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Harrry Potter and the magic of the heart fruit

(0) Harry sat in griff and hated his life. He wished that Hermione would marry him or alest go out with him. He sighed and looked around the commen room. No one. He stood up and headed to the door. "how can I get hermione to fall in love with me?? harry wondered. As he was thinking his eyes grew big. He had an idea! (Rachael, Age 13 to 18, 12/18/2002 3:32:14 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(1) 'Maybe I could ask Hermione,no wait she can't know!'Harry said.All of a sudden Ron appeared,with a hand full of books.'Harry!,'Ron said.'It's lunch time!You haft to sit next to Hermione now and also Malfoy won't be there.'Harry smiled.'What's his ecusse?'Harry said.'Hippogriff.Bit him AGIAN.And then this time it tore right threw his arm!Ooooh that must of hurt!'Ron said.'D'you think I should ask someone about a..a way to make someone fall in love,uh..besides the love potion.'Harry asked.'I dunno ask Hermione.She knows.'Ron answered.'Right,but you don't understand It kinda involves her.'Harry sighed.'Right then who else?Uh Ginny!She knows how to make a potion without using the love one.'Ron said.'Ginny?'Harry repeated.Collin bompt in.'Any pictures?Uh how about this or this!'Collin said,he was snapping shots of Harry talking to Ron.One didn't come out thay good.It was a picture that showed Harry's fingers in the lense.' sorry!Collin a said.'Uh maybe we should be going now.'Ron and Harry said as they ran out the common room and arrived at the Great hall.It was perfect.Christmas was coming soo soon!In 5 days.'Welcome to the enchanted memories of dueling and feasts and much more!'Ron said as if he were a tour guide.Ron sat down and Hermione across from him was reading.'Uh Hermione,I thought you couldn't bring books when any acation.'Harry said.Hermione was putting her finger on the page and was reading and shoved a paper in front of Ron's face.'Read.'Hermione said.'Hermione is allowed to bring books and read and also write In the Great Hall and all places.'Ron said.'Read on,'Hermione said still reading the book.'She is able to come whenever even past 12.'Ron said.'THAT'S NOT FAIR!'Harry said.'Well enough I'll deal with it later.But know I'm soo thirsty.'Harry said.Harry went to the refresh ment table.There he met up with Malfoy.Harry grabed the blood worm juice when he turned around and spiled the juice on Malfoy and himself.'POTTER!'Malfoy yelled.'Sorry.'Harry said.Every one laughed. (Rachael Rocks!!, Age 13 to 18, 12/18/2002 5:07:40 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(2) Malfoy grabbed Harry.Don't you dare do that!next time ill kill you!said malfoy.Malfoy letted go of Harry.You can't kill me.said Harry.Malfoy go out a killer potion.Whant to find out?said malfoy.No.said Harry.Malfoy putted back the potion.Harry lets get going.said Ron.Ron and Harry went to the great hall entrance.Ginny ran to the great hall entrance.Wait!said Ginny.Can you put this over the door Harry?said Ginny.Harry Putted the thing on the door.Do you relise of what were standing benith?said Ginny.Ron was already in the Gryffindor common room.Ya I know wat were standing under neath.Its leafes and spinach.said Harry.Well its not a misle toe.said Harry Harry walked away.Darn!said Ginny.Ginny took off the misle toe she called it. (fghjkealgh;s, Age 13 to 18, 12/20/2002 4:34:50 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(3) Harry ran to the Gryffindor common room.Their you are Hermione!said Harry. (uyetujiryi, Age 13 to 18, 12/22/2002 9:53:52 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(4) Why Is anything inpotrant?said Hermione.No.said Harry.Well im going to bed.said Ron. Ron went to the boys dormatory and went to sleep.Im going to stay up late today. said Harry. Good,is it for that quiz from lupen?said Hermione. Yes.said Harry.Hermione closed her book and went to the girls dormatory.Ive go to Marry her!said Harry.Hermione and Harry were old enough to get married.Harry and hermione are 27.Harry took out a book to make the potion. 2 hours later Harry was done with the potion.But it wasn't a potion it was a fruit shaped like a heart.I hope this will work.said Harry.Harry looked at the clock. 7:01 A.M. Its time to go to Lupins class!said Harry. Harry got a bag and putted the fruit in the bag. Harry just rembered that he has a quiz today.But he didn't study.Harry rushed to Lupins classroom.Am I late?said Harry.Youre early Potter.said Lupin.10 points to Gryffindor!said Lupin.Yes!said Harry. Harry heard foot steps inback of him.Ah the students are here!said Lupin.Ron and Hermione passed by Harry. Hey ron!said Harry.Harry cought up with Ron and Hermione.Harry you seem so tired and hungry.said Hermione.because he skiped breakfeast You dimwit! Ron said.Do you want me to take you to the Hospital wing to rest?said Hermione. No thanks. said Harry.Ron sat down.Hey Hermione want to sit next to me?said Harry. sure! said Hermione.Harry sat next to Hermione.2 hours later the quiz was over. Hey Hermione want to eat this fruit?said Harry. Sure.said hermione. Hermione