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The Archives of Rita Skeeter

(0) As you know,I'm Rita Skeeter and I am or was, a reporter of the Daily Prophet. Before I was forbidden to write anything well, that was not strictly true, I did write several papers on Harry's well, adventures and recent, erm, happenings of his. Now I am fired from the Daily Prophet and I collect my various writings together in order to from "The Archives of Rita Skeeter." Note: This includes her writing in the Quibbler as well as her of other writings not strictly related to Harry Potter. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 4/4/2004 12:20:06 AM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)

(1) Mean while back at the Griffondor common room hermione was writing an essay from proffesor Snape.As Ron wa enjoying tossing mashmelals and catching it in his mouth Harry suddenly poped out of the middle of nowhere causing Ron to choke on a marshmelal and drinking the nearest drink and with that...Ahhhh! Screamed Hermione what are you doing trying to give us aheart attack?!sorry but theres a Giant snake Outside come on!he Said excitedly.Harry It's just a- OH MY GOSH!!!Screamed Ron.a Giant serpent!No Body Panick Said Dombledor we have it out of here in no time.You'er not Gonna kill it are you said Ginny .course not we are gonna get rid of said dombledor.Idiots mubble Malfoy. (Cara, Age 8 to 12, 4/14/2004 6:29:41 PM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)

(2) THat was Crazy said Hermione. I Know said ron. (Cara, Age 8 to 12, 4/14/2004 6:32:07 PM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)

(3) Hey Rumor is That Rita Scetters is Back said Ginny. No way said ron It can't Be That she's Back. I thoutht you Drove Her out of Town Harry? asked Hemione. (cara, Age 8 to 12, 4/14/2004 6:35:21 PM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)

(4) (Note To self I'm 10 Years old)Oh No She Already has a artical out.Said hermione. Let's read It.Eww!They all said about love potions. Plet! No Body Giving Me a love potion.Laughed Hermione.I'll Probaly run Down the hall naked All I care!That's call stripping said Ginny!But Who Care Rita is Butthole.Said Ginny.Haha!Said Harry.Oh PU-Lease Said Hermione I'm Looking at her rite now and I've never seen Anything or anyone Ugly like her. Said Hermione.Wellseped For Pancy Parkinstin.Emhem they all Good night said herminoe.Hermione It's 6:00.Said Harry. (It's Me again., Age 8 to 12, 4/14/2004 6:49:21 PM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)

(5) Rita Skeeter had gotten Harry real mad becasue she was talking bad about Cho Chang. He went looking for her to tell her off. Cho told Harry he didn't have to but he did anyway. He loved Cho and he wasn't about to let some stupid old women push her around. Cho still stuck to the idea of letting it go because it didn't even bother her. So he went off. When he found her she was in her beetle form and he put her in a jar. He went back and tild Cho what he did and she was o.k. with it. He hugged her and then kissed and said he had to go. (jen C, Age 13 to 18, 4/15/2004 10:40:10 AM, TheArchivesofRitaSkeeter)