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Ginny the... SLYTHERIN?!

(0) Ginny fidgeted nervously. Where were Ron and Harry? Were they okay? The sorting was about to begin and... she couldn't help giggling when she looked over at the Gryffindor table, where Fred and George were making faces at each other. Percy was sitting beside them, looking like he was going to whap one of them over the head with the Hogwarts, a History he was reading. The stern looking witch Ginny had seen earlier was walking forward with a frayed and beaten hat. It began to sing a song that told about the different houses. When it was her turn, she scrambled to the stool and put the hat on her head. (Kate, Age 13 to 18, 10/9/2002 3:02:51 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(1) Ginny was scared, not only of not going to gryffindor, but of being in front of the school. the slytherin table was in a ruckus, sneering and laughing at her and her red hair. She wanted to show them that she was better, she wanted to hurt them. Her blood boiled, Her Head Was Hot, She could not control herself. She didn't hardly notice the sorting hat yell sylitherin, she didn't even realize the weird silence after it, she unknowingly walked towards the slytherin table sat down and then she came back to reality. GREAT! She had done it. She had to go to slytherin! (Mr. Spiffy, Age 13 to 18, 10/15/2002 3:50:28 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(2) malfoy glared as he saw ginny sit at the slytherin table " you dont belong here weasley " snorted malfoy . after the festival ginny went up to mgonnall " why didnt the sorting hat put me in griffindor " . (lauren, Age 8 to 12, 10/16/2002 3:11:49 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(3) 'But too bad,you're in Slytherin,haha.It's the best time....'He get hold of Ginny's hand And to the Slytherin Commmon Room. You are just going to dump the mubblood's,right?'asked Malfoy.'what mudblood?They Are my brothers,not budbloods.' (sHirlEy, Age 13 to 18, 10/19/2002 5:30:12 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(4) "Comon's,let's see what i can do for you.i will threats potter!"What threats potter,what are you saying?asked Ginny. "I think you have heard this message before,belong into Slytherin is to be cunning,not brave,like the saint potter!"sneered malfoy.he hold Ginny's hand and say the 3 words,I LOVE YOU."Gettaway,malfoy,i'm not as cunning as you.I rather not to be in Gryffindor,prefer than in Ravenclaw nor Hufflepuff.Old and wise,loyal or clever."say ginny and she rushed out to the great hall. (Pronina, Age 13 to 18, 10/19/2002 5:44:46 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(5) Ginny went to her dorm after reading silently by the fire in the common room.It was getting late.She was thinking of how she COULD be cunning.She shook her head and looked down.All her brothers had been in Gryffindor.Why not her??She wanted to know why.Why was'nt she brave enough??She would have to have a real talk with Dumbledore and see why.But in the meantime she would have to prove that she was strong enough for the Slytherins.Ginny could not sleep.She sighed and got up.She was on her way to the common room when somebody pushed her.She got up fast and whirled around.She could not exactly see the person but knew he or she was a Slytherin.'You don't belong here',the person said to her and knocked her down with a flick of a wand.Moments later,her eyes were really blurry,but had just adjusted to see that she was in the hospital wing.She could see figures sitting by her.Most likely,Harry,Ron,and Hermione.On the other side was Dumbledore having a private talk with Madme Pomfrey and Draco Malfoy. (Winnie, Age 13 to 18, 10/19/2002 6:13:31 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(6) ginny ran down the corridor and bumbed into harry " oh hello harry fancy seeing you here " . harry looked at ginny " hi ginny where are you going " . ginny seemed stressed out " i was going to the great hall but i cant find it " . harry could see that ginny was looking angry " im going to the great hall do you want to come with me " . ginny nodded " yes" . soon the two began to make there way to the great hall . when they got there they saw that dinner had already started . hermione stood " your late harry " . harry smiled " sorry ginny couldnt find her way to the great hall " . hermione nodded " ok " . (lauren, Age 8 to 12, 11/1/2002 7:29:44 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(7) Hermione had a glint in her eye,like it was something she knew.Harry caught her eye and understood.'Now Hermione,it is not like that',Harry said,after eating a piece of sausage.'Where's Ron?',Hermione asked Harry.'Oh my god,where is he!?',Harry yelled.'Look',Hermione pointed a few feet away.There a few feet away were Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy,face to face.Everybody in the great hall listened.It seemed as if they were arguing.'Your sister,Ginny needs to leave slytherin',Draco said.'Shut up!',Ron yelled dangerously.'You know,Weasley,you really need Ginny to transfer to Gryffendor,she's not like us.If you don't do anything about it,we would have to do something really bad to her.Just as Ron was about to murder him with his bare hands,Hermione came up and stopped him.Draco dropped his gaze to Hermione.'Stop it Draco,leave Ginny alone.It's not her fault she got in slytherin.Maybe it was a mistake'.Then Draco changed his gaze to Hermione and scowled while saying,'Who asked you anyway,mudblood'.Hermione looked at Ron's face,which was beet red.Harry dropped his face down and knew what was going to happen next.the last thing Draco heard was,'oh Ron!'.Draco woke up the next day and saw the trio and Ginny with Dumbledore and Snape.They seemed to have an important chat about someone like Ginny.'Probably about Ginny going back',Draco muttered weakly and indifferently.Suddenly Madam Pomfrey took out her wand and brought a chocolate bar.Dumbledore,Snape,Ron,Harry and Hermione looked at Draco Malfoy.Then Dumbledore said'... (Winnie, Age 13 to 18, 11/2/2002 8:02:01 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(8) ginny didnt see much of harry the next day becauseharry was very busy that day. on the way to the christmas feast she noticed harry and hermione kissing . harry spotted ginny and was very shocked " ginny i didnt know " but before he could finish his sentence ginny charged up to him " I THOUGHT YOU LOVEDME HARRY BUT YOU HAD TO GO OF WITH GRANGER" and she kicked over a pile of papers and ran out of the room sobbing . hermione turned to harry " gosh harry i didnt know she loved you " . harry looked out the window " its my fault . if i hadnt have kissed you ginny wouldnt be angry with me " . hermione nodded and left for the christmas feast . when he was there he noticed that ginny wasnt there . after the christmas feast he sat in the common room wondering where ginny was . he decided to go look for her . she wasnt in the corridor . so he went to look for her outside . he noticed the whomping willow masing its branches . harry looked at the bottom of the whomping willow and couldnt believe it . at the feet of the whomping willow face down lay a small black robed figure with flaming red hair . it was ginny . he ran over to her and picked her up . her eyes were closed and she looked very hurt . harry carried her to the hospital . madam promfey looked at harry and said she was in a coma . harry walked over to ginny who now was coverd in banages round her forehead and had a oxygen pipe in her mouth to help her breath . (lauren, Age 8 to 