grabbed the fruit and took a bite out of it.M m m it tastsgood.said Hermione.Harry looked at Hermione's eyes. Hermiones eyes had a heart in her eye for a second.It worked!said Harry. (H/ H er's rule!, Age 8 to 12, 12/23/2002 11:02:01 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(5) Ron gatherd up his book's and went to Harry and Hermione.What worked?said Ron. nothing. said Harry.Hey Harry,Lupin gave us about 17 minutes to stay in the Gryffindor common room do study the history of the dark arts. said Ron. Great Said Harry. (Well im 15% R/H er and 85% H/H er., Age 8 to 12, 12/24/2002 2:41:18 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(6) Ron looked at Hermione. Uh Hermione what are you staring at?said you know Harry?said Ron. I dunno. said Harry.Well lets get going to the Gryffindor common room.said Ron. Harry,Ron and Hermione went to the Gryffindor common room. Ron went to the book case and got out the "History of the Dark arts." Well what are you waiting for Hermione?said Ron. Hermione sat down on the couch and started to read the "History of the Dark arts. You too Harry.said Ron. (And 13% H/M er, Age 8 to 12, 12/24/2002 2:46:38 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(7) Oh, okay.said Harry. Harry ran to the book shelf and go out the "History of the dark arts." Harry sat next to Hermione.Hermione looked at Harry. You know Ron,I don't haft to take this test thing.said Hermione. Neither does Harry.said Hermione. Ya.said Ron. We can just copy off Hermione.said Ron. Ya. said hermione. Hermione,Ron and Harry closed their books.Im going to go visit Hagrid. What are you 2 going to be doing?said to the great Hall and talk to Dumbledore and talk to people.said Hermione.Okay.said Ron. Ron ran out of the Gryffindor common room. Hermione and Harry went out of the Gryffindor common room. Sudlently Harry bumped into Lupin.Done already with the History book yet?said Lupin. Yes.said Hermione.God then,Go on then.Enjoy.said Lupin. Harry and Hermione ran off. He belived us!said Harry.Hermione started to giggle.whats so funny?said Harry. (J.K Rowling., Adult, 12/25/2002 2:43:05 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(8) Nothing.said Hermione. So were are we really going?said Harry.To the great Hall.said Hermione.Harry ran to the Great Hall. Wait up for me!said Hermione. I have enough bertie botts beans to get a flubberworm mukus from Fred and George.said Harry.Hermione ran in front of Harry. Harry ran to Fred and George.Is the flubberworm mucus avalible? said Harry. Yup, And its now 15 beans.said Fred. Deal.said Harry. Harry took out the beans and grabbed the mucus.Thanks!said Harry.Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table.Harry sat next Hermione.Suddlently Hermione kissed Harry on the lips. What was that for?said Harry.For the past 3 or 4 years.said Hermione. (Im an H/H er. And you?, Age 8 to 12, 12/25/2002 8:52:05 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(9) "Oh......thanks." said Harry, thinking to himself he said "Im so happy it worked. I love her so."Harry?" "Yeah Hermione" "Do you want to go back to the common room?"she asked,"Im not really that hungary." "Sure." said Harry. So Harry and Hermione went back up to the common room. It was completely empty when they walked in, everyone was at lunch and Ron was at Hagrids. "So what do you want to do?" asked Harry as he sat down in the middle of the large comfy couch. "This" said Hermione as she pushed him down flat on his back and layed on top of him."Hermione!" Harry said with lust in his eyes, as well as in hers as she started to make-out with him with passion. (HPFan, Age 13 to 18, 12/26/2002 3:40:44 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(10) As well Harry enjoyed it. Hermione stopped.Hermione stood up and sat on the couch.Now what was that for?said Harry.I dunno.said Hermione then Harry presed his lip's against Hermione's lips.Just then Ginny came in the room. Oh god!said Ginny. Hermione and Harry stopped kissing. Oh no.said Hermione.Sudlently Neville came in the room.Geze why don't you get a room!said Neville.Its not what you think.said Harry. Oh ya we think that.said Ginny.Ginny ran out the door.Lets get out of here!said Harry. Hermione and Harry stood up.5 minutes later Ron came in. (HPFan is sooo cool!, Age 13 to 18, 12/26/2002 10:11:46 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(11) "Any rumors I missed?"Ron asked."N-n-no."Hermione said as she twisted her fingers together and prayed for Ron not to here what had happened."Nothing really.Anything happening with Hagrid?"Harry said as he did a smashing job as he kept what had happend a secret."No,not really.But I've heard that the heart fruit was too make people fall in like."Ron said as he reached for a berttie bot on the table."Want to try it?"Ron said."No."Harry said."Since when do you sit on the couch?"Ron asked."It's more cunfrable than a wooden old chair."Harry said."With Hermione laying on top?"Ron asked as he rose a eyebrow up.Hermione then sit up and brushed herself off."Too freaky.Never mind that I want to go to the Great Hall to find the juicey