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Which Witch?

(0) One day there was a witch. She had nine other sisters and one brother. The lived in a desk drawer, so it was pretty crouded. She wanted to cast the entire world into darkness with a new spell she had just invented. It was going to make the sun turn black, so nobody would be able to see. Imagine the chaos it would cause? People all over the world would be stumbling around in the dark, not knowing where to go. The only problem with her ingenius evil plot was... (Tailo, Age 13 to 18, 1/20/2003 5:30:59 AM, Which_Witch)

(1) She didn't have all the ingrediants she needed.She had tried substituting one thing with another.That idea didn't go so hot.So she was forced to go see someone she did'nt know wanted to use her spell for themselves.But the crappy thing was she didn't know it yet. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 2/11/2003 8:16:51 PM, Which_Witch)

(2) the wich went to the persons house and knocked on the door. the door opened "yes?" said a old man and women.well the wich was spechless.But the wich wasnt done finding all the ingredents (Don't ask, Age 13 to 18, 2/18/2003 4:26:22 PM, Which_Witch)

(3) Pippa had to stiffle a giggle when she saw the people who answered the door.One was the quitest little woman,she was blue and had red ears and a nose that looked just like a bunny.The other was a man,he was green and had polka dotted canary feathers growing as a mustach.She didn't know much about spells that actually worked,but she knew enough to not want to use ingrediants that made spells backfire like that.Besides you just couldn't trust people with red ears AND blue skin.You could trust them with your life if they had either one or the other,but BOTH.That's what aunt Silvy said right before she was swallowed by the purple cat that lived next door.Pippa shook her head sadly at the thought,poor aunt Silvy.She smiled as she turned on her heel and prepared to run.She hoped they would only confuse her with a slightly slow child who had lost her way.She had made it to the end of the porch when she was seazed around the throght and turned sharply around to face a man.A Dark haired,dark eyed,non rainbow colored man.She watched ,pale and trembling as he bent down to whisper in her ear,"Well, well, well,look what the black cat dragged in.Dear Evaline,why did you come back,did you miss me my little witch.No matter now that your back we can head home.We have wasted a lot of time looking for you my dear,a lot of time.I'm afraid you must be punished for that.And i had no idea you liked being flogged so very much." He turned his head slightly so that his breath fanned her face.He kissed her slightly and she nearly fainted from the fear it caused.He laghed,"Eva,my Eva,how i'v missed you.Welcome back." She blacked out with the sound of his laughter still in her ears. (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 2/25/2003 6:44:35 PM, Which_Witch)

(4) magnus looked at Pippa with a satisfied look on his face.he was lucky to hae her back.he smiled down at the slack figure in his arms and whispered "Very llucky indeed." (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 3/3/2003 8:33:46 PM, Which_Witch)

(5) and they lived happly ever after. (alex staniszewski, Young Adult, 4/11/2003 7:58:14 AM, Which_Witch)

(6) Life is not so easy!A old and bad witch know about that.Who knows that the little woman is a spy of the really bad witch!The bad witch is very happy to see that because she wants to kill Pippa for so long.She told the little woman to speak a spell that can make her sleep forever, then the bad witch will go into the dream and challenge with Pippa.Luckily the old man heard this and told Pippa's sisters and brother.The little man tried to stop the little woman and her sisters and brother tried to find a spell that can give her some magic power or make her don't sleep.But this all is too late,thios spell is really very new and very very bad so nothing can slove this problem.It's nearly dinner time. They need to do it more faster. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 4/12/2003 2:01:14 AM, Which_Witch)

(7) Faster made them mad.They did it all confused.Pippa's sisters and brothers had found a spell that can make the little woman to forget about the bad witch.The old man was able to do it because he's a good witch before.He was very good but his spell had gone to the wrong person.It went into Pippa's mind!She didn't meet the bad witch before and the spell couldn't work in her brain and had gone into her lugs!! (Jim Jim, Age 8 to 12, 4/12/2003 2:37:16 AM, Which_Witch)

(8) Well,go into the lungs,so exciting!The spell did something terrible in her lungs.It makes her lungs cause some unidentifed dises.Some famous doctors and scientist had went to see and check her lungs.They both didn't know which dises it is.Therefore they put up a name,called atypical pneumonia.Pippa started to cought and could not breath directly.The old man felt very sorry about that. Her sisters and brother started to find a spell about that again.The old man responed to look after and avoid the bad witch to hurt Pippa.Her sisters and brother had found a spell about that quickly.They told the old man to help them.The old man promised things would not go wrong any more. They decided to do it at night while Pippa felt asdleep.Quickly the bedtime had came.They very excited and frightened.The old man was specially pay attention to pratise the spell.The children didn't want anything to go wrong so the told the old man needed to very carefull this time.The old man started to speak the spell.The weather changed and the wind blew hard.Recently,the old man stopped the spell,rain falled heavlly with thunder roared.They didn't know what this mean.They all hoped it was sucess this time.The next morning the doctor came.He checked Pippa's body,nothing special happened.Unluckily,the childern all cought like their sister and couldn't breath directly.Listened to the news,they knew the disease had spreaded to the whole world,esspecially China and Canada. The old man realize the wind direction was north east,so the spell not only didn't help Pippa,it also spreaded the disease all over the world. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 4/13/2003 5:06:43 AM, Which_Witch)

