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Harry Potter and the future Mrs.Potter

(0) "Cho asked me out again" sighed Harry, "But I thought you liked Cho?" asked Ron. "Yeah I do...but I think I like... Hermoine, Parvati Patil, Lavander Brown and maybe even...Ginny (Jasmine, Age 8 to 12, 7/12/2003 3:44:09 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(1) "Well, that's a lot of people to like." Ron said doubtfully. "And well, Ginny is dating Dean Thomas. And I really don't think that Parvati likes you much after the Yule Ball. " Ron said, ticking them off on his fingers. "But I thought that Cho is dating Micheal Corner?" "She was." Harry said dully. "But then Ravenclaw had a bit of a winning streak. Well, except for us...but anyway, she didn't really need HIS comfort anymore." Harry looked very comfused. Ron said, "I think that you need your head to be looked at. You can't like THAT many girls." (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/11/2003 10:00:28 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(2) "Well... can you do me a favour Ron?" Harry asked. Ron nodded. "Can you go and ask which of those girls likes me the most? Except for Ginny. I was just kidding about her." Ron ran off in search for every girl on Harry's list. He stopped and turned around. "Err...what were the names of the girls you liked again?" Ron asked. Harry sighed and shook his head. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/11/2003 10:33:04 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(3) Ron returned with a long peice of parchement dangling from his hands. "Alright..." he said, "...Parvati says she'll give you another chance, Lavander says yeah, Cho is single again and is saying yeah she likes you, and Hermione...well..." He stopped. "Go on!" urged Harry. " see..." "Come on Ron!" Harry yelled. "She...err..." "SPIT IT OUT!" Harry shouted shaking Ron. "She likes Malfoy..." Ron said quietly. Harry let go of him and stood still for a while. He then spoke, "Okay." Ron looked confused. "And you're okay with that?" He asked as Harry walked away. He then turned around. "Of course not! I'm going to beat the stuffing out of 'im!" Harry yelled. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/11/2003 10:49:10 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(4) "Harry harry haryy! calm down! I mean uve got all dose other girls to choose from. It doesnt have to be Hermionie/!"said Ron but Harry had already stormed out of the room. (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/11/2003 11:22:51 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(5) Ron was running after Harry. He grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "Harry! Stop acting crazy!!! Let her date Malfoy! Like I said before! You've got enough girls to choose from!" Ron said. Harry stopped. "Oh alright..." he said. "Let's just go check up on her anyways." Harry added. It wasn't long before Harry and Ron caught Hermione kissing Malfoy. As soon as they saw Harry and Ron they broke apart. "Hell-o Her-mi-o-ne..." Harry struggled to say through gritted teeth. "Hi Harry!" she said cheerfuly. "I'm gonna go now." Malfoy said and walked off. "I'm going too. Bye Her-mi-o-ne." Harry said and left Ron and Hermione alone. As he walked he was stopped when someone held out their hand and grabbed him. "ARRGGGHHH!!!" Harry screamed. It was Cho. She had a finger on his lips and whispered to him, "Be quiet." "What do you want?" he whispered back. "Why did you send Ron to ask if I liked you?" she asked. "Well...err...ya see... I kinda have a crush on all these girls and I wanted to find out who liked me the most." he replied nervously. "Oh. Alright then." she said, "I wanna get a head start..." and with that she stuck her tounge in Harry's mouth and kissed him. (>Sorry to have used part of ur story Animal< Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/11/2003 12:52:33 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(6) On the next day, Harry somehow felt like he wasnt bothered any more with Hermionie as he had loads of gurls including Cho. But then as he walked in the Great hall, he saw Hermionie and Malfoy flirting. He had a sudden urge to kick him in the balls and beat him to death. Ron saw this and calmed Harry down. "Harry. Control urself. Oh look! Cho's coming."he pointed. "Hey."said Harry. "Hi"said Cho and pecked a kiss on his cheek. Hermionie went red. ((How coud u???? I trusted u Jazzy D! ...Just jokin. Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/12/2003 6:12:42 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(7) "So...who's in the lead so far?" she asked. "You are. I haven't actually seen any other girls lately." Harry answered. Just then Lavander Brown walked in. "Hi Harry!" she said walking up to him. "Hi Lavander." he said. She pushed Cho away and handed Harry some cookies. "I made them especialy for you. It's really nice Harry. Made them myself with my own recipe." She looked at Cho. Harry picked one up and bit it. He then said, "These are great! Thanks Lavender!" Harry said and kissed her on the cheek. Lavender turned to Cho and mouthed "Beat that!" (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/12/2003 7:17:56 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(8) Ron stared at Harry's bed. Pies, cakes, sweets, and cookies were piled in mountains on Harry's bed. "Planning to sleep on your bed at all?" he asked Harry quietly. "What do you mean?" Harry asked him. "Some little elves have left a feast on your bed." "Oh, no." Harry groaned. "I'll help you eat them." The boys sat on the bed, staring at the mountains of goods. "Wow, Harry! Cho sent you five cakes! " "Beats Lavender. She only sent me three." "Harry said, laughing. Ron bit into a piece of pie. He spit it out quickly. "What's the matter?" Harry said through a mouthful of cookie. "That was disgusting!" Ron said, gulping down a glass of water quickly. "Who was that from?" Harry asked. "Hermione." Ron said, looking sick. "I mean, Hermione's good at ooks and stuff, but she sure could use some help on her cooking!" "Here, her cookies aren't that bad, try one." The boys finished the rest of the food easily. "I don't think that I'm going to need any dinner." Ron said. "Neither do I." Lavender and Parvati peeked from behind the door. "He seemed to like my cookies." Lavender said smugly. "Are you kidding? Your cookies are like manure compared to my cakes!" "Oh really!" Lavender said hotly. "I bet that you're an expert on baking arent' you!" "What do you mean by that?" Parvati demanded. "WHAT I MEAN IS-" "Um, Parvati, Lavender, what are you doing?" Harry asked. "Spying?" Ron accused. "She was." They both said at the same time. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/12/2003 4:12:49 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(9) harry raised his eye brow" "y r u here" " well ummc we were umm" lavender replid "yeah me 2"partivi answeredand rushed downs and out of the common room. "women" harry and ron said (shawnie, Age 13 to 18, 8/12/2003 4:37:07 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(10) Can I edit the last paragraph? One minute.... Harry raised an eyebrow. "Why are YOU here?" "Well, ummm. see...we" Lavender said nervously. "Um...yeah, me too." Parvati said quickly. And with that, they rushed down the stairs and out of the common room. "Girls." Harry and Ron said together. (sophain, Age 8 to 12, 8/13/2003 9:54:10 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(11) Thank you very much for fixing that up. They continued stuffing their faces as Hermione walked in. "Harry, can I talk to you in private?" she asked. Harry nodded as his mouth was full of cakes. He gulped them down and asked, "What's up?" Before he could even finish his sentence she had kissed him on the lips. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/13/2003 11:45:53 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(12) "I, I I thought u liked Malfoy"said Harry. "Well, I do. It's just, then I heard you liked me and I got attracted to you."she replied quietly, turning very red. "Well. I'm so glad that you like me only, there are all thesse girls that like me 2.So you're gonna have to join the race." "Okay..."murmured Hermionie and kissed him on the cheek then tuched his bum.Harry moved quickly a bit wen she did this but he soon thought that it felt good. "Where am I now on the race?"she asked. "I'm not sure now."harry replied. (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/14/2003 6:28:36 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(13) Harry went to bed and lay there thinking about what the girls were going to do to try and win him over. At first he thought that they might have a kissing competition.'That would be hectic!' He thought. Then he thought they might start buying him stuff. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/14/2003 7:06:46 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(14) He didn't know how right he was. The next morning, Harry saw a pile of wrapped gifts at the end of his bed. "Is it Christmas already?" Dean asked gawping at the presents. "All these girls keep sending me stuff!" Harry said jumping towards the pile and grabbing a present. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/14/2003 7:10:17 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(15) In the pile of presents, he found photo frames, chocolates, valentine things, more cakes and yum yum stuff, books, all sorts! Harry was very grateful that they sent him stuff but it was a bit too much. He had loads of cards with luvly poems in them but the one that stood out the most was Cho Chang's. It said: (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/14/2003 12:31:32 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(16) Harry showed the card to Ron. Ron nearly got sick. But Harry had to admit, it was a bit much. Little cupids were zooming across the card. There were blinking red hearts and even a picture of him and her sitting in "that horrible coffee shop". But the worst was yet to come. It wasn't even Christmas yet... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/14/2003 2:16:11 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(17) For months this continued. Durring the Christmas Holidays all the girls said that they would stay at Hogwarts to be with Harry. He slept terribly that Christmas eve. He thought of all the things the girls might give him for Christmas. Harry sighed as he driftted off to sleep. The next morning Harry was woken up by Ron who had begun opening Harry's presents. "That's from mum and dad." he said pointing at a jumper and a few mince pies. "This is from Lupin." He said chucking Harry a Christmas card. " we go!"Ron said picking up a package covered entirely in pink. Harry thought it had to be from one of the girls. If it wasn't them it could have been from Umbridge...'Nah!' he thought. Ron was tearing up the paper but was holding it at arms length. "This is from Hermione...arrrggghh!" He yelled as he dropped a book on the floor. "What is it Ron?" Harry asked moving to the foot of his bed. He screamed too. Infront of them was a book. On the front it said 'Homework dairy 4000'. Ron picked it up and threw it on Harry's bed. "Is there anything... less annoying in that pile?" Harry asked now helping Ron unwrap presents. (Jazzy D, Age 13 to 18, 8/14/2003 3:19:28 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(18) "I dunno" said Ron. "There might be a bit more mature presents like, COOKIES!" said Ron."Or even-" Harry did not finish his scentence. Harry was holding up a spiderman underwear. "Who's that from and to?" asked Ron. " Cho-Chang to me" said Harry. Ron began to laugh. "It's worse then Hermione's book" said Harry.Ron took the spiderman underwear from Harry's hand."Hmm...a bit small now isn't it?"Ron said laughing."She must have um...compremised them."Harry said.Ron turned to Harry and Harry turned to Ron.They looked at eachother and in a split second they began bursting out laughs. "What is it?, Christmas already?" said Neville holding his stuffed bunny. "DUH!" "What do yeh think it is..Halloween?" said Ron openeing up a present from Cho. "Maybe," Neville said. "Any for me?" said Neville. Ron looked over to the pile of presents. "mhm..there is.. 5 or 4 presents for yeh" said Harry taking out the presents for Neville. (Matt W, Age 8 to 12, 8/14/2003 6:46:50 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(19) " like 1 from Hermione,1 from your grandmoother,and 2 presents from Fred and George,and 1 from one of the elfs."Ron said."1 from Hermione?Goody."Neville said as he dashed down the steps.He looked at Harry's pile of presents.'Wow, planning on giving some for the charity or at leats me?I have only 5.You have at least over....80."Neville said."Acully it's only 55."Ron said.Just then Hermione came down the stairs."Hello,"Hermione said.Harry smiled."Looks like Hermiones still upset since Malfoy dumped her."Ron whispered. (kerch, Age 13 to 18, 8/14/2003 8:14:09 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(20) "How did you like my presetn?" Hermione asked. "Well, um, actually, I wasn't able to open it yet. There's so many, you see." "Oh." Hermione said, eyeing the pile of presents. "Who sent the underwear?" she asked. "Oh, um, the Dursley's." he fibbed. Lately, the girls had been spreading rumors about each other, and Hermione didn't need any extra material. "They don't have much taste do they?" she said, laughing. "I'll see you in the Great Hall then." She disappeared down the stairs. "You know,I have no idea who to pick."Harry said after classes. "Really?" Ron said, looking up from his Astronamy chart. "Well, what do you like in a girl?" "I don't know." "Well, Hermione's smart and fairly good-looking. Parvati's fairly smart and good-looking. Smae with Lavender. And well, Ginny." Ron paused. "Well, you decide. And Cho is really good-looking and fairly smart, good at Quidditch and popular." Harry groaned. "I have no idea who to pick." "I've got an idea!" Ron said suddenly. "You can hold a contest!" (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/15/2003 4:41:41 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(21) um... thats a good idea ron said harry i'll hold what kind of contest should i hold? um...said ron a um um a cuteness contest see how cute the girls will get dressed up for you harry. so the next day harry sent a letter to all the girls that he was holding a cuteness contest in the grifyindor commin room at 6:30 sharp on thursday. then thursday came and all the girls where dressed there best and hermionie she was wearing a Dress can you bealvie it a dress after the contest harry still could not chose a girl so he asked all the girls what they would do to win him over? (sassy chik, Young Adult, 8/16/2003 1:02:31 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(22) um... thats a good idea ron said harry i'll hold what