chicken wings."Ron said as he went out the door.Hermione kissed Harry again and said,"See you there."Harry stood up."Right."He said as he went out the door holding hands with Hermione untill she let go and went to the Great Hall. (Whitney, Age 13 to 18, 12/26/2002 10:32:30 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(12) "Hey POTTER!"Malfoy snickered.Harry didn't turn around nor even bare to see his crooked face."HEY POTTER!I'm talking to you!Anyway hope you lose the quidditch match today IT'S GRYFFONDOR VS. RAVENCLAW!!!!"Harry dropped his mouth."No!!"Harry said."Better belive it then!"Malfoy belowed."What about it?"Hermione asked."Cho,that's the problem!"Harry said."So?' be you can win!"Ron cheered."Or let Cho-Chang win girls like that."Ron said."No,that's not what a girl wants,boys to loose to them,un fair!Anyway stop paing attention to Malfoy's dumbest jokes and cooments."Hermione said."Right!"Ron said as he put a hand in the air."RON WATCH OUT FOR THE WALL!"Malfoy snickered.Too late Ron callapsed into the wall wile he wasn't lookin',"NOT!!!!"Malfoy cheered."I knew we should of stopped at the wicked witch instead of walking to the Great Hall."Harry said."Bye all mudbloods!See ya at the loser side of the Quidditch pitch!"Malfoy said."Bad move."Hermione said as Ron leaped up."You okay?"Harry asked."Yeah,Hermione what D'you mean "Bad move" it was something to get me nocked out!"Ron yelled."Sshh,quiet.I meant that you should have watched were you were going there.Get into an agrument and end it or get knocked out!"Hermione yelled."Stoop yelling!I didn't do anything!"Ron said."LIsten your the one shouting!NOT ME!You know just be QUIET!"Hermione roared."WHAT BLEW UP YOUR NOSE?!HUH?ANSWER YOUR ALWAYS BOSSING ME AROUND WHEN I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"Ron roared.Hermione and Ron went in front of Harry and had a race to the Great Hall."GUYS STTTTOOOOPP!"Harry shouted.Hermione and Ron bompt into Percy."NO SHOUTIN'!13 PIONTS AWAY!"Percy shouted."You can't take house points away!"Harry said.'I will and I can."Percy said as he walked a way slowly mubling,'I'm telling mum and dad.'Ron hit his head three times with his fist."Ron don't do that one of these days your going to end up broosing,kicking,and punching your self because of stupid things you shouldn't be sensative with!"Hermione roared."And you'll go to the Hospital Wing!"Harry said."WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?"Ron asked."Hermione's!"Harry roared.He said the wrong thing."You do?"Hermione asked."I well I mean yeah."Harry said as he covered his mouth with his thin hands."FINE I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE!I DUNNO WHAT'S UP THESE DAYS WITH YOU BUT I'M GOING TO FIND OUT!HOPE YOU LOOSE THE QUIDITCH MATCH!"Ron roared with spit."That's not very nice to say."Hermione said.Ron then ran very fast to the Great Hall. (Sorry for the long paragraph!i'm too sorry!, Age 13 to 18, 12/27/2002 3:49:15 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(13) FINE THEN,YOU CRY BABY!Said Hermione.FINE YOU BASTER!!! Ron roard.THATS IT! said Hermione. Hermione ran after Ron. YOULL PAY FOR THAT WEASLEY!! Said Hermione.SLOW DOWN! said Harry pulling Hermione back.Let me go Harry! said Hermione.PLease STOP! said Harry.Hermione stopped yellinng and running in place.but Harry he called me a.... .Harry spotted Filch walking with Snape.Harry coverd Hermione's mouth and hid behind a corner.Harry let go his hands near Hermiones mouth.What is it Harry?said Hermione. Shh.said Harry.Filch and Snape are here.said Harry. Do I hear Potter and Granger?! said Snape. No, Probly just some Slytherin students trying to make their voice sound like Potter and Granger. said Filch.Quick, How sould we get out of here trying not to let Snape and Filch see us? said Harry. Oh Harry don't you ever use your wand?. said Hermione. Hermione pulled out her wand and pointed it to Filch and Snape. Elumeruse! said Hermione.Snape and Filch fell down and went to sleep. How long will this spell last?said Harry. Probly about 20 minutes.said Hermione. Hermione and Harry went to the great Hall.Theirs Ron!said Harry. Oh no,Im not sitting next to him!said Hermione. Then ill sit next to him.said Harry.No, I want you sitting next to me.said Hermione. Fine, Ill ask Ron if he could sit across from us.said Harry.Okay.said Hermione.Hermione and Harry started kissing for just 3 seconds.Harry sat next to Ron. Hey Ron can you sit across from Hermione and I? said Harry. Hey I know whats going on with you and Hermione!said Ron. No you don't!said Harry. You like eachother!said Ron.No we don't! said Harry. No you LOVE Hermione!said Ron. No I don't Ron! said Harry.Ron stood up on the Gryffindor table. Hey listen everyone!, Harry Potter likes Hermione Grainger!! said Ron. STOP IT RON!!!! said Hermione.Sudlently Ron punched Harry. Ohhh!!! said Harry. Sudently Harry punched Ron in the eye! YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!! said Ron. Then a fight started. Proof.Mogonagal stood up. 70 points away from Gryffindor!!! She said. But the fight continued.Sudlently Ginny got on top of the table. STOP RON!!! said Ginny.. Who asked you stupid bratty sister!!!! said Ron. Ron punched Ginny in the stomach. