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More Girl Problems

(0) "Ron?"Harry called sleepily. Ron answered grumpily from the four poster nexter to Harry's,"Wha?" I need a new girl." "what about cho?" Ron asked, who now seemed wide awake and alert. like a hunting dog who just heard the gunshot. "Well we've got work to then," Ron said. (Chelsea, Age 13 to 18, 9/8/2004 9:07:32 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(1) "Yeah, Right, Ron" said Harry. "But you said that you need a new girl, A.K.A YOU HAVE TO DUMP CHO!" said Ron. "Just like that?" said Harry. "Just like that, Harry. "And plus it looks like you are her SLAVE if you know what I mean," Ron said. Harry stood up, "What's that supposed to mean?" "Oh shut up, Harry" said Ron. Harry didn't want to confess to Ron that he IS tagging along with Cho. "I mean c'mon that's not a good relationship!" said Ron. "SHH! it is 3 A.M.. I think that the boys could hear you. also, the girls are next door," said Harry. Ron paused for a second.... "Ok, Ok FINE" said Ron. Ron made an evil grin on his face...... "Yes?" asked Harry. "You and I will start looking for your true companion, we will even have to go over seas if were THAT desperate" said Ron. "As in.....North America and South America?" said Harry. "If it takes that much" said Ron "HEY!" said Harry. Harry threw a pillow @ Ron, "Hey!" Ron giggled. Harry and Ron laughed. "SHH!" said a voice near by. Harry and Ron paused for a second, and looked around the room.... "Who's speaking?" said ron. "Fred, you little nerd-bomer" said Fred. Harry & Ron can only see the outline of Fred's face in the moonlight. "If your going to have a nother girlfriend, it's gonna be Hermione" said Fred. "ARE YOU MAD?!" Ron whispered to Fred. "Hey, I just think that she has a thing for you, Harry...." Fred smiled. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled. "Well, remember when you first kissed Cho, Hermione felt down and mad, remember? IT'S A SIGHN!" whispered Fred. "I agree," said another voice. Ron looked around, "George?" said Ron. "Right-o" said George. "Alright, let's talk about this.....IN THE MORNING PLEASE?" asked Harry softly. "And for your information, Fred, SHE kissed me,I didn't make the first move," said Harry. "Yeah, ok" said George. "Alright, alright, let's talk about this in the morning...." said George. "Agreed," said Ron and Harry "ok" said Fred. All of them layed down in their beds..... "Do you think some girls heard us in the next room?" said either George or Fred. "We are whispereing, not talking" said Ron whispering. "Well, for your information....." Fred said. Fred got out of his bed. "What are you doing?" said Harry..... "Telling Hermione something...." Fred said with a evil grin on his face. Harry got out of bed and followed Fred. Fred opened the girl's door. "WHAT ARE YOU-" said Harry, he could not finish his sentence. Fred went next to Hermione's bed and shouted, "HEY HERMIONE! YOU BETTER WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BUTTERBEER BECAUSE HARRY IS IN LOVE WITH YOU!" Fred shouted. All of the girls woke up by his yelling. "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?" said Harry. "What's going on?" asked Hermione. Hermione turned on the light... Hermione looked sleepy. when she looked up, she saw Fred and Harry,her eyes grew bigger "what now?" asked Hermione. Harry ran for a quick exit. "ARG! HARRY!" said Fred. The girls started whispering to one another..... Fred looked around..... "hehe" said fred, looking innocent. (Back in the boy's dorm) "He did what?" said Ron. "He told Hermione that I loved her" whispered Harry, walking back and forth aorund the dorm. "Fredrick, Fredrick, Fredrick, he is the best" said George nodding, smileing. "That's my brother" he said, George giggled. "Let's talk about this in the morning." said Ron, looking quite red. Fred came back to the dorm. "Night" said Fred, looking happy. All of them went back into their beds, without wakeing Neville, Lee Jordan and other 6th and 7th years. Harry thought, "DO I LIKE HERMIONE?" he asked himself...... (Yankee, Age 13 to 18, 10/26/2004 10:19:56 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(2) The nex morning Herry went to see Hermonie and ron and cho.Then.He said I love you hermonie and hermonie said I love you and they kiss.They had a very pasionet kiss.They broke the record tha hermonie and ron kiss.Finally herry and hermoniesaid at the same time "Do you want to go out with me and be my" (Alondra, Age 8 to 12, 12/1/2004 11:09:41 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(3) But then hermonie stops because she realizes that she loves ron not harry and tells him she just cant do it and rns to the common room where ron is after telling him what happend with harry ron and hermonie kiss and start dating (master p, Age 