(14) The Living Statue (Rating: 7,375)
It was on my birthday, May 17, that I met Crystal. No, Crystal is not a human, or a cat, or a puppy, dog or kitten. No, Crystal is not a lizard or a goldfish.Crystal is a statue. A living statue. I remember our meeting as if it were only yesterday. (fiction, 1/21/2003)

(13) Willow Island: A Horse Story, Part 1 (Rating: 7)
Unknown to all, until that fateful day in July, was a kingdom all it's own. A kingdom that belonged completely to the graceful creatures we know as horses... (fiction, 3/26/2003)

(12) How Never-ending Stories Began (Rating: 6)
There is a corner in my garage where a group of long lost forgotten toys live. You have to listen and look very closely to find them. There is Martha Mouse who is always cleaning, Timid Timothy the tortoise, Eager Emily the squirrel and high at the top of the garage sits Confident Charlie. Lets take a look inside… (fiction, 6/23/2015)

(11) The Magic Crystal (Rating: 5,77142857142857)
One day in the town of Camelot, Merlin the great wizard saw a boat in the misty river,where King Arthur had died. Merlin saw a strong and brave man standing on the boat. Suddenly Merlin realized that standing before him was... (fiction, 1/21/2003)

(10) Mikey's Adventure (Rating: 5,51666666666667)
Mikey is the most popular guy among all his friends, but there is one thing that no one will mention... (fiction, 1/21/2003)

(9) The Eleventh Clone (Rating: 5,33333333333333)
That was what Dr. Hardy Wheel did. He made clones. He had made ten clones so far, all girls. Identical as ever. It was when he wanted to make the eleventh clone when the accident happened. (fiction, 1/21/2003)

(8) A Lesson Learned (Rating: 5,03846153846154)
"Do not get up from that table until you eat all of your vegetables young lady!" Mama said to me every night. Man, I hated vegetables, Why do kids have to eat them anyway? I used to sit in the dining room for hours, thinking of ways to get rid of them. (fiction, 1/21/2003)

(7) Willow Island: A Horse Story, Part 2 (Rating: 4)
Kora stared at Ferdinand in horror! “Now we’re really in for it,” she said... (fiction, 6/19/2003)

(6) Hope, Faith, Charity, and Kristy (Rating: 4)
Once, not too long ago, lived a beautiful young lady named Lily Camshaw. She wasn't like the other girls in her grade-she was caring, quiet, and beautiful. All the boys in her class wanted her, but none could have her, none but one. For she was convi... (fiction, 04.06.2019)

(5) My cat lives in Las Vegas (Rating: 0)
George is a very special cat,he knows things only people should know but he loves La Vegas,I found George on the busy highway leading to the glitz and buzz of the casino city.I took him home,he looked around and decided to stay,George is clever and p... (fiction, 03.06.2019)

(4) The Bunnys That Bite (Rating: 0)
One day a girl named Sarah went to buy a new bunny. "Which one do you want Sarah?" asked her father. "All of them." said Sarah. "O.K." said her father. When they got home the bunnys were put in their new cage. It was night by time they got home so Sa... (fiction, 04.06.2019)

(3) Warrior's Way (Rating: 0)
He stood up from his little table by the fire, the sword strapped to his back. The blade's blue handle had a crest of cross over lapping a raven. The sheath with seven Rubies embedded into it, seemed to glow ominously as those poor souls in the taver... (fiction, 05.06.2019)

(2) Internet Boyfriend (Rating: 0)
It was the middle of the week when I came home from school, I dropped my bag and keys in my bedroom and headed sraight for the computer.there his name was... (Internet girlfriend, Age 13 to 18, 3/21/2006 5:23:47 PM) (fiction, 08.06.2019)

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