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The French Disaster

(0) Last Monday night in Lyon, France, a group of the A.L.F. (Animaux Liberation Front) broke into a bio tech research lab called: Genie One. They smashed the equipment and cages, freed the animals and set off an explosive charge so that the building could never be used again for animal research. The dust cloud from the explosion began to drift slowly with the wind. Genie One had two main projects near completion:

1. The Artificial DNA Search System, this was totally synthetic DNA modeled from a computer who's function was to evolve new and interesting compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The Whole Body Gene Insertion Virus, this was a new type of virus that was going to be used to insert replacement genes into a human's body to repair genetic diseases.

In the explosion the two "creatures" were mixed together. The next day the members of A.L.F. got very sick, soon, the people of the city of Lyon all seemed to have a terrible cold and were sneezing all over the place. In class a day later, my students and I seemed fine, but that night I ran quite a fever. The next morning I woke up to the smell of French Fries. Where I had placed my slippers the night before were two bags of fries. I said: "How very curious!" (Chris Yukna, Adult, 10/3/2002 1:12:07 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(1) But it would get stranger, still. I got several worring calls from my students asking me if there would be class next week in view of the "epidemic" . Sure enough when I turned on the TV the news was all about how sick everyone was in Lyon. So I told my "eleves" of course there's class, we are not in Lyon... (Chris, Adult, 10/6/2002 12:49:50 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(2) Hello, my name is Stomy, I study English in France and I want to tell you what happens to me after the “French Disaster”… The one that mastered sleep This morning, like many mornings, I awakened too late to be just on time for the English class... Nothing did not seem abnormal until I realized that the streets were deserted, and that there was a strange odour. That did not appear me too so strange because I was preoccupied by the idea to arrive late: the professor of English scared me. (NB : this is a fiction !) When I arrived, all the students were here, and were debating about "great powers". I sat without nothing to say, thinking that it was a new game of MR. Yukna. But they were all so motivated that I really said myself that something was wrong ! The professor, that had noticed that I did not listen, said me abruptly: "remove your shoes!". The others students laughed, then I did it. And there, in one second, MR. Yukna transformed my shoes into french fries ! Like holy Thomas, I usually believe in what I see. But here I thought I was not awaken! He explained me that an accident occured last night, and that a lot of people had undergone extraordinary genetic mutations. He tells us to find our powers quickly because we would have to stand together against all the people that soon will use their power to do evil. I did not believe it really, and wondered me why he had awakened this morning. And suddenly, he began to sleep ! I realized that it was my fault, that he slept because I wanted him to sleep! To be sure, I thought very strong to his awakening. And he awakened up ! Therefore, it was my power... But which are my limits? ... (Stomy, Young Adult, 10/7/2002 12:30:39 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(3) I am edwige and I was one of the students that got a magic power. Let me tell you what happened to me during this strange story.I woke up with a terrible headache.I felt really bad and did not remember what happened to me the day before. I really wanted to know so I decided to ask Yasssin. Indeed I got out and tried to find him in the street. Suddenly, I saw him running very fast: he was the man who ran the fastest I have ever seen. How could I stop him? I wished so much I could stop the time! And I was really astonished: everything stopped moving, nothing moved anymore except from me. I was the only human being who was able to move and to realize the incredible power I got. A new problem disturbed me: when will this stop of the time finish? I made a move with my arms and everything continued as if nothing had happened. With all these events I forgot my aim and I did not catch Yassin. I can do everything I want with the time now: I feel like I am the Queen of the World!!!! (edwige, Adult, 10/10/2002 10:33:21 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(4) Evelyne Hello, my name is Evelyne and I live and go to school in St Etienne I became aware that something was not going right during the second night that has followed the explosion in Lyon. I was in my bed and suddenly one part of me wanted chocolate and the other was too lazy to get up. And then it was amazing: while I was in my dream with Mark Walhberg at a beautiful beach of Tahiti , I was eating some chocolate in my kitchen. I thought I was dreaming but it seems so real... Evelyne Hello, my name is Evelyne and I live and go to school in St Etienne I became aware that something was not going right during the second night that has followed the explosion in Lyon. I was in my bed and suddenly one part of me wanted chocolate and the other was too lazy to get up. And then it was amazing: while I was in my dream with Mark Walhberg at a beautiful beach of Tahiti , I was eating some chocolate in my kitchen. I thought I was dreaming but it seems so real... Hello my name is Evelyne and I