12, 11/8/2002 1:46:38 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(9) ron heard about his sister being in a coma . " madam promfey said that the whomping willow had atacked ginny very bad " explained harry . ron went to the hospital wing and asked if he could see ginny . madam promfey took ginny in the very serously injured section . ron saw a small red headed figure on one of the beds . he walked over to his sister and sobbed " ginny how could you go to the whomping willow its dangerous . it can hurt peaple real bad . you could have died " . ginny layed there breathing throuth her oxygen pipe " ginny dont die on me please " begged ron sobbing away . his sister still layed there looking hurt . (lauren, Age 8 to 12, 11/8/2002 1:52:29 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(10) ginny stayed in a coma for a very long time . the bandages were taken of . when ron harry and hermione went to see her . ginny woke up . (lauren, Age 8 to 12, 11/8/2002 1:54:40 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(11) all of a sudden gets an incredible urge to end it all!...throwing himself out the window everything flashes before his eyes...a dark fog blinds his eyes.......seconds later a shaking lily potter arrises from her bed......*MFF* grumbles her husband. lily gets up and walks over to the crib, where young harry is sleeping peacefully, smooth forehead in all. (yahoo, Age 8 to 12, 11/14/2002 3:26:39 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(12) Harry rushed over to malfoy tring to punch him when malfoy ducked. look at that potter missed he said letting go of ginny softly. he walked over to harry and whispered something in his ear. they both started walking towards ginny. Ginny my love i dont think its gonna work between us darco said as harry and him both raised their wands and yelled. a few years later draco and harry watched as their children played together...... (draco is my not ginnys, Age 13 to 18, 11/19/2002 11:20:44 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(13) Ignore the last paragraph) just then Ron walked in with Erica Ron just wanted to leave but Erica held him back "what" Ron whispered in her ear "I don't think we should leave your sister with him" said Erica "why" "because he was the one who killed hermiones sister" "WHAT!" "Ron why are you screaming"asked Ginny "because he killed amber!" "Awl Draco you did that for me" said Ginny "what! Ginny I dint know you were like this" "Hey Ron you know nothing about me ok know go bug some one else k" "im sending a letter to mom" "oh shut up momma's boy... (KC, Age 13 to 18, 11/20/2002 5:53:12 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(14) Just then Hermione walked in with piles of books.What did I miss?said Hermione.Its an arguement.said Harry.Hermione spotted Ron sobbing.Whats wrong Ron?said Hermione.Ginny hates me!said Ron.Hermione sat next to Harry.Some students had been acting wierd and some students are killing other students!said Ron.Harry looked at Hermione's face she looked worried.Im scared.said Hermione.Harry grabbed Hermiones hands.Harry and Hermione started to kiss.Hey guys a wesleys right in front of you!said Ron.Well youre lucky.Erica dosent even likes me.said Ron.Neville interupted Harry and Hermiones kiss.Do ya know that Hermione has been out with Malfoy?said Neville.Harry an dHermione stopped kissing.You did?said Harry.I really don't like Malfoy as much as you.said Hermione.Do you belive her?said Ron.Harry looked at Hermione.I belive her.said Harry.Harry and Hermione started kissing again.Just then Malfoy caught Harry and Hermione kissing.Hey thats my girlfriend!said Malfoy.Malfoy went to Harry and Hermione.Um excuse me Potter you should be kissing Ginny!said Malfoy.Hermiones my girlfriend!said Malfoy.Shes mine!said Harry.Harry stood up.Who do you thinks better?said Harry.Well i dont no.said Hermione Hermione saw Ginny.Ginny can you decide?said Hermione.Youre on your own!said Ginny. (Trista, Age 13 to 18, 12/4/2002 9:26:23 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(15) Hermione stood silent for a moment."Hmm...none,not in that way",she said."Now,if you'll excuse me,i have to study for a Potion's exam.She smiled at Ron in an friendly expression.She had also added,"and i suggest you both do too".She smiled at Ron.Just then they all watched what Malfoy and Ginny were doing."Well Malfoy",Ginny said awkwardly."Shall we get going?".Malfoy looked at her with a smirk."Whatever",he drawled.Suddenly,Ron yelled at Ginny."No!!Gin,stop!"."Just because you are in Slytherin does'nt mean you could go with Malfoy!You're not good enough for Slytherin".At this point Hermione beamed and Harry looked down.Ginny suddenly turned around,sorrow gleamed into her copper eyes.She suddenly looked at Harry and Hermione could see that love that Ginny once had for him."No",Ginny replied softly for the first time that she was in Slytherin."I belong in Slytherin and i better act like one.This is my house and there is a reason that i got paced here".Malfoy looked pleased at that moment,but Harry swore he saw a malicious glint in his silver eyes.Ginny smiled at Harry and Harry smiled back at her."But there was a mistake Ginny!Have some common sense!The Weasley's are NOT Slytherin material,they're Gryffendors!For Godric's sake!Not one Weasley had been in Slytherin!Not one!",at this point Ron looked sullen,but his face was that same face of beet red and anger.Ginny scowled."There was NO mistake!None,whatsoever.Believe me and there is nothing you can do about it".Ron leapt up to Ginny and hesatantly slapped her,which was something he had never done to her before.Ron looked ashamed at himself.Hermione could certainly see that,as well as Harry and even Malfoy could see that.Malfoy suddenly looked down and left.Ginny's eyes looked hurt as she looked at her brother.She had tears in her eyes."Believe me",Ron said lightly and croaked,"there is a way.I'll find out.It WAS a mistake,y'know that even.I know you do.You just can not see that.I know you still have that other Ginny inside of you.I will see Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall tomorrow morning"."There's something wrong,i know it",Ron said.Ginny looked at her brothers eyes once again and looked down and left very slowly. (Winnie, Age 13 to 18, 12/7/2002 3:58:47 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(16) What shall I do?said Ron. (Adriana, Age 8 to 12, 12/15/2002 8:41:54 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(17) "Treat her to some chocolate" said Harry. (Tania, Age 5 to 8, 2/22/2003 4:04:50 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(18) "Honeydukes,it is!",Ron yelled awkardly."And then",Ron said in a soft tone,"we go see Dumbledore and Mcgonagall".Hermione and Harry nodded.Meanwhile,Malfoy had something else on his mind. (Winnie, Age 13 to 18, 2/23/2003 11:26:48 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(19) malfoy had Giny on his mind should I have stode up to him or should I have done what I did. I know it was a nasty thing to do. that nasty little, slimy, no good weasley. ginys the best one out of all of them. And this is the time were I can ruin there familys reputation. I could win her respect and then cruch them and I would be famous. Later Ron and Hermione where at dumbledores office. Ron burst out "But she can't be in the right house, shes turned into a monster I tell you." Dubledore replied "I asure you she was put into the right house." And Dumbledore ecscused them. " I don't know whats going on but I don't like it." said Ron in a furious type of tone (Tori Kraft, Age 8 to 12, 5/7/2003 10:14:42 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(20) Meanwhile, in the girls' bathroom... "Pansy, really, you musst take the potion hourly." Malfoy protested, putting a glass of clear liquid to her nose. "It might taste awful, but if I'm going to disgrace the Weasel I'm going to have to have someone to take the Polyjuice potion." "Why don't you get Crabbe or Goyle to do it?" asked Pansy. "Because..." Malfoy started in outrage. Then he completely changed his tone. "Because I need someone intelligent, someone who is smart and someone who is pretty." "Oh. But I still don't like it." Pansy made a face. "Well, I guess I'll have to pick someone prettier and smarter to hang out with me all day under the disguise of Ginny Weasly." Malfoy pretended to start toward the door. "No Malfoy!" Pansy shreiked. " I am smart and pretty and in-till-i-gunt or whatever you call it." "I thought so..." Malfoy said. Hermione walked into the bathroom just in time to see Pansy start to pick up the glass. Pansy dropped the glass and the liquid spread across the door. "Ahhh! There is a boy in the-" Just then, Malfoy threw Hermione against the wall. "Mudblood, how nice of you to join me. " "Yeah yeah and now I think I will go." Hermione started toward the door. " I think not!" said Malfoy silkily. " I think that you will shut your mouth." "Says who?" Hermione asked bravely. "Me. And you WILL do as I say or else Ginny Weasly goes bye-bye!" "What do you have to do with Ginny Weasly?" Hermione asked suspiciously. "Wasn't she just with you?" 'It just so happens that the clear liquid is a polyjuice potion containing the essance of Ginny Weasel. And it just so happens that Pansy here-" He pointed at the whimpering Pansy. "-is taking this Polyjuice Potion. And it just so happens that you will not breathe a word of this to Dumbledore or your precious Potter or Weasel" Hermione shivered as she felt his hot breath on her neck. What was she going to do now? Suddenly, it struck her. Of course....all this plan needed was a little help from Ginny Weasly herslef! (ihpos, Age 8 to 12, 6/2/2003 5:15:20 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(21) "I wounder what I shoul do." Thought Hermoine as she walked out." "I know this might be dangourouse but i'm going to have to get some stuff from Harry. My defintaly the mape and cloake. My Secound choce is to talke to Proffer MaGnagoll. Hem how can I do this without anny one finding out." thiks Hermione as she amounsly walke towards the Owlery. Hermione walkes in suprise to see Faweks. That's It I could use hime to let Magonagoll know. Now where to start? she Thought (Rose, Age 13 to 18, 6/17/2003 12:21:06 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(22) harry ran into the commom room . he was out of breath . ginny walked from the girl's dormitries "oh hi harry what brings you hear so late ? " . harry smiled at her "i just went to the bath room and got lost . i was still hafl asleep " . ginny came and sat next to him " it's ok harry . " harry smiled then went up to bed . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 6/23/2003 11:49:13 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(23) back to paragraph 21...Hermione was doubtful that sending Fawkes was a good idea. She knew that Fawkes was definatly capable of the job, but how much power did Pro.McGonagall have over a Slytheryn? If she was going to get help from Ginny, she would have to find out where Ginny was. She would definatly have to use the map and cloak if she was using that plan. But how would she explain to Harry? No, that plan is definatly not a good one.Scratch that plan out, Hermione thought. Maybe I should just disguise myself as a Slytheryn, she thought again. But that could take months, she reminded herself, and Ginny needs help now. Wait a moment, Malfoy just said that I couldn't talk about this to Dumbledore, Harry and Ron, Hermione thought, but he didn't say anything about Ginny's new-found friends, Dana and Michelle. She raced upstairs to the girls' dormitory (sophiawin, Age 8 to 12, 6/27/2003 1:06:46 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(24) "Dana, Michelle, I need your help!" exclaimed Hermione. "Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson...." "who?" choroused the girls. "these slytherin students. but anyway, Ginny Weasley is in trouble. Malfoy and Pansey made some polyjuice potion and are going to use it to ruin Ginny's reputation!" "Where are they?" asked Dana "in the girl's bathroom. The one with Moaning Mertle. "We'll help you, Hermione!" said Michelle. "That's great!" exclaimed Hermione. But what can they do, she thought. (friend of ihpos, Age 8 to 12, 6/29/2003 1:57:05 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(25) Dana and Michelle walked into the girls' bathroom. "Oh, hi Ginny!" Dana called out. Michelle ran over and embraced Pansy, much as it sickened her to do that. "Hey, what is Malfoy doing here?" Michelle asked innocently. "Oh, we were meeting here." "Meeting him?" Dana asked, resisting the urge to shudder at the thought. "Erm, yeah." Pansy, answered.(As, you know, Pansy is in the disguise of Ginny.) "Are you, like, meeting him, to like, talk?" Michelle asked. "I guess you could say that." Pansy answered uncomfortably. "As in, a boyfiend/girlfriend talk?" Michelle continued slyly. "Yeah." Pansy said after a long silence. "Oh." Dana and Michelle chourused giving each other a knowing look. Dana sighed to herself. On to Part B of the plan, she thought. Michelle, however, was not as happy that Part A was over. To her, Part B was the most dreaded. "Excuse me." she said. She walked into one of the bathroom stalls, hoping that it wasn't Moaning Myrtle's. She quickly drained the fluid from the tiny flask Hermione had given her. It had only taken her a few moments to whip up the potion. As she was doing this, Hermione had told Michelle that it was a love potion. "Come on, you want to save Ginny don't you?" she asked after Michelle's protests. Michelle remembered with a lurching feeling her part. She flushed the toilet, (in order to make it more beleivable) took a deep breath and stepped outside the stall. "What do you mean by 'Oh'?" Malfoy questioned tensly to Dana. "Do you think that it was a surprise that she picked a smart, handsome person like me?" "Oh no!" Michelle interuppted quickly. "You are definatly cute enough" All of a sudden, Malfoy changed his attitude. He felt a sort of love for Michelle. Funny, he thought, how come I never realized how pretty she was? Hermione peeked in quickly and sighed with releif. Everything was going perfectly. (friend of ahen, Age 8 to 12, 6/30/2003 2:08:47 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(26) The fumes of the potion are definatly working, Hermione thought. She fought not to laugh as she saw what was happening. "Michelle, you are going to miss your next class." Dana said. Michelle mouthed 'thank you' as Malfoy opened the door for her and carried her books, leaving Dana alone with Pansy. Dna knew that she had to act quickly. If the fumes wore off, an entirely new plan would have to be devised. "Oh, great! Now that Malfoy and Michy (their pretend pet name for Michelle) are away, we can start on our homewrok!" "Homework?" Pansy asked stupidly. "Um, yeah, for our enrichment Arithmancy classes. Not to mention our essay for potions that has to be twelve feet long, our vampire report, and the extra work we have to make up because of Quidditch practices, which we also have to do." Dana quickly etched the nauseated look on Pansy's face