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! said Ginny. Now Ginny was in the fight. YOU THREE ARE EXPELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Said Snape. Harry,Ron and Ginny stopped fighting. BOTH OF YOU GO TO YOUR DORMATORYS AND PACK UP AND GOING HOME!! said Snape.Harry,Ron and Ginny got off the table.Then Snape, Proof. Mogonagal and Lupin grabbed Harry and Ron and Ginny's hand tightly and put Harry and Ron and Ginny's hands behind their back.I sould of sented you to the Azkaban jail Potter! said Snape. Ron looked at Malfoy who was laughing and enjoying it. Do you want this Malfoy! said Ron trying to show a fist at Malfoy.Oh Im so scared! said Malfoy.Ron tryed to punch Malfoy but Lupins hands were hard to get out of.STOP!!!!!!!! I am the head master and they are not going to jail or home! said Dumbledore. They will just be serving Detention.said Dumbledore. Lupin,Mogonagall and Snape let got of Ginny,Harry and Ron's hands.Ginny will not be serving detention. said Dumbledoer. Ginny ran back to her seat.No, no Giny. Prof.Sprout will take you to the Hospital wing. said Dumbeldore. Sprout walked over to Ginny.Come dear. she said. Ginny and sprout went out of the Great Hall.And you Harry and Ronald, You will be serving detention for a hole day and not eating anything tomorrow.said Dumbled ore.Okay. said Harry and Ron. Now go to your dormatory and stay their for the rest of the day. And Hermione will be bringing up food for both of you. said Dumbledore.Harry and Ron went out the Gerat Hall. Im so sorry Hermione.said Ron. Mee too.said Harry. I forgive you.said Hermione.Hermione, Ron and Harry went to the dormatory.So do yuo really lke Hermione/ said Ron. Well yes. and Hemrione likes me too.said harry.Sorry for that fight Harry.said Ron. I forgive you.said Harry.Friends again?said Ron. Friends.said Harry.All of us are friends. said Hermione. (I like vilence!!!, Young Adult, 12/28/2002 1:41:36 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(14) "So sorry Ron!"Harry said as Hermione grabed a wash cloth."IT's all right."Ron said.Hermione put the wash cloth on Harry's lip."You two shouldn't have been fighting."Hermione said."Sorry,I just like telling everyone.I can't keep my mouth shut."Ron said,"Do you tell everyone who Percy likes?Or Fred and Gorge?Ginny hows about?"Hermione asked."No for Fred and Gorge and Percy but yes.We do know who Ginny likes.Obviouse."Ron said."Harry."Hermione and Ron said together."So?"Harry said."Now I know were going to get into trouble!"Harry said."Still you 2 shouldn't be fighting."Hermione repeated."I know.I was just so that no one would know about us."Harry said."Yeah well if it makes you feel better,The whole school knows."Hermione said."Want me to cast a spell on them to keep them from remembering the past oh say 20 minutes?"Hermione said."No Hermione.Just learn something new.Fight threw this."Harry said."OKay."Hermione said."Well I want to get to the common room.I don't want to miss happy hour.Yeah watching Malfoy breaking in the common room."Hermione said."Wish I were there."Harry said."Bye!"Hermione said as she kissed Harry for 2 seconds."Bye!"Harry said.Hermione ran out the door.Ron looked at Harry."Lucky thing!Wered you get her?Ron asked."Ron!"Harry said laughing."Sorry."Ron said as they left. (Ian , Age 13 to 18, 12/28/2002 10:55:44 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(15) So doe's Ginny Really like me? said Harry.Well Yes! Gosh, ever since it was the first year at Hogwarts and Rember wen we met in the train station and then Ginny looked at you and then Poof! She likes you!said Ron.She's been talking about you about I can't wait to see Harry and shes been having dreams about you.said Ron.But she must like me for something.said Harry. By saving her life rember?said Ron. Oh ya that.said Harry.She's been talking about you over the summer too!said Ron. Ok enough about Ginny weve got to go to the common rom.said Harry. Ron and Harry stoodup and headed to the common room and opend the common room door.Hey Hermione!said Harry. Hey! said Ron.Hermione sat on the couch.Hermione waved at Harry and Ron.It loks like youre waiting for someone.said Ron. I am. Im waiting for Malfoy to try to break into the common room.He comes here every friday and tryies to burst in the commonroom at 4:30. said Hermione (Name., Age 13 to 18, 12/29/2002 7:40:44 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(16) Okay.said Harry. Harry sat next to Hermione.Harry looked at his watch.Its 4:29.Time to get ready.said Hermione. Hermione ran up stairs and grabbed a blanket and ran down the stairs. What should we do?said Ron.Hide behind the couch.said Hermione.Harry and Ron hide behing the couch.Hermione layed on the couch with the blanket.Can you shut off the light Ron?said Hermione.Sure!said Ron. Ron went to the door and shutted off the light. Ron ran back behind the couch.Wait Malfoy cant see us.said Harry. Then im going to go in the bottom of the couch.said Ron. Ron and Harry went to