live and go to school in Saint Etienne. I became aware that something was not going right during the second night that has followed the explosion in Lyon. I was in my bed and suddenly one part of me wanted chocolate and the othr was too lazy to get up. And then it was amazing: while I was in my dream with Mark Walhberg at a beautiful beach of Tahiti, I was eating some chocolate in my kitchen. I thought I was dreaming but it seems so real... (2place, Young Adult, 10/12/2002 8:10:50 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(5) I woke up in the morning as if it was a day like another...But,when I happened to meet my brother, I realized that something very special had changed. First of all, although his lips had not moved, I heard him saying: -"I'm fed up with getting up every morning". So that, I answered him: -"it is the same for every students"... He stared at me and he added: -"What are you telling about?" -"I'm just telling you that it is hard for everyone getting up!" He looked at me and left the room without saying anything. Then, all the day long it was the same situation:people did not speak however I was able to heard them. First, I thought that I can heard voices as "Jeanne d' Arc" nevertheless, I realized that I can heard things that could only be thought. So that,I understood that I am able to read into other people's mind... Indeed I can exactly know what boys are thinking while speaking with a beautiful girl...I am able to know all about people, all about what they never tell to anybody.. But as you will see my new power will bring me some drawbacks... I'm not sure you should add this since most people who will read this will understand that you have a "new (Magali, Young Adult, 10/12/2002 12:05:07 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(6) Gee, this is really weird, I don't remember turning anyone's shoes into french fries in class. I have been feeling a little odd lately. It would explain why I can't find my shoes and why I keep finding french fries all over the house. I was mad at my wife and daugther. I told them that they should stop going to hamburger joints! I wonder why I don't remember that class. And I don't remember anything about a virus but it does seem logical, the incident in Lyon was at a BioResearch facility... I wonder who else is affected and how? (chris, Adult, 10/13/2002 6:04:42 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(7) Hey, did anyone read the paper today? It said that many people saw a giant lizard or alligator in the Metro in Lyon, bizarre? (chris, Adult, 10/13/2002 6:07:09 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(8) When I woke up, I strangely felt very quiet. But, when I decided to get up, I was stunned to discover that I had lost my arms and my legs. Moreover, what striked me the most was that the bed seemed huge : I was in the middle of an ocean of sheets!!!! A few minute later, I watched my reflection in the window and I realized that I was a little slug!!! I was so scared (as you can imagine), that I shouted "HELP" as loud as I was able to and, fortunately, one of my friends (Toto)heard me. He succeeded in opening the door (which yet was locked!!!) and when he saw me, he couldn't help laughing at me. " How ridiculous you are! " he said. " That's not funny!!! ", I answered, " Help me ". Then, he explained me that many people awoke this morning with strange powers. For instance, he was able to practize telekinesis (that's why he could open my door!!!). He added that I might have the power of turning into a slug! " What a luck !!!! "I answered, helpless. But he was not right (thank goodness!). Of course, I was able to become a slug but I could also turn into the animal I wanted to be !!!! That's why I decided to be a pigeon in order to observe everybody in the street without beeing spotted. During my fly, I saw a lot of different powers as teleportation or people who flew and even a strange guy who changed people shoes in french fries!!!!! Coming back home, I saw Toto talking whith a guy who didn't inspire me with confidence. In that case, I decided to join them with my pigeon form and I heard the guy saying : " Do you realize that with your power and mine, we could control the world ? " " You are crazyfull !!!!", answered Toto " That's just too bad for you ..." sniggered the guy with a strange smile. Suddenly, Toto made a strident shout and hold his head with his hands : " What are you doing to me ?!? " asked Toto, looking at him in alarm. " I am controlling your mind and soon, me, the famous doctor evil, I will control the world!!!!!" A few second later, Toto raised the head ( he looked like a zombi...) and he told to doctor evil : " What are you expecting me? " " Follow me..." answered the devil a few minute later. I could'nt believe what I had just seen but I had to do something or all the world would be lost. At the same time, I couldn't act alone and thus, I decided to form a team : The X-MINE... (cedric, Age 5 to 8, 10/13/2002 3:50:59 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(9) Hi! My name is Benjamin. I've something very strange to tell you. I can't even get over that it has happened. When I woke up yesterday morning (Wednesday), I felt very odd. My body was numb from head to toe. I had shooting pains in my muscles and my head felt fuzzy. Raising a finger was very hard. I had never felt like this before. After a while, moving has become easier. I succeeded in sitting on the edge of my bed. I waited a bit, besides I stood up with difficulty; I was sore, but I walked on a small distance even so. And then I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes. I