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Hermione's true love

(0) Hermione is in her 5th year at Howgwarts with Harry and Ron.Hermione likes Harry alot and at breakfast one morning pulls him away and sais "I love you alot". Harry sais the same thing so they kiss for 1 minut whem...Ron sais angerly "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HER YOU KNOW I LIKE ...WE'R NOT FREINDS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. At Gryfendoor Comenroom one night Hermione gives Harry a note that sais" Harry it's Hermione meet me in the comenroom when everyones asleep Kay Love Hermione!.When he comes down Hermione looks hot and they make out an hour and a half and fall asleep(together). They all epoligize at morning(H/H still go out and like eachother) (alot)!!! (Samantha, Adult, 12/27/2004 3:25:47 PM, Hermionestruelove)

(1) But then Ron finds a girl named Nicky, and says Harry, "Lets go on a double date. The went to a ball at the ball they got drunk and killed a couple poeple who where flirting with there woman.When theredates got angry they beat them and forced them to drop out off school. Becuase harry thought they were not decticated to him he confined them to there mans room.And because they did not take education seriusly they were in this situaton for enternaty. Girls this will happen to you if you dont take educaion seausly. (Alighe, Parent, 5/12/2016 5:27:53 PM, Hermionestruelove)

(2) So the next night they looked each other in the eyes, and then started making out! This was truly love at first site that they had found their soul mate. A few years later they got married.And boy t hey'd had a good time.but then the girl mouth turned black and yellow because her mouth was super dry! yeah it was awesome then he went on and on talking then she didnt care about her yellow and black mouth she was having a good time!!!!!!!!! (Diana, Age 13 to 18, 3/17/2015 8:17:41 PM, Hermionestruelove)

(3) A few months passed since their wedding. One day, Ron and Harry overheard Nicky and Hermoine's conversation that they wanted to have a baby. But not knowing, that if they had any kids that Hermione's child and Nicky's child would be twins. So one night the guys said wanna make out? The girls said yes. And they started making out that a few month's later they heard that Nicky would get a baby boy and Hermione a baby girl. The baby girl was named "Anahi" and the baby boy was named "Christian". (Diana, Adult, 3/18/2009 7:08:11 PM, Hermionestruelove)

(4) And that one day they would have more power then anyone could imagine. And nobody knows, but someone knew since the day they got married what would happen. Who was that person? Think! It was Malfroy! He wanted to get his hands on those kids who were only just 4 years old. And that when they turn 5 years old is when their power would become strong. So one day he made a plan on how to get them, because he knew that with Harry Potter being the father it would be hard to get them away from him. He wants the kids so he can rule the world and steal their powers and wait for the right moment to get them. So one day the kids stayed with a nanny who had the house well protected, but Malfroy used all of his magic to get inside the house and he got into the house. He made the nanny disappear into another world, and to never come back. (arbuckle, Young Adult, 2/6/2009 4:49:32 AM, Hermionestruelove)

(5) When Ron, Harry, Hermione & Nicky got home they saw a note on the floor that said if you want your kids again you will be my slave's or your kids will be gone for ever - Malfroy. But no they did not want to be Malfroy's slave they just wanted their kids back so it was the biggest "war" and battle to the end that you have ever seen! With all the magic powers and bravery in the history of magic! (Diana, Adult, 2/6/2009 4:40:35 AM, Hermionestruelove)

(6) As the war was still in progress all was lost, blood spilt all over their scar ravaged bodies. Malfroy called upon all the evil beings from all of 'The Great Below' and Harry summoned all the good spirits from 'Righteous Evermore' because this was War!! But they did not realise that the clock chimed MIDNIGHT. It was then that the kids, Anahi and Christian became the most powerful kids in the world. But then everyone watched as they saw a huge powerful magical globe it was the kids cuz they knew since that they were babies that someday the world would be in a terrible war. You should have seen it! They used all their energy, power and hope and everything they had, then the war was over. They helped all the people restore what as lost and got the nanny back. As for Malfroy, he kept fighting but the kids destroyed him and banished his body so no one in the world could ever bring him back!! Was this the end for Malfroy, do you think? I hope so. (ANGEL, Age 13 to 18, 2/6/2009 4:58:03 AM, Hermionestruelove)

(7) The world became a better place after Malfoy was destroyed. As for the twins Anahi and Christian, they got married and had severely inbred kids with IQ's totalling 9999999999999999999999999 and receding foreheads. And all was safe. The world may have been good but it was terribly boring. A VERY NICE politically correct and extremely dull place where everyone was soon to die at the hands of Malfroy's despicable cousins. Let this, dear friends, be a warning to you all. Repeated inbreeding kills Good Wizardry and magick. What a sad end to the saga of Harry and Hermione. As for Ron & Nicky, they are very proud parents. Nicky is a soccer mom, and their lives are as boring as ... Hello! (MYsteryman, Age 13 to 18, 3/29/2014 3:54:29 PM, Hermionestruelove)

(8) A HINT OF HOW THE SAGA GOES ON: No-one knew that Malfroy had a son named Malcolm. Nobody knew Malcolm existed. Do you think Malcolm was anything like his father? Sure, dear reader, of course he was. His widowed mother had tried to keep him away from Christian and Anahi. But when Malcolm became a man, he said "well guys I guess NOW it's pay back time. And all of you people will suffer for what you did with my father." Malcolm and tried but failed to bring his father back, so he enlisted his evil comrades and destroyed the world forever. Muahahaha! The balance of the world had been wrecked. The world was seen exploding by a colony of mice who had, with the dolphins, constructed a settlement on the Moon. "Good riddence inbreds" they all cried in unison. "Thanks for all the cheese, and fish!" (ANGEL, Age 13 to 18, 2/6/2009 5:26:55 AM, Hermionestruelove)

(9) He wanted war but didn't realize what he was getting into when he pushed the BIG RED BUTTON on the nuclear warhead launch console.this wasn't his day they thought. this event coming generations before Harry, Hermoine and Ron had even been born. (olivia, Age 13 to 18, 6/1/2015 5:30:21 AM, Hermionestruelove)

(10) The dolphins and mice lived happily ever after on the moon. Harmonie kids survived (ANGEL, Age 13 to 18, 4/2/2016 6:08:00 AM, Hermionestruelove)

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