the bottom of the couch. What time is it Harry?said Ron and Hermione.Its 4:30.said Harry. Harry,Ron and Hermione heard the door open.Hermione opend one eye.Malfoy and Paraviti were dressed in black. Cost is clear now lets get Harry's diary.said Malfoy. (My real name is Name okay?, Age 13 to 18, 1/1/2003 6:39:53 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(17) WHAT?! said Harry.Shhh Harry!Hermione whispered.Did you hear something Paraviti?said Malfoy.No.said Paraviti.Malfoy got out a walkytalky.Hey Goyle the Eagle has landed!said Malfoy.No,Its the SNAKE has landed.said Goyle.oh shutup!Come over here with Crabbe.Malfoy said.Roger that!said Goyle.NO,MY NAME ISINT ROGER! youre supposed to say Yes King Malfoy!said Malfoy. Ron started to make a soft laugh.Did you hear that?said Malfoy.No Malfoy Its just youre imagination!said Paraviti.Paraviti,Youre supposed to go up stairs and get Harry's diary!said Malfoy.Suddlently the common room door opened.Malfoy looked behind him.There you 2 are!said Malfoy.We came here as soon as we can Malfoy.said Crabbe with a mouthfull of doughnuts.Uh...Anyways Malfoy why do you want to steal Harry's diary?said Goyle.Because I want to know ALL the secrets he holds in his diary! said Malfoy.Paraviti returned from the Boys dormatory.Malfoy,Harry's diary wasnt up their.said Paraviti.Look over their!said Goyle.Goyle pointed to the table.Malfoy went torsed the Diary.Wait it might be contagous!said Crabbe.Then ill get some gloves and those pointy things to lift it up.said Malfoy.Malfoy pulled out black gloves and some twesers.Suddlently Malfoy,Crabbe,Goyle and Paraviti heard the door open very slowly.Goyle and Crabbe got to the secret entrance that leads on the next floor and don't let go of the rope's okay?said Malfoy.Goyle and Crabbe went to the secret entrance and was above the common room.Goyle and Crabbe tossed down a rope for Paraviti and Malfoy.Malfoy and Paraviti grabbed the rope And tied it to their belts for them to lift up.Quick to the scelling!said Paraviti.Goyle and Crabbe started pulling. 3 seconds later Paraviti and Malfoy were on the scelling.Oh no Percy's in here.said Malfoy in a wisper.Percy looked at Hermione. Weres Harry and Ron?said Percy.Percy went the stairs.its quiet in here.Too quiet!said Percy.Suddlently Paraviti started to sneze.Ah chu!said Paraviti.Paraviti covered her mouth.Whos their?show youre self! said Percy.Malfoy we can't hold the rope anymore.said Goyle.Just hold on very tight!said Malfoy.I can't! said Crabbe.Suddlently Goyle and Crabbe let go of the rope and Malfoy and Paraviti went smashing to the floor.Percy turned around and saw Malfoy and Paraviti.Percy turned on the light.What is this Paraviti?! said Percy.Malfoy stood up.Oh so sorry Prince Malfoy.Its okay.said Malfoy.Paraviti stood up.Do I haft to report this to my father and youll become one of my slaves back in my castel back in Ireland? said Malfoy.And plus youre sister Ginny is already a slave.said Malfoy.No sur.said Percy.Good then, Now go away!said Malfoy.Yes sure.said Percy.Percy went out the door.Malfoy's a Prince?said Hermione.Ginny's a slave for Malfoy?! said Ron. (Raveen, Age 13 to 18, 1/3/2003 7:41:37 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(18) How could his happen?! exclaimed Ron. I don't know but who knew any thing about Malfoy being a prince? said Hermione. They both started to run down the hall to catch up to Malfoy.Malfoy was headed to the great hall for supper. The couple creapt behind them. WHERE'S GINNY YOU SCUM BAG! exclaimed Ron. why do you care Weasly? snickered Malfoy. Besides she's my slave now and you have no right to even look at your stupid sister jenny or whatever. Ron went up to him and gave him a punch in the face.WHERE IS SHE!now with even more anger.You won't find her anywhere.said malfoy in pain. Ron had lost his patience and ran down the hall. Ron wait up! said Hermione. Ron didn't care he kept running until...he saw Ginny with Lucius malfoy.YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Then he slapped Ginny in the face.Then she fell to the ground.GINNY! Ron screamed.He was angrier than ever. you get away from my sister!said Ron.Well would you look at that! it's another poor weak weasly.He said in a cold voice. Ricctusempra! Ron exclaimed. Suddenly Malfoy flew on to the floor. Then Ron hurried and picked up Ginny. Then they ran to inform professer Dumbledore about Lucius malfoy. (zenah, Age 8 to 12, 1/5/2003 12:33:48 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(19) Perfressor Dumbledore! said Harry.What happened? said Dumbledore.Lucius Malfoy slapped Ginny in the face! said Ron.Oh ya,That king thing.said Dumbledore.We didn't know that Lucious and Draco are a prince and king.said Hermione.Ginny's a slave for Malfoy? said Harry.Well Lucius and Malfoy won 70000000,0000000000,00000000000000000000000,00000000000000000000023 Gallones!!!!! said Dumbledore.Well their pretty nice,Look. said Dumbledore.Ginny dosent have a ragged dress she has a Green dress with real live dimonds.said Hermione. (Future,Future!, Age 13 to 18, 1/5/2003 7:55:48 