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Harry Potter and Lord Voldemot

(0) one day Harry Potter was in the grat hall at hogworts. Ron came in. yo Harry wat sould we do to day. Oh I don't no.said Harry. I will look Hermione said Ron. Now this is my time I will be the fist guy to kill Lord Voldemot. (carl hamiilton, Age 8 to 12, 3/15/2006 8:29:10 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(1) Then (dan, Young Adult, 2/3/2008 1:14:01 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(2) "Come on lets find him"said Harry. "No!" shouted Ron. "But I want to" said Harry. "But we havent had our breakfast"said Ron,"Plus we have to go to charms class,we have to find hermione.Also we have to finish our homework". "Lets just leave it and go" said Harry. "Hermione likes Malfoy now anyway.Theyre going on a date next Tuesday". "What!" screamed Ron."They cant! I'm going to kill him." (Molly & Beth, Age 8 to 12, 6/30/2008 5:29:05 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(3) "Ron, you cant kill him just because he is going on a date with Hermione." Said Harry. Ron looked at him like he was a complete idiot. "But I like Hermione that gives me the right to kill him for sure!" Now it was Harry's turn to look synical "Come on Ron i know your better than that what is wrong with you?!" "Nothing is wrong with me i was being stupid, sorry. Voldemort has to come first. I will try and remember that." (T H, Age 8 to 12, 5/29/2016 1:57:50 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(4) "I always thought Voldemort was invincible"admitted Ron. Harry laughed "Come on lets find him he sould be at the forbidden forest" He croaked. As they went they met up with Hagrid."Hi Hagrid we were j-just going back to class"said Ron, his ears turning red. He laughed and told us he knew we were going for you-know-who. As we enetered a clearing in the forest, dozens of death eaters blocked our way, and then- "We meet again." the voice was one Harry had heard in his nightmares, but fear was not a good thing so he simply said "The battle is on." (matt man, Age 8 to 12, 6/30/2008 5:35:32 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(5) As voldermort reached for his wand, Hagrid shot a stunning spell at him with his umbrella. Harry whipped out his wand, but Ron accidently disarmed Harry with expelliarmus. Ron hurridley apologised but The moment was gone. They were practically dead already.Nagini was slithering towards them, but Harry suddenly spoke in parsletongue. She turned, and bit Voldemort instead. Voldemort fell to the ground and then Harry shouted the curse crucio.Voldemort made a violent looking jerk then fell and didnt get up.Harry,Ron,and Hagrid ran away, afraid that voldemort would get up and kill them. (kylie, Age 8 to 12, 6/30/2008 5:40:03 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(6) HHHH (yep, Age 13 to 18, 2/27/2013 4:06:07 PM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(7) voldemot shouted a loud and said come nagini i have to keep you safe (Not Applicable, Age 8 to 12, 5/30/2016 5:02:35 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(8) then snape arrived he refused to work with him so voldemot got angry and killed snape with the last horcrux nagini (Me :D, Age 8 to 12, 5/30/2016 5:09:36 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(9) Ron was with Voldemort. He must be. Yet, Harry felt a twinge of remorse as Ron writhed in agony. "Harry, what the hell is wrong wi-" Ron stopped dead, peering ovr harry's shoulder, his face contorted with fear. Harry's heart was racing in his chest as he slowly spun on his heel. "EXPELLIARMUS" he cried, before he had even realised it was Severus Snape, crawling along the floor, blood drenching his robes and leaving a trail on the ground. "Harry...I like cheese.". The sound of Snape's voice terrified harry more than voldemort, more than dementors. He was pleading. "Harry, you have to get out of here, he'll destroy you!" Snape was now clinging to the hem of Harry's robes, looking up at him with terror in his eyes. "You murdered Dumbledore." said Harry quietly "I could never trust a man like you" Snape gave a small moan and rolled onto his back "But I work for dumbledore, it was him all along...." These were the last words he spoke. As he died, a silvery liquid came flowing from him. His memory... (Same as before :D, Age 8 to 12, 9/29/2008 2:04:55 PM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

(10) harry stood there surprised by the sudden change in snape's behaviour. he was still gaping at him when he felt his sneakoscope beat against his pocket and knew that voldemort was somwhere nearby. he did not understand what to do. but ron had been lifted of the curse and waas collecting the memory and before harry could do anything he had been side apparated by ron. (a friend, Age 13 to 18, 10/10/2008 5:01:13 AM, HarryPotterandLordVoldemot)

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