kind of contest should i hold? um...said ron a um um a cuteness contest see how cute the girls will get dressed up for you harry. so the next day harry sent a letter to all the girls that he was holding a cuteness contest in the grifyindor commin room at 6:30 sharp on thursday. then thursday came and all the girls where dressed there best and hermionie she was wearing a Dress can you bealvie it a dress after the contest harry still could not chose a girl so he asked all the girls what they would do to win him over? (sassy chik, Young Adult, 8/16/2003 1:02:34 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(23) um... thats a good idea ron said harry i'll hold what kind of contest should i hold? um...said ron a um um a cuteness contest see how cute the girls will get dressed up for you harry. so the next day harry sent a letter to all the girls that he was holding a cuteness contest in the grifyindor commin room at 6:30 sharp on thursday. then thursday came and all the girls where dressed there best and hermionie she was wearing a Dress can you bealvie it a dress after the contest harry still could not chose a girl so he asked all the girls what they would do to win him over? (sassy chik, Young Adult, 8/16/2003 1:02:35 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(24) um... thats a good idea ron said harry i'll hold what kind of contest should i hold? um...said ron a um um a cuteness contest see how cute the girls will get dressed up for you harry. so the next day harry sent a letter to all the girls that he was holding a cuteness contest in the grifyindor commin room at 6:30 sharp on thursday. then thursday came and all the girls where dressed there best and hermionie she was wearing a Dress can you bealvie it a dress after the contest harry still could not chose a girl so he asked all the girls what they would do to win him over? (sassy chik, Young Adult, 8/16/2003 1:03:11 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(25) "Hmmm...I guess I'll do this..." said Cho when he went to ask her. She pinned him up on the wall and kissed him passionatly on the lips. It took him a while to remember what he was supposed to be doing after the kiss seeing as he kept following Cho around the school. When he asked Parvati and Lavender they both said that they would bake him enough cookies to last him the rest of his school life at Hogwarts. Hermione said that she would help him out with his homework and when they were doing so that night they had 10 minute breaks every 5 minutes. Durring the breaks they started snogging. They started doing their homework at 6 p.m. and finished at 2 a.m. in the morning. "I'm still stuck between girls!" Harry complained the next morning. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 7:48:48 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(26) "The contest was a disaster, the girls are still aking cookies and I still can't decide." "Stop complaining, can't you see that half the boys in fifth year are jealous of you?" "They are?" "Well, yah, how many people get half a million cookies every day and help with their homework with Hermione?" "Not lot, considering Hermione's attitude when we used to ask her." "And you don't see Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil just showering anyone with cookies, do you?" "No. But do you know that the house elves are complaining?" "Really?" "Yeah, they say that Parvati and Lavender are using up all of the chocolate chips." They were laughing just as Parvati appeared. They stopped immediatly. Parvati was wearing... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 9:06:43 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(27) "I got an idea!" Ron said. "Why don't we hold something similiar to the Triwizard tournament?!" he asked. Harrry looked at him. "That's not a bad idea!" He said. He sent notes to the girls that there would be a tournament on Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Room of Requirement. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 9:12:45 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(28) ignore last paragraph! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 12:13:13 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(29) Why?All you need to do is alter it a little. Just add what Parvati was wearing, and then use your paragrah! (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 1:34:04 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(30) You know just what to do when there's a problem! Your smarter than my friend, Danielle! Oh...if your out there ella...I didn't mean it... But the thing is, I don't have much of a fashion sense... I just wear anything that I think goes. Like if I wear blue baggy jeans... I have to wear a blue baggy top and my blue trainers with my blue socks to go with it! So can you fix up the story please?! Thanks in advance! Oh, a question for you sophian... Are you really between 8 to 12? Cos you write so good I thought that you'd be between 13 to 18! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/16/2003 3:33:08 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(31) Thanks, but on with the sotry! I'm seriously, not lying about my age. look at my birth certificate! Well, no, don't do that. But here's the paragraph. Parvati was wearing something that Harry had never seen before. She had five bangles on each wrist, and an Indian sari, the shimmering colors of fire. Her eyeshdow was a pale gold, and her lipstick, a deep red. She smiled shyly and said "Hi Harry." Harry couldn't even answer. "I brought you some cookies." Harry took one and tried it. It was all that he could do to not spit it out. "Its really salt-I mean good." he said. "Well, I have to go." Parvati said, evidently pleased that he liked them, or so she thought. But when she was gone, he dumped them into the fire. "Hey! Let me try one!" ROn protested. Luckily, there was still one left. "Okay....But don't say that I didn't warn you." Ron sapt out the cookie. "Something must have happened. These taste just about as good as a dirty sock!" "I think that she added salt, instead of sugar." Harry said, laughing. In potions, Harry lost Gryffindor ten points, because the girls were passing notes too much. Harry could parely concentrate on his "Draught of Peace" because of all rhe girls looking at him. "I still can't decide." he complained later. "I mena, parvati's really pretty, but hopeless at cooking, and Hermione's really smart, but not good at cooking and then, Cho's The best looking, but then..." Ron interuppted. "I've got an idea!Why don't we hold something similar to the Triwizard Tournament!" Harry looked at him. "That's not a bad idea!" he said. He sent notes to each of the girls telling them that there was a Tournament at 10 a.m. in the Room odf Requirement. Please bring one party dress, and wear comfortable clothing as the tasks are difficult. And also please do not bring food! the notes said in a hurried scrawl. The boys sat down, planning the events for that Saturday. (sophian and parts of it, Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 9:38:51 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(32) Thank you for adding my bit! "I know! Let's make them cross a river full of sharks and on the other side let them face a boggart then you will stand at the other end screaming for them to rescue you from a dragon using nothing but their wands!" Ron suggested later that afternoon. Harry looked at him bewildered. "Did you just think that up?" he asked. "Yep! Do you like the idea?" Ron answered. "'s pretty... dangerous...but I like it...I'm just not gonna use it in the first event..." said Harry uncertainly. Ron nodded and then scratched his head. "Why don't we...nah! How about we... to difficult...I got it! We'll get them to have a kissing competition! I'll be the judge!" Ron said. "Err...Ron...I'm the one kissing them! Shouldn't I be the judge? Anyways it's to easy for them to do...we need to think of something more difficult..." Harry said going of into a daze. (Jazzy D (Or as my friends know me; Jasmine! The creator of the story!), Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 11:49:40 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(33) "I know!" he said suddenly. "We'll make them go on a hunt through a maze filled iwth all osrts of dangerous animals to find what they thik makes me the most happy!" Ron just stared. "What?" Harry aksed. "I think valentine's day!" "Oh no!" Hurriedly, he opened up the window to let the dozens of owls in. Quickly, with a smooth movement of his wand, three quarters of the letters were in one pile. "Why'd you do that?" Ron asked. "Because then I'll know how many of them are from the girls." "What do you mean?" Ron asked uncertainly. "i mean, lately, some of the boys that well, used to be their boyfriends have been blackmailing me." Harry said, tossing some of the letterns into the fire. "Hold on!" Ron said. Let me read some. He tore one open. "Micheal Brown, To Harry Potter." He struggled to read the messy hanwriting. "You...touch....Laven-door...and you...r....dead?" he said looking up from the paper. "Geez, must be the love of his life and he can't even spell her name." Harry smiled as he opened a card from Cho, that was immediatlly estinguished when he saw the poem inside,. He shuddered, and then started to thorw it into the fire. "Hey, let me read that!" Ron protested. "No way!" Harry said. He quickly threw it into the fireplace, which was full of burning paper. "Here's another one form Micheal Brown." Ron said, clearing his throat."Stay away, or I'll hex you." He threw that into the fire as well. "Parvati sent an interesting one." Harry said to himself. "Things that would interest me?" "Nah..." he said quickly. "If you sold each of these letters for a knut apiece, then you'd be richer than Draco Malfoy. By the way, this one's from him. Apperently he regrets dumping Hermione..." "You're telling me. Did you know that Hermione slapped him when he asked her to go out with him?" "Really?" Ron said, immersed in a letter asking Harry to date the person who sent it. Form the picture, it looked like Parvati. It was a photograph of him with her at the Yule Ball. "Geez, some of these letters aren't even from girls in our year!""Seriously?" harry asked, lookin up form the steadily growing fire." "This one's from a third-year who says that she will set up a fan club if you date her. There are so many girls who like you, you could set up a dating service!" Ron said, going back to a blackmail letter. "Say that again." Harry said, staring at him. "You could set up a dating service." "That's it!" Harry said jumping up in his excitment. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 2:55:14 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(34) "How about..." Ron said but was interupted when Harry said, "No!". "What if we..." he started again but was interupted for the second time, "No!". "How about we..." "No!" This continued for hours until Ron said, "All I was gonna say was why don't they pole dance for us!" Harry stared at him with sickness in his face. "You're nasty Ron! But I wouldn't mind seeing the girls...No!" he said shaking his head. Then it hit him. Well rather Ron hit him. "Ow! Why d'ya do that for?!" he asked rubbing his scalp. "Sorry...thought that it might help..." said Ron placing down the Gamers magazine he had used to conk Harry on the head with. "Let me take a look at that for a minute..." he said holding out a hand for the magazine to be placed in. He flicked through the pages. "What good is reading that magazine gonna do? All it is is reviews of new games!" Ron said shaking his head and shrugging at the same time. "Oh...I're gonna get them to play you! Whoever wins becomes your girlfriend! I get it now! But where we gonna get a playstation 2 from?" he said nodding his head. It was Harry's turn to conk him on the head. "I'm just getting ideas for the events you idiot!" (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 3:05:18 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(35) Sorry AGAIN! MY BAD! (A PERSON WHO MADE ANOTHER MISTAKE, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 3:06:08 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(36) EDITOR PLEASE DELETE PARAGRAPH 34!!!! I"M A FAILURE (I'm completly rubbish at riting stories! I think I best leave..., Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 3:14:41 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(37) "What's it?" Ron asked looking woriedly at Harry who was jumping up and down. "You are an idiot Ron!" (Jazzy D (I'm an idiot too. So Harry's gonna start a dtaing service, or he's gonna start dating them and find out which girl he likes the most? Is that right? cos I'm confused again! I think they wer right when they said video games rot your thing!), Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 4:45:06 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(38) Sorry: I think that they were right when they said that video games rot your brain! (Jazzy D for the 100000th time today., Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 4:46:35 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(39) *Message* I have revealed one of most top secret secrets in the general knowledge questions thing. I suggest that Animal, sophian, Brigid and Morgain check it out! