so many years, she almost gave up on harry. hoping that this was not a hoax, she wrote back to harry saying, OFCOURSE!!! ron was also coming with ginny to hogwarts. when they got to hogwarts, harry's heart skipped a couple of beats. ginny was here!!!! he will have some catching up to do with ginny. (candy candy canDy!!!!, Parent, 4/14/2006 12:41:58 PM, EndofEvil)

(9) "Hi ron, hi ginny. how are ya'll' We're good how about you/ i'm good. yo ginny I need to tell you some thing. you know about the letter... i cant do this with you. I'm sorry. with that he left.Ginny felt devasteaded. Then he went to hermonie and said well what do you think of Hogwarts at summer? Pretty cool. and they got closer and closer an closer and closer and then their lips locked! HARRY! yelled ron Where areyou I need to show you something really cool. Oh yeah if Hermonie is there she can come too.!!!!!!!! so they went off to the great hall. Wow!! LLook at all that food! I meamn there has always been aklot of food but never this much! So I Geuss you found the great great great great great great great feast said DDumbledore. Yeah!well you guys can go into the quiddich field and practice. Harry you konw where th balls are. (Alana, Age 8 to 12, 4/29/2006 8:52:00 AM, EndofEvil)

(10) So then Harry went to go practice quidditch and hermione watched. After practice Hermione said of Harry u r so good at Quittitch how did u learn all those moves? (*Super_star*, Age 8 to 12, 6/13/2007 2:01:34 PM, EndofEvil)

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