I Want an Elephant (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 9) It started when I was two, I wanted an elephant - that's true! My mom gave me a cat, But I didn't like that, And I said, I want an elephant!(12.05.2020 17:12:20)

Predicted (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 7) Dustin A 14 Year Old Boy Just Moved Into Town And He Has Been Getting Predictions 20 years Later He Becomes An Author He Is About Find Out Who Sent Him Those Predictions And Why.(3/7/2006 11:53:21 AM)

Adam & his dog bear (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 6) Adam and his dog. One day Adam & his dog were playing in Adam's Backyard. And Bear jumped up And poped a muscle And he had to go to the vet...(3/2/2009 6:23:38 PM)

Since then... (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 5) flash at me , a microphone is in my hand and I feel butterflies in my stomach. "This is my chance" I say in my mind and then I hear my mom yelling at me to get her...(6/7/2004 7:10:10 PM)

Rosemount Farm (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 5) I'm a normal teenage girl. But i have to get up at 4 in the morning to muck out everyone's stables, groom, fetch in, and feed all the horses...(8/14/2005 11:48:54 AM)

What's that noise? (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 2) I couldn't move. I hid petrified under my covers. I could hear loud noise from somewhere in my room. Finally I decided to work out what it was, so....I look to see where its coming from.I hear that disgusting sound again....its coming from the closet...(16.09.2019 15:30:10)

Maggie and Cassie Rulz (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 1) it was the first day of school everyone was still tired from holidays an anmzing thing happend(2/3/2009 6:16:54 PM)

the haunted football (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 0) One day a boy was playing football. And his team's name was stanhope. And thay where the best team in the world. The teams name's were Ryan, Stephen, Layne, Kade, Danyon, Nathan, Harry, Billy, Nathan. And thay nevere lost a game.(11/11/2008 6:51:55 PM)

My room is a mess (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 0) My room is a mess. My is yelling for me to clean it up...(11/7/2006 4:58:42 PM)

the timelord (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 0) Jackie was a lonely 10 year old who never had any friends. She was always bullied at school and her parents always ignored her and were always praising her 12 year old sister millicent. One day jackie was sat in her front garden when a blue poilce bo...(02.06.2019 02:02:39)

Lost (Modern_Life, Paragraphs: 0) It was a chilly fall night. The fire was blazing in the hearth. Cole LaBrant was in bed trying to fall asleep but something was bothering him. Maybe something his 8-year-old sister said today or something. Everleigh LaBrant was asleep ...(23.03.2021 11:57:15)

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