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(0) The series of elegantly pointed nails fanned themselves along the taught leather of her coach’s glove. The embedded jewels along the rounded tips refracted the fading lamplight and mirrored the equally glistening markings along her brow and framing her mysterious eyes. The bursts of purples and greenish gray that served as the infamous labeled ‘windows to the soul’ shone suddenly with a brighter light and grabbed the ordain black of the stumped man with intrigue. With his guard down just long enough, her movements just swift and feline enough, she managed a scarce few gestures of a spell and with a folding of her deep maroon cloak she was wearing, she was into the ominous stone building and he blundering his way back down the weathered cobble road, without any remembrance of the strange beauty. The coach blended into the evening’s dark and the Elf with the royal cloak slipped with silent footsteps towards the daunting door that was supposedly a palace backdoor. (Ruatria, Age 13 to 18, 6/16/2003 9:56:09 PM, Mystery)

(1) Revina, as she was known in the land of the past, blew a steaming breath into the cold, ever-changing mirror. She again saw the man as she had seen him those last few weeks, seen him and him alone. She plunged her hand in to the pool, unnerved by the man's stubborn tendency to enter her dreams. Unwillingly, the last elf closed her eyes. (Iris C. Anagram, Age 8 to 12, 7/15/2004 8:35:47 PM, Mystery)

(2) Cursing Ravina jerked her hand back. "filthy little," whatever it was that had forced her away wasn't the man she had been after. He didn't have that type of power. Rubbing her wrist where a wicked looking slash now marred her pale skin, Ravina walked away from the pool bearing unatraly sharp teeth, that, were she at home, would be one more mark of her beauty. Ravina, as an elf, was not one to take insult well. And this, she thought with a sniff of her dainty nose, was one hell of an insult. No one marked a royal and not exspect some form of retribution. The elfin courts were infamous for their public acts of punishment. Ravina knew for a fact that the Unseelie found the shows absoloutly delicous. And, just becose she was the last of the Royals, didn't mean that she could'nt live up to tradition. Not to would just be a waste, and that would be out of the question. (Morgain & Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 10/7/2004 8:50:19 PM, Mystery)

(3) Thoughtfully, she sucked the slash, a thin red stripe against her pale complexion. She dislike to think what would have happened had she draped her hair in, like she sometimes did to help her eyes see into the pool. For she knew as well as any royal elf that if someone--or something--has even just a single lock of your hair, they have almost complete and total power over you. And if they have a lock of your hair and know your true name...It was a good thing her name wasn't actually Revina, which was only her mortal name. Her true name... Now that was powerful. Thinking of names made her remember that she was no longer in the sheltered Unseelie Court, where royal elves were held as all powerful. She would have to be a bit more subtle than the open, public examples that were so popular among her friends and family. No...And also, there was the problem of finding out who-or what-did this to her. Then she remembered the slash. Of course! She could simply trace the maker by... And then she stared at her wrist. The slash had already closed and healed into a horrible, dark, ugly, festering scar. (Sara Chili, Age 8 to 12, 3/9/2005 1:49:53 PM, Mystery)

(4) Hissing, she stared at her hand a moment. Then, angrily, she rolled her cloak into a tight ball, and pulled something out of thin air...And then, she was-different. She smiled, and stared into the watery mirror. She had now been changed into, if undeniably pretty, a mortal girl. She smiled, and a heart shaped face, lightly dusted with the occasional freckles, framed with auburn red hair, smiled back. She examined her new eyes. They were large, almond shaped, and bright green. Excellant. Then, she placed a new, smaller, plumper white hand, no longer noticeabluy scarred, into the swirling water of the pool. She drew it back in a cloud of pain, and suddenly, all her thoughts seemed to mash together... She woke up, lying on a silky rug of some cobwebby material. She was in a small stone - cell? What the-? She tried to get up but one leg, she saw, was bent at an unnatural angle, and she knew that it was broken. She examined herself, to see if her disguise had held. It had. Just then, a tall, striking man walked in, out of some hidden doorway in the air... "I see your awake. What is your name?" She thought quickly. A moment later she said "Ah...Sarah" "Come, my little elf princess, you know as well as I do that you are no mortal girl, however pretty." She sighed. However the sigh was really disguising her racing thoughts. If he really didn't know any of her names, she could tell him that her name was Revina, and pretend to have to obey him... But she wondered what to do about her hair. She saw him do a series of silly motions. What and amatuer, but... Suddenly, she had an idea. She gave a loud, fake scream, and, with a little flick of her hidden hand, her head of auburn hair burst into flames-and was quickly disintegrated. "Alright! Alright! I'll tell you!" she faked hideous tears. "And make your true appearance, to, little princess!!" She smiled slightly behind her tears. She hadn't lost her touch yet, and he hadn't realized it wasn't his doing that had destroyed her hair. She waved her cloak (which was disguised as a rough, plain dark mortal cloak) once, but, unknown to him, she did not revert to her normal appearance. Instead, she transformed herself into a completely different looking elf.... Her nose straightened into a strong, classic roman nose. Her eyes became larger, but did not revert to their usual slant. And they darkened to a deep, profound blackness, unlike her usual smoky green eyes, with strange purple sparks bursting from them. She made herself shorter than she really was, with longer arms, and fuller bosom. Only her hands remained the same, one with that horrible black scar on it. He smiled. "Alright, now tell me your name" "My name is... Revina"she shivered He frowned, but then said, "Well, I guess that means I don't have to chain you up...But it was foolish of me to burn your hair, now I think about it." Little did her know that her real hair was currently just retracted into a light fuzz, which, if she wished, could spring back to the usual beautiful, rich crop of chestnut hair. She sighed, and sat, the picture of obedience. Then, the man abruptly disappeared... What a fool he is! (Lisa Chira, Age 8 to 12, 3/9/2005 2:19:57 PM, Mystery)