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(20) Harry,Hermione and Ron looked at Ginny.Wow Ginny you look.nice! said Harry. Oh thanks! said Ginny.Then why did Lucious Malfoy slapped Ginny? said Ron.Maybe she missed treated her for one time.said Dumbledore.Oh said Ron (Ron is cool!, Age 8 to 12, 1/17/2003 9:58:24 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(21) Suddenly Ron had an idea! He said" Let's rob the money from Malfoy, then all the slaves can be freed and we'll be rich!" "no we can't do that" said Harry and Hermione together. "Then Ginny will have to work for the malfoy forever!" said Ron. "Fine, then I'll go on my own. If you change your mind, It going to be Friday night." said Ron and he rushed off. Malfoy was behind the wall and he heard all of them. (Mystery Person, Age 8 to 12, 1/27/2003 7:05:58 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(22) allyour stories are different from the magic of the heart fruit.whats the real deal? (think, Young Adult, 1/30/2003 6:45:38 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(23) Then Harry and Hermione walked down the corridor. At the same they said" I think we should help Ron." Malfoy shuffled. "Show yourself!" said Harry. Hermione pointed silently at the corner of a robe behind the wall. It had Malfoy's name on it. Harry and Hermione quickly ran to Ron. "Ron, Malfoy heard our plan. Ron, we'll have to change it to Thursday because I'm not going to be here on Saturday." "You guys are with me?" said Ron. "Yes." said harry and hermione. (Mystery person, Age 8 to 12, 1/31/2003 9:37:04 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(24) Oh I heared all of it. said Malfoy to himself.Malfoy ran away. (anywho, Age 13 to 18, 2/2/2003 8:12:59 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(25) You know Malfoy dosen't seem half bad with being a prince.said Hermione.Ok ay we should figure out how Malfoy's father got all that gallones so I could be ricvh!! said Ron.No,We just haft to find out how did he get the gallones.said Harry.Im with you Harry 100%.said Hermione.Harry gave Hermione a smile.Ron you go get youre sister Ginny wile Hermione and I go follow Malfoy.said Harry.Okay.said Ron. Ron went to go find Ginny. (Name, Age 13 to 18, 2/2/2003 8:26:35 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(26) Comon Hermione.said Harry.Hermione pulled Harry back and kissed him.Now Im really likeing this.said Harry.Then they started to continue. (Whitney., Age 13 to 18, 2/2/2003 8:47:07 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(27) Harry is thinking that Hermione likes him instead of Ron (PG, Age 13 to 18, 3/10/2003 3:00:53 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(28) Harry potter is a handsome boy. He always invents magic things. The magic products is out of the world.He is very famous. Every day there are so many people to come to his house to visit him. They hope they can have some of the magic secret. (Tiffany, Age 8 to 12, 4/9/2003 1:16:51 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(29) (Ignore the last posting. It has nothing to do with the story) As Harry kissed her back, Thoughts of Hermione and him running down the aisle at a church taunted him. He could not help wanting to wake up beside Hermione every morning and see her sweet face, smiling gently back at him. He wished that the kiss could last forever, but that did not happen because Hermione soon pulled away, blusing slightly. "What, Whats wrong?" asked Harry his face full of hurt. "Well, If we ARE going to follow Malfoy we just have to know...what we are doing" Hermione said in a "as a matter of fact" tone. Harry sighed but relized that Hermione was right. "Alright. We better hurry then. Malfoy must be really far ahead of us" Harry said as he started walking. Hermione nodded as she walked straight behind him. "You know what Harry?" She asked him as they walked up some marble stairs which led to the court yard entrance, "You do relize you'll get some more kisses later". Harry's face lightened up a bit and he smiled at her thoughtfully. "Yeah, I s'pose I well" He said as he and Hermione finally approached the courtyard. " I s'pose I will..." (Ginger_Snapes, Age 13 to 18, 7/28/2003 9:31:11 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(30) I love harry potter (harry, Age 1 to 4, 8/1/2003 11:36:53 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(31) as thay reched the courtyard Harry saw Malfoy hedding for the Qiddith pich 'ho no the mach' he ran in to the canging rooms "Were have you been Harry get dress, Hurry"said Wood Harry got canged and hurred to get his firebolt out the codderd were he kept it.The door slamed shut and Harry hared a sofe sniffing nose.He turned to see Harmione crying. "what the matter" he said as he went to comfurt her "Harry i nedded to talk to you." just then Cho Chang walk in. (100% Pottey, Age 13 to 18, 8/7/2003 12:30:22 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(32) "Harry" said Cho "Cho it not what you think." said Harry "So the romers are true.And did you" "Did i what" said Harry " Did you do it whith that-that-THING" "How told you that" showted Harmione "Well did you" "Yes i did and she not a thing and i don't care how you tell. you can just fuc-" "Harry, Hurry the game" showted Wood from therw the doors Harry grabed his broomstick kissed Harmiane and hedded for the mach" (100% Pottey, Age 13 to 18, 8/7/2003 12:39:02 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(33) Ravinclaw win that mach Harry mind was not on the game. how could he sort this mass out he like Harmione and Cho (100% pottey, Age 13 to 18, 8/7/2003 1:08:03 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(34) Harrys thou ght were all over the place and was last in the chainging room. He heard the door swing open "sorry Hermione I'm still not changed" he said expecting her to be the person who arrived. She walked up behind him and startin massashing his back. Then she wrapped her arms around him and pulled off his top. He turned round and was shocked to find Cho Chang standing there "expecting someone else" she said cheeckily she sid wrappin her arms round him again "Cho no I .. I think you look great" he said just noticing she had on a mini skirt and a skimpy top. "thanx now lets just forget about Hermione and start again" she said and leaned forward and started kissing. He wanted to push her away he loved Hermione but she look ed so good he couldn't stop. They were on the floor she was all over him he felt great but that feeling was talking away in a second because the door swung open and in stepped Hermione. (Justin's babe, Age 13 to 18, 9/17/2003 2:29:10 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(35) "you slut" Hermione snared at Cho "Your just jelouse cause Harry loves me" said Cho"No" shouted Harry I want Hermione. Hermione I want you I need you Cho set this up forgive me" he said " okay I cant stay mad at you " she said kissing him slightly on the cheek I'll see you in The Common room bye and Cho come on Harry won't want to see your ugly face again" She said . Cho stomped out the room and Hermione followed. Thats that sorted thought Harry but it wasn't because even though he loved Hermione he loved Cho too (Gorge gal, Age 13 to 18, 9/17/2003 2:41:11 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(36) He sat on the bench wishing he could have them both. He had been there for ages not changed yet trying to think. I want hermione the most but Cho is always the most fun. Just as he thought this Cho opened the door I thought I would find you here she said this time she had changed and only had a dressing gowen on. I know you want us both and I can live with that so we can meet in secrisy if you want she said. Well I suppose Harry started well thats that sorted she butted in and walked up to him . She untied her dressing gowen and took it off she was naked she started to undress him and they made out. That was great hed said I know I better go now she said putting on the dresssing gowen lets meet tomorrow at midnight hear again this way no won will no and at that she left leaving Harry ashamed and happy at the same time about wat he had just done. (Babe, Age 13 to 18, 9/17/2003 2:54:25 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(37) finally harry decided,Cho.She was much better.HEY sexychick said harry to cho (ty, Age 13 to 18, 9/18/2003 10:32:07 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(38) i really like you baby,said Harry to cho.suddenly malfoy came upCho is my girl he said,chosaid no i like harry.harry said ill fight you for her.harry won.then they celebrated by kissing all over.harry especially kissed her on her breasts and her bellybutton they had lots of sex. (ujrhtgu, Age 8 to 12, 9/18/2003 12:10:40 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(39) harry drank from chos brest (dghfhg, Age 13 to 18, 9/18/2003 12:30:12 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(40) Skip the first 3 paragraph. The next day Cho ran up to Harry and told him that she can't be there tonight but could be there the next night.Hermione thought of a plan for Harry to pick her instead of Cho. At midnight Harry was at the same place he was last night thinking who he should pick. Then Hermione came in,she was in a bath robe. Hi Harry Hermione said. She walk closer to Harry and untie her robe. She slowly take off Harry's clothes and they make out. The next night Cho and Hermione were both there so cho decide that they both take off their clothes and let Harry decide who will make out with him. He can't decide so he made out with both of them but they didn't mind. (sexybabe, Age 13 to 18, 9/21/2003 9:24:04 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(41) finnaly harry got tired of cho and decided that hermoine was the chick for him cho was upset. how could you harry? askcho in tears. i guess i just love hermoinie better said harry. common hermonie said harry ok said hermoine (princess16, Age 13 to 18, 9/26/2003 10:27:58 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(42) Then one day Cho had a plan,while Harry was walking to the great hall to have some breakfast Cho secretly grabbed Harry and said "Locomutrofiss"and knocke him out and put him in a secret passegway where he had never been before.When he woke up Cho was standing next to him."Hello"she said in a sexy voice."Wha-"but she stuffed the loving fruit the same one he gave to Hermione.He had hearts in his eyes.Cho was waiting for in to work.Then Harry said "I love you,Cho" (A.H.