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The new guy.

(0) It was Harry's 5th year at hogewarts and hecouldn't get the death of Chedric and the comeing of Voldamort out of his head. Harry,Hermiole,and Ron where siteing down whating for the new students to be sorted so the feast could begine. Profesor Snape called out the names this time."Daywalker?" called out. When Dombledore heard this he quicly looked at the persion walking up to the sorting hat.Harry and Hermiole looked at him too." Who is that?" they both asked Ron." That's Daywalker, the vampire slayer,"said Ron soprized that Hermiole didn't know him."He's only 15,"stated Ron. "So he's our year?" asked Harry." Yep," said Ron." WOW!"said Hermiole dreamily."Hello, earth to Hermiole"said Harry"oh sorry."said Hermiole. Everyone was listing to the hat know."Ahh,I see lots of cerige,hardly eney fear,yes it is sertin that you and Mr.Potter will do great things."said the Hat."Griffindore!"shouted the hat. (TJ, Age 13 to 18, 3/12/2006 3:07:10 AM, Thenewguy)

(1) Daywalker came to sit next to hermione. Hi,He said. Hermione blushed but said hi. Him and hermione started talking and talking. Ron and Harry lokked at each other and rolled their eyes. (sirameol, Young Adult, 10/29/2006 5:59:12 PM, Thenewguy)

(2) After the feast, Ron and Harr headed up the stairs to the common room.But hermione walked around with Chris Daywalker around the school to show him the school. (jane, Age 8 to 12, 10/29/2006 7:12:52 PM, Thenewguy)

(3) Ron and harry were in the common room trying to finish Snapes work but couldn't because they needed Hermiones help, but she wasn't there yet. They waited up till 1:00 in the morning but she still wasn't there. (mexarican, Age 8 to 12, 5/14/2013 2:38:03 PM, Thenewguy)

(4) Meanwhile in the forbidden forests, Chris and hermione were makking out. They were across the path. chris was kissing her passionatly on the neck. they sat there for kissing for hours. And finnally they fell asleep, with hermione's head on Chris's chest.and then this kid came out of no where and start to hump the boy (branie, Young Adult, 1/15/2013 4:06:30 PM, Thenewguy)

(5) i think you should make fun of the new boy because you know some people make fun of the new boy on the first. (Brianna, Age 8 to 12, 10/9/2013 2:59:34 PM, Thenewguy)

(6) harry and ron sat next to hermione but hernione did not even look up. later that day harry,hermione,ron and cris got detenion with snape because thay had not dond there homework. but luckly a dueling class was set up by dumbledore and thay missed snape's detenion. (Akash, Age 5 to 8, 11/13/2006 9:44:38 PM, Thenewguy)

(7) evryone got paired up harry with ron and hermione with cris harry sent a stuning spell at ron and hermione sent a love charm at cris,ron deflected as cris let the love charm goi into his chest. (goerge, Age 8 to 12, 11/13/2006 9:48:30 PM, Thenewguy)

(8) Once again, Ron and Harry wondered were HErmione was. So they went to look for her. They put the invisibility cloak on.They looked everywhere but couldn't find her. so they checked the forbidden forrest. (toni, Age 13 to 18, 11/16/2006 5:21:04 PM, Thenewguy)

(9) There was Hermione on Chris's chest once again but something weird was happening. Chris's eyes were glowing a brilliant green and he seemed to be doing something to Hermione, it was as if her soul was being sucked out of her. Harry and Ron were careful not to let thier presence known as they watched in confusment at the display before them. (Minnie Mouse, Age 13 to 18, 1/11/2007 6:08:02 PM, Thenewguy)

(10) All of a sudden a brilliant jet of green light shot out from behind the tree opposite to where Harry and Ron were. It hit Chris in the chest and his hands fell limply to his sides. Out emerged Dumbledoor from behind the tree holding his wand close to his chest. But something was wrong with Dumbledoor too as he looked at Hermione with thirst in his eyes. He approached her with his wand, ready to strike. (G.G., Age 13 to 18, 1/15/2013 4:09:07 PM, Thenewguy)

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