remained speechless. I had well-developed muscles, as if I had done body-building during all the night. I touched my muscles, there were as hard as stone. And suddenly I felt very tired. This single walk had worn out myself. I no longer had force. So I went to my bed and ten minutes after I fell into a strange dream. I've dreamt I were so strong that nobody could harm me. (Benjamin, Young Adult, 10/13/2002 4:47:33 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(10) hi , my name is Nicolas... i think that you have heard about what happened in Lyon last week... In fact I did not realize the importance of the disaster until I met my friend before the english class. They were all speaking about super power they discovered in the morning. But for me, nothing happened... I went to the school without seeing anyone. And when I learned that some friend of mine could know what people think, could run as fast as they want or turn shoes into french fries, I said to myself:"why has anything changed in my life? why don't I have a superpower?"... But when I stood next to magali, I managed to know what edwige was thinking about.... and when I looket at edwige , I was able to do what I want with the time... he he he... maybe things will become better for me!!!! I don't have one superpower but every superpower, as mimic II in X men... but what I still don't know is if I can have every superpower in the same tim... or what I have to do to get another superpower?... (Nicolas, Young Adult, 10/13/2002 6:44:14 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(11) Hi, I'm Alexandra. After the desaster, I felt quite good but the day after, I woke up with a strange feeling and as I opened my eyes, I noticed that I slept 30 centimeters over my bed. What's happening???????????????? I can fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Alexandra, Young Adult, 10/14/2002 6:51:49 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(12) Hello ! I’m Benoit, and I’m going to tell you what happened to me. First, when I woke up, I thought it was a day like any other day: I had to be at school at 8.15 for mathematics. Just five minutes before leaving my room, the phone rang. I started to talk: - “Hi dad !” - “Hello Benoit!… but why were you so sure that I was calling?” - “mmmm….. maybe an intuition?…. by the way, why are you calling?” He had only called to tell me that he had received an important letter for me, but what disturbed me at the moment was that I had NO RATIONAL REASON to know who was on the phone. On the way to school, as I was near to forget this event, another one occurred: I always take the bus to go to school, but this particular day, without any reason, I had the idea it would be better to walk. I walked the 800 meters to school, and when I arrived, all the ones who had waited for the bus were not there. They came late, saying “we waited for nothing, they were on strike, no bus today !!”. It could have been another coincidence, but two were enough and I had really a problem: “Why I knew these things?” A few hours later, during the mathematics class, I suddenly turned my eyes to the window and said to my neighbour: - “Look, there will be a crash don in the street” And it happened. My friend was too serious and didn’t pay attention to what happened, but I definitely realised that I had got a secret power: I was able to see what will happen. I KNEW THE FUTURE !!!!!!!!!!! (Benoit, Young Adult, 10/14/2002 6:53:30 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(13) Ah!Ah!Ah! ... I am the CLONEMAN. I have black hairs and eyes. I'm 21 years old, I measure 1m70 for 65kg. I am just a student at Saint-Etienne, and I do love movies. Last week, with my friends, we planned to watch “Star Wars” at the “UGC”of Lyon. We was installed very well , but in the middle of the movie a strange kind of gaseous invade the room and killed all persons here except me. That was a miracle, God choose me to be a hero. This gaseous develops inside me a virus which is able to clone all my cells. And so, I can clone myself. I remember when I was in this movies room, I see on theirs chairs everyone don't move and seem deadened. I wake up, walk with difficulty along the room and be aware everybody was killed. In the front of a mirror in the toilet, I see my hairs and my eyes becoming green. I close my eyes, try to understand what a strange thing was happened to me. I think to my friends and the anger inside me excite the virus and suddenly I clone myself. Since this time, I try to control my new magic power: “cloning myself”. (ramarolahy, Young Adult, 10/14/2002 12:15:50 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(14) When I woke up next morning, I thought I had dreamt all. But when I touched my arm, I knew that all that had happened was true. I felt so strong. It was a strange feeling. I wasn’t bigger, just more muscular. I was feeling really better than the day before, my head wasn’t spinning anymore when I stood up. But contrary to the get up, the day didn’t go as smoothly. I would have never thought it could be so hard to be strong. First I wasn’t just muscular, but extremely, hugely strong. The second thing I’ve thought after my get up was “I’m thirsty”. I’ve never thought before it could be so hard to drink water…I broke three glasses before managing to take one, if that, I took it between two fingers! After I broke the tap when I tried to turn it on. I had to drink warm water…After many other problems of the same kind, I’ve decided to stay in my room until I could dominate myself. I pretend I was ill and I stayed one week alone. (Benjamin, Young Adult, 10/19/2002 9:09:50 AM, FrenchDisaster)