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 6:44:16 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(40) Hermione was helping Harry out again that night with his homework. They were on their first break; Hermione was lying on top of Harry on the couch kissing him. He pushed her away 10 minutes later and said, "Hermone, I really need to get this star chart done!" She got up quickly and took out a peice of parchment from her bag. "Just copy mine!" she said showing Harry her chart. The stars were formed in the shape of a heart and had inside the heart were other stars formed into their initials. Harry smiled and they started kissing again. He forgot that he had to meet Ron in the dorms to sort out the dating service. (Jazzy D/Jasmine, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 7:56:41 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(41) No, um...sabout the dating service, its for the other boys to pair up with the girls. hope that this clears things up.keep paragraph 40 though. (sophian note the age!, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 8:07:29 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(42) It was 2 a.m and Harry and Hermione were still kissing. Hermione pulled away and said, "Oh God! I'm going to go to bed now Harry!" and she kissed him goodnight and walked off. Harry went up to the boys dorm. "It seems that you have forgotten the meeting Harry." came Ron's voice. "Huh? The meeting? Oh yeah! Sorry Ron" he said. A light appeared from Harry's bed, it revealed Ron's face. His eye's were bloodshot. Harry gasped. "Were you up the whole time?" he asked. "Yes Harry. I was." Ron replied dramaticly. "Ron... this wasn't THAT important..." Harry whispered as not to wake the other boys. The flash light Ron was holding had gone off. "Damn batteries!" Ron said, the drama in his voice fading. "Forget the tourch!" he said chucking it over his shoulder. "So I guess Hermione was more important than me?" he asked. "Well...I mean... it's my future we're deciding on here!"Harry replied. "And mine isn't as important as yours?" Ron said, the drama coming back. "What's that supposed to mean?" Harry asked sounding incredibly confused. (Jazzy D (hope i didn't make another mistake...), Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 8:51:20 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(43) Nope no mistakes. But what's with the video games? "Look, um...I um..." All the Drama was gone now.Ron's eyes kept on darting to a picture of Lavender on the mantlepiece. Harry sighed, smiling. "Let me guess, you like Lavender." Ron nodded, evidently releived that he didn't have to actually say the words. "I was afraid that you'd ve mad at me..." Ron's voice trailed off. "no, to tell you the truth, I'm kindof releived." "Really?" "Well, yeah, now I don't have to eat all of the cookies." They both laughed. "But she likes you." Ron said. "Yeah, but I'm sure she'll get over it. Beleive me, she'll like you." Harry said, formulating a plan all ready. All he needed was some help from Fred and George... (sophian , Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 9:25:15 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(44) Yeh see when people say video games and T.V. will rot your mind? They do! on with ze story!! I'll let you continue this as I've gotta go play with my brother. If I don't he'll bit me again...Laterz! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 12:22:38 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(45) Alright...I've only got five minutes till my brother unties the ropes...I'll try to write whatever I can..."How can we be of service lil' bro?" George asked.(To late..He's got me...I'll see you later...) (Jazzy Ddddddddddd, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 12:34:26 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(46) What, can I edit that? Harry is getting help, not Ron. Its a top-secret operation....."How can we be of service to you harry?" Harry whispered Ron's predicament. "I always had this feeling that he liked her." Fred said casually. "Yeah, he kept on mentioning her in his letters." "I need you to get one of your mum's Christmas pies." Harry said quickly. "Why?" Fred asked in surprise. "I'll explain later." Harry said, in panic. He heard Ron entering hte common room. "See you later." "Who are you talking to?" Ron asked. "Oh, um, Lupin." Harry lied. the next day, Harry received a specially marked package. He was carful to open it out of Ron's sight. He quickly sprinkled a pinch of Love Powder on it and sent it to Lavender. "Ron?" he asked. "Hmm?" Ron snapped back to reality. "Lavender says that she wants to meet you. Wait at the Girls' dormitory steps okay?" "Okay!" Ron jumped up form his seat and stood patiently at the steps. Meanwhile in the girls' dormitory.... (My baby bro is sleeping right now...phew!he usually bothers me to play train with him...sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 2:15:21 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(47) My brothers watching T.V. Me and my dad were just disecting one of my cats fleas. It was nasty! But anyways on with the story! (Jazzy D (Sorry I'm late...), Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 2:41:46 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(48) A cat's fleas? Eww....) Hermione was very tired. She had been washing and re-styling her hair since three-o'-clock. Parvati had put flour in it again. But not all of this time was spent on her hair. She had spent at least half an hour flushing Parvati's Make-up down the toilet. But while Hermione was in the bathroom, performing this deed, Lavender had stolen Hermione's homework and while doing so, wrecked the enitre common room before realizing it was on Hermione's desk. The Very-Early-Morning Post had arrived, and all of the girls were all ready awake. Parvati and Hermione watched as they saw Lavender received a beautifully wrapped present. "Who's it from?" Hermione asked jealously. "Harry." Lavender said, unable to keep the smugness from her voice. "Let me see!" Parvati said, snatching the package from lavender. "There's no addressee!" Parvati said. "It could be to me." Parvati said, starting to rip off the paper. "Hey, that means it could be to me!" Hermione said, ripping off some more. "I'm allergic to sesame seeds," she said in disappointment. "So its not mine." But Parvati and Lavender were still squabbling about the pie. Oh no, Harry thought, as he listened from the Extendable Ear. He rushed up into the girls dormitory. Hermione had bewitched it so that he was the only boy who could enter. "Hi Harry," Lavender cooed. "Hey Harry, are we going to do homework together again?"Hermione asked sweetly Lavender glared at her. "Um, I guess." Harry said uncertainly. "Oh, but Harry, we had a date!" Parvati said. "We did?" Harry asked doubtfully. "Yes." Parvati said. "Well, I have Quidditch Practice." Harry fibbed. "OOh!. I'll come and watch." They all said together. Harry made a mentel note to announce an emergency practice. "But...anyway....Lavender, did you get my package." "Yes." she said, giving Parvati a look that said I-told-you-so. "Well, then., I have to go." Harry had to leave the room before she ate the pie. Otherwise, his plan wouldn't work. But luckily, everything was going fine. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 3:18:43 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(49) Yeah and when me and my dad looked at it thro the microscope it was still alive so it was moving! Cool, huh? Anyways... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 3:30:55 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(50) Oh I gotta. My brothers up and ready to wrestle. See ya tommorow! (Yawns) I'm going to bed in...2 hours (10 p.m. UK time) Laterz (Jazzy D (Why do you hate what ever I write? It makes me want to give up being a writer....kidding!, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 3:38:23 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(51) (no chating please) Harry and all the girls met at Quidditch practice in the stadium.Luckily, Harry has already started playing Quidditch so that the girls won't follow him. Harry was just about to catch the snitch when Lavender & Paravati made a cheer; "WE WANT A FIELD-GOAL, JUST A LITTLE FIELD-GOAL! F.I.-F.I.E- F.I.E.L.D. G.O.A.L.! FIELD GOAL! LET'S GO! (claps 2 times) HARRY!" Harry had lost his concentration and Harry yelled to Lavender and Paravati: "YOU BROKE MY CONCENTRATION!" "sorry" said Lavender and Paravati. "did the love powder work?" Harry said to himself. (kerch, Age 13 to 18, 8/18/2003 5:04:32 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(52) But Harry didn't know that Lavender wasn't cheering for him, but for Ron. Parvati was the one cheering for him. HErmione wasn't on the field. She was mad at Parvati for suggesting that she had a date with Harry. "I refuse to be anywhere with HER" Hermione said firmly. She was gettin bored with just doing homewrok, and so she started looking thourhg everyone's things. She was delighted to find out that Parvati had to use ten different styling gels to get her hair the way it was, and so she disposed of them all except for one that was nearly empty anyway. As she looked through Lavender's trunk, she saw all of her dress that hse was going to wear at the Spring Dance. It was a lavender color. "Typical." Hermione muttered. She summoned a pot of dye. And attempted to dye it a bright red, but it ended up a brownish color. "Perfect." Hermione smiled. She barely had time to put the dress away and to go to her desk, apperently immersed in her book. ((I don't hate you stories, I just want to fixx it so that people know what's going on)-sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 9:07:47 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(53) alright...that's cool. sorry i'm late i was at the park... (sorry for chatting again kerch-Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 10:52:59 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(54) (I'll try to do what I can...)Back on the pitch...Every time Harry got closer to the snitch, Parvati would yell out "Go Harry! Go! I know you can do it!". This would make Harry shudder as her voice rang through his ears. She noticed this and looked away. When the practice was over, Harry told Parvati to meet him in the comon room. He went into the changing rooms and found Ron telling Lavender to wait for him outside. When she had gone Ron said to Harry, "She really does like me doesn't she?" He smiled smugly at Harry. "So who dumped who?" he asked. "Err...I dumped her..." Harry replied. "Chosen anyone yet?" Ron asked. "For what?" Harry said suprised. "The Spring Dance!" Ron said putting a hand on Harry's shoulder. "Ohh...I'm in trouble...I haven't asked any of the girls they might think I didn't ask any of the other girls to come with me...shoot!" Harry replied. (I hope that was a bit better...if it's not...I'll just be gone for a couple of days thinking up stuff for this story...) (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 11:16:05 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(55) "I have to think of a plan-fast!" Harry said. "The dance is only two weeks away!" "Just realized?" "Well, yeah. I guess we have to do that pageant again." "Well, then its obvious who you're going with. Cho." "But then I want to be with someone smart too." Harry argues. "And anyway, I'm going to have a questions and answers area in the contest." "But I want you to be the emcee." "WHAT!!" Ron asked. "I don'r know a thing about-" "Ron, calm down, emcees just say the announcements, I'll be the judge." "Yeah, but it'll be useless if you're the only judge." Ron said. "Yeah, you've got a point. But how am I going to get three other people to be judges?" "Easy." Ron said. ((no, its fine...) sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 4:29:28 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(56) Ron quickly scribbled something on a paper. Harry saw him attempting to draw a fancy border, but he failed. "Finished." Harry read the notice, his eyes widening. Judges needed to judge girls in beauty pageant. For details, please contact Harry Potter or Ron Weasly and we will set up an interview. No references required. "No references required?" Harry asked incredulously. "Who would have a reference on judging?" "Yeah, I thought that was sutpid too, I'll just scratch that out-" he said, doing so. "There!" he proclaimed, posting it up on the common room bullitein. The next day, Harry could barely get to classes on time because of the people questioning him about the notice. "No one in fifth year is allowed." he said. "And we would prefer it of the person was in Gryffindor." The Ravenclaw girl huffed away. "Why not a fifth year?" one kid asked. "Because then the person won't nessicerily pick someone that they know." ROn said. "okay people. Interviews are in the Gryffindor common room!" "That way, no other kids from onther houses could get in. "he whispered to Harry. But even so, a huge line of kids arrived. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/20/2003 5:12:43 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(57) I'll look and see how many people showed up said harry. No need ron replied. gotem right here on this . he showed harry a clip borad that he had in his hands.harry counted 1 2 3 4 5.... 20. RON why did you let soo many people come.We're going 2 be up all night long.Plus i already decide who i want to judge.said harry. What!!! You did. When?? Who? sputtered Ron. I want Fred and Gearge. and colin creevey. (friendsforever/ aka katy, Age 8 to 12, 8/21/2003 1:13:21 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(58) "Harry. Let's interview everyone first. Please!" Ron begged. him. Harry sighed. "Fine. But only for you." Harry sat down and let the first person come in. "I'm very good at judging." one girl informed Harry. "Especially singing. I'll igve you an example." she cleared her throat importantly. "The-e-e-e-e hills-s-s-s-s-s are a-a-livvvve with--the sound of mu-u-u-u-s-iiiiic." Harry had half mind to hit her with a silencing charm. "Yes, yes, we shall send a notice to you. Next!" the girl left, informing everyone that she had gotten the part. "Harry!" Ron appeared. "What was that sound? It sounded like fingernails scratching against the blackboard." "It was the girl who had supposedly gotten the part." Ron winced and then disappeared again. "I'm very good at judging intelligence." "Oh." Harry nodded. "Let me show you. 1x1+1 2x2=4. 4x4=16. 