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Summer the Holiday Fairy

(0) "Have you finished packing yet,Rachel?"Mrs Walker calling up the stairs."Kirsty and her parents will be her soon." "Almst finished!"Rachel Walker shouted back.It was the start of the summer holidays and in just a few hours she and her parents would be back on Rainspell Island! Even better, Kirsty Tate,Rachel's best friend, was going to be staying with her parent's too.The two girls had met on that very island the summer before.It had been a very magical time.Very magical,Rachel thought with a smile .She and Kirsty shared an amazing secret . They were friends with the fairies!They had first met the fairies when the king and queen of Fairyland asked for their help to rescue the Rainbow Fairies.Since then,Rachel and Kirsty had many more adventures with them. I wonder if we'll see any fairies this holiday' Rachel thought.She touched the golden lockets she always wore around her neck.Kirsty had one just the same.They had been a gift from the Fairy Queen and they were filled with fairy dust. (Rachel, Age 8 to 12, 10/15/2006 1:12:15 PM, SummertheHolidayFairy)

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