(15) Yassine, the Flashman I woke up ,I put on the radio and I had a shower. Then ,during my breakfast , I listened that an explosion occurred the before in Lyon. I didn’t realize what happened and I went on eating slowly. But when I saw the it was, I realized that I was late and I hurried to finish so as to go to school . Once near the bus station, I looked at the bus went away and I decided to catch it up. But when I started to run, I saw the landscape passed by behind me. I ran full at speed and I didn’t manage to control my legs and my speed. The race finished on the beach along the Mediterranean Sea . Then I realized that I had a magic power which was to run very fast. I decided to keep my secret and to train myself to control my speed. First year I joined the athletics team of university and I beat the national record of 100 meters which permitted me to qualify for Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens. Then in Athens, I beat the worldwide record of 100 meters: 6.02 seconds far ahead Maurice Greene. (Bzioui Yassine, Parent, 10/19/2002 2:10:30 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(16) Hello everybody! My name is Jerome and I have something odd to confess… I don’t know if you have heard about the explosion in Lyon, France. Let me tell you what happened to me… It was on Monday. But this Monday was special. I knew it. I could feel it. After my English class, at 6pm I decided to buy 2 tickets (one for me and the other for …) for the soccer game France/England In Lyon stadium… I was really excited and after a long wait I was told there was only one place left in the whole stadium. “Why not? After all, Girls don’t like sport: I can go alone, that shouldn’t be a problem.” I was so excited… I arrive at Lyon stadium at 8pm, one hour before the beginning, and I was so impatient… When it began, I was so happy: my favorite player was here: Zidane, but you can call him Zizou, it’s a friend of mine. The game was great… 20 minutes before the end the score was 3 to 0 for France, everybody was singing “We are the champions” but, at this moment we heard a terrible explosion and we felt like an earthquake. I was astonished. And then I see a huge rock, probably a remain of the explosion, falling down from the sky on my Zizou. I shouted: “Run Zizou, run” and then a thing I can’t explain yet happened: the grass turned into a red substance, I’d say for sure it was ketchup… How come?? Everybody was running and I wander if somebody had noticed this strange phenomenon. Fortunately, nobody in the stadium was hurt. But everybody was shocked. And I was even more… Then I tried to phone my family and my friends to see if they were OK. But I realize at this moment that I didn’t remember why I was making those phone-calls. I could only thought about that ketchup event. How was it possible? And while I was walking down the Park of Europe, a great park in Saint Etienne, the town where I live near Lyon, I was talking to myself: ” Ketchup, Ketchup, Grass …? How is it possible?? I’ve just said “run Zizou, run” and then ……” !!!! It happened again… The entire park was now just a pond of ketchup… And then I realized: I am a super-hero!! I have a mission on Earth and I will accept it. I will be there when someone needs me! Then I tried to figure how I could use my power… I tried. I tried. Guess what: I don’t know yet… Help me! (Jerome, Young Adult, 10/20/2002 6:55:22 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(17) This week was the worst one I've ever spent in my short life. I broke all the things I took. Fortunately I had a small stock of food in my room, so I hadn't to go shopping : it would have been impossible to go out with this strange power. But the worse thing happened from the first day : I broke my television when I tried to pull it on! You understand how difficult has been my challenge : to stay a week alone in my room without a television. And that's why in fact, when I went out this morning to do my course, I learned a lot of things. Everywhere everybody was talking about THE accident and about strange persons they saw in the city. And suddenly I asked myself : maybe that's why my appearance has change, because of the chemicals. And other people have also received a power. I absolutely have to find them after my course! (Benjamin, Young Adult, 11/25/2002 12:22:43 PM, FrenchDisaster)

(18) Hello everybody ! It’s Stomy. I have told you the last time that after the French Disaster happened in Lyon, some people in my English Class and I acquired strange powers. As for me, I seem to be able to make people sleep, and I don’t need to sleep anymore… I finally begin to control my power, and let me tell us how it can be joyful : Yesterday I was playing video games on my computer, and around 2:00 AM, we were a few to be still awake for playing. And one of us was annoying me, killing me all the time even before I moved. Because everybody know I hate being beaten, I decided to make this guy sleep. He suddenly began to play very bad, and I was able to kill him easily… I am not very proud of this, but there is something difficult to support in not sleeping : you can’t have dreams. It’s heavily damaging for the psychical health; I made some research in the subject and all the people who were not able to sleep (because of an accident for example…) died within a few weeks ! I worry about me… even if my “accident” is very special… I try to stay cool and determined to prevent, if I have to, attacks from bad people with great new powers. (Stomy, Young Adult, 12/14/2002 10:47:53 AM, FrenchDisaster)