16x16=" "That's it!" Harry said, jumping up. "Out! Everybody out!" "But-" the boy proteseted. "I've had enough. OUT!!!!" "When will you announce the judges?" one girl asked. "Right now. Fred and George Weasely and Angelina." "Hey! But what about me?" Colin asked, looking hurt. "You." Harry struggled to think of something. "Um..." "I know!" Colin's face brightened. "I'll be the photographer." "That's a good idea." Harry said, ushering out of the room, "You come at the room of requirement on Saturday, ok?" As the last person slammed the door, Harry sat down in his favorite chair and sighed. This was way too difficult. Parvati wanted someone to paint scenery for her talent. When Hermione heard of this, she wanted one too. Pretty soon, all 15 other girls ordered a scene. He would have to have and audition for painters. The next day........A Hufflepiff that Harry had never spoken to was showing off a painting. "Erm, what is it?" Harry asked, looking at the blank canvas. "Its a cow eating grass." The proud artist informed him. "Where's the grass?" Harry asked, trying to find a hint of green. "The cow ate it." "Ah. Where's the cow?" "The cow went off to find more grass." "I see." Harry said, which was generally a lie. "Hey, don't you just love my painting?" one girl asked. Harry looked at the dark, dark, blue of the canvas that looked almost black. "Yes, but what is it?" "Do you not have any vision?" the girl asked dramactically. "It is the city on a pitch black night. It is the soul of a girl who grows up without love. Smoke." She was in a fully fledged rant when Ron came in. "Have you hired ANYONE?????" he asked as the artist went away. "Um yes, I'm thinking of hiring her." "HER????" "She was only one who didn't paint a blank canvas." "Nope, you're wrong there. The person you sent to me painted three black dots on his painting. Told me that it was a white dog in a snowstorm." "Okay. So we've got our judges, our cameraman, and our painters. What else do we need?" "Food. But Lavender could take care of that." Harry hit his forehead. "Of course. I totally forgot to invite the girls!!" "YOU DID?!?!?!?! But the contest is tommorow!" (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/22/2003 9:19:12 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(59) so he sent out letters to all the girls roght away (sassy chik, Young Adult, 8/22/2003 5:18:37 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(60) All of them said yes. The next day, the Room of Requirement was in chaos. Girls were arguing with the painters. The judges were trying to find out where they were supposed to sit. "EVERYBODY FREEZE!!" Everbody stopped. "Okay, contestents get ready. Go with the makeup people and well, just get ready." Harry said. "Artists, get the scnes in the right order. And stage assistant.....erm, just stand there. We're letting the audience in here in 3 minutes!" (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/23/2003 9:49:08 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(61) In the girls dressing room, the place was more chaotic than ever. Cho was insisting that they brush her hair 500 times. About seven other girls were arguing over who's lipstick was who's, and the other eight were fighting over hair gel. Lavender was struggling with about five platters of cookies until Ron graciously helped her. "Everyone!" Harry shouted. he was getting tired of saying the smae thing over and over. "FREEZE!!!" Everybody obediantly stopped. "Okay. Get in your number order, and The makeup person, the wardrobe advisor, and the hair person will get to you one by one. Just settle down." He went off to see how the stage was going. Meanwhile.....Hermione was gettin impatient. "No way, I HATE green. I REFUSE to wear this dress." "But Hermione!" Padma Patil protested. "This dress will set off your hair beautifully." "I think that I should wear blue." Hermione saud. "It goes with my scene." Padma sighed, tapped the dress with her wand and muttered a spell. Immediatly, the dress turned a turquoise shade. "That's better." Hermione said, twirling around to admire the effect. She went off to get her makeup done. Padma sighed, looked at the clock, and then said in a resigned way, "NEXT!" Her sister appeared. Oh, no, Padma thought.Parvati is soo picky with her clothes. If I'm lucky, maybe she'll-but it was too late. Parvati swept toward her direction. "Hi Padma! I'm ready." she said sweetly. "Um....I'm kindof busy right now." Padma fibbed. "Don't be silly, you're the only one who knows how to put on this sari correctly. And the makeup." "Wait a minute!" Padma interupted."I'm a dress person, not a makeup person." "Please, Padma!" Parvati begged. "Oh all right. Can you take over my station?" she called to Katie Bell. In about ten seconds, Parvati was ready. "I don't know how you do it." Parvati praised. "I mean, it would take me at least-" "Yes, yes." Padma cut her off."Just put on your necklace and you're ready." Finally, finally, she left. Parvati breathed a sigh of releif. A Hufflepuff that she had never seen approached her. Pale, with brown hair. Padma noted. Blue eyes. Hmm....Padma flipped through the rack. "I think that you should wear...." she haded her a pale blue dress that set off her eyes. "Here. " Padma said, giving her a small slip of paper. Give this to the hair person." The girl nodded and walked away, not even stopping to open the note. Padma smiled, watching her. The hairdresser opened the note with arched eyebrows. It showed an expertly drawn likeness of the girl, number 18. It showed her in the dress with flowers braided in her hair, and a butterfly clip at the end. She was usually reluctant to let ANYONE use her butterfly clips, as she didn't have many to spare. But she knew that this time, It was worth it. "What's your name?" she asked as she worked, as though she asked everyone. "Anya." The girl said softly. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/24/2003 11:52:37 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(62) sorry about the double paragraphs, but nobody's writing. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/24/2003 11:53:27 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(63) "Be careful, you could give me split ends." Cho warned the hair person. The girl rolled her eyes. There was no way she could lose now. She put on a flame colored dress that showed off her pretty white shoulders. She checked her harp to make sure that it was in tune. Meanwhile...Hermione, too couldn't be satisfied with her hair. She din't know whether to keep it loose, or keep it up. Finally, Hermione clipped on dragonfly barrettes. No way that she could lose. Her singing was really good, the sirens near the great lake taught her. The contestents finally got in line. The first girl was scratched off the long list immediatly. Her singing was atrocious. The next girl's hair fell loose, and she threew a fit. The next girl forgot all of her lines in the poem she was memorizing. The next three girls played the violin like they only had lessons for a week. The next four girls had a dancing routine. The first one was tap dancing in a bunblebee costume. The next one did a scene from Swan Lake. Fred thought that she looked like a duck. Another girl did the tango with her extremely embarrassed brother. The last girl of those four did the flamingo. She tripped over her own dress and then had to be rushed to the hospital wing because she "broke a nail." All of these people's scores averaged about a 3. It was Cho's turn. (sophian. sorry to write so much, but no one else is writing, Age 8 to 12, 8/25/2003 3:13:49 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(64) sophian, nice paragraph. you should be a writer some day. but, if u r gonna say that cho was the best out of all of those other girls... i dunno.....Oh I forget sometimes. well nice paragraph. (Candace, Age 13 to 18, 8/25/2003 11:06:23 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(65) thanks candance.....................................Cho smiled enchantingly at Harry as she made her way towards the stage. She preformed her piece rather well, the judges decided, and she averaged an eight, considerably better than the last ten girls. She smiled at Hermione, who was seething. "Beat that." she said. Hermione sauntered onto the lit stage. Her scene was a scene of the ocean, and the artist even bewitched the scene to make the waves move. She preformed well, but....she only averaged an eight as well. Cho was in shock. She hadn't expected any REAL competition. Then Parvati went onto the stage. Her makeup was terrific, Angelina thought, but they would have to see how she perfromed.....Some beautiful Indian music lilted onto the stage. Her backround was a forest with a shimmering waterfalll behind it. Parvati danced her best, but she averaged an eight as well. Anya got more and more nervous. If looks could kiill.....then all three of those contestants would be dead. "Ahem...." Ron said, clearing his throat. "We would like to announce the finalists." Just then, Anya stepped onto the stage. "Excuse me." she said. "But I think that i'm next." Ron looked extremely flustered."Um, well, I'm sorry, go on." Anya smiled nervously and began to sing.....This song was not even a love song, Fred thought in surprise. Well, finally, George thought. "Far over hills, across blue seas....Fly over mountains, follow the breeze...Go with your heart after you roam.....Back to the rose colored walls you call home...." Angelina was intranced. Harry didn't even know the girl, and here was some serious competition. She averaged and eight, mainly because of the killer looks the others were giving the judges. Ron looked around, trying to see whether it was time to say his speech. "Well, um....NOW WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE FINALISTS!!" The audience perked up. "Cho Chang, Parvati Patil, Hermione Granger, and Anya Javensen." The crowd went wild. So did the contestants. Two of them marched right up the judge's tables. "Excuse me, why wasn't I a finalist?" they demanded. Two other girls went up to the emcee. "I think that you made a mistake." they said. "You forgot to say MY name." they batted their eyelashes. A couple of them went to Harry and begged him to reconsider. And all of the rest cried hysterically. "Excuse me" Ron tried to speak over the chaos. "WE WILL HOLD THE INTELLIGENCE COMETITION TOMMOROE!" he shouted. Everyone filed out. "Well, that wasn't so bad was it?" Ron asked Harry. Harry groaned. They STILL had the obstacle course, and the intteligence, AND the evening gown. And the quiz on Harry. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/26/2003 9:09:56 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(66) NEWS FLASH!!! i'll have a vote....if you want cho to win, type a c after you type in your name, if you want parvati to win....type a p...if you want anya to win type an a....and if you want hermione to win, type in an h.....oh yeah, and if you ant all of those girls to be a tie....write a t...polls close on sept 10! sorry if i seem pushy and totally obsesive about the story...but someone has to hold a poll. this way., most of us will be happy. me, i don't care, whatever everyone else wants. i introduced the new character for a reason however, (hint hint) (sophian , Age 8 to 12, 8/26/2003 9:12:16 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(67) Can we type a D for Die? (Jazzy D. DDDDDDDDDDDDD, Age 8 to 12, 8/26/2003 2:20:45 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(68) I' rather not have anyone die. But you could write the part aobut dying yourself Jazzy D. Where were you??? Anyway............................The next day, there was an equal number of people as the talent part of the contest. Every person wanted to know which girl was considered the smartest. About 60% thought that Hermione was the smartest, and Cho and Parvati each got twenty percent. But what the room was really abuzz about was the new contestant, the one that kn one heard of....Anya Javensen. Oh sure, she got good grades, but she was the quiet type, and practically no one had known that she had fancied Harry. The girls lined up. The first question was, For a community service, what would you do and why. The girls had 1 minute to ponder their answer. Cho was up first. She walked confidently onto the stage, with Hermione seething that she hadn't worn yellow as well. "I would care for the elderly. " she said, msiling. The judges waited for a while and then Angelina said, "And...." "Well, they have a lot of stories to tell, information could be lost if....we don't care for the..." she fidgeted. "elderly." Fred and George looked at each other and gave her a 6. Angelina was a bit more generous. She gave her a 6.5. She averaged a 6. (WEll, a 6.3, but the judges round.) Hermione went and said, "I think that we sould get better schools for our children. Some kids need more attention than others and the teacher cannot get to them. so I would tutor and try to start an accelerated program throughout the district." She smiled and walked off the stage. The two Weaslys, who had pretended to fall asleep, gave her a 6. Angelina gave her a seven, averaging her a six. Parvati came up and said that she would start and animal shelter. "You see homeless puppies and kitties on the streets all of the time. Many of these animals need a good home." Then Anya came up, in her simple dress of green. She took a deep breath. "Well, I would try to start a program where those children in the orphanges could trace their pranets, if they wished for that. I know it sounds ridiculous, and I know that it woul cost a lot...but I know it would mean a lot to the children." Angelina raised her eyebrows. "And why are you so concerned?" Anya's gaze dropped. "I grew up in one. I was only adopted recently." The audience gasped. Then Anya steadied her gaze. "We did get enough to eat, and plenty of clothing. And despite what you hear, we did have nice people take care of us. And we made friends, all of us. But..." she sighed."We felt as though we were missing something. As though we-"she broke off and then started again. "As though we had this hole in ourselves, that no one could understand." (People, there is two more weeks to vote.sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/27/2003 9:07:36 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(69) Fine...I'll vote... (Jazzy D. T, Age 8 to 12, 8/27/2003 3:16:14 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(70) "Oh how will i live?" Ron said. "RON!" said Harry. "Sorry" said Ron continueing to eat his beans. "Anything else Anya?" said Angelina. "And I want world piece blah blah blah." said Ron. Fred and George began to laugh. "Nothing else, Angelina" said Anya. Anya walked off the stage. "I will survive, wait, how will i go on??" said Ron. "Ron" said Harry. "This is searous" said Harry. "Fred, George, rated her yet?" said Ron. "It will take a while for this gifted Anya" said George. Ron heard foot steps behind him. Ron turned around and sawsomething draging Harry in back of the room. "Harry"" were are you" said Ron. Ron got up and tryed to find Harry. Paravati, Hermione,Cho and Anya were looking for Harry too while Angelina,George and Fred were eating the rest of Ron's beans and rateing Anya. "What the hell?' said Ron. "It's like he dissappeared." said Ron. " and DID he?" said Hermione. "I dunno" "Why do you care? oh" said Ron. "Cho" said Ron. Cho looked at Ron. "go get Dumbledore, I think Harry dissappeared" said Ron. Just then a loud roar of screaming and yelling went throughout the halls everywere in Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione,cho,Paravati,Anya,George,Fred and Angelina looked up. "What was that?" said George brushing off the beans on his shirt. "Has you-know-who returned?" said Cho. "sounds like Harry has been hurt." said Fred. Everyone was terrified. Just then, Ron heard a door open in back of him. It was Harry. "HARRY?' said Ron. "I heard a noise, did you guys hear it?' said Harry. "Where were you?" said Hermione. "Nevermind that, Hermione, what was that?" said Harry. "Are you ahure your alright?' said Cho. "Im fine" said Harry quickly. Ron had a feeling that Harry was hideing something. Filch just then came in. "Don't worry students, It was just... Snape's new sword, Damn that sword is sharp." said Filch. "Thank god" said Hermione. "Well.." "Anyone want to edit their sayings on stage?" said George. "I do" said Hermione. "Go on then," said Fred. Angelina began to fall assleep through it. "I would like to make a difference in the world because lets face it, Their are alot of mean and killers around the world. Also, i would like to pretect people, No like a shield sort of, but to make a difference and make sacrifices in the world." said Hermione. "what rate?" said Fred whispering it to Ron,George and Angelina. "Oh and, I would like to drop out of the rat race." Hermione added on. Ron,Fred,George,Angelina were suprised ans shocked. But Harry was concerned and shocked. Harry had also figured out that this stuff can't be all winning the person and having contests, it matters if they like you or not. "Are you searous?" said Fred. "I would just like to probibly just make it to the next category" said Hermione. "Bad da dume, ba da dume, pa da dume" said Ron listening to the Selia Cruiz CD." And, Harry also thought to himself that Hermione liked him, but he was to crazy to think of that. Harry was also confuised at this point. "Well lets get this on, i like doing these categorys" said Paravati cherfully. Cho began to laugh. (Candace. H, Age 13 to 18, 8/28/2003 12:53:43 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(71) Harry had a privite talk with Ron that afternoon."We need to stop the contest." "What? No more free beans." "RON, I'm serious." "But why?" "I need to choose one of them for what their personality's like, not what their clothes look like, or how smart they are, or anything that could be judged in contests." "Why the sudden change of heart?" "Hermione dropped out." "Well, if you like her, then choose her." "But she made me understand that well, I can't choose a girl like judges choose Miss America." Ron waved his wand and a new poster was on the bulliten. THE CONTEST IS NOW ENDED. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT HARRY POTTER AND/OR RON WEASLY. The next day, the house was in uproar. "Why isn't there a contest." one girl demanded. "It isn't fair to just judge beauty and talent to see who I like best." Harry said firmly. Most of the girls who had lost were very happy at the thought of another chance, and there was a new stream of letters. Not just valentines, and blackmails, but criticsim on ending the contest. Harry turned to Ron one night. "You know, I wonder why all of them like me." "I hate to tell you, but a lot of them, I don't mean Hermione or Parvati, or Cho, but a lot of them like you because you're famous." "I know, but i meant Parvati, and Cho, and Hermione." "You are smart." "I get D's in Potions, Ron." "I mean, smart to think quickly in a bad sitiuation. Plus, you play Quidditch." "Oh gee, what a wonderful reason." Harry said sarcastically. "But really, Ron, I mean, do they think that they like me, just because it would look good if I was their boy friend, or do they really like me, because of my personality?" "What's that noise?" Ron asked suddenly. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 12:24:05 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(72) I am so stupid, skip the last sentence. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 1:59:26 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(73) Ur not stupid.... "I've got an idea!" Ron said. "Not another idea!" Harry groaned. Ron gave him a dirty look. "Date each of the girls and find out if they like you for who you are and not for...umm...well I can't think of a sentence to finish that off, but you get what I mean!" he said smiling. "I dunno...your ideas weren't always great...but this sounds okay..." Harry said uncertainly. "Okay I'll do it." he said making the smile on Ron's face widen. "Good. Now we need to sort out who your dating, what day, what time, and what your gonna wear!" (I've written in it!-Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 4:31:29 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(74) Sooo Harry and Ron began making a timetable and list whatever, of who harry was dating oin the day, and what time etc. "Who are you dating first Harry?"asked ron. "I dunno...Randomn pick."harry replied. Ron waved his wand and a name shot up in the air. "Kirsty Jones" it said. "whos she?"harry asked. "I dunno, guess you'll jus hav 2 wait. Now for the rest..." Hary and ron sat all day/night doing the timetable and finally it was finnished. The next day, harry put one up in the common rooms. (I'm Back!!!!!!-Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 7:21:38 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(75) FINALY! Took u long enough! And bad timing too. Chanel's having a sleepover and I'm going tonight. I'll c ya later on! (Where th hell have u been?-Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 7:58:54 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(76) He met Kirsty Jones in the Great Hall. She looked like she was a third year, but when Harry wanted to take her to Hogsmeads, she said that she couldn't; She was too young. So they took a walk along the Great Lake, and she seemed nice enough, but Harry din't really fancy her. He was too polite to say so, which was a mistake, as he later found out. She wanted to walk with him the next day tommorow. He said that he was busy, maybe some other time? The next day, a girl named Helen met with Harry in the Three Broomsticks. She was very chatty, and wanted to know EVERYTHING about Harry. "What do you think about your sitiuation now? I mean, it must be very hectic, isn't it? The letters, the contests, the girls competing, the blackmail...." "Wait." Harry said suspiciously. "How do you now about the blackmail?" Helen looked very flustered, and she was twisting a lock of blond hair around one finger. All of a sudden, Harry saw how like Rita Skeeter this girl was. "Um....I have to go...." he said. She flashed a toothey smile at him. "Okaaay." Thursday was even worse. He had a date with a girl who loved to sing, and wanted to see what he could do for her reputation. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 9:01:27 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(77) "I can't take this." he said to Ron, collapsing in an overstuffed chair. "Hey, can't win 'em all, can you?" Seeing that this brought no response, he tried a different tack. "Look, those girls were people you didn't know. It's bound to be better when you date the fifth years? Right?" (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 9:01:44 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(78) Nobody seems to b unfortunate... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 9:14:00 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(79) I am completely lost.. (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 1:07:03 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(80) sorry....i can't vote, i set up the poll. POLLS CLOSE ON THE SEVENTH, PEOPLE, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR FAVORTIE CHARACTERS DROPPED OUT OF THE STORY, THEN VOTE. sorry that i seem obsessive, but we have to get the plot moving. osrry that you're lost, animal, could I help in any way? (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/29/2003 4:57:30 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(81) SHH! IM READING THE STORY..... "I guess that 5th year girls are maybe my speed." said Harry. "Wnt to look on the list?" said Ron. "Sure" said Harry. (That was a short scenetnce right? Anyways... I havent been writing beacuse Jazzy D and Sophian are such good writers because there keeping the storie interesting! :) oh and Im putting either a C for Vho or a H for Hermione. What do you think???, Age 13 to 18, 8/29/2003 5:28:38 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(82) oops. a c for cho I ment (That was a short scenetnce right? Anyways... I havent been writing beacuse Jazzy D and Sophian are such good writers because there keeping the storie interesting! :) oh and Im putting either a C for Vho or a H for Hermione. What do you think???, Age 13 to 18, 8/29/2003 5:30:00 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(83) thanks, but i'm not that great of a writer. you should see the people on fanfiction. i just read the stories, cuz i'm not old enough to write in it. So one likes Parvati, she's going to get dropped out. i like anya, (she's my character) and so she's in. so we only really eliminated one person out of what was called the "rat race" ok................................ "I don't know a lot of these people." Harry said, scanning the list. "Yeah, but I hi-lighted the most eligable candidates." There was hardly a spot without a yellow line in it. "Um, Ron?" asked Harry. "Yeah?" Ron said, looking up from a pile of letters he was sending replies out to. "Um...there seem to be a lot of candidates." "Yeah." Ron said, getting back to his work. He met with a girl he had never knew existed before. "Hi Harry." she said softly. "Hi." Harry said, trying to remember her name. Something with a K....Katerina? Kira? Kim? Yeah, that must be it. "So, Kim. where to you want to go?" The girl, who had gotten brave enough to meet his gaze, dropped it again. "Kim's my twin sister." she said. "I"m Tina." "Sorry." And he really, meant it because she looked very upset. "It is always, Kim, Kim, Kim" The girl burst out suddenly. "EVERYONE remembers Kim. She's smarter, prettier, Quidditch player, Charms club." she said bitterly. "I do things that are special, too, but no one notices. No one cares. Maybe Kim has done it before me. And I just-" she stopped. "I don't know what's the matter with me." she said miserably. "Here I am, meeting iwht you,and then I'm venting everything out on you. Sorry." Harry thought that she was nice enough, but she needed someone who could give her advice, not just listen. The next day.... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/30/2003 8:04:43 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(84) Thanks 2 who ever wrote that short paragraph, but like sophian, I'm not a good writer. I honestly think that. Yeah, so I do get good grades in literature when I'm writing stories...but those are simple things, nothing exciting about them. No action, romance (Okay maybe a little) but I do add quite a lot of characters that like killing the others but that's just me...Thanks newayz. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/30/2003 9:53:25 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(85) Hey, Im not a good writer. I SUCK at it. @ school their is a writing prompt and the rateing it 1-5 and i only get 3's. does that solve the problem that i don't write good? sorry, but I just think that Jazzy D and Sophian age pretty good writers. Other than me, i can't spell the word Annastostoppilliss-marieta-Jones. (Candace, Age 13 to 18, 8/30/2003 8:20:49 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(86) Candace, you just spelled the word correctly. (laughs) (creig, Age 13 to 18, 8/30/2003 8:21:43 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(87) SEE???? IM DUMBER THAT YOU THINK! I need to ask my mom if i am dumb and if she dosen't say that im dumb, im gonna have to bosy slam her. Just kidding. I just need to become a good writer since my mom IS a writer for children and adults. and she sais ONE day i might be her as a writer. I need to practice more. (Candace, Age 13 to 18, 8/30/2003 8:24:17 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(88) Ya aint dumb! Trust me but let's continue this story. Oh, and who ever wrote that short paragraph, if you won't write cos me and sophian are too good, I haven't written in here cos sophians writting is much better than mine! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/31/2003 9:20:50 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(89) Yo! I think u guyz are waaaay better dan me! I jus put a lil bit and then i c n wait until what happens...its okay 4 u guyz 2 tink i suck at it... (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 8/31/2003 10:29:45 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(90) Perleaz! Ur a good writer 2 animal! I know you are! You wrote on fanfiction! I read some of it but then I had to go to church. BTW how ya been? (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/31/2003 10:49:13 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(91) (back to story)The nexy day Harry woke up and went to the common room.He saw Gryffindor girls talking.Harry ducked down so that the girls wouldn't see him. "Harry, is soooo mine,"said a girl."Not ah.Never cause he likes red heads."Ginny said."No he likes brunets!"said Hermione."NO HE LIKES BLONDES!"said a girl named Alexa.Harry laughed."NO HE LIKES BLACK HEADS!"said a girl named Rebecca.Hermione left the room.Just then Ron came in."Hey Harry why are you ducking?"Ron said as he looked down at Harry.Harry grabed him down next to him."What the-?"Ron said."RON!shh!The girls are talking about me.And I want to know what there saying!"Harry whispered to Ron."Oh got it.Oh spying are we know?"Ron said.Harry looked at Ron."Good you have a dark side!!"Ron shouted and leaped up."STRAIGHT UP!RIGHT THERE!"Ron said as he looked like he was ready to receive a "hi five".Harry pulled Ron down."RON GET DOWN!THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HEAR US!"Harry said."Sorry,"Ron said."Harry is sooo hot.And he's mine."Ginny said."Oh no he isn't.Talk to my girl,Gina here, AND THEN TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW HE'S MINE!"a girl named Gina said as she pointed to herself. "Okay,okay,we know."said Gina."Alright, what about that mudblood?Hermione is it."said Rebecca."Yeah, she is soo gunna win.She is taking Harry."said a girl named Rosa."That is why we told her to drop out."Rebecca told Ginny."Hermione, win?Huh she's just a little girl, not knowing what to do in the world!"said Rosa.Meanwile Hermione was listening near the wall.Harry spotted Hermione."Ron!Hermione is here look!"Harry whispered.Ron looked around as found her.Hermione turned around and headed towards the girl's dormatory."HERMIONE WAIT!"Harry said as he stood up and yelled."OH MY GOD!YOU HEARD OUR CONVERSATION?!"said Rosa.Harry gave a surprised yet innocent look."GET HIM!"yelled Rebecca.All of a sudden the girls charged up the stairs chasing Harry and Ron."Thanks ALOT Harry!"Ron said as he was running in the halls."Sorry!It's just Hermione shouldn't be treated that way!"Harry said.Just then a girl ripped off a peice of Harry's PJ's."AHHH!YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COST ME?!"Harry yelled."80 GALLEONS!'Harry shouted.Ron laughed a little.Just then they came to the boy's dormatory and Harry and Ron went inside.Ron shut the door."Few!"Harry said as he leaned against the door."What's that?"George said as he got up and scratched his head."Lady trouble is it know?"Fred laughed as he got up."This is not funny.The girls were talking and Harry heard them then I came in, Hermione left,Harry yelled,girls running,"Ron said as he was about to run out of breath."Lee Jordan woke up."It seems that my alarm bell is the noises of girls screaming.How nice."said Lee.Fred and George laughed."Wait it's the girls that are screaming?I though it was world war 3."said Fred.Harry and Ron laughed."Handsome yet brainless,a dangerious conbenation."Ron said."Having a tea party, sounds like a great idea now."Harry said."You know your right."George said.They laughed.Hust then a hand burst threw the door."NO TEA PARTIES!"said Rosa.The door didn't burst open."Guys, aliitle help here!"said Ron.All of the guys helped Harry and Ron.Allo f a sudden the door calappsed on top of Harry,Ron,Fred,George,Lee, and Neville came,not asking a question about this.The boys came from underneath the door and saw the girls flying by.The gang hid in there secret place that Fred and Gorge found."Okay then,"said Ron."Here's the plan, we go to the other secret area near the baw window near the lake.Then from there we go to Hogsmade and talk about this."Harry said."Alright on the count of 3."said Lee."3!"said Neville.The gang burst out and saw the girls running towards them.So they had no choice but to jump out of the window.And they did.The glass got smashed and they all jumped and lamded in the lake.The grils gathered around the broken glass and pointed and laughed st them.Fred splashed water on George.Ron looked at Harry.Lee gave the girls a mean galre.Neville,well,he was enjoying the water like Fred and George."I WILL KICK OUT 1 OF YOU FRO THE RAT RACE!"Harry said.Then the girls just walked away."Dang!Look at the window!"said Ron gazing at it."HEY DON'T YOU BE WALKING AWAY FROM ME!I'M TALKING!"Harry said.Ron laughed. (Star*, Age 8 to 12, 9/1/2003 6:19:12 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(92) {Okay JazzyD.U saw that I credited u then? How kind am I? Review it plz. N it can b bad, I'm takin dem all as compliments.)