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The Shadow of Despair

(0) Once upon a time, in the land of woe, lived a happy village of happy people, until one day... Dark, creepy shadow-like creatures came from the far East, draining villages one by one of all their joy. The only hope for the land of woe, was in the hands of Jerf named Thomas. A Jerf was a humanoid looking exactly like a human, and it was human in all aspects except each one was born with a unique power, and Thomas was the power of cooking up delicious bacon and eggs in just a matter of seconds. He could do this anywhere, anytime, with anything. (Thomas Turnkuteer (pen name), Age 13 to 18, 3/28/2007 4:48:39 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(1) Some Jerfs had the power to fly, and others could read minds. They were able to make great use of their powers. Thomas, on the other hand, was forced to work as the village cook. He wished that he could have been born with a more useful power. However, a Jerf was born with only one power, and would die with that power. (BOBERT, Age 13 to 18, 5/14/2008 6:48:27 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(2) His mother could walk through walls, and his Father could change shape at will. Even his baby sister could breathe fire. Everyday he felt more and more useless, until that very first day, the opening to his new adventure, arrived and he felt something lift within him. This was odd, as on that day, the shadow creatures (named The Voids because they are void of light) arrived in his small village of abecombe and drained the happiness and joy out of everyone there. (Ellie :D, Age 13 to 18, 6/17/2008 5:29:25 AM, ShadowofDespair)

(3) It started out as just an average morning, but the first thing he noticed when he woke up was that the sun was abnormally absent..adecombe was usually a sunny town, so it was odd that his room was grey and shadows were drowning his possessions. (Ellie, Age 13 to 18, 7/7/2008 8:33:28 AM, ShadowofDespair)

(4) Then suddenly The Mother came in and said i want to suck your blood, But he just cooked up a bunch of scrambled eggs and strew then ate her and she fell to the ground like she had been just shot dead. What have I done! I've just killed my mum!yes!!!!!! ( I had To fix Up A Bunch Of Words This guy Is About Over 8 which is Like A year 3 4 5 6 ) (Andrew Symes, Age 8 to 12, 10/13/2009 7:37:09 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(5) One day a boy walked in the woods and the boy walked up to another boy and said what are you doing and he said walking in the woods like you and they both said how old are you at the same time. One said 10 the other boy said 7 and they both argeed to play so they both played together and played the whole day so they ran to ther houses and said can i stay with my new friend at his house.Mom said wait let me call she said are you talking about robert he said yea. (james, Age 8 to 12, 10/29/2009 6:24:37 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(6) Then suddeny it started raining pizza .We where very hungy so we started eating for 247 after 7 days we where full of pizza . (dylan gianni, Age 8 to 12, 10/13/2009 7:37:28 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(7) and then he threw up because he ate too much pizza. (james, Age 8 to 12, 12/23/2011 12:08:15 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(8) ''EWWWWWWWW!!!''said the other boy. The boy who threw up, his name was Razzimu the other boy's name was Maribus. Hours later they both woke up in their beds at home, it turned out that Maribus had dreamt about the falling pizza so he said to Razzimu,''I just had a really weird dream and you were in it!'' I was? Thats weird, because I just had a dream that YOU were in!'' replied Razzimu. ''Alright,'' said Maribus, ''what was your dream about?'' ''My dream was about pizza falling from the sky.'' Answered Razzimu. ''W-what thats what my dream was about too!!!!!!!'' (Sophia Alden, Age 8 to 12, 12/23/2011 12:23:58 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(9) wow, this is really strange for us to have theresame dream, don't you think so? Razzimu asked? But Maribus just can't get the falling pizzas out of his mind. Then suddenly Maribus... (Nafisa sulley, Young Adult, 6/2/2012 1:27:27 PM, ShadowofDespair)

(10) (Nafisa sulley, Young Adult, 6/2/2012 1:28:51 PM, ShadowofDespair)

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