(5) She examined her leg lazily, wondering if she ought to have brought some virianne along with her. Never mind, at least she still had the (italicized) Moonstone. Pulling the slim silver chain off of neck, she placed the small, almost perfectly globular clear orb which hung from it onto her broken leg. The leg righted itself, smoothed, and the pain disappeared. She tied the chain back into its accustomed place around her slender neck. Then, she stood, and examined what to most people was just plain air. She was getting frustrated, a few hours later, when she saw the slim, shining thread which hung in the place she thought she had seen the man leave through. Taking the thread, she twisted it into a clove knot, and suddenly, she saw a shimmering white doorway. She stepped tentatively through it... She found herself staring out into a shining night street, the place where she had met the man who kept pervading her dreams. She smiled. Turning, she suddenly froze. There, where her mirror had been was a small, rather annoyed looking dragon child. (Cameron, Age 13 to 18, 3/9/2005 6:03:15 PM, Mystery)

(6) It was a translucent white, and she could see some of the city lights shining through it. It's eyes, however, looked like huge, enormously valuable, blood-red rubies. It mewed softly. Suddenly, her grin returned. What luck! A dragon child, which, with the right training, could be moulded into a shape-shifter daemon, who were the most useful familiars. They were highly magical, intelligent, and could be used to enhance her own magic! Excellant.. A voice, however, popped into her head. She was frightened by it. "This is not an ordinary dragon child, Linarial daughter of Prince Ryuio, last royal princess of the line Amaroc." She gasped. How did the voice know her true name? And why was she not completely in its power? "How do you know you are not? And besides, I do not have a lock of your hair." She blushed, and then thought politely, "Erm, do you seriously mind telling me who you are?" "Yes" "PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???" It was strange, the impulsiveness of this want to know the name. She had not felt like this since she was a child. But the voice was gone. She turned her attention back to the dragon child, who was lapping up some smoky water... Of course! Now she understood. The dragon child had used - and broken - the mirror to come here, although why she did not know. Still, it must be quite powerful. But the voice had stirred something in her. Suddenly, she understood. It had not said "Last of the Great elves", it had only said "Last of the line of Amaroc", or the royal line of great elves. Which meant some of her kind were still out there! Which meant... And suddenly, she understood her purpose in the mortal world. She must rally the last elves together, recreate the Unseelie Court, and restore the destroyed line of Amaroc the Great! For she, she could marry one of the slightly lesser Great elves, and then, the line would be carried on. But that would come later. For now...She picked up the dragon, and with a wave of her wide, royal elf cape, she disappeared down the dark street. (Benkoshimasu, Young Adult, 3/9/2005 6:17:50 PM, Mystery)

(7) Isn't Benkoshimasut the Japanese word for study? Anyway, she stared into the dragon (no longer a child)'s enormous eyes. She was older now - a whole year older, and though in elf time that is next to nothing, still it felt like an eternity of waiting. Now, however, the dragon was ready. It was about the size of a large cat, she mused, but then returned to her original train of thought. Hmm...Again she looked into the dragon's eyes, but this time, she clutched the Moonstone, and whispered the 7 magic words of power. The eyes of the dragon lit up, and then it said, in a deep, husky voice (Italicized) A lesser elf already have you met/ For your power he gambled, and lost his bet/Another, a girl of youth and naiive/Who through stories the truth can shift and out cieve/And there's also a old woman who remembers it all/ She's spoken to you, last Midwinter's call. She stared at the dragon and thought for a moment. Then, she slapped her head. Of course! Only an elf could have harmed her like that man did! Stupid. However, at least she thought she had some way of finding the first fellow survivor. (C of the U, Age 8 to 12, 3/9/2005 6:32:59 PM, Mystery)

(8) how cum al thes PP's hav big weird words + thy R realy realy long and i cant figr them out? (emmy, Age 1 to 4, 3/9/2005 7:09:52 PM, Mystery)

(9) Ignore THAT stupid paragraph (sorry emmy). She stared at the long, dark scar which she still had on her pale arm. She stroked it gently, and... The man-elf stood, and started to wave his arms, when she looked him sternly in the eye. Finally, he bowed his head. "Princess, I acknowledge you as my true and royal ruler." She smiled. This was going to be easy after all. However, she needed the dragon to say more. How? (Lionel, Age 13 to 18, 3/9/2005 11:35:10 PM, Mystery)

(10) I stared at the dragon. What the...It was fading away! Of course! That voice... It said that the dragon would be useful...for a little while... I suddenly understood. I would have to ask my new subject... (Bold) To be continued... (Cameron, Age 13 to 18, 3/10/2005 12:14:53 AM, Mystery)

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