(O yea, if u wanna read my rubbish fanfic, go to And dont 4get 2 review it!)(Now back to the story, umm, I think I'll wait for som1 else to continue it. My mind is "blank") (Animal, Age 8 to 12, 9/2/2003 2:35:39 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(93) same here. I'll review it if I get the chance 2day, u know since it's the last day of the holidays... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 9/2/2003 4:00:13 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(94) "That's it." Harry said furiously. "I'm dropping ALL of them out. I'll ask Hermione later." "WHAT!" The girls whirled around. "But WHY?" "Because, you were nasty to my best friend. Because you called her a Mudblood, like all raccsits do. And because if you talk about me like that again, you are dead. THAT"S WHY!" He saw Hermione walking by him, trying to balance a huge pile of books. He went up to her. "Ummm...Hermione?" (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 9/2/2003 8:04:10 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(95) I just wanted to say a big hello and a big goodbye to sophian and all of the readers on this site as I may not be able to come here much longer considering the amount of homework we get from school now. So here goes HI SOPHIAN!BYE SOPHIAN AND EVERYONE ELSE ON STORYBOOK! I'LL SEE YOU IN A FEW MONTHS TIME! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 9/6/2003 5:34:51 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(96) what said hermoine. ummmmmm WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME said harry loud enough for the other girls to here. of course said hermoine and they kissed see you later said harry and hermoine together. (pricess16, Age 13 to 18, 9/26/2003 10:35:03 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(97) So Harry got out of the water and went back to the common room to change."Harry" Ron asked."Yes" replied Harry."I can't believe you kicked Cho out of the race!"said Ron."What?"asked Harry."Yeah,Cho was there to ya'know"said Ron "Oh yeah!I forgot I need to ask her to rejoin it!"screamed Harry "yup"said Fred.The Harry ran out of their dormitorie's when they were finished changing followed by Ron."CHO HEY CHO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Harry screamed on the top of his lungs. (A.H.V.W., Age 13 to 18, 10/2/2003 5:52:07 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(98) "What" ansered Cho in an angry voice."you can rejoin the race if you want"."I can" "mmm hmmm" "I can" "mmm hmmm" "thank you"she said and took him to the charms room to snog. (ahvw(hey um uh princess 16 please tell me your REAL name and Jasmine bye., Age 13 to 18, 10/2/2003 6:13:59 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(99) (ignore last paragraph skip:98,99) "What?!"Cho asked as she was still walking in the halls. "I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to join the race again?!"Harry said as he was running out of breath."And loose again, no chance of it!"Cho yelled."Your just going to pick someone obvious!"Cho yelled. Just then, kids looked out side of there doors and heard the conversation. Harry looked at them. Then they shoved to get back in. Cho ran to the Great Hall, Harry breathless. Harry bent down, and his hands at his knees.Cho dissapeared. Later that day Fred,George,Ron,Harry,Neville,and Lee were at a table in Hogsmade at Three Broomsticks. "So, anyone got any ideas for our next competion?"Ron asked, with butter beer flooded in his mouth."No ideas." George said as he looked at the street. "No ideas, but.. CAN WE HAVE OUR TEA PARTY NOW?!"Fred yelled."What?No tea parties."Harry said."That's it!"Harry yelled. As some witches stared at Harry,"Sorry,"Harry said."Whats it?"Ron said. "How about we have a...a ball?And let me see who is the best dancer and who doesn't like to talk alot."Harry said.Just then a girl came up to Harry."I'm not talkative,Accept one time.And I wear pwetty dwesses." The girl smiled at Harry and he saw her "yellow teeth"."Uh,gotta go tie my shoe laces...OVER THERE!"Harry pointed to another shop.The group ran along."Dang!That girl got yellow teeth!"Ron said as he laughed."Oh, Harry!Do go on!My teeth are awful!Yet, I don't talk, and once again I wear pwetty dwesses!"Fred said.Harry said. They soon returned to their table and just sat there. (Star*, Age 8 to 12, 10/5/2003 10:10:53 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(100) (Why ignore it?)When they came back from hogsmeade... (I'm confused where are we?-A.H., Age 8 to 12, 10/5/2003 12:08:02 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(101) Oh and call me A.H. not A.H.V.W. it is too long.The V.W. stands for VanWestrienen (A.H. not A.H.V.W., Age 8 to 12, 10/5/2003 12:10:25 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(102) Oh sorry star* you just need to tell me where R tay?And I con contin U. (A.H. Your mystery person ask Jaz for my name, Age 8 to 12, 10/8/2003 10:53:21 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(103) k. Alright. (Star*, Age 8 to 12, 10/9/2003 5:59:31 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(104) So,where are they? (A.H. Your mystery person ask Jaz for my name, Age 8 to 12, 10/10/2003 8:45:29 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(105) Umm....I think that Cho was rejoining the race.... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 10/19/2003 11:40:30 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(106) (back to story) "Are you sure that winning a girls heart is to make competitions? to compete with other girls? to do this cruel thing to the other girls?" said Fred. "Yup, It's fair" said Fred and George laughing. Ron looked at Harry, wich was nervous. "Only 5 more competitions and well know wich girl is right for you" said Ron cheerfully. "Yeah" said Harry softly. Ron's smile faded. "Aren't you excited?" said Ron. "Yeah...." said Harry opening the book called, "Hogwarts a history volume 12" "Well why are you not happy?" said Ron. Ron heard a cheerful voice and turned around. "YEAH!" said Fred and George, doing the hi-five. Ron turned back to Harry. "Why aren't you excited?" said Ron. "I can't dance....." Harry said softly. "Come again?" said Ron. "I can't dance" said Harry a little louder. "you what?" said Ron. "HE SAID HE CAN'T DANCE!" said Fred turning to Ron. "WHO CAN'T DANCE?" said Ron. "HARRY CAN'T!" said George. "oops....." said Fred,George and Ron at the same time. Everyone in the great hall started to laugh except Ron, Hermione,Ginny and Cho. Harry sank down, under the table so no one could find him. "Oh..." said Ron. "Well.....we can help you dance" said Ron. "A great dance!" said Fred. "SHHH!! not so loud." said Ron. "C'mon Harry, well help yeh" said George. "Searously?" said Harry peeking his head out from underneath the table. "Sure we will!" said Ron cheerfully. "Thanks" said harry smileing. Just then, a cold drift behind Fred had stopped in front of Ron. "Poor Potter, Can't even dance, you fool, EVERY ONE CAN DANCE!" said Draco Malfoy. "I cannot believe it" said Draco with a smirk smile. "What kind can you dance Malfoy?" said Harry. "The funky chicken?" said Harry. Everyone laughed except Draco, Crabbe & Goyle. "Curses!" said Draco. Draco had gone back to his seat. "nice line Harry" said Hermione smileing. "Thanks" said Harry smileing. "for the other course well do.....I KNOW! THE-" Ron did not finish his sentence. Suddently, a scream echoed in the Great Hall. 'What was that?" said Ginny softly. All the 1, 2nd and 3rd years suddently worried and got scared. Just then, Filch came in and said, "Don't worry children, It's just Snapes new sword... damn it was sharper than the other" said Filch. Filch had returned to the dungeon. Dean had noticed a stabb on the back from Snapes new sword, bleeding like a water fountain. "ouch' said Ron. "I know" said Dean. (Matt W, Age 13 to 18, 10/22/2003 10:17:44 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(107) that must really hurt said ron. it dose. (yenelin lopez, Age 8 to 12, 10/25/2003 7:04:10 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(108) Snape stabbed who?Filch? (Who?, Age 8 to 12, 10/29/2003 5:55:59 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(109) Harry likes Hermione as much as Hermione likes Harry too. Harry is always be there for Hermione as much as Hermione is always be there for Harry. Hermione is Harry's future Mrs. Potter. They're belong togther. (Harriome, Young Adult, 11/3/2003 9:09:10 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(110) HERMIONE IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!! (BY ME, Age 13 to 18, 11/5/2003 5:39:00 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(111) Well not gay but she is a trans sexual. She likes both boys and girls (Crazy man, Age 13 to 18, 11/10/2003 8:49:39 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(112) All the hogwarts students and teachers get killed buy a nucleur bomb. And that's it for Harry Potter. (Nucleur Man, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 9:25:10 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(113) Doesn't Hermione like Victor Krum? (Truth or Dare Guy, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 10:02:51 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(114) (Umm...don't you mean bi? at crazy man??) i don't think she's gay!! since when did it say in the books that she's gay!!!???? (Bite my ass!, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 10:53:35 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(115) i don't like krum! now he sounds gay! i think she just had a crush on him. bope harry and hermione make a good couple! screw the others! harry and hermione all the way! (ur mom!, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 10:56:05 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(116) Hermione should marry Harry. Buzz off Krummy! (Heather, Age 8 to 12, 11/13/2003 11:01:29 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(117) Hermione should marry Harry. Buzz off Krummy! (Heather, Age 8 to 12, 11/13/2003 11:01:32 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(118) I like Victor better than Harry! (Hermione, Age 13 to 18, 11/18/2003 5:09:25 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(119) this story sux it was better when sophian and jazzy D were here (KC, Age 13 to 18, 11/20/2003 9:12:38 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(120) Dare I say Harry and Ginny? Or Hermione and Ron. I think Hary and Hermione are all wrong for each other. (Karri, Age 13 to 18, 11/22/2003 7:04:05 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(123) I meant 19 (Carlos, Young Adult, 11/30/2003 9:37:59 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(124) That day was lovelyday. Two young teens walking side by side while holding each other hand tightly. "I lov..." said that boy suddenly to Ginny. Ginny become perplexed and asking him back, "what?". "Nothing... I need to tell you the truth. After I saved you from that death eaters early this year I was supposed to go back to my time line and not supposed to changed the history! Your true life time mate's would not be me but someone else... ginny" said that boy. "But who? I like you! You can't say that to me!" Spatted Ginny. "You shall see him soon" whispered that boy to Ginny. "Oii Ginny what are you doing here? I'm had searching for you all over the school. Common then, the ball opening ceremony is going to start soon!" Screamed Harry. (Shah, Age 13 to 18, 12/11/2003 7:59:04 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(125) Ooh, someone cares about the fact that I haven't been here! I'm sooo happy, it's unimaginable. Well, let's go back to when Cho was reentering the race, shall we? Jazzy D? Are you there? And evil cousin, if you're here, I swear, when you come here to NJ for a visit, I'll kill you.... (sophian (remember me?), Age 8 to 12, 12/19/2003 3:27:43 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(127) This is well wierd! thought Harry. I thought I was going out with Cho but Ginny started flirting with me the other day! No! I need Cilla Black-and fast! Dud duh duh! Will Harry sort out his love life? (Let me tell you that Hermionie loves him too!) (Sarah, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 3:49:11 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(128) This is well wierd! thought Harry. I thought I was going out with Cho but Ginny started flirting with me the other day! No! I need Cilla Black-and fast! Dud duh duh! Will Harry sort out his love life? (Let me tell you that Hermionie loves him too!) (Sarah, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 3:49:16 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(129) Let me tell you that yes! Yes! Yes! Harry had just remembered a spell he had learnt. Far, far back in his memory, right at the back of his head (even behind where he kept his dirty socks) was a spell. It was called the lurve spell. It would summon up Cilla Black! Duh Duh Duh! (Sarah , Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 12:51:55 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(130) Harry ran out of the common room and down the stairs. But just as he reached the bottom he met someone he had been hoping he wouldn't... (Sarah (again!) , Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 12:55:09 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(131) It was (wait for it) Ginny! Oh my god, Harry thought. Ginny, stuff Cho, I lurve you! I didn't even need Cilla Black! he said out loud. (Sarah , Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 12:57:31 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(132) So for the next week Harry went round with Ginny. They were a definite item, they even went as far as sitting on the bed (Harry's) stroking each other in places I'd rather not mention ie inside the ears! They made up a snogging scale. 