Shadow (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) Harry had felt all anger and sadness in his 6th year. He had felt like there was no hope in anything. He barely even talkes to Ron or Ginny. Fred, George, no longer to ssometimes cheer him up.... Neville transfered to a new school...... Draco has ...(10/20/2004 8:34:32 PM)

Harry/Hermoine/Ron (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) After all there fighting and childish flirting the time had finally come. Ron was going to tell Hermoine that he loved her. She had blossomed into a even more beautiful girl then she was prior. It was there last year and his last chance. (10/3/2005 10:28:57 PM)

Desperate (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) Lily Evans sat on the corner of her bed reading the letter that would change her life. "Mom!" she screamed, though her mother was in the room, "This says... (6/30/2005 11:51:33 PM)

the cross of love (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) harry and hermoine loved each other pastointly but neither of them thought that they love each other they bot thought of a way to make thenm tell each other herminone made a love potoin and harry made a haert of fruit...(9/5/2005 2:27:34 PM)

Harry potter and the love of his life (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) They were walking though the hallway. Hermione Had gone red. She grabbed harry's arm That hurt hermione she kissed him and was off...(1/21/2006 5:48:15 PM)

harry's secret ambition (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) It was 6 in morning when he went into snapes class room he went in a hermoine stood over snapes body a said i am going to have to do some thing to make you not have to tell.(9/1/2005 7:56:37 AM)

How is this happening?!? (Harry_Potter, Paragraphs: 0) It was a sunny day on Hogwarts grounds, and Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking up the stairs to Hogwarts castle. "Come on, I really need to go to the bathroom!" Hermione explained. So, when they got up to the girls bathroom they let ...(08.07.2019 22:45:42)

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