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The Witch Trial

(0) No one speaks the word "witchcraft" anymore. They just refer to it as "the recent turn of events," and "the recent tragedy," and they can not admit that they were wrong. Wrong about those innocent girls who were put to death that night. And I still can not beleive what has happened, even as I write this with my quill that Marissa gave me, I can not beleive that she is dead. And I can not beleive that I couldn't save her. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 7/31/2003 1:58:46 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(1) What was wrong with the world these days? People were so rasist. Blaming inicent girls for being witches. I was a witch! I was one to admit it proudly and if I died... so be it. (Rikku, Age 13 to 18, 6/23/2004 8:17:25 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(2) There was a knock at the door, Diedre jumped and looked up guiltily from the parchment that lay in the flickering glow of the candle beside her.The knocking continued, a steady ban banging against her door that made her heart falter every time she heard it. Licking her lips nervously she gathered up the parchment, quill, and ink and hid them under the false board near the hearth.Just becouse the filthy bigots had stopped slaughtering woman on the whim of some of their brats, didn't mean that the respite would last long. Straightening she dusted her hands along the skirt of her dress and walked to the door. Pressing her ear against the age roughened wood Diedre called out, "Who is it?" a voice muffled and amused and snswered, "It's Jack.Open the door doll, i'm freazing my broomstick off out here." Chuckling despite herself Diedre opened the door, clutching her shawl close around her to protect against most of the cold. With wide eyes she asked " What broomstick, after you screamed like a girl when you saw that mouse i wasn't sure if you still had one." As the man duked under the door frame so he would crack a hole in his head, he said, his voice full of wounded pride, "That was hurtful Dye." She grinned, dark eyes sparkling and red hair whipping across her pale face, " Come in come in. It's to cold out to argue with you about the size of your," she stuck a toungue in her cheeck and looked him up and down, "Magical equipment." Laughing he pushed her forward and kicked the door closed with one snow covered boot. " Don't be such a b-" he paused. Looking at him curiously Diedre opened her mouth. Jack shook his head violently grabbed her by the arm, went over to her small table, and extingushed her only light. Leaning over her and putting his lips so close to her ear that she fought not to giggle, he said " They're outside. They've been folowing me ever since I left home to see you. I didn't fight them yet becouse there's to many of them and i'll need your help to hold them off." She could see that his eyes were to wide, to glazed, even in the dark. " If I help you they'll know i'm a witch too. What will happen to me then." He grabbed her by the shoulders, "You'll come with me. We'll go to Aries." She looked at what she thought was his face and scowled, " Aries is a constalation. Have you been using that gross smelling crop to smoke in your pipe again. Becouse just between me and you i think that stuff makes you a little-" he was shaking his head impaitently.She stopped talking as he pulled her along until she had her back in a corner and he was blocking her with his body, "Aries is a city-" "What type of city? This isn't another one of your wh_re town agin is it -" "God no!" he sounded disgusted by the very idea,"'s a place where. Where they won't hang you if you happen to be a little on the odd side." Diedre shrieked as her window exploded in a shower of glass and flame."Or burn you now that i think about it. What do you say baby girl? Come with me." She stared numbly at the torch and jumped as another could be heard flying through the upstairs window. She could hear them now. Curses, screams, crying, a mob. And it sounded as if they had already caught a few other woman befor they had gotten to her. Nodding she looked up at him. His handsome face was bathed in the warm glow of the fire that was quickly spreading across her floor. "yes, yes, i'll go but only if we take whoever they have crying outside." His only response was a grin and his teeth flashed brightly in the near dark,"Great love.Fine with me." and then jack began to glow. A deep purple pulsing that rolled off his skin and rose to grow ever larger. Her own power answered and her body began to throb with a aching blood red heat. He grinned at her again and his teeth were long and sharp, and his cheekbones stood out. And his eyes glowed bright,wickedly green and so full of power that it took her breath away. He held out a hand "Let's play baby,i'ts been so long since we played together. Let's go have some fun." (Brigid & Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 10/7/2004 8:29:10 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(3) "We don't have time, Their sure to come any minute time flies, you know!" (Willa Jones, Age 1 to 4, 11/7/2004 11:12:41 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(4) He snorted. "me dear, you've been a bit uptight la'ely avn't you. Them horses shan' recover for o cuppa owers, le' lone in o' few minu's." She glanced up at this. "Well, fun aint what I'm gonna do with extra time, mister." She began packing various useful items. Jack watched her. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the arm. "Honey, you gonna play whether ya like it o' not." She tried to break free.... (Chira Lais, Age 5 to 8, 12/27/2004 3:48:12 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(5) Jack twisted her arm. He seemed to be talking to himself."WItches, come, come to meeeeeeeeeeee!" SHe was shocked. SHe'd had no idea he was the new GOrken. We, he said, are going to rise up! WHy should those idiot normal people stop us? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lala, Age 1 to 4, 2/1/2005 12:11:50 AM, TheWitchTrial)

(6) She stood, shaking. "Jack. Jack, I'm not going to go with you. I refuse to 'play'. I have work to do here, even if it means I have to lose my witchcraft." He looked at her in shock. Give up her witchcraft? What was she saying! Of course she wouldn't. She wanted to take it back, to grovel in front of his green eyes. But she wouldn't, not now. And it was true, in a way. Her work was-She had to show the villagers that they were wrong to the three dead girls, and should mourn the girls, and be ashamed. This was her work, and so it would remain. She twisted her arm away from Jack, and was about to open the door, when~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Jaklak, Age 13 to 18, 4/9/2005 10:40:12 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(7) the door opened, and a man walked in. "diedre," a vioce yelled, "Come out. i'm the judge. we are her to take you for trial. roughly he clad ehr in hancuffs, and took her away. jack had hidden, then came out and said, "she is a witch. that's for sure." Diedre was puzzeled and scared. her dear friend, a liar? he was not loyal. apparently, to escape any punishment himself, he turned on her. As she was taken away, she told herself, 'if I come back , if I live, i will surely get back at him. (Ashi, Age 8 to 12, 4/26/2005 4:52:33 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(8) At the trial, the man asked, "do you admit to swearing to the Devil,and are ready to exept Thy punishment?" "i admit as far as to being a Witch, though i have not sworn to the Devil." "But thy hath done evil deeds, and must pay.Do you wish to admit, and hang in honesty, or hang in guilt?" "I admit only as to what I have said before." the gavel banged down, and the judged annonuced, "th sentence to hanging of diedre almot!" (Ashi, Age 8 to 12, 4/26/2005 5:01:14 PM, TheWitchTrial)

(9) it was at her hanging sentence that she realized, "I can escape.I know I can." "We all gather here in honereth of diedre almot's hanging, she being sentenced a mere four days ago." he began reading a long list of how she had wronged her country. Jack squirmed around. how he hated the glint in her eye! The sooner she hanged, the better. As the man's speach ended, he said loudly, "pull the rope!" But as soon as he did, she wriggled out of it and ran. "come back! come back in the name of authority! The King of England's athority!" But she did not. she was free. (Ashi, Age 8 to 12, 4/27/2005 10:43:16 AM, TheWitchTrial)

(10) She was on her way to freedom! at last! she decided on catching a boat, some time. first, she would try to look like a man. Well, boy. she is, you see, only ten. Mabye she would catch a boat to Holland. first, she would have to get back at Jack. She would float upstream, and, in a year or two, when he married, get back at him. how? Steal one of his daughters. (Ashi, Age 8 to 12, 4/27/2005 10:47:39 AM, TheWitchTrial)

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