1-lip nibbling 2-peck on the cheek 3-tongue kiss 4-kiss for more than half an hour without stopping 5-holding hands whilst doing 1 6-holding hands whilst doing 2 7-upper body fondling outdoors 8-holding hands, whilst doing number 4 and 7 9-upper body fondling inside (not in bed) They even made it up to number 8! (Sarah , Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 1:03:59 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(133) PS Before I leave, let me just say I will try to be back with more romantic exploits tommorrow! (Sarah , Age 8 to 12, 1/6/2004 1:05:31 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(135) That hole thing about Ginny and Harry is very, very sick. There shouldn't stuff like that on websites about Harry Potter. That is being sick minded. No offense to the writter. Besides Harry belongs with Cho. (J, Age 13 to 18, 1/14/2004 8:21:07 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(136) I know, isn't it sick?? But I really really really really don't think that Harry and Cho belong together. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 1/15/2004 1:24:24 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(137) You have your own oppinion of who should be together snd I have mine but there still shouldn't be stuff like that on the Harry Potter websites, its just sick. (J, Age 13 to 18, 1/16/2004 8:55:00 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(138) Mind the few paragraphs, like the SARAH'S. Anyways, chop chop, I'll try and FIX it. (Madison, Age 13 to 18, 1/16/2004 11:43:35 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(139) Harry and Ginny continued dating. And Cho re-entered the race. Common Room: Ron entered the common room.As for Harry, just sitting in a chair looking at the fire."So, Harry, are we still doing the race?" Ron asked, while balancing a pile of books for his test for potions. "Well, this is my future right? I say it's still on. Maybe we should um.... bring back the shows. You know, that whole talent thing back! I enjoyed it alot." Harry suggested. "I dunno Harry, remeber last time? It was okay, yet in a sort of "wierd" way." Ron said. "But Ron! This is my future!" Harry yelled across the room. "So you don't need a competion to dicide for you!" Ron yelled. "Well maybe it's the way I want it!" Harry yelled. Just then, Fred and George came out, and looked around. Ron dropped the pile of books. "Listen Harry. You asked my opinion...and I GAVE IT TO YOU! Maybe next time don't ask me." Ron yelled and stormed to the boys' dormatories. Fred and George stared at eachother."What'd you do Harry? Ron pulled a gasket!"George called out. Harry looked up at George and Fred. "Um...must be on our way!" Fred and George quickly said as they ran back to the room. Harry put his head down, and thought a lot. (Madison, Age 13 to 18, 1/17/2004 12:04:54 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(140) Narrorator of Harry Potter and the sorcorer's CD-Rom) Yes, it had seemed the race had again re-united. The competion was that he challenged all of the girls to a race. Quidditch perhaps!Whoever catches the snitch before Harry, or after him, will get 50 points. All the girls knew Ginny and Cho have been on teams. They think it's unfair. Harry changed the rules. Now, the best person would get points. Whoever got the most points would become Mrs. Potter.Ron was still mad at Harry. Ron thinks he's to young to dicide. "Infact, he's got about 10 years to think of that one!", Ron would tell others. Rumors have spread that Ron will never speak to Harry again. "Just because of a stupid fight?!" Hermione would say after she slammed down the Daily Prophet for Hogwarts. "Shame really. They were best friends!" the Hogwarts students would say, as they passed by others.The race was still young, and the night, as still. The night sky of Ireland appeared as the stars peaked up, and the moon, as a gust of light. The purple and black sky had stayed for so long. The lights of Hogwarts were all blown out. And not even a mouse squeeked.Harry was at his window, right next to his bed. He looked out the window. Wondering what would come next.Even I wonder what will appear, we only hope he will make the right decision. (Matt W, Age 8 to 12, 1/17/2004 12:19:39 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(141) Harry was copying down notes in his notebook, when a little object hit a small part of Harry's ancle. Harry checked to see if anyone claimed it. No one seemed to. Harry picked up the note quickly so Snape wouldn't see it. Harry unfolded it and looked down at it. It had read, Dear Harry, Whe will the race begin?! I can't wait. But, I warn you, I'm not that good at flying!I just hope you pick me!Well that's all. Love, The unloved and the unexpected The note really wasn't that big of a thing. Harry looked up at the board. Snape turned around and stared at Harry. "What have you got here?" Snape said. He stormed to Harry. "Dear Harry,when will the race begin?!I can't wait.But, I warn you, that I'm not that good at flying!I just hope you pick me!Well that's all. Love, The unloved and the unexpected. Snape gave a mean glare. "Detention Mr. Potter! For passing around notes! Plus no love letter! You're hiding something! And you all are in it!"Snape yelled at Harry and glared at the class. They all were staring but when Snape gave a glare, zip! Straight back to their books! Snape went to his desk. Harry took a deep breath and wiped his forehead. DETENTION: Harry had to go and get fire wood for all the common rooms. the Great hall, the classrooms, Filch's room (which smelled like dirt)Dumbledor's office, along with the other professor's offices. And the torches for the halls, outside, and in small allies. Harry thought. "What the heck?!" Harry carried a wheel barrow and wheeled it around in the forbidden forest. Of course nothing comes good from the forest. Harry knew something would come up. Just not so late anyway! The fog formed more as Harry made paths and spread the fog. The lantern in his hand was almost burned out. Just then Harry heard a noise. He looked around. He continued and once again heard the noise. Harry yelled."Who's there?!" No one seemed to answer. Harry ran towards the nearest exit to escape. He thought it might be Volde- I mean You-know-who. He ran so fast that the wheel barro just stopped in mud, making Harry fly in the air and fall back down on the mud. "AHH!" Harry yelled. Owls hooted and wolves howeled. "Lupin, he must be here!" Harry said to himself. He wanted to get up but, his back, oh his back! He couldn't move. The noise came back. Harry groaned in pain. "Someone help!" Harry yelled. Harry's scar began to hurt. It bled and it mixed up with the leaves and durt.This scene is not pretty! Harry struggled to run. But he seemed to have notice that he broke his back! Harry layed there, with missery, helplessness, pain, and anger. He then gave up and just took deep breaths. What ever the noise was, stopped. And the night went on. Harry lie there. Where he would stay for the night. (Emma, Age 13 to 18, 1/17/2004 12:46:37 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(142) Just then something figured and got closer to Harry. Harry yelled. The lantern was smashed in peices so he couldn't use it. Another light appeared in the figure's hand. The figure came out an it was....RON! "Ron! Help please!" Harry yelled. "Harry! What are you doing?!"Ron yelled back. Ron ran faster. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!"Harry whispered. "Just please help me! I though Voldemort was here, cause I heard a noise. My scar bled, and a wolf howeled. I though it was Lupin. I heard the noise again, next thing I know, I broke my back!"Harry said fastly."Harry! I'm sorry! And I forgive you and I'm gonna help you okay?Now hold on my arm!" Ron said. Harry did what was told and did so. He lifted off the ground and stood up. Ron helped him get back to Hogwarts. Harry was put on the couch, and he layed near the fire with his head upside-down and saw fire "on the ceiling".(That's what you see when you turn your head upside down). "I'm sorry Ron. I got mad. Thinking if I should break up with Ginny, and all these plans..I-I, I couldn't take it! So I took it all out on you!"Harry said. "I know, I just got mad because I had a lot of studying!" Ron said. "The rumors have changed."Harry said. "Right."Ron said. Harry and Ron both went to Harry's windown and talked over things. ~~~~~~~~That's it for today!~~~~~~ (Madison, Age 13 to 18, 1/17/2004 1:02:01 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(143) Ron looked out the window, and saw Hedwig come in. Ron grabbed the note from Hedwig's leg. Harry took it from Ron and opened it."Listen to this," Harry said. Dear Harry, You want to break up?! I knew the rumors are true! Well listen, I'm breaking up with you! You didn't tell me!If you did....I would have understood! Hate you, GiNnY wEaSlEy "Wow, harsh."Ron said as he took the note. "Oh no, more problems!"Harry groaned. "Well, who spred the rumors?" Ron asked. "Probably the girls, they're jelious. I know it. They just want to make Ginny feel upset. But in a way, I sort of wanted to think about well....dumping her. Just not so soon."Harry said."You were going to break up with Ginny?!"Ron whisper, yet shouted."Ron, lots of things aren't sorted out.I just..I can't explain it." Harry said. "Well, you know what's wierd?Is that if you married Ginny...we would be....BROTHER-IN-LAWS!"Ron whispered. "WOAH YOU'RE RIGHT!"Harry whispered. "I don't think I want you as a brother-in-law.Just as a friend."Ron said. "Yea, I know. Just friends is okay.But wait...that means Ginny will have to be kicked out!" Harry said."Oh no, more things to think about."Ron said. "Talk about pressure."Harry said as he put Hedwig on his arm. "Well, sleep tight. I'm going to bed."Ron yaned."Night Harry."Ron said as he went to bed."Yea, night Ron."Harry whispered.Harry took a deep breath."Wait Ron,"Harry said. "Yea Harry?" Ron asked."Could you help me into bed?" Harry asked."Oh yea!"Ron said as he hopped out of bed.Harry went to bed and so did Ron. (Narrorator of Harry Potter and the sorcorer's stone on PC-CD-ROM) Night was going by slowly and Ginny, lye awake. She was too, looking out of the window next to her. GIRLS' DORMATORIE:"Why Harry,...why?Why me?"Ginny whispered."Should I drop out of the race?"Ginny asked herself."I don't know what to do."Ginny said as she put her hands on her face. (Narrorator of Harry Potter and the sorcorer's stone PC-CD-ROM) Ginny went back to bed and Draco Malfoy was awake. Infact all of the Slytherins were awake. Doing pootions and studying. The purple sky of Scotland stayed until morning.The moon was full.The Scotland fog, stayed. But, a storm came.Lots of things were wrong, a storm was there, Ginny was mad, Harry was confused and broke his back, and whatever that thing was outside of Hogwarts, wandered around. (Matt W, Age 8 to 12, 1/17/2004 2:43:09 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(144) Five girls sat by the fire in the Gryfinndor common room that night,scratching out their thoughts in their notebooks. Ginny gave the barest hint of a smile to a photograph on a page in her diary. She shook her head ruefully and slammed the book shut, as if angry about seomthing. All four of the other girls stared at her with amazement at this strange behavior. Cho shook her head, and kept on writing in her red-leather-bound notebook. Another book closed shut, and Hermione ran up the steps after Ginny. One by one, they all left the dying fire. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 1/18/2004 12:39:04 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(145) ~An excerpt from the Diary of Ginny Weasly~ I won't give him the satisfaction of rejoining this pathetic contest. Doesn't he know that there is no way to measure who is the right person for you?? Boys are probably the most dense people on the planet. Times like these, I want a sister.~ Harry slipped on his Invisibility Cloak and snuck outside the common room, down to the library. Remember that the door creaks, he told himself as he opened the oor to the Restricted Section. He wasn't looking for anything, really, he just liked the feeling of mystery in the air in this room. A large book made him stop short. He flipped it open, to a random page. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 1/18/2004 12:45:42 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(146) (Narrorator of Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone CD)Harry had opened to a page an began reading it. It had no information whats so ever about what was going on. Harry thought that there would be at least one mystery. He then thought about the figure in the woods. He began looking for any pictures for what he saw. It took him 3-4 hours to find the right book. Harry found the book! He went all the way to the top of the book case. He had to climb. He grabbed it and whispered, "Got it." Harry carefully got down. But then he slipped on a book. he fell again on his back, "Not again!" Harry whisper-shouted. His back had just felt better after that night. Just then a pile of books collapsed on top of Harry's chest. Lady Luck was not with Harry, not at all. Everything was wrong! Just then, Proffesor Severus Snape came. "MR. POTTER! THIS IS THE RESTRICTED SECTION!" Harry rolled his eyes, "Then maybe you should put it in bold letters. Or maybe you should have never put it here in the first place." Harry said as he got up. "Mr. Potter! Come with me!" Snape grabed Harry and stormed to the bird, the entrance to....."Dumbledor's Office." Harry knew it was trouble, since he ewent there in the second year. "STOP HURTING ME! MY ARM HURTS WHEN YOU SQUEEZ YOUR FINGERS IN MY ARM!"Harry yelled. "QUIET POTTER!"Snape yelled as Snape looked at the bird. "Red Fox." Snape said loud and clearly. "Red fox," Harry said to himself. Harry thought he saw the name of the figure in the woods, it might have been a "Red Fox". "That's it!" Harry whispered. "I SAID QUIET!"Snape yelled. All of a sudden they were there. Dumble dor's office. Harry had the book still in his hand. "Oh no! I better hide the evidence!"Harry said to himself.Just then, Dumbledor's face appeared. His half-moon specticles shined in the moon light. Harry knew it was trouble. Dumbledore just stared at Harry. What would come next?............. ```~~~~~~~C~~~~~~~``` ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Matt W, Age 8 to 12, 1/26/2004 4:10:38 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(156) "ah? Indeed. And why were you there, Harry?" asked Dumbledore, surveying him over his half moon glasses. (Julie, Age 13 to 18, 2/28/2004 5:09:20 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(159) "I..I was just looking around.." he mumbled, looking at his feet. Dumbledore raised his eyebrows and Snape let out a sputter/laugh. "What?!" he sneered. "I see. Harry, why were you 'just looking around' in the Restricted section of the library after hours? You know you are not supposed to be there, even if it is during the day." said Dumbledore sternly. "I just wanted adventure." muttered Harry. Snape laughed. "Adventure?" he snorted. Dumbledore gave him 'the look' and he shut up. (Julie, Age 13 to 18, 2/29/2004 8:14:44 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(161) "Everything here seems-bland, dull." Harry said, feeling his cheeks heat up. "My class is not giving you a challenge enough?" Snape sneered. "You only get P's in my class." "I need something new." Harry said. Professor Dumbledore looked at him foir a moment, and then got up. His hands fell on an old, tattered book. On the front were peeling letters, bearing the words: The Firefox. Harry's heart gave a leap. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 3/3/2004 6:57:01 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