8 to 12, 12/5/2004 1:46:48 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(4) so she tells Harry she can't go on like this and walks away. Harry was feeling very disgrunteld and went to tell Ron what happened. He was out in the courtyard looking around at all the kids looking for a redhead. Finally he spots a redhead he starts walking over, when he realises someones with him it was Hermione! (Emma, Age 8 to 12, 12/7/2004 7:49:30 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(5) Fin he said walking were her hermonie and ron ere he said .If you like ron better then me then go and kiss him.And by the way Ron you are dumhade and so are you hermonie.We are not friends any more. The next day.Hermonie went to talk to herry and ron went too.wen they sot and saw Herry kissing some girl name JoJo.She was hot relly hot and her,omie started to feel jealose and walk and broke the kiss and herry sid wath are you doing. She said wath are you doing with her.He said Im going to kiss her becouse you like ron and not me so i founde another girl.why are you jealouse of her.NO iwoudent care of you kissing another girl.And i woulde not kiss you if you were the last boy in Hogwards.WEll than if you dont mine i woulde like star kissing JoJo if you dont mine.Find she said be that way. the next day it was the big yoll ball and herry had a taxido and his girl was wering a hot dress.Then ron and hermonie walk and ron ask why are we her.hermonie said that she wanted to make herry jealuse becouse she made her mind that she loves herry and not you ron. Ron siad good becouse i just like you as a friend nothing more.Than Hermonie saw herry and man was he loking hot relly hot wiht the taxido. And ron sid wou JoJo lookes hot hot.Hermonie coulde not take her eyes of herry and then felt relly angry and sad wen she saw herry kissing JoJo againg.She went and herry saw her and he too saw that hermonie looke relly hot hermony was crying an went runnig awy then herry went and ruunig after and cryde hermonie wate a minute please i dont care if you say you like ron becouse i now you dont so i am going to becouse i Love you hermonie. than hermonie said that she to love him and they both kiss and kiss relly pasionet and slow and long and this time both were enjoying it .The end. (Alondra, Age 8 to 12, 12/8/2004 1:53:31 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(6) The end (elimy, Age 13 to 18, 12/9/2004 7:34:49 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(7) Meanwhile...Outside Ginny and Malfoy' little brother Malcome had an arguement about lunch Malfoy's aunt Stacy was hire for the headmistress of Slyderin ever since Umbridge left.she was'nt so bad not like Umbridge.She was kinda nice even to Gryfindors.She looked about 21 or 22.she was pretty wierd thing is Ron had a huge chrush on her.she had asigned them to pick a desert for tomorows lunch.Ginny and Malcome were like double fudge said" Malcome.banana cream said" Ginny.double fudge, banana cream, double fudge ,banana cream double, fugde banana cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Malcome raised the cake.You would'nt even dare said" Ginny.oh yeah try me said " Malcome said.Ok let's do it said" Ginny as she raised the pie.the both smashed the cake into someone alwright.wright into Malfoy's aunt.Malfoy's aunt said"" you guys are terible I try to make yall get along by agreeing what desert we shoud have for lunch tomorow.And put the desert in my face.We did'nt do it on purpose said"Ginny.That's not the point.I'm gonna to make yall go to Mrs. Katherin.Mrs. katherin the school counseler?said" Ginny.She's nutsy-coocoo and geeky said" Malcome.Yeah said" Ginny .Well at least yall agree on something said Malfoy's aunt.twelve o clock be there.And by the way it's double fugde .Haha in your face!In her face not yours said" Malcome.Then she left. (Cara, Age 8 to 12, 12/26/2004 10:05:47 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(8) Back in the common Harry, Ron, and, Hermione Where drinking egg- nog Seamus,Neville, and Dean Brung in the Christmas tree.Where should we put the tree at said" Dean.Over Their said Harry.I love Christmas it's so cheery and fun said" Dean.In other words you like the presents said" Ron.That too.Ron,should we try and take Malfoy,Crabbe,and,Goyle's solo part of This Christmas and The Christmas Song said"Hermione.OK said" Ron.Well Christmas is Really falling in the place said Harry.