#1, Age 8 to 12, 10/4/2003 12:00:17 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(43) "Good to see you chose me" she said cheekily puling Harry closer. "Now you don't need that stupid Hermione Harry you have me and you have to do everything I say agreed?" she said "agreed Cho I love you not Hermione" he said. Cho smiled and kissed him. Harry thought to Himself " I love Cho not Hermione Cho is beautiful. He pulled of her top and trousers so she was in her underwere. He looked at her she was beautiful with a fantastic figure. They kissed some more and hurried of to classes agreeing to meet that night at the same place. (JD, Age 13 to 18, 10/6/2003 2:10:11 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(44) The next day Harry told Hermione that he liked Cho better "What?" said Hermione with discus. (I rekonize you Jaz-A.H. Get'n ready to put my first name, Age 8 to 12, 10/6/2003 4:46:28 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(45) AH, that weren't me. Seriously, it weren't me! (Jasmine, Age 8 to 12, 10/10/2003 4:49:15 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(46) Uh huh.That waz u.It has de same initals.I tot it was u 2. (S.M. not Slimy Mudblood., Age 8 to 12, 10/11/2003 10:15:29 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(47) This story is going down hill!!!!!!Our must i say CRAP!!!!! (100% Potty, Age 13 to 18, 10/11/2003 10:44:12 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(48) Then they went to the great hall."We have an anounsment"said dumble dore "would Ms.Fi come up here"said Dumbledore.Cho's last name was Fi.So she went up.Prof.Dumbledore put the sorting hat on Cho."GRYFFINDOR"it bursted out."YES yeah yay"screamed Harry. (A.H., Age 8 to 12, 10/11/2003 8:38:58 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(49) This was great news it ment Harry and Cho could share a common room now! They could do what ever they wanted and not have to hide cause they had rooms now. (J.D, Age 13 to 18, 10/13/2003 11:03:51 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(50) So after the dinner,they went to the common room.Harry and Cho went there first.They just sat there staring at each other until Harry said,"I love you Cho."And Cho said,"I love you too Harry."And they kissed.Cho pulled off his shirt and she started to kiss him on his back.Cho pulled her shirt off and Harry could see her bra and started kissing her on the top of her breast.Then they took off each other's clothes.Harry drank alot from Cho's breasts.They were like that for 32 minites.Hermione found out what they were doing ad Harry ran to the boy's dormitory,Cho,who tried to go to the girl's dormitory's Hermione got out her wand and next thing you know it Cho was shrieking in pain."CRUCIO CRUCIO CRUCIO CRUCIO CRUCO"shouted Hermione.The next day,Cho was in the Hospital wing with madam Pomfrey.She had a cast on her leg and one on her arm and the other arm and the other leg."She's been through a terible night.Having millions of Tochering Curses flying at her."Madam Pomfrey said.Hermione went to azkaban for doing that.She was crying.The next couple of months....Ron went to Harry."What?" asked Harry."What?"he said again."WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA-"WHAM!!!!Ron had punched him as Cho flew a blasting curse at them."Reducto"she yelled."Oooooff"said Ron.They were at the common room.Harry had blood all over his mouth. (JASMINE IS THAT you?IFF YOOOU AREENNNNN'TTT THENN WWWHO AARRE YYOOUU???????????, Age 8 to 12, 10/17/2003 6:59:52 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(51) No it's not me! I don't go on at those hours of the day, I'm in school at that time! And I only use the internet at 8 am and 12:55pm (Jazzy D (Not J.D), Age 8 to 12, 10/21/2003 4:29:42 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(52) WHOOOOOOOOOOO ISSSS JJAAYY DEEE THEENN????!!?!?!?!?!?!ANSWEEERRR JAY DEE!ANSWER! (AH, Age 8 to 12, 10/21/2003 4:41:47 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(53) Shut your face, slime! I'LL DO THE TALKING AROUND HERE! GET IT? (RaptorGal, Age 13 to 18, 11/12/2003 9:30:08 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(54) Why you little!!!Oh,and I'm not slime.....I'm human. (A, Age 8 to 12, 11/29/2003 12:27:35 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(55) Hahaha (niceboy, Age 8 to 12, 11/30/2003 7:38:30 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(56) They all died - THE END (piglet, Age 13 to 18, 12/13/2003 3:40:25 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(57) I am so confused murmered harry.i love two girls.just then professor borton walked peacefully into the corridor harry was sitting in. (scotty reed, Age 8 to 12, 12/14/2003 6:34:00 PM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)

(58) elephant (billy, Age 5 to 8, 12/17/2003 9:37:40 AM, magic_of_the_heart_fruit)