(9) Pippa thought of an idea. It was: play the "glad" game that Pollyanna (a famous old time girl)always played(actually that's why she's famous). He was thinking......what should I be glad about? Then all of a sudden, his head popped out a lighting light bulb. And so it was, he was glad that the terrible, horrible disease didn't sprread all over the world. I mean think about it, there are hundreds or thousands of countries in this whole wide world bit the ugly, nasty disease has only spread in two countries, that's a glad thing to know.And so after that, Pippa and his brothers and sisters thought of a plan to stop the disease from spreading evey country. It was: What ever the Hong Kong government do to stop the Atypical Pneumonia from spreading, they'll do the same thing but faster, just becuase they could use magic. So...... (Poop, Age 13 to 18, 4/14/2003 9:35:02 PM, Which_Witch)

(10) They decided to use the magic in order to stop the disease to spread all over the world.They found for the spell again.They even told Harry Potter to help them.They almost forget the bad witch.Luckily the old man helped Pippa to give some magic power to her.This time nothing to get wrong and even helped Pippa to get well from the disease.Her sisters and brother also get well soon by the old man's spell.They could went home and continue to find the right spell.About one hour later,they had found a right spell,they thought.However they still tried to do that.After they found the right ingredient,Harry Potter started to do that.While he spoke the spell,the weather was fine.Slowly the sky turned abnormally black and wind blew harder and harder.After about one hour,he finished the spell.The weather was even got worse.Harry Potter tried to do a spell about turning the weather but it didn't work.They were very frightened and didn't know what is it mean.They could only do is to wait for the news.They hoped the disease could stop. In the other hand,the bad witch knew this all and wanted to kill Harry Potter too.She was now tried to make thing worse in order to make Harry Potter to stay here.Luckily the pricipal of Harry Potter's school knew about that and was helping Harry. At 7:30,the news came.The reporter didn't report about the disease.She only reported Pippa and her sisters and brother got well and the weather was extremely bad for an hour before the news.They still didn't know their spell was success or not. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 4/15/2003 2:07:01 AM, Which_Witch)

(11) Okay...well...THAT was interisting (Brigid & Morgain, Age 8 to 12, 4/16/2003 10:11:16 PM, Which_Witch)

(12) said the bad witch.She really wanted to know the disease was spread or not.She then opened her special computer thaqt could knew next century news and found the SARS news.It still told nothing she wanted but she only knew that Hong Kong was very serious in this disease.Therefore she decided to do a spell to make Hong Kong people all have the SARS.Harry Potter knew about that and wanted to stop that but he didn't know which spell can stop the witch.But his school's principal knew that and was stopping the witch at the time.He first make the witch to forget about spreading the disease in Hong Kong.Then he did a spell that made her sleep and he would go into her dream and clear all of her spells that would hurt people.Harry Potter had thought a idea like that too.He also knew how to do that because he had read a book that taught him how to do that in the school library.It was a coincidence that they both decided to go into her dream at the same time.In fact it's very danger because every wizard would set a spell that could stop or avoid other wizard or witch to go into their brain,or else the brain would protect themselves and attack the attackers.Some bad wizard or witch would even set up a spell that would put their attackers into their stomach or change them into something not good and made them be their slaves to do some harmful thing to other people.So it's really very very danger.At midnight the two good wizards started their adventure. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 4/17/2003 12:49:45 AM, Which_Witch)

(13) Pippa heard screams,and saw blood.She saw things best kept in nightmares, and sometimes not even there,rise up and attack good wiches,inocent witches.Pippa heard and saw a lot of these things as she slept,but that night as the two wizards set out,it became particularly feirce.And in her dreams when she finally could hear sounds where once they were just silent movies,she heard fear,terror in every word someone spoke.It was a palable thing,so thick she could tast it.and when there was nothing but darkness and that sound and taste of terror,she saw a light.Very faint but it made Pippa brake the first rule that Carol-Ann had learned the hard way in all three of her movies.She went into the light. (Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 5/14/2003 7:08:15 PM, Which_Witch)

(14) Pippa woke up.She woke up screaming,and even when she realized it was just a dream.She continued untill she was hoarse. (Morgain, Age 13 to 18, 5/14/2003 7:10:26 PM, Which_Witch)

(15) She keeped to walk,now she was very deep in the light,she couldn't see anything yet but she heard some noise very horrible and like a ghost.She felt frightened and she ran.The voice had made her mad,she continued to run.She then fell on a rock.It didn't hurt her anymore but she fell and fell.It looks like a hole without base!How horrible it was!She scream loudly and her brothers and sisters heard that.The old man and the woman can also heard although they live in the other street.They came into her room and tried to wake her up.They didn't sucess of course.They went into the room where Harry Potter slept.They couldn't wake him up too.He slept looks like a pig in thiat period. Everyone knew that something will happen soon,really soon.After about three minutes,Pippa stopped screaming because she knew that noone could help her,even could hear her.Another three minutes later,the speed of faling became slower,at last after twently hours,she finally fell onto the the base.Suddenly the light went up and she heard some noise was above,she didn't know who make the noise but she was happy that someone went to here. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 5/21/2003 3:07:28 AM, Which_Witch)

