ARTICLE CATEGORY:  Interactive_Media

(6) John Muir Middle School Dance Party (Rating: 8,5)
(Interactive_Media, 11/2/2002)

(5) Mark's Movie (Rating: 6,27777777777778)
Dinosaur on the loose! (Interactive_Media, 11/3/2002)

(4) Sketch Pad (Rating: 6,18823529411765)
Sketch Pad is an easy to use drawing program for all ages. Select one of eight colors and start drawing!

(Interactive_Media, 11/3/2002)

(3) Pokemon Future Preview (Rating: 6)
A movie by Richard Truong (Interactive_Media, 11/3/2002)

(2) Jungle Game (Rating: 5,66666666666667)
Escape from the jungle before time runs out. This game was created by students at John Muir Middle School. (game)

  (Interactive_Media, 11/3/2002)

(1) Sound Puzzle (Rating: 5,36363636363636)
(Interactive_Media, 11/3/2002)

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