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh said" Dean.Boom he andd the tree had fall.Everyone turned around.I'm OK said" Dean.But nobody care if he's OK they just cared about the tree.Meanwhile...Ginny and Malcome where in the Mrs. Katherin's room.So what do you think about Red asked" Mrs Kate.I say it's the most ugliest hair style in the world said" Malcome refering to Ginny's hair.And What do you think about Yellow?I say it's slik headed, snoty ,and, selfish said" Ginny also refering to Malcome's hair.Oh. OK. said Mrs. Katherin.Excuse Me what dose this have to do with me and Weasley asked" Malcome?Nothing I'm Just thinking of a new wall color for this room said Mrs. Kathrin.So I think it isa good ideal to make yall get along.5 minutes later.I think we should sort this problem out said" Mrs. Katherin.She left revealin them tied together by a rope.Weasley I would'nt be tied together whith you if god asked me OK mabe I we'll said Malcome.I would'nt be tied to you if they offer me a million galleon said" Ginny.Yes you would said Malcome.I would"nt be tied together with you if Paris Hilton Flew alled the way from America and said" Malcome.Yes you would said" Ginny.Well at least it's just intill it's time to go to the common room said" Malcome.Next morning.It was Christmas eve hey Hermione misleltoe that means I get to kiss you said" Harry.Hermione gave him a peck on the lip.Come on guy time for carolin said" Professor MCgonagol.they went in the great hall.Hermione open her mouth and sung this christmas.Hang al the misletoe I'm gonna get to Know you better this Christmas.Andd as we trim the tree.How much it's gonna be toghether.This Christmas.Fireside is blazin brigth.Wer'er caroling through the night.A very special Christmas for Me,Yeah a dadadadadadada.Hermione that was very good Said" Malfoy's Aunt .Hermione smiled smugly.very special Christmas as Malfoy came and was really sanging This Christmas.Excuse me I work alone said" Hermione puting her hand on his mouth.Eww you slobber on me said" Hermione.Then they left sept for Draco let's go said" Malfoy's aunt.falalala sung Hermione badly.And Hermione,Harry ,and Ron wants you,Crabbe,and Goyle's solo.OK said" Malfoy.15 minutes later Malfoy aske" Hermione for help.Aw so nomore shutup Granger,Be quiet Granger,stay out of it Granger.Now it's Go Granger,You're Cool Granger,you the women Granger said" Hermione.We never said" You're cool and you're the women Granger said" Malfoy other brother.Well I'm waiting said" Hermione.Malfoy,Malcome,Tiny Timmy,Crabbe and Goyle,and Malfoy' other siblins Pim,Lex,and Maegan said" you'er cool and the women Granger.I can'nt hear you said" Hermione.You're cool and the women Granger What? you're cool and the women Granger.Oh stop it you're embarrising me.I get to embarras you when I show a tape of you sucking your doumb said" Malfoy.And I get to show a tape of you getting punch by me in 2 years ago.Man!!!said" Malfoy. (Cara, Age 8 to 12, 12/27/2004 11:30:20 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(9) What do you need help on said" Hermione?A Poem said Malfoy".Let me see it said" Hermione.She read it.Hmm.Roses are Red viole are blue next time you bother me you be IN YOUR UNDERUES AHAHA!!!Wait a minute it does'nt say that said" Tiny Timmy.Exacly!Why would I help you said" Hermione.I can'nt beleive Granger riped us off said" Pim.Why can'nt you believe that said" Malfoy.Meanwhile... Ginny and Malcome wher still tied up together.I've have a ieal said" Malcome.Me too said" Ginny.The went to Mrs Kathrin.I can'nt believe yall got along in one day! Well okay yall free to go and she untied them.Ginny and Malcome left yeah free At Last said" Malcome.Know out of the way I got a train to catch up said" Ginny.Dido said Malcome.Back on board Malfoy was mad he told his aunt I hate Granger she enbarresd me infront of the whole school.Acaly infront of the whole school-body said" Lex.Thanks Lex haha said" Malfoy sarcasticly.What she do said" his aunt.She showed a tape of me getting punch by her in the third year said" Malfoy.That's terible but do'nt say you hate somebody say you do'nt like her said" his aunt.Why should I she hates me and her doumb Friends.OK said" his aunt. We are going down charity lane like we always did said" his aunt.Of course said" Malfoy.Malcome you're back said" Pim.3 compartment down Harry, Ron, Fred, and George, Hermione,Ginny,Luna and Neville.Was rehersing the carols.Deck the hall with bous of holl falalalala.Shutup said" Pim's voice.Ah you shutup Pim.Like you can sang any better?Yelled" Ron.Harry We gotta get rid of Zacharies Smith He is dead wheigth in D.A.I can hear you said" Yelled Zacharies Smith.How do they do that said" Ron?We're gifted said" a boy's voice.I'm not even gonna ask said" Ron. (Cara, Age 8 to 12, 12/28/2004 8:53:28 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

(10) Harry woke up early and realzied what Fred said agers ago was true. Hermione and him shared a passionate kiss and it lead futher untill they were both doing it, a month later Hermione told Harry she wasa pregnant with his child/ Harry was flabbergased, (kingy , Age 13 to 18, 2/4/2005 8:47:41 PM, MoreGirlProblems)

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