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(173) "Hey, Cho!" Harry's effort to get Cho Chang's attenrtion was in vain. "Chang!" Silently cursing to himself, he tried one more time, "Hey! Cho Chang! May I speak with you please?" The entire corrider suddenly quieted as Cho turned toward Harry with a glowing fire in her eyes. "Yes, Potter?" Despite the firey glow in her eyes, Cho's voice was surprisingly cold. "Er.. I was wondering... did you want to go... to Hogsmede with me?" "What??? You WISH!! I happen to have a date with Ron Weasly! He sees to be more gentlemanly then you can ever hope to be!" With that Cho flounced into the Charms Classroom. Harry slowly turned to his best friend, Ron, who was slinking slowly towards the Gryffindor Common Room. Harry just stared for a few breathless moments, and then he began to yell. "RON!!! YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!!! HOW COULD YOU OF ALL PEOPLE DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!?!?!" Ron smirked and then said, "Actually, it was quite simple. I sat with Cho for a few moments and filled her in of ll the monsterous things you have done. Like sneaking out of school and that stuff." (Jeanette, Age 8 to 12, 3/6/2004 10:47:35 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(174) (Wow Harsh! Anyway)Harry got mad for a while. "Don't worry Harry... we still got the race."Harry thought. His back aked. After class he went to the court yard. He sat on the ground next to the only bush out of the whole court yard. Just then Hermione came in. "Harry! What are you doing on the ground?! You'll get dirty!" Hermione said as she helped Harry up. "Oh, I didn't notice." Harry said. "How could you not notice?" Hermione said looking in Harry's eyes and smiling. :D "It's just that...never mind." Harry said. "What? You can tell me." Hermione said pulling back Harry and stil looking into Harry's eyes and having her sweet inoccent smile. "Oh no, she wants to know! I shouldn't lie. Maybe I should just leave." Harry thought. Hermione looked at Harry. "What is it Harry?" Hermione said preciously."Oh man, I can't turn down her. Her eyes...oh great! I'm sure that if I tell her she'll get mad.Descisions..descisions..!" Harry thought. Harry grabed Hermione's shoulders and lied boldly. "I just wanted to ask you for a little date. And how you would react. So I must have wondered out onto the courtyard." Harry said. "Okay Harry, tonight @ 11. Bring your invisibility cloak."Hermione said still staring and keeping on her sweet smile. "Sure." Harry said letting go of Hermione's shoulders."Bye Harry!" Hermione said waving and ran out of the court-yard. "NO! I LIED! I CAN'T! NOW I HAVE DATE!"Harry yelled. Everyone stared at him. "Auditioning for a play." Harry lied. "Okay whatever-sure-bye-lets go-play?What play?" People were saying. "Great I LIED A GAIN!" Harry yell-screamed-in his head. He fell down next to the bush. "Oh great! Geez!" Harry thought.He lyed there. Thinking of course. (Note: You can chat after the paragraph you make for this story! I spoke with Carlos. He said for a limited time only. So add something for the story and then but in perenthesies (a.k.a. these ") and (". your note. You can ever wright 1 sentence. Just make sure it makes sence and that it has something to do with the story. Please add something soon!) (Emma, Age 13 to 18, 3/7/2004 4:40:28 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(175) Harry finaly go up before the next class....potions. Harry had in his bag his favorite shirt for the date with Cho...which changed to Hermione. He took it out and looked at it for a while. He put it back in his bag while he was walking to potions. He finally went there and Snape glared at him. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Potter." Snape glared. Harry sat down. Ron was a seat behind him...Hermione was next to Harry. "Now...shall we get started yet? Or has Longbottom not showed yet?" Snape said. Just then Neville came in. "Sorry I'm late Profeso-" Snape interupted. "Tardiness is laziness. Sit down. No questions asked." Snape commaned. "Yes Professor! But.. Trevor is in the Lake! And he-he-he-" Neville said. "Yes, Mr. Longbottom?" Snape asked. "He's...HUMUNGUS!" Neville screamed. Just then, the class heard people screaming out side. Trevor looked like Godzilla! "Now now, stay in here and calm down students." Snape said as he stormed out the door. The class didn't stay put, they all ran out side. Trevor was attacking! "Woops!" Neville said looking at Snape and Trevor. (Note: Alex...what about that chat place? I can't find it where?) (Madison, Age 13 to 18, 3/7/2004 4:51:58 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(176) While Professor Snape and Nevile where calming down Trevor, every one in the class where petrified, while the Slytherins where laughing so hard. Hermione gave them mean glares while Draco smirked all the way through. "Not cool" Ron said. "Anyways," Ron said. Ron turned to Harry. "So, up for another challenge for the fufter Mrs.Potter?" Ron said. "I guess" Harry said. "up for it?" Ron said. Suddently Millicent had interrupted their conversation. "I think that you should go up for some other challenges, it won't harm you" she said. Hermione smiled. What about MY DATE WITH HERMIONE? Harry said to himself. OR CHO? he said again to himself. "Harry?" Ron said. What if Cho is in the same place Hermione and I will be in? Harry question himself not paying attention to Rons conversation."What comes up, must come down," "Right Harry?" "Harry?" Ron said. "Oh, yeah, good" Harry said. "see?" Ron said to Millicent. Hermione giggled. Snape had finally came back. "Every one back to your dormitorys, pages 23-78 chapters 3-6 due tomorrow for homework. class dismissed" Snape said with his hair messed up. Ron looked disgusted by the due of Snape's hair. All of the Sytherins,Ravenclaws,Huffelpuffs and Gryffindors ran out of the door. "LONGBOTTOM STAY!" snape yelled back. Nevil had turned around and looked like he ws REALY going to get it. "Did you see Snapes hair? Uglier than ever, I should put that on my not-so-good hair-days from students and teachers" Ron said. Hermione and Harry said. "Next is Gryffindor tower." Hermione said. "Oh boy, Percy patrol" Ron said. "Whopee" Harry said. (Matt W, Age 13 to 18, 3/7/2004 11:38:02 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(177) Just then Percy came out of the corner. "Potter, Ron, Granger, Longbotom, and (looks at Milicent from head to toe) her. What are you doing here? Trevor is on the loose!"Percy said. "We know," They all said. "You all must evacuate now!" Percy said pushing them to the entrance. Harry hurried so fast that 1 of the potions spilled on Harry's favorite shirt. "NO!" Harry yelled. It melted the whole way through. He grabed the shirt and ran to the entrance and went in. Trevor then came near the entrance hall. Percy screamed. He ran inside. Trevor smashed the Great Hall and croaked. Everyone cried and screamed. That night...was scary. Trevor was somewhere in the forest. And Harry had to postpone the date. Ron came in the boys' dormitory. He slammed a peice of parchment on the table. "What is it Ron?" Harry asked getting out of his window area. "It's the Handy Hogwarts News Paper. Don't ask-. It has-"Harry inturupted, "Trevor,"he said. "Yeah! He's out there! And we're very close to the Forbidden Forest Harry! What if it comes out at night?" Ron asked. "I dunno Ron. We'll have to go down to the 4th floor and have to ask Dumbledor that question."Harry said. "Okay! That'll be a fun walk to throughout the place." Ron said. (Narrorator of Harry Potter and the sorcere's stone on PC-CD-ROM) Harry and Ron managed to sneek out of the dormitories. They went down many flight of steps. They were ery cautious about the dead- like-upper-body-souls that wonder around at night. They scream when they see you and come a running to you, and when they catch you, you loose beans, stink pellets, Wizard Cards, anything in your pockets. Then you have to go and pick it all up. Ron kept running into the souls. They had a journey going to the 3rd floor. Just then Harry and Ron thought of a shortcut. "I know where one is," Harry told Ron. So, Ron and Harry went to this door and opened it. Harry was still looking down at the map and Ron had a horrified look on his face. "So, we go here and the go to the door on the left of the old Charms class 101." Harry said. "Ron?" Harry asked. "Ron-?"Harry said again. Just then Harry looked up. Guess what they saw? (Kerch, Age 13 to 18, 3/8/2004 12:06:21 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(178) They had saw Trevor. Prof. Snape was lying on the floor with his wand on his chest still clutched to his hand. He had looked like he fainted. Harry screamed and Ron too. They both went running through the halls. Trevor couldn't contain himself. He felt like destroying things. "Harry? Why is it always us?!" Ron asked as they were running. Harry turned his head. "Maybe it's becasue we always go looking for something and it ends up attacking us!" Harry screamed. "Maybe we should at least cut down!" Ron suggested. "No time to talk Ron!" Harry yelled. Just then they saw a door and opened it with all there strength. They flew right in and closed the door. The door had been made out of steel. "That should hold him!" Ron yelled as he whiped sweat off his head. Just then Trevor's figure figured upon the door and looked like he was fighting his way through. "Maybe we should go." Harry said. "Yea! But my leags can't move!" Ron said trying to lift his legs. They both just stood there staring up at the tall door until Trevor came in. "AAAHHHHHH!" They both yelled trying to struggled to get out. But they were glued to the floor! "OH NO!" Ron said. Just then Draco Malfoy appeared at the corner of the room and waved in the air what had looed like this, "ZrAzY Glue(TM)5 galleons! Ingredients: Poxcide chemicals water hot water burning effects and Red number 1 WARNINGS: DO NOT APPLY ON EYE OR ON ANY PART OF BODY DO NOT SWOLLOW. IF SWOLLOWED THEN RUSH THE PERSON TO THE AMERGENCY ROOM THIS IS NOT PASTE YOU CAN EAT DO NOT APPLY THIS ON ANY ANIMAL 15. oz (ounces)NETWT. 03456 Bar code number: 132457362947674 This is registered as a "Gamble and Japes Joke shop" located at 23 Diagon alley RD. (road) 06473 All new! Diections: Apply glue on wood, plastic, porcilyn (hard pottery) and anything else. It is garenteed to stick. " Also known as Hot glue. Harry and Ron both looked at Malfoy. "DRACO!" They both yelled. Just then, Trevor appeared very close to Harry and Ron's shoes. What else could possibly go wrong? (NOTE: You guys are supposed to chat after the story you wrote. That way Carlos doesn't have more work to edit this story. You can even have your bit of the story a sentence long. As long as it's something about the story! WELCOME BACK! I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CERCH!) (Emma, Age 13 to 18, 3/14/2004 8:00:47 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(179) "I'm sorry Weasley and-" Malfoy raised his voice. "POTTER" "But it's best for me to do the tricks of the game, AND THE GAMES ISN'T OVER" Malfoy said. "Shut up Malfoy or i'll knock you out!" Ron said. "Nothing you can do" Malfoy. Malfoy began laughing. Harry looked around and saw trevor. "I've got an idea" Harry whisperd to Ron. "What is it?" Ron whisperd back. "Trever has claws so...he can cut the glue off!" Harry said cheerfully. "Are you mad?! The last thing i'd expect was just staying here till we die!" "Look at that beast!" Ron said. "Well you don't want to die fin front of Malfoy DO YOU?" Harry Whispered. "Suppose not.... LET'S DO IT" Ron said. "Trevor, Trevor, come over here boy, i've got some flies," Harry said. Harry raised his wand, and out came a bag of flies in harry's hand. "Harry, he's a toad, I don't think they eat that," Ron whisperd. "Whell this toad WILL HAVE TO" Harry said. Harry threw the bag near Trevor. Tveror opened the bag and had started eating the flies. "Groos" Ron said while looking away. Just then, Trevor had been back to normal. "Trevor!" Ron and Harry said cheerfully. Ron and Harry had been cut loose because of Trevor's dinner, but not to cut loose. "I'T CAN'T BE?! Malfoy yelled. Malfoy looked at the boddle of glue. And in small print it said. "If you chose a person to be stuck, a sort of beast can set them free by eating flies or grass. "UGGGGHHHHHH" Draco grunted. "Sorry, Malfoy" Ron said. Ron and Harry set off the moving staircases. "I'LL COME BACK!" Malfoy. Just then a gleam of light came from behind. "Mr. Malfoy, what are you doing here?" Proffesor McGonagal asked. "Umm...." Draco said.. (Madison, Age 13 to 18, 3/19/2004 10:40:55 AM, Future_Mrs_Potter)

(180) "Nothing, Professor," Draco said, with an emphasis on "nothing." He smirked, and then started to strut off when Professor McGonagall picked up the bottle. "Draco Malfoy!!" she thundered. "Have you been sneaking out of Hogwarts again?! I've told you time, and time again not to go Gamble and Japes shop! DETENTION, and perhaps a suspension of your prefect's privelages will do the trick. I shall take this up with Professor Snape, see if I don't!" and with that, she snatched his hand as though he was a disobediant child and stalked off. Ron and Harry gave each other a jubilant high-five. Malfoy muttered under his breath. "I'll get you back, see if I don't. Just be present at your own competition on Saturday and you'll see what I mean..." (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 3/19/2004 6:02:30 PM, Future_Mrs_Potter)