in the innermost chambers of her brain. She struggled to keep her face straight. "Oh yeah," she added, just for kicks, "We also have to tutor Crabbe and Goyle, and we also have to start that study group." Pansy thought quickly. How would she be able to do all this? She wouldn't be able to spend time with Draco! But it was too late for her to act, because Dana had already pulled her out of the bathroom. Six hours later... Pansy was exhauste. Not only did all of this homework, make her brain "tired",(as she called it) Her arms hurt from all the notices about study groups, books to research from, and broomsticks from the Quidditch practice. Hermione monitered every step of the plan. They just needed to wait until Pansy turned into herself, and for Michelle to get some time aline with Malfoy to put the Vertiserum in his butterbeer. (friend of ahen, Age 8 to 12, 7/2/2003 1:47:38 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(27) can someone write other than myself and other people??? (friend of ahen, Age 13 to 18, 7/16/2003 9:22:37 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(28) All of a sudden, Pansy's red hair started to disapear. In its place, there was dark, dirty, hair. "Aha!" Hermione said, jumping out from the shadows, "Caught in the act!" Pansy looked terrified. She started for the door, but Hermione had locked it from the outside. "So!" Dana said, triumphantly. "Confess! Where is she?" "Who?"asked Pansy, stalling for time. "You know exactly who I mean. Ginny." "I'm not telling." she said stubbornly. "Oh beleive me you will. "And why is that? " "Beacause you are locked in a room with Hermione, who can do the best hexes." Dana said. "Because you are completely under out power." Hermione said. "Because...I'll give you more homework." Dana said. "Because malfoy is getting something in his drink."Hermione said, admiring the effect this had on Pansy. "What?" Pansy asked. "W-what t-type of p-potion." Hermione conjured a bbble up, a sort of window into the three broomsticks. There they saw Malfoy holding Michelles hand, apparently in love. What Hermione didn't show, however, was the nauseated expression on Michelle's face. "If you tell us right now," Hemrione said quietly, "he won't need a dose." She was careful not to tell Pansy what the dosage was. It was of course, Vertiserum, but Pansy needed to beleive that it was a Love Potion. "Fine I'll tell you" Oansy said quickly. "She's in... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 7/21/2003 9:25:48 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(29) hermione sat cross legged on the common room floor mixing something . just then harry walked in carrying a huge pile of books . he couldn't see were he was going and he accidently trampled on hermione's experiment . " HARRY I SPENT AGES DOING THAT " yelled hermione enough to break windows . " i'm sorry hermione i couldn't see were i was going with this huge pile of books " . hermione saw all the books harry carried was scattered all over the floor . " what do you need all these books for ? "asked hermione picking up a potions book . " i erm need them to erm erm study yes that's it " explained harry confused picking up all the books " now i'm taking them to the boys dormitrees " and he headed towards the boy's dormitrees . hermione sat on the floor and looked at her ruined experiment . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 8/7/2003 5:31:37 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(30) Ignore that paragraph... (anyone, Age 8 to 12, 8/10/2003 9:50:23 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(31) Harry was talking to ron when hermione came in and said. harry ron go to the third floor corridor a praetor named nathan has requested you. wait said harry. isn't nathan that kid in black? (Nathan w, Age 13 to 18, 8/11/2003 2:45:13 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(32) what does that have to do with anything?? will someone please write where ginny is?? (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/12/2003 9:33:43 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(33) Ginny will come too said harry (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/12/2003 2:10:13 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(34) But Ginny is suppposed to be missing. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/12/2003 4:16:22 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(35) Harry and ron went to the 3rd floor corridor a voice spoke out: I hope you'll forgive the Darkness. i am not comfortable in the light (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/14/2003 9:35:04 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(36) GINNY IS MISSING, AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, THERE IS NATHAN???? WHAT'S GOING ON! WHERE IS GINNY!?!?!? (SOPHIAN, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 10:06:02 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(37) sophian, calm down...just ignore everything he writes and continue with the story. it's what you should might calm your nerves too...continue writing while i call the insane asylum...joking...that kid just likes death...i can tell ignore him and he will get really anoyed and go away. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/17/2003 4:19:15 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(38) Alright Let's just say that Ginny was kidnapped by Nathan! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 4:59:29 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(39) Good idea. And then nathan could be, Malfoy's servent or something. Its juat that in every single story, he introduces a charafter named Nathan who likes death and hates the light. What an agry, angry, child. (shakes head sympethetically.) He's almost as annoying as my cousin...but ANYWAY....I guess that we could use paragraph 35... "This is creepy Harry...' Ron said nervously. "I know, but what choice do we have? The door is locked behind us." Ron looked sick. "Harry..." he whispered, pointing at something. "What?" Harry turned around to see a huge spiderweb, with a fly stuck in its sticky strings. They passed by it quickly. They heard something behind them. "Ron whirled around to see a glimpse of red hair. He walked toward it. "What's the matter? Ron?" Harry asked. "I think...that I saw someone with long red hair." They looked at each other and yelled, "GINNY!!" They ran toward where Ron had seen her. "They ran as fast as they could, and so did the girl, until they came to a dead end. "Lumos," Harry muttered. Form the glow on his wand, he saw that it was definatly her. "Ginny?" Ron whispered hoarsely. He could hardly recognize her. Her brown eyes had turn a quiet gray and her tangled hair was down to her waist. She wore a small ring on her middle finger. Ron's heart beat faster when he saw it. The sign of servitude. A ring on the mmiddle finger was a sign of total docility, of total control over the person. When he looked closer, he saw the crest. Ginny tried to hide it, but it was too late. "Malfoy." Ron breathed. "Him." "Ron, don't!" Harry said warningly. Ron held his hand out to Ginny. "Its time to go home." But Ginny shook her head in a terrified way. Then all of a sudden, she fell to the floor, breathing very fast. She clutched at her arm, directly below the elbow.They stared at her, very alarmed. "What happened?" Ron asked, paniced. Harry took her arm firmly and then pulled up her sleeve. There was a strange mark there, like a brand put upon cattle. But as Ron peered closer, he recongnized it as similar to the crest on her ring. "Did Malfoy do this to you." Ron asked, his voice growing louder. Ginny nodded and then turned away."Potter." a drawling voice snnered. Harry knew all too well who it was. (Thanks for the advice Jazzy D. -sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 8:52:10 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(40) No problem! Just ignore the death boy and continue the story! That's the way life should be! No Nathan! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 9:00:31 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(41) Okay your turn to write. (as soon as you get away from your brother, that is) (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 2:22:33 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(42) Yeah, I got away. I just took out a plastic knife and said I was gonna disect him! I'll try to write as good as you but my writing is like JKR's first ever book. She wrote it when she was 6 years old...Nathan crawled out from the shadows. But he was not alone. He was accomponied (Sorry for spelling mistakes. I'm not in school so I don't have to spell proply.)by Draco. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked looking at Draco. "We were told that we were going to meet Nathan." Ron added. "Well you don't expect my employies to be left unsupervised!" Draco said. Nathan clenched his fist and punched it into his other hand. Harry noticed that he too was wearing the ring Ginny had. "So he's your slave too?" Harry asked. Draco sighed and shook his head. "I prefer to call them my employies, but Nathan is my right-hand man..." said Draco slyly. (Hope that's alright with you!- Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 3:15:50 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(43) I don't know why I even bother writing that! Your just gonna edit it anyways... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/18/2003 3:17:38 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(44) harry turned to Nathan, Praetor show your face. the praetor stepped into the light. harry gasped. standing in the light was a 9 year old image of harry. (nate, Age 13 to 18, 8/18/2003 8:02:46 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(45) nate, are you really Nathan? (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 8:23:42 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(46) Can we skip paragraph 44, i don't get it...Don't worry, that paragrph was fine. I won't edit it if you don't want me to. "So YOU kidnapped Ginny!" Ron said, seething. "Where is she you-" "Ron!" Harry warned. "Don't." "That's right Weasly, be smart." Malfoy sneered. "You are trapped in here, I wouldn't do anything if I were you. I was hoping that you'd bring the Mudblood, but-" he sighed. "You'll just have to do instead." he snapped his fingers, and Nathan advanced, a branding iron in his hand. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 9:14:03 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(47) "That's a bit much don't you think?" Ron said shakily, backing into the wall. Nathan held up the branding iron. He was about to press it against Ron's arm when Harry quickly pushed him away. (I'm gonna write shorter paragraphs from now on!-Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 2:21:37 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(48) Nathan wrestled him to the ground. They engaged in a violent tussle, Harry finally succedding(however you spell it) in wrenching the brand from Nathan's grasp. Harry threw it far from the hall, and then whipped out his wand and yelled, "Expelliarmus!" Malfoy and Nathan's wands flew from their pockets and soared toward Harry's hands. "Now, Harry, um..." Malfoy's eyes darted, looking hopefully for an escape. "I can explain..." "Oh, on first name terms now are we?"Harry asked, advancing on Malfoy. "Immpedimenta!" he yelled. Malfoy was thrown to the ground. "Where is Ginny." asked Harry, breathing hard. "Oh, can't you find her?" Malfoy said, his eyes glinting maliciously. "Its too late, Potter, she's my slave now.She was always good material for a servent, you know, low blood and all." "Why you-" Ron seemed unable to control himself. (sophian(that's okay...write ong if you like! i won't edit them if it bothers you.), Age 8 to 12, 8/19/2003 4:39:10 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(49) Nathan pulled out a poisened dagger and slashed rons heart (Nathan w, Age 13 to 18, 8/21/2003 1:06:14 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(50) Don't be an idiot. Skip that paragraph. Nathan why do you like death so much? I mean death ius cool and all but you are just way too adicted to it! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/21/2003 6:51:24 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(51) Ron kept on punching him until Harry wrenched him off or Malfoy. "Ron, control yourself." Harry warned. "He's the only one who could tell us how to free Ginny." But as Harry was calming down a seething Ron, Malfoy picked up the smoldering brand and pressed it against Harry's flesh. (this ought to make nathan happy) Harry yelled in pain. (sorry for all the blood.) "Harry!" Ron yelled " What-" Ron could see a small ring on Harry's finger. "Harry." Ron whispered. "You're" "That's right, Weasly." Malfoy whispered, smiling at the horrified look on Ron's face. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/21/2003 8:35:57 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(52) "That's it Malfoy! You're going down! I don't care anymore! I'll kill you!!!" Ron yelled. But before he could lay a hand on Malfoy Nathan grabbed a knife from the inside of his robes. He held it up to Ron's neck and said, "Are you going to cooperate with us or am I going to have to kill you?" Ron backed away quickly and when the knife was clear from his neck he ducked and ran. 'Where do I go?' he thought. 'I've got to warn the others...' He ran around everywhere until he hit the wall. He picked himself up. He felt his way around in the darkness. He reached out towards the wall and was fortunate to find a doornobe. (Jazzy D (Sorry for writing that strange paragraph...), Age 8 to 12, 8/21/2003 10:04:08 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(53) ron noticed nathans ring was loose. he grabbed it and pulled t off his finger and threw it into the fire. Nathan who was in pain, Collapsed (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/21/2003 5:38:39 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(54) Ignore that paragraph. I'll add it in mine. I suppose you like the story now, don't you Nathan?......................... He ran out of the corrider, the light almost blinding him. He ran into a startled Hermione. "I know where Ginny is." they both said at the same time. "She's in-" they paused. "Ron....where's Harry." "He's with Ginny." he said heavily. "Oh no." Hermione whispered. "We have to rescue him. Now!" "But Hermione. That Nathan....he kidnapped Ginny. He's dangerous. He's the one who put the brand on Harry." "Harry's his....But that means...." "Yeah." Hermione grabbed Ron's hand and ran to the corrider again. They saw Malfoy standing over a horrified Harry, laughing. "Petrificus Totalus!" Hermione screamed, pointing her wand at Malfoy. Malfoy keeled over, stiff as a board. "Harry! What happened?" Harry was breathing hard, as though in pain, but there wasn't a scratch on him. Ginny was kneeling by him, crying softly. Her sleeve was pulled up, and Hermione could see the burn on her arm. "Ginny I-" All of a sudden, Ginny fainted. "Ginny!" Hermione said. She felt her arm for a pulse. It was still beating, but Ginny was stiff as though she was hit by a spell. Malfoy was edging toward the still-hot brand. Hermione heard him and whirled around. But it was too late. He grabbed her arm and pressed the brand into her arm, and then just as Ron was going to curse him, he disappeared. "Hermione, what happened to Ginny??" "She-" Hermione was struggling for air. "There is a poison in that brand and-" Hermione gasped in pain, but she continued. "we feel his pain for him." "So, she was hit with your petrifying spell." Ron said slowly. "Yeah." then she gasped agian, clutching at her arm. Out of the blue, he took her hand and wrenched the ring off of her hand. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/22/2003 9:39:28 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(55) She gasped. The pain stopped for a second. And then it started again. She breathed deeply, she felt the poison coming out of her and into the ring. "Thanks Ron." But Ron didn't listen. He was watching Nathan who was watching over Harry. Hermione hit him with a silencing charm. She pulled the ring from his hand. The color was coming into his pale face. "Thank you so much. I'm sor-" Ron cut him off. "No time to talk. We have to save Harry." But Hemrione was all ready there, gently pulling off the ring.Harry gasped in pain at first, and then in releif. "Come on, let's save Ginny." She was watching with a blankness in her eyes. Ron said, "Ginny, its time to go home." She smiled faintly as he pulled off her ring. Ginny looked at her arm. "Its still there." she said there. "And it will always be." Dumbledore's voice said behind them. They whirled around, seeing the old man with a petrified Malfoy behind him. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/22/2003 1:55:28 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(56) "That mark on your arm will always be there. That brand was permanant. The color will lighten, as you have been freed. But there wil always be the remainder of that terrible experiance." "Sir-I" Harry began, but Ron interrupted. "But I don't understand what this has to do with Ginny. And Malfoy kidnapping her." "A good question. Mr. Malfoy here knew that taking her was just about the most effective thing to lure you into that chamher. And he knew that you and Harry were inseperable. And that Hermione would come along, as Ginny is also a close friend." "But why did she have to be in Slytherin sir?" Hermione asked. "It is much less easy to spot that she's kidnapped by Mr.Malfoy if she is in his house." Dumbledore said simply. "But...does that mean...." Harry said slowly. "That she belongs in a different house?" he directed his question at Dumbledore, but looked at Hermione. "I knew." Hermione said miserably. "He threatened to do something to her. Or you and Ron." "Yes." Dumbledore said. "I found Miss Parkinson in the girls bathroom. Miss Kaplan was, well, watching so that she didn't escape." he smiled. "She admitted to everything, including posing as Ginny Weasly and trying on the hat." "But..." Ron asked. "Professor, does this mean that Ginny will stay in Slytherin." "Oh no." Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling. "I think that we have a need of a new cerenmony. A re-Sorting ceremony. Only in an emergency." he added as an afterthought. (sophian (why isn't anyone writing), Age 8 to 12, 8/23/2003 4:44:41 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(57) The Great Hall was decked with red and gold decorations. There were lions on the huge banner hanging across the Great Hall. "Congratulations Gryfindors, Winners of the House Championship!" Ginny watched the Gryffindors wistfully from the Slytheryn table. All of the Slytheryns refused to talk to her, and they all watched the celebrating Gryffindors with sour looks on their faces. Professor stood up, and said, "May I have your attention please?" Everyone quieted immediatly. "It is time to make some end-of-the-year announcements. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Gryffindors on winning hte House Championship two years in a row. I would also like to congratulate them for winning the Quidditch Cup as well." A huge cheer erupted from all of the tables, except for Slytheryn. "And lastly, I would like to introduce a new ceremony in Hogwarts." Everyone fell silent, watching dumbledore with confused looks on their faces. "It has come to my attention that the Sorting Hat might have made mistakes in the past, one of them this year. I would like these students to be put in their correct houses once and for all. Will Ginny Weasly and Nathan Williams please come to the platform?" Ginny rose, shaking. "Ginny, please sit." Professor McGonnagall said, as she was holding the hat. She placed it on Ginny's head. Without hesitation, it shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!!!!!" The Gryffindors cheered, ludest of all, Ron. Nathan sat down, crossing his fingers. This time, the hat took a little longer. Finally, "GRYFFINDOR!!" "Long time, no see Nathan." Harry said, grinning. It was a year none of them would forget, the year that Ginny was a Slytherin. (sophian (Fine, then I'll write), Age 8 to 12, 8/24/2003 11:13:43 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(58) Nathan who was smiling handed His lightsaber to harry (nate, Age 13 to 18, 8/24/2003 5:11:50 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(59) What lightsaber? Has JKR taken a fancy into Star Wars? Or was Nathan just a jedi knight the whole time? I don't know whether to skip that paragraph or edit it! I give up on Nathan now. If he writes in any of the stories everyone must ignore him! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/25/2003 7:19:30 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(60) Wait...I thought that I ended the story. And where were you Jazzy D? You weren't in future mrs potter yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that! I'm with you on ignoring nate or Nathan, or nathan w. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/25/2003 8:38:32 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(61) Maybe he doesn't know that (Which is most likely) so how about I let everyone know? THE END! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/25/2003 3:51:22 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(62) Harry looked At Nathan. Nathan That Was your only Weapon. (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/26/2003 12:23:56 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(63) The End!! Anthan, no more weapons. THE END!!!!!! (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/26/2003 8:41:43 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(64) Cast Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe Nathan Williams: Himself Ron weasly: Rupert Grint. Shinzon: Tom Hardy Malfoy: Tom felton Ginny Weasly: Bonnie Wright Praetor Nathanael/Nathan-Clone: Nathan Williams proffesor Dumbledore: Richard Harris Professor Mcgonagall: Maggie Smith Hemione Granger: Emma Watson. (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/26/2003 10:08:08 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(65) Leave it Nathan! Go mess up some other story! (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/26/2003 1:48:04 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(66) The end means PUT IT IN THE COMPLETED STORIES. (Nathan , Age 13 to 18, 8/26/2003 7:27:31 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(67) THE END WHOEVER DOESN"T NOTICE> um, excuse me, but why isn't the editor putting it in completed stories? THE END THE END (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/27/2003 9:19:56 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(68) sophion have you Seen Star trek nemesis (Nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/27/2003 10:21:37 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(69) Why do you ask? (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/27/2003 12:25:12 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(70) NO, and why do you ask? (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 12:45:43 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(71) Stop breading me sophian. Oh, sorry I meant copying if no1 knows what that means...I'm not sure if you know the slang terms we british have. Unless we got the slang terms from you guys... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 1:38:20 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(72) well, i never used that term, and sorry for copying you. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 2:02:52 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(73) I was joking. I might not be here tomorow cos Chanel's having a sleep over and I have to get there early to rehearse my singing. I'll make it here when ever I can. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 4:00:29 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(74) Oh, by the way...have you been in the princess of justice story? I tried to kill Nathan in that...I also tried to kill him in HP expelled. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 4:03:01 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(75) I think I know why Nathan asked if you watched Star Trek Nemesis...He wrote a story about. He was the commander or suming...I didn't read the whole thing...when it got up to Nathan Williams I decided to tell you. (Shakes head) What is wrong with that boy? Now I've got a question for Nathan, Do you watch Wrestling? (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 4:26:01 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(76) YES. (nathan, Age 13 to 18, 8/29/2003 9:34:46 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(77) I thought so. This story is finished, why isn't it in completed stories? (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/30/2003 8:05:38 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(78) (Shrugs) Dunno... (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/30/2003 9:39:45 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(79) Oh, Nathan. What happened in the elimination chamber? I missed it and I want to know who won. (Jazzy D, Age 8 to 12, 8/30/2003 10:47:31 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(80) " i did " . nathan and david turned round to see harry potter standing in front of them arms folded . the two first years were shocked " you went into the chamber of secrets and defeated them monster ? . you harry potter did all that ? " . harry nodded . the boys grinned and wandered off . later mggconall came into griffindor tower and she looked worried " griffindor i have some news some terrible news . it appears that the chamber of secrets has been opened again . " and she left the common room . ron bounded up to harry . " it can't be open again not now you just closed last week after you rescued ginny from the monster . " harry was puzzled and worried . what if ginny had found the diary again and opened the chamber and realised the monster . it was a strange thought . every time harry saw ginny he gave her a small smile . she smiled back at him and left for the great hall . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/9/2003 4:51:05 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(81) " i'm worried about ginny harry she 's been acting odd lately . i said hello to her but she didn't say anything to me " moaned ron. hermione gave him a stern look . " oh don't blame ginny . she wouldn't do anything evil . she's a sweet girl " . just then ginny entered to find ron and hermione . " where's harry ron ? " she asked sitting next to hermione . " he's at hagrids ginny . why don't you go down and see him . " ginny looked worried . " i don't wanna go down i mean yes yes i do i wanna go down on my own seeya " and she left in a dash . ron looked at hermione " she's acting weird lately i tell you . " (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/9/2003 4:57:49 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(82) meanwhile ginny was sitting in the girls bathroom holding a small black book . she was wide eyed staring at the diary . she was reading what it was telling her to do . " you will take a bucket of red paint dip take it to the second floor corridor find a place then dip your finger in the paint and write the chamber of secrets has been opened the monster lives " hissed an evil voice from the diary . ginny stared it wide eyed . " yes i will do that tonight " she said in deep trance . and she left the girls bathroom with the diary in her pocket . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/9/2003 5:05:35 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(83) " are you ok ginny ? " . ginny opened her eyes and was startled to see ron staring at her robes " what are you staring at ? " she askedin a mumbley voice . ron pointed at her robes " you've got red paint all over your robes ginny . " ginny looked at her robes to see that they were covered in red paint . she let out a scream " how did that paint get all over me if malfoy poured red paint all over them i'll kill him " she yelled angrilly pushing ron out of the way to leave the tower . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/11/2003 2:52:20 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(84) "MALFOY HOW DARE YOU POUR RED PAINT ALL OVER MY ROBES " yelled ginny as malfoy was heading to the great hall . she ran up to him and shoved him agaisnt the wall hissing " how dare you " she hissed angrily . malfoy had no idea what she was talking about " have you gone mad weasley i didn't pour red paint all over your stupid robes i'm not allowed in griffindor tower so i'm inncocent . " but ginny didn't believe him " don't lie malfoy i know red paint when i see it " . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/11/2003 2:57:08 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(85) no body believed that malfoy never poured red paint all over ginny's robes and he tried telling ron and the twins but they just shoved him off as percy was comfortating ginny who was sobbing . " but i didn't pour red paint all over ginny's robes so there " he said cheekily to the twins before heading to quddicth practise . but ginny was still doing what the diary was telling her to do " i did blame malfoy even though i knew i poured red paint all over my robes . i cannot were it until the paints been washed off so it's at home right now " she writ in the diary . in her first lesson she told madam hooch about malfoy and how he poured red paint over her robes and they had to sent home . malfoy stuck his tongue out at ginny in the great hall later that day so ginny stuck hers out back at him . the next day ginny got her robes back but she had to do a hard test . the diary had told ginny to go down to the chamber of secrets and meet the person who was telling her to do all those bad things . so she quietly slipped out of the great hall and made her way down to the chamber of secrets . when the teachers found out that ginny had dissapeared she believed that ginny had been kidnapped by the monster but ginny had gone down to the chamber to meet the diary's master . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/12/2003 2:08:07 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(86) harry found the entrance to the chamber of secrets in the girls bathroom so he decided to go down to the chamber to rescue ginny with the help of ron . so that night they had there tea in the great hall then they snook to the girls bathroom . " ok so how do we get into the chamber of secrets harry ? " asked ron nervoussilly . harry looked at the tap on the front sink to see a small serpent on the tap . harry dreath a deep breath " open up " he hissed . suddenly the snake dissapeared and the sink vanished in fin air . harry and ron looked down and all they could see was a dark hole . ron looked at harry nervoussly " ok whos going first " . harry was about to slide down when he turned to ron " i'll go down first and when i shout now you come down " . ron nodded just as harry dissapeared down the dark pit . " NOW " shouted harry from the bottom . ron jumped down and he was sliding down a slimiy human sized pipe just like a helta skelta at the seaside he wnt to once years ago . he hit a bottom with a thud . harry ran to him and helped him up " you ok ron ? " he asked . ron nodded " yeah i think so . hey were's ginny ? " . he looked round to see no little girl moving around the cave . harry gave him a stern look " she won't be in the cave she'll be in the chamber and we are going to find the chamber gat her out before the monster sees us right let's go " . harry ran through a tunnel and ron followed after him . " HEY RON COME LOOK AT THIS I THINK I FOUND A WAY IN " . ron ran over to harry to see him staring at two giant metal serpants . " well tell them to move harry go on " . harry stepped forward and hissed " open up " to the snakes . the snakes seperated to forme a tunnel " cmon ron this is it it's the chamber of secrets " . ron followed harry into the tunnel . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/14/2003 2:08:23 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(87) as the tunnel ended harry and ron found them selves standing at the end of a dimly lit chamber . it's slimy walls gave ron the creeps . " hey ron check out that statue " harry said looking at a statue of a monkey like man . ron was too busy looking in between it's feet . " harry what's that at the bottom of the statue ? " . harry looked to see a small blackrobed figure with bright red hair laying between the statue's feet " it's ginny " he said running towards her . ron chased after him after him . harry was kneeling by ginny . (lauren , Age 13 to 18, 9/14/2003 2:16:17 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(88) Um...lauren...Jazzy D was wondering about what happened in the chamber in a movie...not the story...the story's finished... (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 9/17/2003 12:44:20 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(89) Sophian!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I haven't heard from you for a long time!!!!! How've you been?!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I ain't been on ere much but homework got the best of me...and if H.G.P's out there I get good marks for homework and classwork you git!'s ur summer been?!!!!! I'll cya sometime soon I hope!!!!!Laterz!!!!!! (Jazzy D!!!!!!, Age 8 to 12, 9/17/2003 3:28:21 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(90) I saw the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets so scoot! Harry went in the chamber with lockhart and ron.They saw a snake that was about 60 ft long.Just then lockhart collapsed on the floor."Heart of a lion this one"said ron.And before ron could say basilisk,lockhart took the wand from rons hand."Your adventure ends here boys"muttered lockhart"but don't fret.The world will know how I was too late to save the girl,and how you two fragicaly lost your minds by the sight of her mangled body".finished lockhart."So,we'll start with you Mr.Potter.Say good-bye,to all your memories.Obliviate!Ooooaaaahhhhh"the wand back fired because ron accidentally snapped it at the whooping willow.Then lockhart got knocked in to the ceiling and rocks came tumbling about.Ron wimpered as Harry ran towards the chamber and put his arms over his head.When it finished there was just a little hole they could see each other through."What do we do now?!"asked ron."You wait here and try to shift some of this rock while I find Jinny"replied harry.And harry went to the big black hole (which was closed)"Open"he said in a low hissing voice.There was a ladder,so he climed down it.He saw Ginny and ran up to her."Ginny wake up,wake up."sais harry."She won't wake."said a low voice."Tom?Tom Riddle?What do you mean she won't wake?Listen,you got to help me get her out.We've got to do something."said harry quickly."I'm afraid I can't do that."answered."You see as poor little ginny grows weaker,I grow stronger.Yes,it was ginny who opened the chamber of secrets.Ginny who set the basilisk on Filches cat."he said th he went to the wall and wrote with harry's wand cause he picked it up:Tom Marvolo Riddle.He swirled it with harry's wand then it said:I am Lord Voldemort."Your,your the heir of slytherin your Voldemort"said harry in great shock."Surely you think I would keep my mudblood father's name."Protested Voldemort."No,I fashoned my self a new name.A name the world never talk about.I'm the most greatest sorcerer's wizard in the world!""Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerers in the world."said Harry. (A.H. Your mystery person-Sorry Jasmine for calling you dumb., Age 8 to 12, 10/7/2003 4:39:42 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(91) "Dumbledore's been drivin out of this castle by the mere memory of me"said Voldemort. (A.H. Your mystery person ask Jaz for my name, Age 8 to 12, 10/9/2003 4:05:32 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(92) Danny and Ginny. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sweet (Heather, Age 8 to 12, 11/13/2003 11:04:50 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(93) Hate you.You suck. (SM, Age 8 to 12, 11/16/2003 9:52:39 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(94) You know, this is getting kinda annoying. Why u putting all dis chunk on dis site? (Jasmine, Age 8 to 12, 11/17/2003 3:44:18 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(95) Yeah.Why? (Shurley, Age 8 to 12, 11/18/2003 5:14:36 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(96) Whee'd the picture go? (Shurley, Age 8 to 12, 11/18/2003 5:15:54 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(97) Where'd everrrrry ting o? (A, Age 8 to 12, 11/18/2003 5:17:01 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(98) Where? (A, Age 8 to 12, 11/18/2003 5:17:23 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(99) Where? (S, Age 8 to 12, 11/18/2003 5:17:44 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(100) Next day when Ginny woke up in her bed she realize tha she really still in Gryfindor dormitry and yet she still a Gryfindor. "Gosh, what a weird dream" whispered Ginny to herself."Harry I love you if you let me... (Shah, Age 13 to 18, 12/11/2003 10:00:42 AM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(101) IF ANY OF YOU BOTHERED TO READ THE RPEVIOUS PARAGRAPHS, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THIS STORY IS OVER!! (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 12/21/2003 2:14:10 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)

(102) I am baaaack! (AH, Age 8 to 12, 3/4/2004 9:37:10 PM, GinnyTheSlytherin)