(16) In fact,she was so deep in the hole,so she couldn't see who the people is.Suddenly the base break into half and Pippa started to fall again.This time she saw someting during she was falling.She saw the bad witch was laughing at her.The noise of the witch was too loud and have some magic power so she become dazzle.The magic power from the witch and in Pippa's mind begin to fight because the power wanted to go into Pippa's mind. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 6/19/2003 12:49:33 AM, Which_Witch)

(17) Pippa lay still for a minute her breath coming in short desprate gasps.She tried to slow her breathing,knowing if she didn't she'd pass out,and considering the circumstances, that would not be in her best intrest.Everything ached.Everything hurt.She tried to sit up,just to see if she turned out she was able too but she just wouldn't want to do it again willingly if she had a choice.They hade been fighting for hours.Pippa and a witch Pippa didn't know.Pippa knew nothing of mind magic.And the only way to keep her out of her head was a distraction.And the only distraction she had was pain.Something that belonged entirly to her.Her hands were blooded,partly becouse she had been clenching her hands so hard she had cresent shaped cuts across her palm.And partly becouse she had beat her fists against anything and everything she could find.The windows,the walls,and to Pippa's great delight,the witch herself.The witch in question now had two black eyes,a broken nose,and a split and fast swelling lip.The witch had done some spell that had thrown Pippa from her and agaist the wall and had very nearly knocked her out.Something Pippa refused to allow.Pippa came dimly aware of labored breathing and heard the witch (what's her name?)get slowly to her feet."I'll break u before long u know.U won't die of course but u'll problably wish u had.Now," she said in a dangerous voice,"let's try that again" And before she could raise her hand to attack,Pippa had lunged to her feet ignoring the fact that the room spun and she felt nauseous.She pasted a mocking smile on her face and purred,"Yea let's" And before the witch could even blink Pippa had already cast a charm that had the witch screaming,and she didn't stop untill the charm had gone,leaving her with half of her skin ripped from her to the muscle and the other half being slowly eaten away.Pippa looked at the shell shocked woman for a minute.Then turned on her heel and left.At the door she looked over her shoulder and said in a mocking voice,"U'r not dying of course.But by the time they finsh u'll problably wish u had." (Morgain & Brigid, Age 13 to 18, 6/23/2003 8:24:51 PM, Which_Witch)

(18) After she finished saying this thing,she became to left.But before she could left the door,something jamed her mind.She began to feel dizzyswe,also her face changed terribly white and was sweating quickly.She heard the witch's voice again.She heard her laughing ver loudly in a very mocking voice.Her mind was very confused at the moment.She turned back and saw the witch was still lying on the floor but she passed over that her mouth was moving.The witch was doing a spell on Pippa.She planned to take the skin of Pippa and covered on her injured place.Also take some of her magic power and turn them to be more powerful and more evil.Pippa didn't know a little thing about that so she think that she would better leave eariler or she may became more dizzy.Unluckily it was too late for her,the door disappered suddenly.At the same time,she felt so dizzy and pass out and fell on the floor deeply and hutrt her head seriously. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 7/23/2003 1:32:17 AM, Which_Witch)

(19) She lay on the floor felt really bad.She couldn't move or see or hear even feel anything.All the thing in the body can move is her mind.She just lay on the "bass" of the hole that you can sure it will break into half or not.And as she fell on the floor seriously and hurt her head,it seem that she may not live for more than a second.Luckily Harry Potter found her when he discovered that the wall of the hole is only a illusion with many layers.He passed through it easily but when he reached the last layer,his eyes felt a little bit pain and he had a strange feeling with his body when he looked up,all he could see was a very flash blue light,about 9 billion times stronger than the lightening.He got shock immediately and fell on the floor as hard as a 1 million steel hit the floor.At the moment he was falling on the floor,his wand fell on the floor and act like a jack to help his master from the floor.Harry Potter was very lucky because as he was falling on the floor,there was many magma coming up from the floor,if he isn’t helped by his wand,he would die without a burial place. (SARS, Age 8 to 12, 7/24/2003 10:24:26 PM, Which_Witch)

(20) Starting form paragrph four.....Eva woke up in a dark room. She saw tally mraks on the walls whre countless prisoners had counted the days until they would be free. She slammed her fist against the damp wall. Stuck down here again. Her arms were sore from the beating that she had earned for running away. She had known that she couldn't stay there. To be in the same room with that man, to sit with him at the table to just live in his house. (sophian, Age 8 to 12, 8/28/2003 1:09:06 PM, Which_Witch)

(21) Just then the witch and her nine sister came to the prison and the witch transfer all her powers to Eva.Finally Eva broke the wall and saved the prisoners. Eva ran out without the man. The man could not move. Eva ran back to the prison and found out the man could not walk. So Eva Use her magic to saved the old man. (Sher Minh, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2004 9:22:23 PM, Which_Witch)